Free-Will Vs Destiny – Is Your Life Path Set In Stone?

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You create your own reality…

At least that’s what the Law of Attraction tells us.

But what about destiny?

What about the idea that our paths are pre-written for us and that everything happens for a reason?

That our challenges are some kind of pre-requisite for a higher purpose…

And that the outcome of our existence lies completely within the hands of a higher power.


The free will vs destiny debate has some compelling arguments on both sides.

Of course, being a long-time student of the Law of Attraction I wholeheartedly support the idea of free will…

But that doesn’t mean I’m willing to throw the whole idea of fate out the window…

In fact, all the research I have read and resonated with points to both free-will and destiny co-existing…

So what does that mean?

How can free will and destiny be in effect alongside one another?

Does this mean that there is a limit to the things we can manifest?

And who exactly is calling the shots here?

The below information is my interpretation of the research done by clinical hypnotherapists such as Dolores Cannon, Robert Shwartz and Michael Newton who have worked extensively on past life and between life regressions.

Much of their research can be backed up by personal accounts, psychic mediums, astral travelers, near-death experiences and channeled messages from interdimensional beings.

With that being said, let’s jump right in!

Soul Contracts

Before you were born in this lifetime you made a plan.

You had recently finished your last life and after some time to rest and review you decided that you wanted to reincarnate.

You wanted to learn, experience and play and you decided that Earth would be a great place to accomplish this.

So a meeting was set up between you, and an entire council of guides and soul mates…

Friends and family members who had already spent lifetimes with you before.

Together you had taken turns playing different roles in order to expand each other’s level of experience.

As you began to plan out your next life, you had a few goals in mind…

Lessons you wanted to learn… areas of experience that you wanted to expand upon.

You wanted to develop your soul virtues.

Qualities such as unconditional love, patience, and faith were of utmost importance to you.

According to hypnotherapist Robert Shwartz and the mediums he worked with to write his books, this plan was less of a plan and more of an elaborate flow chart.

In other words, you didn’t predetermine your life in a linear way.

Instead, you created almost an infinite amount of twists and turns…

Potential opportunities and choice points galore!

Your divine virtues could be gained through triumph or struggle, riches or poverty, through love or loss.

The options were endless.

Your soul family offered to play different roles to help you expand, and in return, you offered to play different roles in their lives too…

For example:

The loving child.

The competitive sibling.

The supportive friend.

And this brings us to the next point…

The People In Your Life…


The family, location, and situation that you are born into might be one of the only things you can’t change during this lifetime.

Does that mean these things are pre-determined?

Well yes, but pre-determined by you and therefore free-will of a higher aspect of self.

Your family members have likely spent many lifetimes with you and for this reason, it’s comforting to you all to stay together…

In fact, nearly all of the key characters in your life will have spent previous incarnations with you in a variety of different roles.

From your best friends to your worst enemies.

Sometimes you feel this connection immediately.

You may meet people in this lifetime that you feel you’ve known forever.

Some might look familiar but you just can’t pinpoint where you know them from.

Some people who cross your path may just give you strong feelings from the moment you meet them whether those feelings be positive or negative.

Sometimes you might find it unfair that your parents are the way that they are…

Maybe you have questioned why you were born into such a tough life…

You may even distance yourself from certain family members and find it hard to believe that you could even be related to them!

That’s okay.

Remember it’s all part of your higher plan and these experiences are all put in place in order for you to gain more experience and wisdom.

The best thing you can do is follow your intuition while continuously striving for and manifesting things that would make this lifetime most comfortable for you.

Once you are here you have 100% free will to move along whichever path you choose.

Remember, divine virtue can be obtained in many different ways and although some choice points may cause us struggle and strife, it’s never too late to change the path.

Growth Through Pain

For many people who have experienced traumatic past events, the Law of Attraction can be a hard pill to swallow…

After all, how would it be fair to say that a mere child manifested their own pain and suffering?

That poverty, neglect, and abuse are outcomes of a negative mindset?

It’s easy to feel extremely victimized by the circumstances of our lives.

