Green Aura meaning

Understanding Your Green Aura

An aura is energy that surrounds a person. Many ancient systems of medicine teach that the aura has seven layers, each of which correlates with some element of our existence, including emotion, spirituality, and physical and mental health.

What makes auras unique are the colors they give off. Different colors mean different things. And within each color exists different shades that provide more insight into who a person is and what is happening around them.

Learning more about your aura color can provide valuable insight that can help you make decisions and take action to improve your life.

For example, a grey aura can indicate poor health and depression. This color may show up in people who are experiencing sadness or self-doubt or who are suffering from headaches. People who remain in this state may feel stuck while others may appear grey temporarily during a period of transition.

If you have a green aura, then you are in luck. Green is considered well-balanced. There are many strengths that come with green as well as some things to look out for to avoid burn out or other issues.

An Overview of Green Auras

Your green aura

If you have a green aura, then you are likely a balanced, grounded individual. You live in harmony with the world around you. Green auras thrive during times of transition, like when moving to a new home or changing career paths.

Those around a green aura tend to feel comforted by their presence. They may flock to the person due to their ability to listen and express compassion. This can lead to a busy social life and a lot of popularity. It can be an amazing experience if you know your limits and don’t overdo it.

Green is considered the healer’s aura. That’s because its frequency resonates with the heart, which is considered the center of growth, unconditional love, and healing. As a green aura, you may radiate love and life, which boosts those around you.

People with green auras tend to channel that rejuvenating energy through their hands, which makes them great when working with animals, plants, and their fellow humans. Any activity that requires a gentle, loving touch benefits from a green aura.

Due to the focus on the heart and life, green auras tend to be connected with nature. Spending time outdoors can have significant benefits for the health and wellbeing of a green aura.

Green is connected to the heart, and having an open heart chakra brings many positive effects, including a healthy thyroid gland, increased upper body strength, intuition, and sensitivity to others’ feelings.

Green auras also tend to live in truth with a higher degree of spiritual energy and purity.

Your Green Aura and the Heart Chakra

Heart chakra

Green auras are associated with Anahata or the heart chakra. It is the fourth of the seven primary chakras that are found along the spinal cord. Located at the center, the heart chakra is considered a balance point for all the other chakras. This is where our compassion, forgiveness, love, and empathy are found.

The heart chakra governs our sense of peace, openness to change, and feelings of gratitude, trust, and generosity. The color green represents love, life, earth, and transformation.

Those who master the heart chakra tend to be fearless with healthy boundaries and balance in all relationships. They are often described as having self-love and higher emotional maturity.

It is important to try to keep your chakras in balance. If the heart chakra falls out of balance, it helps to make sure your other chakras are open. Surround yourself with all things green, whether it’s green garments, eating green foods, green art, or painting a room green.

You should incorporate exercise into your routine. Yoga is a good choice, especially bow and camel poses and chest openers.

The heart chakra’s element is air, so make sure to also try breathing exercises. Some find that essential oils like lavender, geranium, cypress, rose, and jasmine can be effective.

Finally, use affirmations and mantras to build confidence and improve self-love.

Doing these things daily will bring your heart chakra into balance and enrich your green aura. Bringing your chakra into balance will help you maintain a healthy mind and body and allow you to build good relationships with others. It leads to true balance in life.

Personality Traits of a Green Aura

Personality traits

If you have ever encountered someone with a green aura, you may have felt drawn to them. They tend to be independent and do things themselves. They do not like making others deal with things, especially in difficult situations.

Overall, green auras are peace-loving. They are creative and adore nature. They try to avoid conflict. Even if they end up in an argument, they tend to show no aggression.

Personality traits of a green aura can vary. However, there are similar themes that usually appear. The most common include:


Dependability is one of a green aura’s many strengths. They are always there when you need them. If they make a promise, you know they will keep it.

Helping others makes a green aura happy. That’s why they are so devoted to being there when someone they care about is in need. Whether you just need to talk, a shoulder to cry on, or simply don’t want to be alone, they won’t abandon you.

A Kind Heart

If there is one thing that a green aura is known for, it is kindness. They are in touch with their emotions, allowing them to show a higher level of compassion and caring. They are also committed to the welfare of those around them.

Green auras are more likely to step up when a friend or family member needs support. Their advanced emotional maturity helps guide them to being kind, considerate people.

