Best Crystal Bracelets To Wear For Spiritual Well Being & Healing

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For thousands of years people have worn crystals to relish their powers…

It’s said holding specific stones close to one’s skin helps amplify it’s healing abilities.

These higher levels of energies help treat certain ailments faster and more effectively when worn.

Whether it be for dealing with stress, unblocking chakras, cleansing your aura,  manifesting peace, and more.

The stone you choose to wear around your wrist will offer different healing effects.

But what ones are most effective?

In today’s article we’ll go over the best crystal bracelets to wear for spiritual well being and healing.

We’ll cover a range of different stones to suit your exact needs!

Let’s get started, shall we?

But first, let’s cover a few common questions people usually have.

Can You Wear 2 Crystals At Once?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to wear 2 crystals at once.

However there is an ancient rule to never wear more than three crystals at once as this can cause “Crystal Chaos”.

Crystal chaos is when there are two many conflicting energies from different stones.

These conflicting energies often cause negative effects.

But I’ve personally never had this problem…

I’ve worn more than two healing stones on many different occasions but never had any consequences from it.

So it’s entirely up to you on how many you wear at once.

What Side Should You Wear Crystals On?

Did you know you receive different healing benefits from the same stone depending on which hand you choose to wear it on?

The left hand is the receiving hand that draws energies internally, whereas the right hand releases energies externally.

Let’s talk about it more…

Left Hand – Receiving hand:

This hand draws in energies.

So wearing a crystal on this particular hand will receive external energies from outside your body.

For instance Howlite.

Howlite worn on the left will allow you to attract positive energies from people around you.

Right Hand – Giving hand:

This hand releases energy externally.

So if you’ve got something bottled up then this is the perfect side to wear it on.

Wearing your crystal bracelet on your right hand releases internal energy outwardly, and also protects you from receiving negative or unwanted energies internally.

What Crystals Should Not Be Used Together?

Any crystal can be safely paired with another without negative consequences.

Some may argue this point, but I strongly disagree.

The reason being is intention.

You see every crystal has multiple different healing properties.

Meaning you may use a certain stone for something different than someone else.

Their energies only “conflict” with one another if you wear two different stones for two different purposes.

So it’s determined by each individual person and their personal intentions when using them.

If you feel they could possibly conflict, then they might.

If your intention is to use them for a specific purpose then they won’t…

Make sense?

I have worn plenty of different crystals without any negative effects.

This should not put you off wearing what you want to wear.

Now let’s talk about the exact stones you should wear on your wrist!


Turquoise Howlite is a rustic/boho style that offers many different healing capabilities.

This stone is often used to manifest prosperity, spiritual balance, and positive energy into your life.TURQUOISE HOWLITE WRAP BRACELET:

Often considered a calming stone, wearing this bracelet helps alleviate negative energies including stress, insomnia, and even headaches.

It can also calm an overactive mind and help the wearer meditate easier.

So if you need something gentle & calming to alleviate stressful situations then try this bracelet for yourself!

  • Regains mental clarity.
  • Eliminates stress & anxiety.
  • Helps communication
  • Attracts positive energies.
  • Eases insomnia.
  • Calms an overactive mind.

It’s suggested to wear this bracelet on your left hand to absorb its powers!

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Often known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz has a beautiful pink natural color & commonly worn to manifest love.

This stone is comforting and reassuring, it’s especially strong in times of sadness & heart ache.RAW STONE ROSE QUARTZ BRACELET

So wear this crystal to restore trust and contentment in present relationships to encourage strong vibrations of love.

Rose Quartz cleanses and opens your heart chakra to manifest self love, strong friends & deep inner healing.

This stone erases external negativity and protects you against low vibrations, replacing it with loving vibrations.

  • Manifest new love or soul mate.
  • Heal heartache.
  • Help with broken relationships.
  • Create more joy & happiness.
  • Re spark passion.
  • Manifest loving friends.

You can benefit from the properties of this stone on either wrist.

If you’re wanting to heal from inner trauma or pain then it’s advised to wear it on your left wrist.

But if you’re looking for love externally then wear it on your right wrist.

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Black Onyx is a powerful stone of protection, and matches well with anything you wear.

ONYX MOONLIGHT WRAP BRACELETOnyx promotes new found energies of self confidence, strength, and courage.

