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 "I didn't know what to expect when I first bought this manifesting worksheet. But it makes the journey fun, exciting, and easy for anyone to apply themselves and achieve results quickly! Within a couple days of starting, my perspective completely shifted! The universe noticed and I managed to manifest a date with a guy I'd been thinking about for YEARS! This is no joke!  10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Vanessa - Spiritual Manifestor

Why you need this worksheet to manifest....

Your time is precious, you don't need to read or watch hours worth of manifestation content to make it work for you, you just need to be shown how to do it (properly).

This ultimate 21 page guide includes step-by-step exercises to go from complete beginner to master creator in only 7 days! 

Instead of wasting countless hours trying to figure it out for yourself, this guide will give you everything you need to manifest a reality that you want!

It's time to get in your spiritual drivers seat and take control of how your life will be! 

The Manifestation Abilities You'll Harness...

A "New You" Ritual:

Learn the ritualism to release from past negative thoughts and trauma that are causing resistance that's stopped you manifesting in the past. 

Spiritual Manifestor:

By following the 7 day manifestation exercise, you will learn the spiritual skills necessary to attract your desires into your reality. 

Manifestation Mantras: 

These are powerful phrases that speak directly to the universe, you will learn what they are and ways to amplify the process.

Signs & Synchronicities: 

Learn what the most common signs, synchronicities , and symbolisms are when you're manifesting. 

Emit The Highest Vibration:

Learn the exact exercise to emit the highest level of vibration, when emitting this vibration you manifest more of it back.

Powerful Visualizer:

Learn the specific exercise to visualize your desires, doing so will align you with the correct vibrations to manifest.  

Attract Any Desire: 

The fundamental skills you will develop in this worksheet/program will allow you to manifest happiness, love, money & more! 

Written and Designed By....
Charlotte Rogers
Charlie founded Modern Day Manifestations in 2018, she's a spiritual manifestation teacher that's helped people around the world change their lives using the power of the universe! 


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