11 Bad Habits Stopping You From Manifesting Your Desires

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Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction seems to come easier for some than it does for others?

Why do some people prosper through positive thinking while others seem to get stuck chasing their tails through an endless loop of negativity?

“Why is everyone else manifesting and I am not?” seems to be a common question circulating the internet.

Before long, you are beating yourself up for even asking that question.

The simple habit of doubting yourself becomes a downward spiral for the subconscious.

Negative self-talk consumes your mind and suddenly you find yourself in a very dark place where there seems to be no escape.

Once you have reached that level of despair there is no telling when you will find the light again.

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Could this bad habit be stopping you from manifesting your desires?


In fact, this habit and others are actually bringing more negative experiences into your life.

When you emit a frequency of desperation, anxiety, and despair, you are indeed attracting more of those emotions back into your reality.

See, there is a misconception in the Law of Attraction that you attract what you want. The truth is that you attract what you are!!

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Imagine the world as your stage. Which mask will you wear? Which character will you embody?


If you choose to be the poor beggar, your thoughts within that role will be expressed through an energetic signal calling the universe to respond with poverty.

If you choose the mask of a king, your energetic signal will vibrate in such a way that will attract great abundance.

The universe asks us what role we would like to play.

How we respond determines the life experiences we attract.

Does average Jo with an average mindset have an extraordinary home?


Average Jo has an average house on an average street with an average dog.

Take a moment to think about the people in your life.


Think about their mindsets and how they represent themselves.

What masks do they wear?

What experiences have they consequently attracted?

Do you see how lifestyles are dictated by the roles we take? This is the Law of Attraction in a nutshell.

Now, I am not saying that if you slip into negative thoughts you are doomed for eternity, nor am I saying that you’re bad habits are your fault.

Bad habits are often formed in childhood.

They are imprinted on our minds through family members, society, and the world.

These adopted thought forms are passed down through generation to generation.

If bad habits are stopping you from manifesting your desires, never fear!

Bad habits can always be corrected. It just takes time and a bit of self-discipline.

Remember, nobody is perfect and The best way we can move forward is to first identify the ways in which we can grow and develop.

So what are bad manifestation habits and how can we stop them before they take over?

This article serves to help you to identify your weak points and to give you some helpful tips to squash these bad habits before they impose on your manifestations.

11 Bad Habits Stopping You From Manifesting Your Desires

1.) Not Setting Clear Intent


Whenever you start any manifestation project, the first thing you need to do is to set intent.

Setting intent is like making a goal with faith.

When you set your intent, you have faith that the universe will deliver with minimal physical effort on your part.

Once you have a clear picture of your desire, it is important that you write it down in your Law of Attraction planner or journal.

Writing out your intentions will cement them with the universe and allow you to focus more clearly on exactly what it is you want.

If intent is set only within the mind, It becomes free to change forms which can be damaging to the manifestation process.

For example, say your intention is to achieve financial independence but the monthly bills keep your thoughts and emotions in a loop of desperation.

You may become so stressed about getting these bills paid that your desire to achieve financial independence becomes almost nonexistent.

This is why it is important to cement your desires with the universe.

Writing out your intention for financial independence will not stop the monthly bills coming in.

It will, however, create a foundation for your desire that won’t be lost under piles of other thoughts.

Putting your intent on paper also offers you the ability to cross things off as they manifest.

This builds faith in the Law of Attraction and faith enables us to continue sending our desires out to the universe with the utmost confidence.

Faith is one of the strongest vibrational forces we can emit and its frequency fast tracks our desires like nothing else.

One more reason why you should kick the habit of not setting clear intent…

The universe loves specifics!

By writing out your intentions, you provide clear details such as the date that you will have your money by or the color of your new car.

Setting intent is essentially a visualization process!

By writing out our intentions, we develop a mental image of what it looks like when our goals are achieved.

Being specific with your desires allows the mental image to project itself more clearly.

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2.) Negative Verbal Expressions

Many of us know the benefits of positive self-talk and affirmations but for the majority, this is not something that comes naturally.

Using positive language is a process.

The more we implement it in our lives, the more we start using it on a subconscious level.

The subconscious mind stops developing at 7 years old.

To train it properly, we must do so as if we are teaching a 7-year-old child through constant correction and repetition.

Language becomes a bad habit when start to use it in a destructive manner.

In some cases, this may seem unavoidable but with practice, you can reconstruct your speech to avoid negativity.

For example:

Your friends ask you out for dinner and you reply truthfully with “Sorry, not tonight I can’t afford it”.

Although this statement may be true, it is not the reality that you want to manifest for yourself.

If you catch yourself in this bad habit, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Stressing out over a slip of the tongue will only generate more negative energy.

Instead, think of a better way that you can respond next time.

Perhaps you could say:

“Sorry, I am not available tonight. Maybe another time?”

After a while, these kinds of statements will become second nature.

You will, therefore, prevent your subconscious mind from using language that emits lack frequencies.

3.) Not Taking Time For Self-Care

When your cup is empty, it can be really difficult to bring your best vibratory energy out into the world.