Emotionally Sensitive

Green auras are emotionally sensitive in a very positive way. They feel deeply and are connected to their emotions.

While some may view emotional sensitivity as a weakness, it works well for green auras. This insight helps them empathize with others. It enables them to display compassion in a world that often needs it. It also helps them understand others’ emotions, which can be a powerful resource when diffusing conflicts or making decisions.

Loyal to Their Partner

Green auras take their relationships seriously. They form strong bonds and remain devoted to their partners. They believe in sticking with their significant others and always strive for longevity and improvement in their relationships.

Anyone who forms a bond with a green aura can benefit from their often-contagious positive outlook. They are reliable and always there when you need them.

Concerned for Others

Green auras are determined, but they are also keenly aware of the wellbeing of others. They show immense kindness and compassion for those around them. Green auras tend to go out of their way to assist whenever possible.

This makes a green aura a great listener and helper. When you need support, they will be there. They will go the extra step to make another person feel comfortable and work through a difficult time.

Green auras are always going to try to cheer others up when they are having a bad day.

Unrelenting Determination

Being an emotional person doesn’t mean you give up. Green auras prove this time and time again. They show unrelenting determination when working toward a goal. In fact, they are often some of the most determined people you will ever meet.

When a green aura has their eye on a goal, nothing will stop them from achieving it. They possess an unwavering belief in themselves and their ability to be successful. This trait can be extremely beneficial in a professional setting. Green auras give 110% and won’t settle for less.

Exploring the Shades of Green Auras

As with all colors, green auras come in different shades. Each version has different personality traits and says something about who and where you are in life. Knowing your specific color can help you gain a better understanding of the person you are and where you are headed.

Emerald Green Auras

Among green auras, emerald is the most magnetic. It really draws others in. Those with an emerald aura know how to heal and unite people. They use their energy and personality to spread joy and warmth. Their goal is to bring harmony to all they meet.

It’s important to not confuse emerald with dark green auras. Dark green can have a very different meaning and may be associated with negative feelings like jealousy.

Light Green Auras

If you have a light green aura, then you may be on a quest to heal yourself. Those with this shade understand that they need to be healed before they can do the same for others.

Light green auras tend to focus on personal growth and development. They are more inclined to read self-help books and take steps to manage personal health.

They still have the love and creativity that green auras are generally known for, making them wonderful artists, songwriters, and poets. However, being light green, they may be in a state of seeking balance and harmony in themselves or with something in their lives.

Dark Green Auras

A dark green aura often means you are an old soul who has recently left the darkness to come into the light.

A dark green aura can indicate that the heart chakra was previously closed or out of balance. Someone with this color may have struggled to find forgiveness and balance, until recently. Old souls can have multiple incarnations, including some that may have been filled with disappointment or sadness.

They may have gone through a period of learning where they had to pay karma to learn lessons.

Dark green auras can also mean that a person is spiritually powerful. They may possess a higher-than-average level of understanding and intelligence.

People with dark green auras are often considered more mysterious. Others become curious, drawn to the mystery and mysticism that surrounds them.

Mint Green Auras

Mint green auras are considered happy and positive. This bright shade tends to represent jubilance. Those with mint auras are very positive and full of life. They nurture harmony and peace in the world.

A mint green aura indicates that someone is committed to love and peace and is more likely to see the positive side of a situation. While they enjoy a good adventure, they also understand the importance of balance. They bring a unique blend of vibrance, fearlessness, calmness, and responsibility.

Lime Green Auras

If your heart chakra is very open and balanced, then you may find that you have a lime green aura. This appears in those who are focused on their happiness. They have a playful approach to life paired with determination and enthusiasm.

Lime green combines both green and yellow. Yellow is considered a sunny color. Those with lime green auras have a lot of vital energy and abundance. They are more likely to be successful in their professions. They have a strong drive that keeps them going.

Lime green auras tend to have passion when they are interested in something and will push to develop their skills or reach their goals.

Someone with a lime green aura has done a lot of emotional healing, whether it was in their current lifetime or a previous life. They are generally happy and are more than capable of giving and receiving love with no complications.

Blue Green Auras

Blue green auras offer a rich blend of two positive colors. They tend to be calming and well-grounded. They value comfort and are drawn to things that give them energy.

A blue green aura is also more likely to feel a strong sense of purpose. They strive to be more present. They have an open heart and reflect upon their personal growth. More importantly, they are willing to change or transform.

