Best Crystals For Manifesting: Control Your Future Using Healing Stones!

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Ever thought about using healing crystals to attract your desires?

Perhaps you need to amplify your vibrations, or maybe you’re having trouble manifesting altogether.

Crystals are a great tool to help you become successful with the law of attraction!

In today’s article you learn how to use these healing stones to manifest, what the best crystals are for your specific desires, and the most powerful ways to use them!

Let’s get started shall we?!?!

How Do Crystals Help?

Healing Crystals are all the rave, especially when it comes to the law of attraction, but why?

Sometimes when you’re trying to manifest a desire(s) into your reality there may be some roadblocks.

These roadblocks are often in the form of limiting beliefs, inner resistance, low vibrations, emotional blocks, traumas, or anything that’s breaking the energetic connection between you and the universe.

When using these powerful stones, you are essentially using them as an aid to eliminate negative blocks and amplify positive abilities to increase your chances of manifesting.

Although I believe that this spiritual practice comes from within, crystals are an essential tool to help you along your spiritual path!

How To Use Your Crystals For Manifestation?

Before we jump into the exact crystals you should buy, let’s quickly talk about how to actually use them.

There isn’t a right or wrong way of using them, so it’s important to do what feels right for you!

However, if you need a little inspiration, here’s what works best for me and others.

1. Power your crystal with intention:

Charging your crystals with powerful intentions is one of best ways to help you achieve your goals and desires.

Having a crystal charged with high vibrations works as a great beacon of hope when you don’t have any yourself…

To charge your Crystal with positive intentions, simply hold them in your hand, close your eyes and repeat a powerful affirmation specific to the desire or goal you want to manifest.

Repeat this step every time your positive vibrations are high!

2. Wear your crystals:

Not only do they look pretty to wear,  but skin contact with your healing stone is the most powerful way to harness its power.

Crystal jewelry can be handmade or bought and come in the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets and rings!

Wearing your crystals is the BEST way to stay connected to its power and harness it’s full potential, I highly recommend you buy crystals to wear if you want to see the most effective results!  

3. Leave them in your purse or pocket: 

The second best option to wearing them, is to have your crystals close by so you can hold them.

Put them in your purse, bag, or wallet and carry them around with you when you’re out and about!

4. Meditate with them:

If you meditate, hold your crystals in your hands or sit them on your knees, they act as a energy source to connect you to the great divine!

Meditation is extremely useful to help you manifest in general, combining the two will be very rewarding for you.

5.) Sit Them In Water, Then Drink: 

Did you know that water can hold intention?

An experiment found that water reacts to different energy, whether that’s negative or positive.

When drinking water that’s charged with energy, you are then consuming that exact energy into your own body.

So why not charge it with powerful crystal energy?

Leave your crystals in a cup or bottle full with water overnight then drink it in the morning!

Those are my favorite ways of using healing stones to manifest, your welcome to experiment however you please!

Now let’s get into the actual crystals you should buy!

ATTENTION! The Crystals that I recommend are NOT your cheap nasty crap that you buy from places like Amazon.  Those crystals you find in those places are often fake, mass produced, and have little to no healing properties in them whatsoever. If you’re looking for junk, this is not a post for you. I’ve provided links to a really a amazing store called Zenjewels who craft beautiful handmade jewels in the US! These crystals have high healing properties and are made with love! Please be aware of this before you read the rest my post!

Crystals For Manifesting Money:

Whether you’re wanting to attract something as big as financial abundance, or perhaps just a simple raise at your job, these crystals have you covered!

1.) Pyrite: 

Pyrite-BraceletPyrite, a common crystal found in most spiritual manifestors collections is often referred as “fools gold”, though is for no fool at all…

This stone helps attract large amounts of wealth and financial abundance by eliminating your poverty mindset and limiting beliefs surrounding money.

Pyrite helps to directly tap into the money vibration source, which opens your mind to an endless amount of financial opportunities. Whether that be jobs, promotions, or business opportunities.

The power of this stone also deflects negative thoughts or feelings in the toughest times, so that you can stay focused and motivated to keep moving forward!

Place a piece of Pyrite under some money or on your desk at work, it’s also a good idea to wear it while you’re brainstorming new business ideas.

So in short, keep Pyrite around money as much as possible!

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2.) Citrine:

This warm, soft crystal represents the energy of the sun and emits powerful vibrations to assist in financial prosperity. Citrine-Wealth-Bracelet

Undoubtedly it’s one of the most powerful minerals you can work with to attract money!

The reason why is because it allows you to let go of past financial money traumas, and the feeling of desperation when trying to visualize a more abundant future.

It radiates pure bliss, joy, peace and happiness that is contagious to the owner of these crystals.

It also boosts creative energies and allows you to reach a flow state that increases productivity and focus, so keep Citrine close when working on your projects!

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3.) Red Carnelian: 

Red-Carnelian-Bracelet-Wealth Red Carnelian is used for those that are looking to get the better end of a financial deal.

Bidding on your dream home you’ve always wanted?

Trying to get that promotion you’ve been working your butt off for?

Then keep Red Carnelian close to you at all times!

This prosperity stone delivers that good luck that you need, as well as warding off external misfortune that could alter your outcome.

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4.) Aventurine:

Green-AventurineKnown as the “Stone Of Opportunity” Aventurine is said to be one of the luckiest crystals there is.

This beautiful mineral increases your odds of manifesting prosperity and wealth, and favors you in competitions of games and chance. 

If you have extra dosh to play around & some Aventurine with you, then don’t be afraid to take a risk, it could pay off big time!