If you are lacking sleep or not taking care of your body with nourishing food and exercise then you will begin to feel run down.

This kind of stress impacts your energetic signal on a physical, emotional, mental and a spiritual level.

When we feel bad, we send that negative energy out into the universe which results in attracting negative life experiences.

To prevent this bad habit of stopping you from manifesting your desires, be sure to take time each day to do something beneficial to your own well being.

Some examples of self-care are:

• Getting a good night’s sleep• Absorbing the natural sunlight• Taking a nature walk and enjoying the fresh air• Reading a book• Taking a hot bath• Meditation or yoga• Enjoying a home cooked meal with family• Drinking plenty of water


4) Not Bringing Your “A Game”

Lack of motivation is a bad habit that really affects the power of your manifestations.

Now, I am not saying that you have to work hard to reach your desires, that would contradict the magic behind the Law of Attraction but I am saying that you need to bring 100%.


If you are consciously living the Law of Attraction, then you will be bringing your “A game” naturally.

Bringing 100% does not come from a place of “hard work” but a place of excitement and knowing that you are moving toward your desires.

If you can let your excitement be the motivating force behind your future success then you can move past this bad habit pretty quickly.

Again this comes back to the masks we wear.

Being the best version of yourself not only builds self-belief but it also creates a positive image of who you are in the minds of others.

To be committed, show up and give others something to believe in creates a mass manifestation of who you are in your chosen role.

Mass manifestation works by creating a belief in the minds of other people as well as yourself.

If you can convince your role to others, they too will begin manifesting their vision of “who you are” out into the world.

5.) Having Self-Doubt

One of the biggest ways to destroy your manifestation is to have self-doubt.

We all carry baggage from the past that influences us to feel doubtful.

The key is to not let your past define you.

You may think that you are not good enough because of the way you look, or the family that you grew up in.

Whatever the circumstance, it is important to note that none of these things mean you are favored any less by the universe.11-bad-habits-stopping-you-from-success

No matter the obstacles you have faced, you are still just as deserving of abundance as everyone else.

The worth that the universe places on your life is always defined by the worth you place on yourself.

Your self-worth has nothing to do with financial status but if you can place yourself in a position where you are worth top dollar, the universe will respond.

Internal conflicts are often deep seeded and therefore need to be worked on outside of the manifestation process.

If you are feeling doubtful that you are worthy of abundance then perhaps it is time to seek assistance.

Even just spending time with friends can give you that boost you need to really feel valued.

Another way to dispel self-doubt is to make a list of all the things that you have achieved and accomplished in your life as well as the things that make you special.

List your positive traits and begin feeling good about who you are and what you bring to society.

You can use affirmations either by reciting them or listening to them on an audio track.

Subliminal affirmations can be great for bypassing the pessimistic, doubtful voice of the ego.

Remember, affirmations are not just for manifesting abundance.

You can use affirmations for personal development too!

Remind your subconscious of all the reasons why you are worthy.

If self-worth is not developed, self-doubt can easily take over in the form of negative self-talk.

The key is to recognize where you are falling short and then doing some internal work on self-development to overcome those bad habits.

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6.) Not Taking Action


Often people can fall into the habit of thinking that all they need to do is to think positive and the universe will do the rest of the work.

When you physically take steps toward your desire, an outward expression is imprinted on the universe.

This energetic force reflects the fact that you are already moving into alignment with where you want to be.

Active alignment is vital to be able to start living your dream life.

Challenge yourself each day to do one thing that puts you in physical alignment with your desires.

It doesn’t matter if that one thing is cleaning out your wallet to make room for more money or attending an event where you can rub shoulders with those who inspire you.

No matter how small the action is, always be thinking of ways that you can put yourself in line with your intentions.

Another way that people fall into this habit is by constantly planning what they need to do next but not actually taking that first step into the “doing” phase.

These people often finish planning and then suddenly change their goal, therefore, beginning the planning process all over again just in a new direction.

The best way to avoid falling into this habit is to always be asking yourself “what can I do today that will put me in active alignment with my desires.”

7.) Feeling Negative Emotion Towards Others


Judging people is a systematic process put in place by their own ego.

We judge people to get a feeling of whether or not they if are trustworthy.

Are they safe?

Are they kind?

Our ego uses judgment to protect us and it is for that reason, judgment will always hold a place in society.

When you catch yourself judging others to validate your ego, however, you are placed in the manifestation danger zone.

You always receive the exact same energy that you are sending out to the universe.

If you are placing negative and unnecessary thoughts on others, you not only create negative manifestations for them but even more so for yourself.

The more love, positivity, and gratitude we put out about others, the more we receive back.

By lifting people up and being happy for them, we put ourselves in a favorable position with the universe.

You will always receive twice as much as what you give.

Another way in which people embody this bad habit is that they see other people achieving what they are manifesting and they take this personally.

Jealousy is one of the most prominent bad habits stopping you from manifesting your desires.

In fact, Jealousy kills our manifestations directly after the universe sends us the confirmation it is coming.

When you see the things that you have been manifesting in the hands of someone else it is the universes way of showing you that your desires are already becoming a reality.

