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Blue Aura Meaning Explained

Long ago, we discovered that everything is made of energy. That energy vibrates at different frequencies. That means that things that seem solid are actually not when you look at them at a molecular level.

Auras are a part of that system. They are the bioelectric field that surrounds each of us. Many cultures consider it our life force. If you are alive, then you have an aura around your body.

We humans give off a low level of electricity that is referred to as an electromagnetic field. This energy enters at the head or crown chakra and moves along the 72,000 nadis or channels within us. The nadis cross at certain points within the body, creating intersections known as chakras.

There are currently seven main chakras in the human body. Some believe that more will appear as our collective consciousness grows and evolves.

While the chakras are often the focal point of discussions related to this topic, the aura is just as important if not more so. The aura gives us information about ourselves and the world around us.

There are seven layers to an aura, including:

  • Physical or corporeal body
  • Emotional body
  • Mental body
  • Astral body
  • Spiritual body or etheric template
  • Celestial body
  • True self or Ketheric body

How to See if You Have a Blue Aura

Do I have a blue aura

Learning how to view auras can take practice. Some believe in the use of a Kirlian camera, which they claim takes photos that capture the energetic corona around a living thing or object.

Others may turn to a psychic who can perceive aura colors and placement in their mind’s eye. Using impressions, they can learn more about a person’s life and personality.

You can also try to see auras on your own. One way to do this is to ask a friend to stand with their back to a white surface. This is important because you don’t want a colorful backdrop to change how you perceive aura color.

For the same reason, it is best if your friend wears a light-colored top and stands in a well-lit room with natural lighting.

Next, slightly squint your eyes and look through the person. It can be helpful to focus on one spot. As you look, you may begin to see a blurred edge around your friend that looks slightly detached from their physical being.

Continue looking as the edge begins to take on a hue against the white backdrop. This is their aura color.

Most people have to practice to view auras successfully. It may take multiple attempts and patience, so don’t be discouraged if you do not see anything right away.

The Personality of a Blue Aura

Blue aura personalities

Blue auras often indicate sensitivity and thoughtfulness. They are in touch with their inner selves. They value honesty, freedom of expression, and communication. Some of the most common blue aura personality traits include:

Good Intuition:

Blue auras tend to be highly intuitive. They trust their gut and have a strong sense of what a situation or person is really about.

This trait gives blue auras a leg up when working toward a goal. They tend to be successful when they commit to an objective. They read situations well, so they have valuable insight that helps them on their way.

Others may be drawn to a blue aura because of their positive energy. They make people feel comfortable, which can make them the life of the party. They also tend to be successful in professional endeavors, using their intuition every day.

Effective Communication:

A blue aura’s intuition goes well with their ability to communicate effectively. They are clear and concise in their language, making sure their message is understood. They often leave little room for misunderstanding. This is also a powerful trait in the workplace.

Calm and Collected:

Blue is closely associated with tranquility and peace. It is one of the most serene of colors. People with a blue aura tend to be very cool and collected. They can handle situations calmly and like to stay in control.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, spending time in the presence of a blue aura can help you wind down. They can make any situation feel manageable. They are also good at decision making in tense situations. You rarely have to worry about a blue aura losing their cool.


Some personality traits can be both a blessing and a curse. Blue auras tend to show more masculinity. This can be helpful in situations that require assertiveness and leadership. They show confidence when it is needed.

However, if left unchecked, those same traits can go to the extreme and become domineering behavior. A blue aura can appear overbearing or may respond in a way that seems insensitive or uninterested when it comes to others’ feelings.

Blue auras have to maintain a healthy balance between strong masculinity and compassion.

Fearful Disposition:

Blue auras often worry about the future. This could lead to a fearful disposition. They may worry about what will come and missing opportunities or experiences. They should trust their gut, but also not allow that fear to prevent them from doing what they need to do.

What Makes an Aura Turn Blue?

Aura colors

Aura colors are not necessarily constant. Yours can change due to life choices and growth. Most people undergo numerous color changes over the years.

A blue aura often appears as a result of significant spiritual work. A person forms a connection between their soul and the celestial realm through spiritual development. If you prioritize spiritual growth, then you may end up with a blue aura.

The Shades of Blue Auras

Shades of blue auras

Aura colors are just as nuanced as the color wheel. Different shades indicate different traits. Which shade of blue aura applies to you?

True Blue Auras:

True blue auras are sometimes referred to as royal blue or cobalt in color. This shade indicates someone is spiritual and deeply intuitive. They tend to use their creativity, imagination, and wisdom to express themselves.

A person with a true blue aura may also be more giving and generous. Their judgments are not clouded by negativity or fear, allowing them to be upfront and confident.

