How to manifest away debt

7 Essential Tips To Manifest Your Way Out Of Debt

There’s no need to sugar coat the fact that being in debt sucks!

Plain and simple!

Imagine being trapped under a collapsed building…

You look over and see the light that marks your way out…

But each time you edge closer, another brick falls and blocks your path.

Now, this may seem a tad extreme but metaphorically speaking, this example is pretty darn close to how it feels to be in debt.

Each time you make a payment, you inch closer to that end goal… but then comes the interest and the fees, crashing down on you like a ton of bricks.

Through all that stress and desperation, it’s difficult to see how you could possibly adopt a mindset positive enough to manifest your way out of debt…

But you absolutely can!

This article is a 7 step game plan for you to take back control of your finances and your life.

Because you create your reality!

With a few mindset tweaks, there is no reason why you can’t release yourself from debt and at the same time, learn how to set a new foundation for complete financial freedom.

Let’s dive right in!

7 Essential Tips To Manifest Your Way Out Of Debt

Money takes time

1.) Forgive And Accept

Okay, so you made a few “bad” choices with money.

Haven’t we all?

If you are beating yourself up about the debt you have ended up with, you need to stop now!

Placing guilt, shame and regret on yourself does nothing but prolong your time within the space of financial desperation.

Forgive yourself!

Accept that every decision you have ever made around money has served a purpose.

Every cent you have ever spent has contributed to your learning and expansion in some way or another.

I mean, you are here right?

You have tapped into the realization that thoughts create things and perhaps that wouldn’t have happened had you not experienced some hard times.

Be grateful for your struggles because, without the bad, you can’t fully appreciate the good.

Let go of judgment of the past and focus instead on what you can control right now.

Sure, this may seem a little easier said than done…

So as some practical advice, if you do find yourself feeling down about your past money decisions, find a new task and simply shift your focus.

It’s not a good idea to practice manifestation techniques while you are feeling low but you can shift your attention elsewhere…

Make a list of things you can do right now.

Even the most simple daily tasks and responsibilities can help you to shift your attention and therefore raise your vibration.

“Shift the way you feel and watch what happens. If you can rid yourself of worry, you will rid yourself of things to worry about. It is really that simple.” – Abraham Hicks

2.) Knock Down Limiting Beliefs

If you are someone who has accumulated a lot of debt in your life, you are most likely suffering from limiting beliefs on a subconscious level.

Now, having limiting beliefs is not something to feel bad about…

In fact, it’s not your fault at all.

Limiting beliefs take shape due to environmental and social circumstances.

We all adopt these falsehoods throughout our lives, some people just hold on to them longer than others.

If you feel as though your limiting beliefs are holding you back from manifesting a debt-free life, then you may need to use some detachment strategies.

Some of the techniques available to help you release from limiting beliefs include the following:

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3.) Reinvent Yourself

Once you have cleared your limiting beliefs, you will have a clean slate to start reinventing yourself.

What kind of person do you want to be?

Break away from your previous self who perhaps missed payments and avoided bills like the plague.

Instead, reinvent yourself to become a well-organized person who keeps everything paid in advance.

Use your manifestation journal to recreate yourself…

Jot down all of the qualities that the new you embodies.

Describe yourself as if you are already the very best version of you and remember…

Use positive language only!

In fact, if you can help it, don’t even use the word debt!

Get your subconscious mind as far away from that term as possible…

Instead, reinvent yourself using positive statements such as “I am financially free.” or “My accounts are always in credit.”

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

4.) Visualize

Visualization is a proven manifestation tool that works by fine-tuning thought and emotion frequencies to be an exact match with that of your desires.

There is a whole range of visualization techniques you can use but here are a few that are particularly helpful for manifesting your way out of debt.

Day dreaming


Take some time to relax and close your eyes…

Imagine yourself in complete financial freedom…

What does your life look like when all your debts have been paid?

See the image in your mind and simply enjoy the daydream.

Acting As If:

“Acting as if” is a visualization technique where you simply go about your everyday life with the mindset that your money goals have already been achieved.

The aim of this practice is to get your subconscious mind in complete alignment with financial freedom.

The “Get Out Of Debt” Manifestation Game:

In this fun visualization technique, you will basically turn your debt into credit.

It’s very simple…

Every time you receive a statement or a bill in the mail, look at the amount due and read it as if it’s a credit…

Now, of course, deep down you know that your statement is not a credit, but imagining that it is will help you to feel pumped up and excited.

