Can you manifest with depression

Can You Manifest With Depression? (THE TRUTH!)

So you want to manifest your dream life…

The money, car, home, relationship…

But there’s just one problem…

You’re depressed.

Now, there’s a common misconception among the Law of Attraction community….

And that misconception is that you can’t manifest from a depressed state.

I’m here to tell you that this is a huge lie!

Claiming that the Law of Attraction is some kind of exclusive club for “high vibers” only is quite frankly, spiritual gaslighting.

And easily said by those who have never experienced a chemical imbalance themselves.

The truth is that you can manifest all of your desires even if you suffer from depression.


My Experience With Manifestation and Depression…

During my early 20’s I was hit with a crippling bout of anxiety.

And as you may know, anxiety often leads to depression.

For me, it was so bad that I couldn’t even leave the house let alone hold down a job.

I had no friends and was living with my parents who both saw me as a lost cause.

The feeling was a never-ending pit of darkness…

Complete hopelessness.

I felt stuck… as if I would never be happy again.

I felt like I couldn’t fix things.

Luckily for me, I had an awakening where I was guided toward the Law of Attraction…

A dark hole

Perhaps the fact that you are reading this article suggests that the same thing is happening to you right now.

The Law of Attraction didn’t just teach me to manifest a life I was more satisfied with…

It taught me how to cultivate my mind and to rewrite the subconscious programming that was keeping me in a state of depression.

So, you see, when I say that you can manifest even if you have depression…

I don’t just say it to make you feel better.

I say it because I have been there!

I have experienced crippling depression first hand and come out on the other side to tell the tale.

Here’s what the journey has taught me…

The “High Vibration” Myth

First of all, one of the things I came across while studying the Law of Attraction was this idea that in order to be successful you must have a super high vibration.

The idea is that when you are “low vibration”, you emit feelings of anxiety, depression, and lack.

This kind of low frequency being sent out to the universe manifests a physical reality that represents negative thoughts and feelings.

On the other side of the scale, when you are “high vibration” you emit feelings of joy, love, and gratitude.

Likewise, through the law that like-attracts-like, you manifest a reality that is joyful, loving and packed with more blessings to be grateful for.

In other words…

The belief is that in order to manifest you must be high on life! Bubbly, joyful and radiant with love and gratitude!

Now, this was pretty disheartening for me.

In all honestly, even on my best days, I have never been that kind of person.

And while this explanation of the Law of Attraction made sense, I also found it a little too simplistic and not very inclusive.

I mean we are all different, right?

What feels “high vibe” for me might not necessarily feel the same to you…

And even if it did, who exactly is determining what’s high and what’s low?

What I’ve learned is that you can’t put people in a box and expect the same results.

And at a deeper level, manifestation is much more of a personal thing.

We all move up and down on the emotional scale in our own way.

Therefore the key to manifesting when suffering from depression is to know your emotional baseline…

On a scale of one to ten…

One being the most depressed you have ever been and 10 being the happiest…

How happy are you on average?

Now, let’s say your answer is 2.

2 would be your baseline.

Therefore anything above 2 might be of a “higher vibration” for you!

And that’s perfectly okay!

The chemical imbalance that causes your depression is not something that everyone understands…

But being different isn’t always a bad thing.

Just because you struggle to find the same balance that others experience does not mean that you can’t find balance within yourself.

If most days you struggle to get up in the mornings and then one day you manage to shower and make your bed…

I would consider it a high vibrational day. 

Recognize times where you are shifting to higher states and use them to set your intentions for manifestation!

Intention Setting

Once you have found your emotional baseline you will be much better equipped to set intentions from a high vibe state of mind…

Remember:  your “high vibe” state may not be the same as other peoples and that’s perfectly fine!

When manifesting with depression it’s all about working with what you’ve got!!

There are many ways you can set your intentions but the idea is to set them from the upside of your baseline.

Or when you are feeling better than usual (even if it’s only slightly better).

Set your intention by choosing exactly what is it that you wish to manifest…

You can make a mental note, you can speak your desire or you can script it out in a manifestation journal.

Write down your intentions

Now, it’s important to note that setting your intentions from your lowest point is not recommended…

In fact, this will probably frustrate you even more!

And if something is going to stress you out, it’s just not worth doing!

Especially when you are already feeling depleted.

Save your intention setting for when you have your head above water and this way you can ensure successful manifestation…

So What Should You Do When At Your Lowest?

Going back to your own emotional baseline, if you are someone who suffers from depression you likely have times where you get really low.

