Gratitude And Manifestation – The Secret Behind Appreciation

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Gratitude and manifestation go together like milk and cookies.

In fact, there is no expression quite like gratitude to help you manifest fast!

Now, you may be thinking…

If I am a born creator, why do I need to be thankful?

Manifestation is a natural law…

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It’s my birthright!

Why make time for gratitude?

Gratitude and manifestation (2)

And these are fair questions.

But you see, the intent behind expressing gratitude is not to grovel to the universe.

It’s not about worshipping a higher power or expressing appreciation for anybody else’s benefit.

No, not at all…

If you want to start seeing results fast in your manifestation routine, it’s simple…

You express gratitude to be blessed with more gratitude.

After all, to feel grateful is to be living in abundance.

To have manifested your desires…

In other words, like attracts like.

Be grateful and attract the things that make you feel grateful.

“Gratitude is the first step towards manifestation.” – Srishti Jaitwani

Why Is Gratitude Important?

The deep, emotional expression behind being thankful…

Have you ever taken the time to notice exactly how your body feels during a moment of gratitude?

The sensation is sheer joy.

It’s peace, it’s contentment, it’s fulfillment.

As human beings, the majority of our lives are devoted to giving…

You might say, we are ever emitting!

Offering our money, time, resources, thoughts, love…

But how good does it feel to just stop for a moment…

And receive.

For most people, receiving comes with a feeling of complete bliss!


And so it should!

You are deserving of abundance, regardless of the limiting beliefs that might guilt trip you into thinking otherwise…

Receiving is a doorway to appreciation, but gratitude can just as easily be applied to the things in life we already have…

Perhaps even the things that we take for granted.

In fact, gratitude can be channeled from life’s simple blessings to manifest complete abundance into your life.

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Now let’s dive a little deeper…

Gratitude and manifestation

“The universe doesn’t hear what you are saying. It only feels the vibration of what you are offering.” – Abraham

There are three different expressions that we emit out to the universe…

those expressions are thought, emotion and action.

When our outward expressions become aligned, manifestation occurs… and fast!

Gratitude centers on the emotions aspect of the Law of Attraction.

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Everything is energy…

The Law of Attraction works in terms of energetic frequencies and gratitude is considered the highest frequency we can possibly emit.


Think of gratitude as an expression….

When released from your inner being, what does it say to the universe?

Now you may translate the message of gratitude as satisfaction, contentment, excitement and so on but there is something even more powerful than that…

The one thing that elevates the frequency of gratitude to its peak can be boiled down to a single word…



Gratitude is a present tense emotion.

It’s something that only arises after receiving or thinking about what you have now.

Sure, you may be grateful for a past or future event…

But the inner sensation ultimately comes from that event’s present impact.

Now is the key.

So what are you really translating to the universe when you express gratitude?

Abundance now!

Success now!

Joy now!

Love now!

And so on…

See where this is going?

Let’s give you an example…

When you feel excited about receiving love in the future, your energetic charge makes an exact match for you to receive just that…


But when is the future?

Tomorrow never comes.

There is only the present moment.

Now, let’s say that you evoke feelings of gratitude to be receiving love right now…

That love may not exist yet but that doesn’t matter.

Feelings of gratitude can be evoked even before your desires manifest!

Think of it as a game of make-believe.

The universe creates an exact energetic match and brings you exactly what you are sending out on an emotional level.

Consequently, your desire for love manifests into your reality…

Which allows you to feel more gratitude.

You get what you give!

“Gratitude is an essential part of being present. When you go deeply into the present, gratitude arises spontaneously.” – Eckhart Tolle.

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How To Feel Gratitude Before Receiving.

Using gratitude to boost manifestation is not always the easiest thing to do.

It often means having to dig deep and find gratitude even before your desires have actually manifested.

Many Law of Attraction “coaches” will tell you that it’s as simple as reciting…

“I am grateful for… *fill in the blank*”.

This is completely false…

Gratitude is not just a thought…

It is not simply, words to recite…

Gratitude is an emotional expression that can only come from within.

Some people find it easy to channel that feeling but for others, it’s more difficult.

Here is a strategy for evoking gratitude before your manifestations have been received…

1.) Be Present.

gratitude-and-manifestation (2)

First, take a moment to clear your mind and focus only on your breathing…

Become very present and get into a state of “now” by noticing…

Notice how your body feels right at this moment…

What can you see, hear, smell and feel…

Come out of the intense thinking of the day and just be here… now.