This, in turn, makes you an exact vibrational match to manifest that very same figure.

In other words…

You manifest the money to pay the debt!


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5.) Lighten The Load

Whenever you are manifesting something into your life, the universe will call you to let go of the old and make way for the new!

This process can be rather chaotic but if you start the clearing now, you will get a headstart on the debt-free life you are manifesting.

Getting rid of the things that no longer serve you is also a great action based step.

It will help you to make cutbacks that save you money and therefore enable you to make additional payments on your debt balance.

Some questions to ask yourself during this clearing process are…

“How am I over consuming?”

“What can I consume less of in order to make way for the new and at the same time decrease my debt?”

In your manifestation journal, write a list of things you can do to lighten the load.

Here are some examples:

  • Re-assess your phone and internet plans.
  • Look at how much your spending on food and utilities. Where can you cut back?
  • Donate or sell any physical items that no longer serve you.

The tangible part of this exercise is that any money you accumulate during the clearing process can be used toward paying your debts.

The manifestation side is that by clearing the path, you make room for new abundance and channel physical energy which allows you to better meet the frequency of your desires.

“Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.” – Eleanor Brownn

6.) Release From The Chains

Break free of your chains

The Law of Attraction works due to the rule that “like attracts like”.

What this means is that if you feel happy, you attract happiness, if you feel loved, you attract love and so on…

This seems pretty straight forward but for people manifesting their way out of debt, there is a slight issue.

They have a limiting belief that is causing them to attract stress around money.

In these situations when the mindset is still operating from feelings of lack, it’s not a good idea to adopt the literal approach of,

“Well, if I spend up large I will feel financially free and therefore manifest financial freedom!”

In fact, this line of thinking can actually put you in even more debt!

To this, you might say,

“Well, that makes no sense! I thought like attracts like!”

And you would be right, but think about it…

If you are already in debt and you then go spend the day maxing out your credit cards, sure it may feel good at the time…

But how are you going to feel later?




And then the Law of Attraction says,

“Wait, did you say you feel depressed after spending money? Cool, I’ll be right back with experiences to mirror that cycle!”

Now, it’s important to note that there is nothing wrong with living in abundance.

After all, we are conscious creators.

Having what we want is our birthright!

But in order to release from the chains, you need to realize that spending money is not the only way to experience financial freedom.

Detach from the societal view that you must consume things in order to be abundant!

Did you know that you can experience financial freedom without even having to spend a dime?

Abundance is all around us, especially in nature!

Look at the stars in the sky…

Or the way plants and animals experience abundance without ever having to tote around a coin purse.

If you want to feel financially free, get out into nature!

Whether that be hiking in the woods, swimming in the vast ocean or sleeping underneath the stars, when you start to experience true abundance you will easily attract a more abundant lifestyle.

7.) Gratitude

When it comes to manifestation, gratitude is one of the highest vibration emotions you can possibly emit.

This is because being grateful allows you to feel bliss within the present moment.

When you emit gratitude you say…

“I am happy right now!”

This present-tense way of thinking allows the magnetic pull between you and the things you want to amplify, therefore ensuring fast manifestation.

Now, gratitude is not always an easy emotion to find… especially if you are stressed about your debts.

But rest assured, even if you can find gratitude outside of your money situation, the journey toward financial freedom is always accelerated by appreciation.

You can be grateful for anything!

The clothes on your back…

Your friends and family…

Or even the air that you breathe

Another way to really gear your gratitude toward your desire for financial freedom is to be thankful for the outcome of your debt…

If you are in debt because you have a student loan, switch your focus toward feeling grateful for the education you gained.

If you are in debt because you bought a new car, switch your focus toward gratitude for being able to drive from A to B

Finally, there is one last way you can use gratitude to manifest your way out of debt and that is to appreciate the financial freedom coming your way!

The universe has your back and you are being supported through every step of your journey.

Remember, when you emit gratitude, you attract more things into your life that make you feel grateful.

Like attracts like.

Get excited and celebrate this fresh, debt-free beginning!

“The struggle ends when gratitude begins.” – Neale Donald Walsh

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

Charlie is a spiritual manifestation coach/teacher that has helped thousands of people around the world manifest their goals and desires. She’s been featured on Elephant Journal, Addicted 2 Success & More!

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