Sky Blue Auras:

Sky blue auras tend to be light and bright in color, representing tranquility, honesty, and clarity. Those with this aura color are often strong leaders and great communicators. They will proudly share their opinion when the situation calls for it.

Sky blue auras also tend to have a trusting nature, which reflects their deep sense of honesty.

Dark Blue Auras:

A dark blue aura can appear as blue indigo. This shade indicates a deeper level of intuition. Those with dark blue auras are usually able to stay calm, even in extreme situations.

Those who lean more toward the indigo side of the color spectrum may also give off a sense of mystery. This can cause others to feel mistrust, despite blue usually being considered trustworthy. This happens because indigo auras usually have trouble opening up to others, making them easily misunderstood.

Meditation can lighten a dark indigo blue aura, helping to prevent those feelings of mistrust.

Turquoise Blue Auras:

Turquoise blue auras are a combination of blue and green. They are in line with their emotions and are expressive people. They are also great problem solvers. When a challenge presents itself, a turquoise blue aura is up to the challenge.

Many consider turquoise blue auras to be children of nature. They tend to be at their most calm and peaceful while outdoors.

Muddy Blue Auras:

An aura can become muddy in color when someone has negativity affecting their life. This may appear blue with hints of black. The black in the aura indicates that there may be negative emotions or depression that is blocking someone from moving forward. Or a person may be overworked and in need of a break.

A good way to start restoring balance is to talk to someone about negative feelings or to go on vacation to de-stress and relax.

Blue Auras and Spirituality

Blue auras are related to the throat chakra or Vishuddha. This chakra governs expression, truth, and communication. If you have a bright blue aura, then your throat chakra is in balance.

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra, considered the tip of the spear. It is where all other chakras rise to combine and express your inner being.

A blocked throat chakra can lead to shyness, anxiety, and overcompensating with different personality traits, like acting arrogant. It can also cause a sore throat or similar illnesses.

If you need to bring your throat chakra into balance, surround yourself with the color blue. Perform neck stretches daily and try yoga. Fish, Plow, and Shoulder Stand poses can work well. You need to find movements that release the neck muscles for maximum benefit.

Pay close attention to your neck health and avoid hyperextension or strain. A good way to do this is to keep your neck in line with your spine. Repetitive motion can increase your risk of injury.

Journaling can also help with getting in touch with the heart and mind and keeping chakras open.

The Challenges of a Blue Aura

Challenges with a blue aura

One of the biggest challenges blue auras face is leaning too far into their masculinity, causing an imbalance. Getting in touch with your feminine side can help prevent this problem while continuing to benefit from the strengths of the masculine trait.

Also, be aware of your communication. If you feel stifled or anxious, your aura may turn black or muddied. You should seek out a way to share your feelings to keep the energy flowing.

Connecting with Blue Auras

Blue auras are big on communication and appreciate self-expression. Staying calm and communicating well is a good way to start connecting with them. They are deep thinkers who are sensitive. Being honest and thoughtful will also help you interact effectively with a blue aura.

Exploring Relationships with a Blue Aura

Relationship with blue auras

Blue auras value honesty. This trait carries over into their personal relationships. A blue aura wants a partner who they can trust to be honest and upfront with them. They can be very loyal and tend to stick by their significant other’s side, even when things get difficult. Their reliability can make blue auras a great long-term partner if that is what someone is searching for.

Blue auras are also known for being stable and calm people. They can be a relaxing presence for a partner that is also well-grounded. When an argument arises, a blue aura is more likely to communicate well and in a healthy way. They tend to have self-control and continue to treat their partner with respect, even if they don’t agree with something.

The Professional Life of a Blue Aura

Blue Aura Jobs

A worker with a blue aura isn’t someone that will be happy sitting at a desk being told what to do all day. They need an outlet to share ideas. They want a career that lets them tap into their imagination and creativity. They also need integrity and honesty in their work.

Blue auras tend to be reliable and hardworking. They will meet deadlines and reach goals. When treated well and given room to thrive, a blue aura can become a loyal and devoted employee. They tend to work well as part of a team.

Expression is important for a blue aura. That’s why many choose jobs that involve speaking, teaching, or singing. They perform better in environments that allow them to share their thoughts and ideas. They must also be permitted to be honest when doing so.

They may not work well under the management of people who expect their employees to be yes men without regard for the truth or reality.

A blue aura comes with many benefits, as well as a few things to watch along the way. Remember that auras change colors as we move along on our life’s journey. You can check back to learn more about other aura colors and related topics that can provide valuable insight into who you are and what you need to do to find happiness.

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