It banishes unwanted emotions of lack, fear, stress and worry.

This grounding stone is also said to create a sense of security in your life.

So if you’re feeling emotions of imbalance and uncertainty, then this stone can help aid these problems.

It heals by transforming negative energies into positive ones & allows you to move past grief.

If you’re facing uncertainty in your life then this bracelet is for you!

  • Increases problem solving skills.
  • Eliminates negative energy.
  • Brings strength & courage.
  • Helps with stress.
  • Increases mental clarity.
  • Creates a sense of security.

It’s common to wear this bracelet on your right wrist if you’re dealing with external negative energies.

However you can also wear it on your left wrist to allow for more inner courage within yourself.

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This gorgeous sparkling raw stone enhances energetic vibrations when worn for long periods of time.

White Druzy crystals are a natural stress reliever and work best for inner healing.CALMING WHITE DRUZY STONE BRACELET

It’s often associated with bringing peace, clarity, balance, intuition and patience within ones life.

Their natural healing capabilities amplify the body’s natural responses to strengthen your overall spirit.

It also balances emotions to deal with depression & unwanted feelings of fear or worry.

Wear this bracelet to cleanse your soul and amplify positive vibrations!

  • Realigns spiritual imbalance.
  • Naturally relieve stress & anxiety.
  • Strengthen your spirit.
  • Eliminate worry and fear.
  • Amplify your vibrations.

Druzy promotes inner healing and is commonly worn on your left wrist.

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Rhodonite & Jasper pair perfectly together to create strong vibrations of love, prosperity, and emotional balance.

RHODONITE & JASPER WRAP BRACELETRhodonite is a very supportive stone that works with the Heart Chakra to manifest love and dissolve negative energies.

It allows one to bring light in areas of your life that can be improved on without invoking negative thoughts & criticizing yourself.

Also known as the “Stone of Forgiveness”,  it will help let go of any pain from a past relationship with a positive attitude of love and forgiveness.

Jasper allows us to face and deal with irrational fears head on.

This direct response to these energies allows you to access inner peace, happiness, and a sense of completeness.

Wear this stone if you have unfinished business.

Whether it be for past relationships, unresolved dramas, or pain that continuously resurfaces in your life.

  • Creates emotional balance.
  • Helps release unwanted energies.
  • Heals from past trauma.
  • Allows you to work on parts of yourself that need improving.
  • Deals with irrational fears or worries.
  • Manifests inner peace.
  • Enhances love & kindness.

Wear this stone on your left wrist when dealing with inner healing work.

If you’re looking to overcome negative energies externally then wear it on your right wrist.

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Jade stone is a deep green stone that manifests luck, strength and good health.PROSPERITY JADE BRACELET

This protective gem keeps the wearer out of harms way and brings new levels of tranquility.

It also balances the personality of irrational thoughts and feelings to soothe your soul.

Wearers often carry Jade close to manifest profound “money luck”.

Whether your attracting a new job, a raise, or even trying your chances at the lottery.

Jade will allow your consciousness to be open to new levels of prosperity and abundance.

Each piece is also made with Onyx & lava stones. 

So if your feeling underwhelmed with the amount of money in your life then wear Jade to increase your odds!

  • Attract good health.
  • Manifest luck.
  • Open new doors to abundance.
  • Create higher vibrations of tranquil energy.
  • Encourages strength & confidence.

Jade is commonly worn on your left wrist.

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Jasper is a nurturing stone that will always be there for you…

HANDMADE PURPLE JASPER LOVE BEAD BRACELETIt brings feelings of wholeness, connection, and positivity to nurture high spirits.

This crystal carries intense earthly energies and benefits greatly to those who feel disconnected from their surroundings.

It sparks divine levels of creativity, sexual energies and is a great stone for manifesting a healthy love life.

The energy drawn will help you see clearly in times on uncertainty, raise your spirits, and attract strong emotional connections.

  • Elevate sexual energies.
  • Brings positivity & happiness.
  • Reconnects your surroundings.
  • Enhances creativity.
  • Raises your vibrations.
  • Relieves fears and doubts.
  • Aligns your chakras.

Jasper is commonly worn on your right wrist.

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Pink Opal offers gentle vibrations to heal old wounds and center your emotional well being.NATURAL PINK OPAL HEALING BRACELET

This stone releases fear, worry, stress, and anxiety to help you deal with intense situations.

