How To Attract A Guy With Text (To Make Him Fall Madly In Love With You!)

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Are you sick and tired of him ignoring your messages or acting completely uninterested?

Do you want this specific guy to fantasize about you & be completely infatuated, as if you were the last women on earth?

In today’s article I’ll uncover my hidden secrets to attract ANY man by text.

Not only this, but I’ll share my exact methods to become a magnet for lust!

What are we waiting for, lets get started shall we?

Firstly, I need to be honest with you…

I need to be completely transparent & say that not everything revealed in this article is originally from me.

You see I’ve learned most of these techniques from a kind women named Amy North.

Amy runs a successful YouTube channel to help women become loved and desired by men.

In fact, her methods use similar psychological triggers Hollywood screenwriters use to draw an audience into their movies and force them to pay attention for hours at a time.

These exact triggers can be used for texting the man of your dreams.

So if you’re interested in learning from the best of the best, I highly recommend you take a look at Amy’s video here.


She’s helped thousands of women including myself and I believe she can help you too.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what you need to do BEFORE you send another text!

Then we’ll share the exact tips that will work every single time.

1.) Visualize him texting you:

Visualization is a powerful method to get him to crave you like a sweet treat.

In fact, visualization is so powerful that celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey & Will Smith have credited it to their success. 

The great news is you can use it make him fall in love with you.

In short, visualization is a form of day dreaming while using as much emotion as possible.

To get him to slide into your DMs, here’s how you need to visualize…


1.) Close your eyes and start taking deep breaths.

2.) Imagine that your specific man is picking up their phone and typing in your phone number.

3.) Next, picture their hands typing out the exact message you want to receive – What exactly does it say?

4.) Now you want to mirror the exact emotions you want him to feel while he messages you – Does his heart beat faster when typing? Is he smiling from ear to ear? Try to harness the exact emotions you want him to feel.

5.) Finally you want to visualize yourself reading the exact text you just received – How do YOU feel when you hear the notification on your phone? Do you get butterflies? Are you over joyed with excitement?

There is no right or wrong way to visualize, but it’s more effective when you’re as clear as possible with your thoughts & emotions.

You may need some practice when first starting out, but it’s a very powerful tool to learn!

2.) Repeat Attraction Mantras:

Next, you need to apply attraction mantras.

Mantras are short yet powerful phrases to affirm what you want.

It’s similar to visualizing, but instead of foreseeing your desires you’re speaking them out loud or in your mind.

When it comes to making a man obsess over you, there are powerful phrases you can use.

The key to a powerful mantra is to speak as if it’s already happening in present tense.


I’ve got some examples that you can use down below, but you can say them however you please.

  • (persons name) is starting to fall in love with me.
  • I love receiving messages from (persons name)
  • (persons name) can’t stop thinking about me.
  • My DMs are flooded with messages from (persons name)
  • (persons name) and I are madly in love with each other.

Affirmations should always feel right & create a sense of positive emotions.

Repeat these mantras as much as possible, they will help to get him to message you.

3.) Spend Time On Yourself:

Taking time for self love and personal care is one of the most important ways to attract the same feelings back.

If you want him to fall head over heels for you then you need to put yourself first, always!

Self care is about identifying what makes you feel happy, desired and most importantly loved.


There are many different ways to promote self care, here are just a few:

  • Spend time on hobbies that make you happy.
  • Take time to visit friends that uplift and make you feel positive.
  • Exercise.
  • Learn a new skill or try something new.
  • Eat good foods.
  • Pamper yourself to a spa treatment.
  • Get your hair done.

When you feel good, you emit those same feelings back.

You’ll be more respected by not only yourself but your future partner too.

Your emotional well being is important, take time to do what makes you happy.

4.) Practice Letting Go:

Letting go can sometimes feel counterintuitive to receiving love from that special someone.

Letting go is being confident that this special person will manifest into your life with ease.


It’s about being content and not desperate so you won’t chase him away.

This ultimately stops you from dwelling on whether or not you’ll have him in your life, how long it will take and so on.

Sometimes, worrying leads to bad decisions and getting the opposite out of a relationship!

Here are a couple ways to practice letting go:

  • Practice mindset work such as meditation.
  • Take breaks from your phone to avoid clingy or desperate messages being sent.
  • Enjoy time with friends or family.

Letting go is a skill in it’s own, it’s definitely not easy.

But remember that if you’re irrational, stressed or worried about the outcome between you and a significant other this can lead to doing something you regret.

5.) Try Scripting:

Scripting brings clarity, excitement and the ability to know exactly what you want in a relationship with that special someone.

Essentially, scripting is writing down a story about your love life to be, as if you were to write in a diary or journal.


It may sound a little silly, but trust me, it works wonders!

Similar to affirmations and visualization, this law of attraction method will help affirm what you want.

Here’s how to apply scripting to keep them interested over the phone.

1.) First, get a pen and journal – Use something that’s special to you.

2.) Next start writing out a story about how this other person will fall in love – Get as descriptive as possible, write the perfect love story.