Destiny-and-free-will-victimized (1)

In the book “Your Souls Plan” there is a true story about a young woman named Christina.

Christina was an administrative assistant and one of her daily talks was to collect her bosses mail from the mailroom downstairs.

One day she went down to the mailroom (as she had done many times before) but this time something happened that changed Christina’s life forever…

She put her hand into the mailbox when suddenly she was shot across the room by a huge explosion.

A pipe bomb had been planted in her boss’s mailbox.

The sheer force of the explosion picked Christina up and threw her 10 feet backward at a concrete wall.

Christina was lucky to survive.

She spent 2 years and undertook 10 reconstructive surgeries to heal from this traumatic ordeal.

During the time she was in the hospital something else happened.

Christina heard a voice.

It turns out the impact of this terrible accident had opened up clairaudient abilities.

“You chose this…” said the voice

Christina was surprised by this, after all, why would anyone choose such a traumatic experience?

The voice then proceeded to tell her that before she was born, Christina decided she wanted to incarnate as a gifted healer.

She knew that through this traumatic experience she would heal herself which, in turn, would inspire her to use her gift to heal others too.

And this is precisely what Christina did.

She went on to get a Ph.D. in speech-language pathology and set up her private practice where she has healed thousands of people.

Christina has not only forgiven the bomber who caused her so much trauma, but she has reached a place of extreme gratitude for what he did to assist her in achieving what she wanted out of this lifetime.

That in itself is huge.

If you could reach an understanding that everything in your life, even your deepest trauma’s have happed FOR you not TO you… how much more empowered would you be?

You would be free from guilt, regret, and pain.

The past would no longer have any hold on you.


After examining the works of people like Dolores Cannon, Robert Shwartz and various others who have worked with/experienced the between-lives state, I think it’s clear to see that there is no clear line between free-will and destiny.

The truth is that we pre-determine our destiny prior to incarnation…

But at the same time, we create our earth experience through free-will…

The main point to take away here is the fact that the choice always belongs to you…

And at any point in your life, you are free to change things.

Your pre-birth plan is vast.

There is no “one way” to achieve everything you wanted within this lifetime.

So regardless of the family, the location or the situation you were born into, spread your wings and live life on your terms.

The world is yours to experience and enjoy in whichever way you choose.

Don’t become a victim of past trauma.

Become a survivor.

A phoenix who rose from the ashes.

The story of your life is yet to be completed.

So what’s your next move?


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8 thoughts on “Free-Will Vs Destiny – Is Your Life Path Set In Stone?”

  1. Nice i love it 😊 some days ago i was thinking about the destiny and free will . But i didn’t get any answer thanks to you because of you i get my answer. God bless you😇

  2. Hi Charlie,

    It is an interesting debate. I totally agree with your blog. We pre-plan what we want to achieve and experience in this life, however it is in our own minds, bodies and souls what we do to achieve these pre-planned goals, and we will have different experiences based upon the path we choose.

    The story about Christina is amazing and inspiring.

    My question is this, how would I know what I wanted in this lifetime. I know what I want now, but that would have been different say ten years ago. Would Christina know what she wanted in her lifetime before the explosion?

    • Hi Robert,

      If you take a look at your life and the experiences you have been through you may see a pattern emerging.

      Or even several patterns in regards to the qualities you have gained as a person.

      Perhaps you are being guided toward resilience or patience or even independence?

      For more clarity, Robert Shwartz offers hypnosis sessions on his website where he would take you back to the pre-planning stage to discover your purpose.

      In saying that, if you look deep inside yourself, you will find the answer.

  3. Reading this was simply an eye opener. But i yes if i want to know the life purpose of mine so that i can fulfil for what i came to this earth.
    However yes, it is an insightful and amazing article.

    • Hi there,

      If you are looking for more clarity on your life purpose I would highly recommend looking into getting a numerology reading. I know my reading really empowered me to step into my truth and what I am supposed to be doing within this lifetime.

      Here is a link to which you may find helpful


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