Think of it as a synchronistic sign.

For example:

You have been manifesting an overseas trip for months now.

Suddenly a friend announces over social media that they are going on their big overseas adventure.

Instead of feeling jealous that they are achieving your desires, be GRATEFUL.

This is the universes way of showing you synchronicity.

Isn’t it magical that you have been manifesting going overseas and suddenly you are seeing people all around you traveling?

This synchronistic sign is no different than the ridiculous amount of travel advertisements you may start seeing when manifesting travel.

When it comes to the achievements of others, always replace hate with love and jealousy with gratitude.

This way you will always raise your vibration even more toward your desires.

8.) Lack Of Determination And Faith

You see this bad habit in Law of Attraction forums and groups all the time. 11-bad-habits-stopping-you-from-success

Someone will say something like “I have been trying to manifest for a while now but it never works for me.”

If you find yourself falling into this bad habit, first go back to habit number 2 and watch your language!

Second, you need to remember that nobody ever wins when they give up.

Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccessful attempts before inventing the light bulb.

When a reporter asked him “How did it feel to fail 1000 times?” Edison replied

“I didn’t fail 1000 times; the light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps”. (https://www.uky.edu/~eushe2/Pajares/OnFailingG.html)

If you lack the determination to give your dream life everything you’ve got then you obviously lack faith it will ever happen. Determination and faith go hand in hand.

If you don’t believe then why would you even bother to try?

The universe sees your lack of determination as what it really is. Lack of faith.

Time and time again throughout ancient history we have seen the words “Have faith” and yet people still fail to understand this simple phrase.

To believe is to subscribe to a method of thought knowing that others may disagree.

To have faith, however, is to know without a shadow of a doubt.

When you have faith in your desires, you know that they will manifest.

You know that abundance is coming your way.

You know it so deeply that you would bet your entire existence on it. In fact, you won’t take the word “no” for an answer.

Where you have faith, you have determination.

9.) Lack of Gratitude


The simple act of expressing gratitude keeps your connection with the universe strong and your manifestations flowing.

Sometimes we fail to see the gifts that are right in front of our eyes.

This disregard for universal blessings is a terrible habit that severs our manifesting connection with the universe.

It’s important to take time to express gratitude for the blessings that have already been provided.

When you begin to curb this habit, start with the small things.

Feeling grateful for all of the small ways abundance is present in your life helps you to strengthen your manifestation muscle.

For instance, say you came down with a cold but were lucky enough to have a tree full of lemons in the backyard that you could use to make a soothing drink.

Many people would take an abundant lemon tree for granted and think nothing of the seasons’ offerings.

It’s times like these where you can express gratitude.

Being thankful only takes a moment and the rewards that come from this simple act are always plentiful.

Kick your bad habit by making it your mission to find something each and every day to be grateful about.

Gratitude is the ultimate high vibration.

When you emit feelings of gratitude you create a line of connection between receiving abundance and high energy emotion.

Therefore, the more gratitude you give, the more abundance you receive.

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10) Drama addiction

This bad habit is one that many people have, yet few people recognize.

Drama addiction is the tendency to create pain just to feel the pleasure of alleviation.

People who suffer from boredom or lack of purpose are often seen indulging in drama within their relationships and social interactions.

The problem with drama addiction is the amount of negativity it emits.

Not only do you emit negativity but you create negative thoughts in the minds of others.

This creates a low vibration transmission that brings more devastation into your life.

Drama addiction (like all addictions) becomes a never-ending cycle of low vibe energy and although the pleasure gained from resolution feels good, it’s completely artificial.

It doesn’t exist in the realm of true pleasure.

The “high” felt during conflict resolution is, in fact, nothing more than mere contentment.

The only reason it feels like pleasure is because it has been enhanced by prior despair and desperation.

Drama addiction, therefore, becomes a cycle of poor relationships and universal consequences.

11) Dismissing Signs And Synchronicity

This bad habit often results from many of the habits already listed above.

The problem is that you become too closed to recognize universal opportunity when it is presented to you.

Often people simply dismiss these opportunities or close the door themselves because they think they’re unworthy or they doubt their capabilities.

These people will momentarily forget about their manifestations and therefore fail to realize the significance of a new opportunity and how it connects to the Law of Attraction.

The universe doesn’t always work in the most conventional of ways and therefore we may need to spend some time developing intuition in order to start noticing universal opportunity.


The best way to kick this habit is through meditation.

Throughout the day, we are constantly thinking, feeling and talking.

These outward expressions leave very little room for receiving.

Meditation is all about shutting off the monkey mind and just being.

When you set the intent to receive through meditation the universe always responds.

If you meditate daily you will begin to see things more intuitively.

Synchronistic opportunities will become more obvious and you may even experience random ideas or images pop into your mind out of nowhere.

These will spark your intuition and consequently guide you toward your desires.

If you have resonated with any of the 11 habits listed in this article, don’t be alarmed.

Bad habits can always be broken.

The most important first step is to recognize these habits before they start causing too much damage.

Use the tips provided in this article and you will soon be on your way to living the Law of Attraction without limitation.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Will Durant

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