3.) Practice, practice, practice! – The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it!

If you want to learn more about scripting, I’ve written an article about it here.

This is something that should make you feel special about being with the guy you want.

Now, let’s get into the best tips to make him lust and desire you over the phone.

(Remember, I’ve learned these techniques from Amy’s incredible text chemistry program. So if you want to learn more about her amazing methods, then watch her free presentation here!)

1.) Don’t Become Overly Obsessive Or Pushy:

Clinginess, pushiness & obsession is a huge turn off for men!

If you give off a vibe that feels obsessive and overbearing than he’ll likely lose interest and completely ghost you.


Now, there’s nothing wrong with letting him know how you truly feel. But you need to be careful with how you express yourself so you don’t scare him away!

If you’re sending messages such;

“Who are you hanging out with?”

“I literally can’t stop thinking about you every day!”

“How much do you like me?”

Then this can signal some major red flags!

Instead express yourself without sounding like a maniac…

For instance;

“We should get lunch or something sometime..”

“Been thinking of you today, how are you?”

“It’s been nice getting to know you better, I really enjoy talking to you”

Start off slow and see how the conversation plays out, spilling your heart out suddenly may cause him to feel overwhelmed.

Remember, natural, calm and cool.

2.) Keep Him In The Dark:

This may sound strange, but being somewhat illusive will spark curiosity & keep him coming back for more.

The idea is simple, keep your walls guarded & don’t give everything away so easily.

You want to keep him guessing so he continuously wants to learn more & get to know you better.

Doing so will make you more desirable and keep him interested for longer.

Here’s a few ways you can do this:

  • Avoid messaging at certain times of the day – If he knows exactly what you’re doing during the day this gives no room for him to wonder what you’re up to.
  • Don’t make it so obvious you’re interested in him – let him know how you feel, but also keep him on his toes a little…
  • Try not too post as much on social media – If a guys interested, he’ll likely stalk your page. By being slightly illusive he’ll want to try and find out more.

Doing so will keep him wondering…

“I wonder what she’s actually like”.

“Maybe she’s interested in other guys?”.

“She doesn’t message me sometimes, maybe I need to make more time for her?” and so on…

It’s important to understand you’re NOT trying to be deceitful or disrespectful.

You’re just allowing yourself to be a little unpredictable, so he keeps asking for more.

A learned this trick from Amy, and it works wonders..

Which leads me to my next point..

3.) Don’t Text Back Straight Away:

The first thing you probably want to do when you hear that notification on your phone is message him back straight away.

Try not to do this.


If he messages you first then try not to reply back for 5, 10 or even 60 minutes and be as inconsistent as possible.

Again, you want him to keep him guessing so he is drawn to you.

Even if you’re eating popcorn on the couch & not busy at all, try to act like you are.

When you do reply, send him messages such as;

“Sorry I was busy with (x)”

“I didn’t have my phone on me, how are was your day”

or even…

“Whoops sorry I didn’t see your message” and then start a conversation that way.

This will make him think you’re highly sort after from other people, so when you do message back it makes him feel special.

4.) Be Secure & Confident:

There’s nothing more sexy than a strong minded women.

Men LOVE a women that are comfortable with themselves and who they are as person.


If you’re messages ooze with insecurity and bad energy then this could be complete turn off for him.

So be strong with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

That means if you feel strongly about a certain topic you’re discussing, let that be known.

Don’t be afraid to tell them how you feel and let your opinions be apparent.

You shouldn’t hide who you are as a person please him, he’ll grow more respect for when you do.

Be you and be strong!

5.) Be Positive:

No one likes a Debby downer.

There’s nothing more off putting then trying to unload your baggage onto him.

Of course you’re welcome to talk about a bad day at work or an experience that made you feel a certain way, but don’t let that be the basis of your entire conversations.

Men are often less talkative when it comes to their emotions, and he could be going through something himself.

So if you’re constantly unloading negative emotions this could cause him to turn the other way…

Be the sunshine in HIS day and he’ll return the favor.

Relationships should be positive, fun and exciting, not a way to vent negative emotions…

Positivity attracts a positive relationships, and building a relationship from negativity is a recipe for disaster.

To Wrap This Up:

To keep a man hanging at your hip like a puppy dog then it’s important to follow these attraction methods that I’ve shown you.

Forming a bond between you and your potential partner over text is the perfect way to make him fall madly in love with you.

I’ve summarized a few key points to wrap this article up:

  • Work on yourself first, men love a women that’s comfortable with themselves.
  • Curiosity will keep him coming back for more.
  • Sometimes doing less has the biggest impact.
  • A relationship should be fun, positive and happy.
  • Don’t be obsessive.
  • Practicing law of attraction techniques will help.

Like I said at the start of this article, Amy North is the best person to learn how to make a man fall in love with you over text.

She’s helped thousands of women get the man of their dreams, and I believe she can help you too.

So if you’re serious about this person, I highly recommend you take a look at what she has to offer.

I’ll leave a link down below for you to check out her free presentation!


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