2.) Notice And Appreciate.


Every time you notice something, take a moment to mentally appreciate it.

Start with your breathing…

“How lucky am I to breathe this air… to have the opportunity to experience life.”

Then move on to things in your immediate surroundings…

“How grateful am I to sit in this comfortable arm chair….”

“To be able to gaze outside and see such a beautiful display of nature…”

“To experience this moment with a symphony of birds chirping and wind blowing…”

“even the man next door mowing his lawns signifies the fact that I am surrounded by life and energy… Yes, I am lucky. I am grateful.”

3.) Bring Your Attention Inward.

gratitude- and-manifestation

Keep noticing.

After a while, you will begin to notice a physical sensation inside…

You may experience a warm swelling of your heart, or perhaps an excited fluttering in your stomach.

Turn your attention inward and notice these feelings.

This is gratitude in all its glory!

Once you have generated that feeling within, transfer your thoughts to that which has not yet manifested for you.

Visualize the lifestyle you are manifesting…

The car…

The job…

The people…

Let your pre-generated gratitude drive your visualizations into perfect alignment.

Finally, let it go…

It’s now in the hands of the universe.

The Secret Of Appreciation.

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If you are not already super excited to add daily gratitude to your manifestation routine, prepare to be blown away!

As science and spirituality continue to merge, a huge discovery has been made that proves a major biological benefit to having gratitude.

So what ’s the real secret behind appreciation?

Not only can gratitude improve your life by accelerating the manifestation process…

Believe or not, science is proving that we may be able to lengthen our lives through the simple expression of gratitude…

More time to play and create with the Law of Attraction?

Yes, please!!

But how?

It all comes down to your DNA!

You see, as our cells divide, the DNA at the end of each chromosome cannot be fully duplicated.

Over time, the chromosomes become worn and this leads to cell damage which in turn provokes premature aging, disease, and in some cases, cancer.

Introducing Telomeres.

Telomeres sit at the ends of our chromosomes (much like shoelace tips).

They essentially act as protective barriers, sacrificing themselves in order to protect our genetic coding.

Unlike the rest of the chromosome, Telomeres don’t carry any kind of genetic programming, therefore, can be shortened without devastating effects.

What Has This Got To Do With Gratitude?

Well, studies are now finding that the telomeres can actually be lengthened and therefore life can be prolonged!

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, there are a few healthy living practices we can take up in order to lengthen our telomeres…

Gratitude is a big one!

Basically, feeling grateful activates an enzyme within the cell called telomerase.

This enzyme goes to work on the telomeres, extending their length and therefore our lives…

Basically, the telomeres will lengthen or shorten depending on a persons “will to live”.

In other words…

The actions they take to prove they are willing and happy to continue their earth experience.

What this means, is that by expressing gratitude, you send a message to your cells that tells them you are enjoying your time here.

This activates the enzyme and lengthens your telomeres, allowing you an extended stay within your body.


How To Get More Gratitude Out Of Your Day…

Want to boost your manifestations (and your life expectancy) even further?

Here are a few ways to get more gratitude out of your day…

  • Make a habit of choosing 3 things to be grateful for every morning.
  • Say “thank you” more often.
  • Write in a gratitude journal.
  • Spend time in nature where you can release busy thoughts.
  • Center your awareness and be present.
  • Find the silver lining in life’s challenges.


Gratitude and manifestation go hand in hand.

They loop around each other seamlessly and that gratitude loop is a comfortable spot to be in.

It ensures emotional alignment with your desires and due to its high frequency, can bring your manifestations into reality faster than ever.

Make time to be thankful!

No manifestation routine is ever complete without a daily commitment to gratitude.

 “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” – Zig Ziglar

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    • Yes Kelly!

      Appreciating what you have already matched your vibrations to have more, feeling lack and desperation can attract more of that.

      Dr Lipton is amazing I agree, thanks for commenting!

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    • Hi Shallu,

      Sure! the best way to help him would be to get him to recite the affirmations daily. Here are some examples:

      “I retain information easily.”

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      “I achieve high marks in my studies.”

      “My education is important to me.”

      “I pass every exam”

      If he is not interested in reciting the affirmations, perhaps you could get him to try subliminal tracks and listen to them either at night time or during study. I will link some good study sumblinals below:

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