This extreme chemical imbalance offers feelings of hopelessness, grief, panic, desperation and extreme stress.

When you are at your lowest point it can be difficult just to cope with everyday life, let alone write gratitude lists and make vision boards.

And in fact, this would be a huge waste of your time anyway.

Instead, when you experience dips beneath your emotional baseline it’s important to simply be accepting and go with the flow.

If you need to stay in bed, stay in bed!

If you need to watch Netflix all day with a tub of ice cream, go ahead!

It’s important to prioritize adequate time and space in order to get back to baseline.

So right now, if you are feeling very depressed, your manifestation technique is simply to take care of yourself.

Take it day by day, one step at a time and only when you are ready, start to give yourself little bits of encouragement in order to start raising your vibration again.

It might be that you make your bed, take a shower, spend some time with friends, or eat a healthy meal…

These small steps are a sign that you are beginning to move through deep depression toward a higher vibration within your own unique scale of frequency.

But again, don’t push yourself.

Relax and flow through the process in your own time.

Your Depression Will Not Stop You From Manifestation

Another misconception in the Law of Attraction is that once your intention is set, if your mood slips, your manifestation will be canceled. 

This is a really dangerous belief!

You are only human and we all have our days!

In fact, if you never felt dissatisfied with life, how would you ever be inspired to reach for bigger and better things?

The truth is that once you have set the intention to manifest something into your reality, that intention cannot be stopped by your depression alone…

It might be slowed down…

But never stopped.

So don’t put added resistance on your shoulders by thinking that you have messed it all up and that your desire won’t manifest now.

That’s a limiting belief and it’s simply not true!

All you need to do is focus on every day as it comes and allow yourself to move through emotions with plenty of time and acceptance…

The universe will do the rest.

How To Manifest When You Have Depression…

Dealing with depression

Now there are many manifestation techniques available to you… no doubt you already know some of them…

But to finish this article off I wanted to offer you a few extra tips specifically aimed toward manifestors who suffer from depression.

Use these tips together with your chosen techniques and you will soon be manifesting with ease.

1.) Connect With Your Unhappiness

Feeling unhappy is actually a great precursor for intention setting.

Just as I mentioned earlier…

If you never experienced the things you didn’t want in life… how could you truly know what it was that you did want?

Don’t let the so-called ‘experts’ gaslight you into thinking that your unhappiness is destructive to the manifestation process.

It’s not!

It’s human, it’s natural and when used correctly, unhappiness can actually be productive.

Take time to go deep and really discover the way that you’re feeling and why. 

What aspects of your life need to be changed?

Keep a journal on what you discover from your shadow side and use that information to set intentions (when you feel up to it.)

2.) Build Momentum

If you’ve been finding manifestation hard due to feelings of depression then consider slowing things down a little and build momentum toward your desires.

Start by manifesting a cup of coffee…

Or spare change for the parking meter…

Then slowly work your way up, setting the intention for slightly bigger and better things.

This step by step approach will not only allow you to build faith in your own abilities as a creator…

It will also help you to gain excitement and positive energy…

To create a snowball effect within your life.

The energy will build momentum and before long you will find your manifesting ability stronger than ever before.

3.) Appreciate The Small Things

Appreciate the small things

You probably know already that gratitude is great for raising your vibration and manifestation in general but…

In all fairness, it’s a heck of a lot more difficult to express gratitude when you’re feeling low.

So, to get the full benefits of appreciation even when you are suffering from depression, here’s a tip…

Take the gratitude down a notch.

Appreciate the little things.

Try feeling gratitude for your pillow…

Or for having warm clothes to wear…

You might even feel grateful that you can stay home and not face the world today…

Or maybe you could even show appreciation for your depression in general.

Now that may sound crazy but the truth is that your depression is a blessing that will teach you many lessons others will never have the opportunity to learn.

Depression is a challenging illness that is true.

But you get to choose your perspective.

And if you shift your focus you might just find that those lucky enough to receive great challenges also receive great growth. 

Remember that life happens for us, not to us.

Above all just keep going!

Step by step, moment by moment keep searching for that better feeling.

Accept yourself in every stage of the journey and don’t ever feel like you have a disadvantage in the world.

Because you too have the ability to create your own reality.

And not even depression can take that away from you.

“No darkness lasts forever. And ever there, there are stars.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

Charlie is a spiritual manifestation coach/teacher that has helped thousands of people around the world manifest their goals and desires. She’s been featured on Elephant Journal, Addicted 2 Success & More!

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