Having a mix of blue and green gives a person stronger empathic traits. They are more supportive and can be better at providing guidance and healing. This aura color is considered a symbol of the holistic healer. It focuses on both healing and growth.

Those with a muddied blue green aura should be aware that this can be a sign of possessiveness or a fear of not being loved.

Challenges Of Having A Green Aura

Traits of green auras

Green auras are connected to many positive traits, but there are a few things to watch out for if you have one.

The color green is often associated with envy and jealousy. This is true for green auras. Their strong sense of devotion and caring can lead to clinginess. They may become overly protective, which can cause feelings of resentment when someone pushes back.

Another concern for green auras is burnout. Their unending commitment to others can cause them to overextend their resources. They can become exhausted or accumulate an emotional build up.

If you have a muddy green aura, you should take a step back and consider if one of these issues is present in your life. The negative effects can cause your aura color to darken and fade, indicating that you need to make positive changes to restore it.

Green auras must learn how to set healthy boundaries. This will prevent overdoing it and allow them to manage their own wellbeing while also being there for others. If you are tempted to stretch yourself too thin, remember that you will not be as effective if you aren’t taking care of yourself first.

Green Auras and Career Choices

Professions of green auras

Green auras have a lot of potential when it comes to their careers. Green is associated with money and abundance. They tend to have no trouble manifesting cash.

Since green is also closely connected to healing and growth, green auras tend to do well in jobs that let them help others. The most common career choices include doctor, veterinarian, or positions that let them support the environment.

Green auras are hardworking and compassionate. This helps them form positive professional relationships. They also have an eye for detail, which gives them a deeper understanding of a task or situation so they can come up with realistic and practical solutions.

Their intelligence and awareness also make them innovative. They can adapt to changing situations, which are found in many industries.

If you want to get the most out of a green aura worker, then you need to provide goals and a plan to grow. They are happy to work toward objectives, but they need to have direction and something to achieve. That’s why they won’t settle for a dead-end job with no opportunities for promotion or improvement.

Green auras need work that will challenge them and give them something to work towards both long and short term.

Building Relationships with a Green Aura

Relationships with a green aura

Green auras are generally good when it comes to love and relationships. They are, after all, connected to the heart chakra.

Green auras are devoted, loving partners. They embody harmony, which is always good in a relationship. The downside is that they tend to be partner-pleasers and may over-give. They need to learn to set boundaries and maintain balance that includes both give and take.

If you are in a relationship with a green aura, it helps to know this to ensure that you and your significant other are both happy and content. They need a caring partner who matches their ambitions and appreciates their devotion.

It helps to have an appreciation of nature. Green auras are energized by the outdoors. They can also do well with someone who is creative and adventurous, like an orange or yellow aura.

Green auras need a partner who values balance. Balance is a priority in the world of a green aura. Sharing this trait will help nurture love and understanding.

Communicating with a Green Aura

Understanding the personalities, strengths, and weaknesses of an aura color can help you find better ways to connect with them. Green auras tend to have earthly qualities like balance and stability. They are drawn to those who are more practical and in touch with the material world.


They like “green” activities like gardening, exercising, and being out in nature. Sharing any of these interests can also help you find common ground and build a bond.

People with green auras are among the most intelligent and powerful of all aura colors. They are quick thinkers however they can become jealous or resentful. They can thrive when properly motivated but will have the opposite effect if they feel like they are being judged.

Green auras are emotionally sensitive. If they interpret your words or actions as being judgemental or harsh, they may take it personally. It is best to present ideas and give green auras space to do the same. They will react better to a balanced exchange rather than a one-sided conversation or a critical interaction.

Do You Have a Green Aura?

What is your aura color

Knowing your aura color can help you make decisions and figure out what you need for balance in life. One way to find your aura color is to look in a mirror with a white background behind you. Scan the outer perimeter of your head without moving your eyes. The color you see there is your aura color.

You can also ask a friend to see if they can view your aura. Have them stand about 10 feet away with a completely white or black background behind you. Natural light works best for this. They can work through the same process as you did in the mirror, staring at your face while using their peripheral vision to see a shadowy outline around you.

Gently lifting their gaze from your nose to your forehead can help them get a better look at your aura color.

Doing this takes practice. As an alternative, you can also seek the services of a spiritual advisor who can guide you.

Learn more about yourself and the world around you by studying your aura. Explore our other guides to help you understand other aura colors and related topics.

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