Known as a love stone, pink opal works directly with your Heart Chakra to dispel negative energies.

Wear this crystal when you feel nervous or anxious.

  • Helps with breakups, loss of a loved one, & falling out with past friends.
  • Promotes positive thinking.
  • Helps with courage.
  • Deals with a broken heart.
  • Allows you to think within.
  • Brings peace and clarity.
  • Helps with insecurities.

Wear Pink Opal on your left wrist to feel it’s full effect.

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Amethyst and Lepidolite work in harmony to improve your overall emotional well being.

AMETHYST & LEPIDOLITE BRACELETNegative & unwanted thoughts from past experiences can plague our ability to focus on manifesting peace & love in your life.

So wearing this combination of gems can aid you in creating positive beginnings.

Amethyst is often known as a natural tranquillizer.

It helps alleviate worry, struggle, calms irritability, balances mood swings, lowers temperament, and releases personal doubts.

This stone also helps the wearer come over sadness and grief.

Lepidolite is a calming stone known for healing emotional overdrive.

Not only does Lepidolite helps with mental blocks, it also helps your immune system too.

Anxiety, stress, doubt and worry can cause negative effects on your spiritual well being.

So wearing this crystal can help alleviate harmful physical side effects of emotional instability.

  • Alleviates stress & tension.
  • Creates positive opportunities to manifest.
  • Balances mood.
  • Lowers anger and frustrations.
  • Eliminates fears and worry.
  • Builds a strong immunity to harmful energies.
  • Releases doubts.
  • Promotes positive thinking.

Wear this stone on either wrist to absorb it’s healing properties.

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Labradorite is a mysterious and magnificent gem stone.

The power behind this stone reveals hidden truths of oneself, banishes fears, and strengthens faith in the universe.LABRADORITE RHINESTONE BEADED BRACELET

It stimulates creativity, new ideas, passion, and imagination to open doors for an abundance of opportunities.

Wearing this crystal close to you cleanses your aura, raises vibrations, and protects spiritual energies.

  • Grounds spiritual energies.
  • Erases insecurities.
  • Enhances intuition.
  • Regain spiritual energy.
  • Releases tension.
  • Realigns chakras.
  • Helps with anxiety attacks.

Wear this bracelet on your left wrist to harness its healing abilities.

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Attract positivity, endearment, & prosperity with our handmade African Turquoise Bracelet!

AFRICAN TURQUOISE TREE OF LIFE BRACELETTurquoise dissolves negative energy and helps you focus on the positives in life, these little irritations are not needed for your higher purpose.

This allows for higher vibrations of energy for more loving, caring, and prospering in your life.

The tree of life stands for wisdom, protection, and strength.

It’s also excellent for depression and exhaustion, and has the power to prevent panic attacks.

Turquoise promotes self-realization and assists creative problem solving.

  • Develops positive change.
  • Enlightens your spirit.
  • Eases mood swings.
  • Promotes acceptance.
  • Soothes uneasy emotions.
  • Creates optimism.
  • Aligns yourself to higher energies.

African turquoise can be worn on either wrist for full effect.

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Amazonite is a mint & aqua green gemstone that represents honesty, honor, communication, integrity, hope, and trust.

This helps to enhance intuition, psychic abilities, creative thinking, intellect, and spiritual abilities.AMAZONITE BRAIDED WRAP BRACELET

Amazonite is often associated with the throat chakra, and as such, said to be beneficial for communication with yourself & others.

It helps to open the third eye chakra, which helps to align physical & astral bodies.

It also helps lessen stress and self-sabotaging behaviors by calming and building confidence.

This crystal also helps to heal emotional trauma and baggage.

  • Unblocks your chakras.
  • Heals emotional trauma.
  • Creates emotional stability.
  • Helps with astral projection.
  • Increase psychic abilities.
  • Improves creative thinking.

Amazonite is best worn on your left wrist.

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To “Wrap” This Up:

Crystal bracelets are one of the best ways to harness their spiritual properties.

These stones have been used for thousands of years to help cure many different ailments.

Every bracelet I’ve mentioned is hand-made with positive intentions, so you know you’ll benefit their full effects!

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

You can always check out my store here to find something that suits you.

Got a favorite?

Let’s hear about it in the comments below!

If not we’ll talk again soon!

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