5 Best Singing Bowls For Spiritual Work and Wellness

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So recently I made the decision to take a leap of faith and treat myself to something I have wanted to purchase for a while now.

The perfect set of singing bowls.

My reasons were simple…

1.) I wanted to enhance my meditation practice.

2.) I was feeling called to dive into more lightwork and spiritual development.

3.) With everything that’s been going on in the world right now, I felt I needed some serious grounding.

And most importantly, I wanted to help others to heal, expand, and awaken alongside me…

Owning and learning to use a singing bowl set meant that I could provide sound baths to heal, cleanse, and guide not only myself…

But my family, friends, clients, and loved ones too.

In my search for the best singing bowls to suit my purpose, I came to the realization that there’s a lot more to consider than I originally thought…

Size, frequency, resonance, materials…

Choosing the right bowls for you is so much deeper than simply making a purchase…

It’s something that has to be done on a soul level.

I eventually found the set that was right for me but what about all the work I did to find my new additions?

Rather than throw it all away, I figured I would turn my research into a full blog post so that you too could make an informed decision on the right singing bowls for you…

With that being said, here are my 5 favorite singing bowls available for purchase online…

1.) The EnergySound 6″ – 10″ Chakra Tuned Set of 7 in Clear Quartz:

These gorgeous singing bowls are a great place to start.

First of all, I really like that these are made of clear quartz crystal.

As far as crystal properties go, clear quartz is said to be the master healer crystal. It balances and amplifies energy, promotes spiritual/psychic development, and harmonizes all of the chakras while balancing the physical body.

Clear quartz holds a naturally high vibration which I feel complements the sound frequencies of the singing bowls wonderfully.

This EnergySound crystal singing bowl set is of high quality and I like that they are chakra tuned.

2.) The EnergySound 8″ – 18″ Yoga & Meditation Set of 7 in Frosted Quartz:

The EnergySound yoga and meditation set of 7 in frosted quartz crystal are slightly larger then their clear quartz counterpart and are especially geared toward yoga and meditation.

Their size and resonance make these bowls the perfect choice for delivering sound baths and/or sound therapy in either a private or group setting.

The other thing I like about these bowls is that all mallets and O rings are included and if any of the bowls are damaged during transit they will be replaced free of charge!

Their size and resonance make them a great option if you are looking at holding group sound baths or meditation sessions and their frosted finish means that you don’t have to worry about fingerprints or smudge marks.

The tuning for this set is as follows.

18 inch – G

16 inch – A

12 inch – C

11 inch – D

10 inch – E

8 inch – F

8 inch – B

Again, this set utilizes the power of quartz crystal so you get all of those amazing metaphysical properties as well as a beautiful resonance with the quartz amplifying the vibrational sound frequencies.

This set is perfect if you are looking to host group meditations and or sound baths.

The O rings and mallets are included and if any of the bowls are lost or broken in transit then the seller will replace them for free.

This is the set that I purchased and I have to say, they are beautiful. The tones are incredibly calming and they make a beautiful addition to my meditation room.

3.) Chakra Healing 5″ – 10.5″ Tibetan Singing Bowls – Set of 7

This handcrafted singing bowl set is a great option if you are looking for something a little more traditional for a fraction of the price.

Authentic, handmade Tibetan singing bowls can sell anywhere from $1000 to $6000+. In comparison, this set is incredibly affordable.

Because these singing bowls are hand-hammered in Nepal they may seem a little more mismatched in terms of markings but I do think this adds to their authenticity.

This set is made of brass and is quite a bit smaller than the other sets listed. This makes them great for personal use or intimate groups.

I also like that they are easy to pack up and travel with.

These bowls are especially geared toward chakra healing and produce rich, long-lasting tones that are especially harmonious when played together.

Strikers, mallets, and silk cushions for the bowls to rest on are all included.

4.) Sacred Geometry Tibetan Singing Bowl

For a more affordable option, this single brass singing bowl is absolutely gorgeous and its tone is beautifully pure and relaxing.

Now I know this isn’t a set but I wanted to add it to my list for those who prefer a single bowl.

I actually purchased this one myself as a mother’s day gift for my mom and she absolutely loves it especially for meditation, stress relief, and cleansing her home.

At 21x9cm it’s small enough to carry with you for personal use and comes with its own mallet and hand-sewn cushion.

Another thing I really like about this bowl is the quality of craftsmanship. The thickness and smooth exterior make it a very sturdy and robust option. I also love the flower of life symbol on the base of the bowl.

As far as the tone goes, this bowl is beautifully resonant especially considering its price is on the lower end of the scale.

The sound is relaxing, meditative, and perfect for stimulating creative and intuitive thinking.

5.) CVNC 6″ – 12″ Candy Frosted Quartz Set of 7:

In a stunning candy frosted, high-quality quartz this 7 piece set is absolutely beautiful. 

Now, these are not exactly traditional however they are just so fun and high vibe that how could I not give them a mention? 

The tuning in this set is as follows:

12 inch – C

11 inch – D

10 inch – E

9 inch – F

8 inch – G

7 inch – A

6 inch – B

This is another larger set so again it’s perfect for hosting group meditation sessions and sound baths for healing, chakra balancing, yoga, stress reduction, and so on.

You also get the added vibrational and metaphysical properties of the quartz crystal and again the frosted color finish means you don’t have to worry about visible fingerprint smudging.

This set holds calming and harmonious tones and is handcrafted by professionals.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as, one suede mallet, one rubber mallet, and a rubber O-ring.

Final Thoughts…

Of all the singing bowls I looked at, the 4 sets and the 1 single bowl I listed above were my absolute favorites!

With that being said…

These singing bowls are affordable options and if you are a singing bowl enthusiast or looking for a more authentic or even antique set, you won’t find them on amazon.

If this is you then I recommend purchasing a singing bowl set from isingingbowls.com

Rain Gray at isinging bowls is an American citizen who lives in the Himalayas for 8 months out of every year in order to handpick the highest quality, handcrafted instruments in the world.

Rain is a Tibetan musicologist, musician, and meditator, known for his ability to hear and discern the most resonate of tones.

Only the best quality instruments are stocked in his online store.

To visit the isingingbowls store click here.

If however, you are simply looking to dip a toe into the world of singing bowls then any of the links above will be a great option.

I hope this article has helped you in picking out the perfect instrument for your needs.

The singing bowl journey is one that leads to great restoration, healing, and meditative bliss.

I know you will enjoy every tranquil moment.


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  1. Great article, I’ve been on a soul searching journey for the past few years and this has been the clearest most uplifting reading.


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