Aventurine reminds you to be playful with money and not always take it so seriously, keep it joyous to allow the flow of money to fill your life!

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5.) Tigers Eye:

This crystal is strong, fierce and keeps you focused and aligned in times of total adversity.Tigers-Eye-Eye-Abundance-Bracelet


Although it’s not often referred to as a stone of abundance, it’s grounding power keeps you level, so if you’re going through a financial rough patch this stone will help you pull through!

Tigers Eye creates a strong foundation of self-resilience that handles the curve balls life throws your way!

Wear this stone with pride, strength and courage!

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Crystals For Manifesting Love:

Whether you’re trying to find your soul mate, get over heartbreak, or build a better relationship with your partner, these crystals will help you attract more love into your reality!

1.) Moon Stone: 

Moon-Stone-braceletA lovers stone, this gemstone is popularly used as jewelry among Eastern Europeans and different cultures to gain clarity with their emotions.

It’s a very receptive gemstone that’s known to attract more love from those that are close to them, as well introducing more love from new people.  

Moon Stone is also for healing from heartbreak, arguments or relationship trauma in the past.

Want to learn where your current relationship will end up? 

A common tale is that if two lovers place a piece of Moonstone in their mouths on the night of the full Moon, it allows them to see their future… 

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2.) Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is a crystal energetically charged with high amounts of good luck for future successful relationships, and is often gifted to newly weds in Rose-Quartz-Braceletmarriage.  

The grounding properties of Rose Quartz helps to attract healthy, long-lasting relationships that bring protection, healing, and balance between you and your partner.

This stone also helps those who cannot move on from past heartbreak and delivers high energetic vibrations to internally heal your wounds that spreads love throughout your body.

One thing to try with Rose Quartz is the water method I talked about earlier. 

Let it sit overnight and in the morning drink the water to feel loving vibrations all day!

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3.) Chrysoprase: 

Chrysoprase-Bracelet-CrystalChrysoprase is a stone that helps you to forgive and mend emotional trauma from the past.

Instead of angrily holding onto the past, this stone emits vibrations of compassion and serenity to help you move forward. 

It also creates a strong connection from your heart to other people on Earth, which allows for new and positive relationships to grow.

Wearing it as jewelry of course is always beneficial, plus it’s a great stone for meditation!

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4.) Amazonite: 

Amazonite Stone provides nothing but calming and relaxed energies.Crystal-Amazonite-Bracelet

Experiencing a rocky road in your relationship?

This stone will allow you to communicate clearly and openly with your partner.

Perhaps you’re looking to maintain an emotional bond with someone?

Amazonite will help further grow that connection between the two of you in a loving and peaceful manner.

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5.) Emerald: 

Emerald-BraceletEmerald stone promotes loyalty, compassion and romance.

It’s perfect for those wanting to build long term healthy relationships with their partners, or for those that are looking to attract that kind of relationship for themselves.

This stone allows the balance of energies between two partners, which manifests acceptance and encourages forgiveness from both sides.

Emerald is stone for helping create lifelong soulmates.

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Crystals For Manifesting Peace & Happiness:

These crystals are if you’re looking to find inner peace, gain confidence and total contentment with oneself.

1.) Turquoise: 

Turquoise is a mineral that provides peace, healing and satisfaction for those that wear it.Turquoise-Crystal-Bracelet

Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable in your skin and your self-confidence is lacking at the moment, Turquoise is the ultimate crystal to help raise your vibrations when they are low!

This healing stone also protects you from negative energies, boosts your confidence around others and attracts feelings of satisfaction within yourself.

For added effect, try incorporating this stone into your meditation routine!

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2.) Onyx:

Onyx is a calming stone that distinguisheOnyx-Bracelet s fears, alleviates stress and manifests tranquility.

Instead of dispelling negative energy around you, it actually absorbs it instead.

Reap the benefits of Onyx is by holding it when you’re stressed out or angry, this will release inner energies and absorb into the stone!

It’s recommended that you should wear it for long periods of time to harness its full effect. 

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3.) Amethyst:Amethyst-crystal

Amethyst is a stone of calming and balance.

If you’re having a hard time controlling negative emotions, anxiety, fear, and worry then Amethyst is the perfect stone to bring that balance back.

Amethyst allows you to manifest confidence and regain mental clarity, so you can rely on it’s comfort to heal you in the darkest periods of your life!

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4.) Fluorite: 

Flourite-BraceletLooking for inner guidance on where to go next in life?

Fluorite manifests clarity, sparks inspiration and leads you in direction of fulfillment.

Not only that but it brings profound levels of concentration, cognitive abilities, and confidence you never knew you had.

It also encourages spiritual balance and aligned energies.

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5.) Green Jade:

Green Jade is a powerful healing tool that creates a deeper connection with your higher self.Green-Jade-Bracelet

Those that wear Jade often have higher levels of mental clarity and emotional balance, which develops a deeper understanding of who they truly are.

Jade also uplifts deep rooted limiting beliefs, unblocks resistance, and pulls out powerful energy to help with bigger goals.

You can use this stone as a dream stone and sleep with it on your forehead, or it also works great during the day by simply holding it in your hand!

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To Wrap This Up: 

No matter what you want to manifest, there is a crystal to fit your every need!

Use these healing stones as an aid to amplify your vibrations to stay in alignment with what your heart desires most.

The greatest benefit about using crystals is that you can use them however you choose, use them in a ritual or simply wear them on you in your day to day life!

Don’t be afraid to collect multiple different types of crystals, just as long as they’re energetically compatible with each other and your desires!

What Crystal is your favorite?

Would love to hear what you think!

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