Manifesting With The Moon (Harness Powerful Lunar Energy!)

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Contrary to popular belief, harnessing moon magic is not something reserved only for witches and astrologers…

In fact, manifesting with the moon is available to anyone willing to give it a try!

As the closest planetary body to the earth, the moon has a stronger impact on our planet than any other.

The moon affects the tides, the plants, the animals, and of course… the humans!


Moon energy is feminine…

It’s soft, nurturing, supportive, and healing.

But most of all, the feminine energy of the moon deals with creation… this idea of giving birth to new ideas, goals, and desires as well as physical manifestations too.

It’s that creation power that makes the moon’s energy perfect for manifestation.

The idea is to energetically sync with the 8 phases of the moon, embodying the energy of each phase in order to amplify your manifesting ability.

The best way to do this is to use a moon phase tracker and to begin your manifestation practice on a new moon.

From there, follow the energy by aligning with each phase.

With that being said let’s jump into the 8 different moon phases starting with the new moon.


New Moon:

When the moon is new it will not be visible in the sky.


This is because its placement rests directly between the sun and the earth, meaning that no illumination can be seen.

The new moon is all about planting the seed.

It’s during this phase where you should set your intentions.

To do this, find yourself a quiet and comfortable space and light a candle.

Script your goals and intentions in a manifestation planner while focusing on your heart center and the feeling of gratitude. This will help to charge your intentions with positive emotion.

Once you are finished, take 5-10 minutes simply to sit in meditation. Focus on the breath and imagine opening yourself up and aligning toward the things you are manifesting.

Waxing Crescent Moon:

When the moon is in its waxing crescent phase, the illumination is beginning to grow. The word “crescent” means that less than half of the moon is visible from the earth.

This phase is about intensifying the power behind your manifestations.

It’s a time of amping things up with techniques such as vision boarding, visualization, and affirmations.

Try to start a manifestation routine and work little by little (just as the moon’s illumination grows) toward your desires.

First Quarter Moon:

The first quarter moon occurs when half of the moon is illuminated.

This phase is all about decision making and readjustment.

Now is a good time to sit down with a pen and paper and create a plan with any reworkings that may have come up since the new moon.

Perhaps you realize that you have some blocks…

How can you work through these?

Maybe your desire has developed or changed slightly…

How can you refine your intentions to reflect those changes?

Add these reworkings to your journal or manifestation planner and start thinking of some things you can do to move forward.

Waxing Gibbous Moon:

The waxing gibbous moon occurs when the illumination is growing between the first quarter moon and the full moon.

Again this rise in lunar energy calls for you to get right back into your manifestation techniques while taking into account the refinements you made during the first quarter moon.

The waxing gibbous phase is also a great time to start taking inspired action (if you haven’t already).

Remember, your desires and intentions can be transformed into pure vibrational energy through your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Full Moon:

During the full moon, the entire face of the moon is illuminated. This is a time for releasing and letting go.

In terms of manifestation, it’s not about letting go of what you want but rather giving up the need to control the way it all unfolds.

If you’ve been putting in the work with your manifestation routine, now’s the time to relax and simply trust in the universe.

One great way to release control over your manifestations is to do a burning ritual with your intentions (but don’t forget, safety first!).

This is best done outside beneath the full moon with a smudge or burning bowl.

Take a moment of silence to thank the universe and then place your written goals and desires in the bowl along with a lit match.

As the smoke rises, imagine the things you desire leaving your own energetic field.

Imagine the smoke carrying your intentions out into the wider universe where they can materialize and be manifested.

Another way to release and let go during the full moon is to clear your space. You can do this with a smudge stick or you can play loud music with the doors and the windows open.

From the full moon onward is where you will usually start to see your desires manifesting.

Waning Gibbous Moon:

When the moon is “waning”, its illumination is decreasing. The word “gibbous” means that more than half of the moon is still illuminated.

This phase is essentially the next step after letting go and it’s all about continuing the things that keep you high vibe…

The waning gibbous moon is a great time to be with friends and family and to engage in creative projects that make you happy.

Essentially, it’s all about living in your bliss and being grateful for everything good in your life right now.

It’s important during this phase to not take life too seriously. You don’t need to worry about your manifestation because you have already completed the letting go stage of the full moon.

Now is a time to focus on the things that fill your bucket and carry an air of effortless confidence, knowing that your desires are on their way.

Third Quarter Moon:

During the third quarter phase, the illumination reduces to the point where you can only see half on the moon’s surface.

This moon phase represents slowing down and going within.

Now’s the perfect time for connecting with your spirit guides and helpers. 

You may start to receive a lot of signs and synchronicity. Things like angel numbers, feathers, butterflies, or anything that is significant to you and your situation.

Take special care to acknowledge these signs and take action on them where necessary. Whenever you acknowledge signs and synchronicity, you strengthen the communication lines between you and your guides.

Waning Crescent Moon:

During the waning crescent phase, the last little bit of illumination decreases before its return to the new moon.

This is a time of deep meditation and self-reflection.

It’s also the perfect time to dive deep into journaling and shadow work.

Where are your limiting beliefs? What issues are creating a pattern within your life and where does this stem from?

Take a look at the positive aspects too.

What’s been gained since the last new moon? It could be material possessions or a relationship of some kind (romantic or platonic)…

But it could also be that you gained new insight, wisdom, or understanding.

Where your manifestations were successful you will be able to take note of the things that worked so that you can reapply these techniques in the future.

Self-reflection will act as a precursor to prepare you for the planning stage within the next new moon.

Embody the Energy

Manifesting with the moon is all about embodying the energy. In each of the 8 lunar phases, you will find specific differences in the way the moon’s energy manifests itself.

To draw from that incredible power, it’s all about becoming one with each phase and using its energy in a practical way…

From the seed planting of the new moon to the reflection stage of the waning crescent, the key is to ask yourself “how can I stand in this energy and reflect it in a tangible, human way?”

This is the key to moon phase manifesting.

Do you have a specific moon ritual that works best for you?

Leave me a comment down below, I’d love to hear about it! And while you’re there, feel free to share some of the coolest things you have manifested using the power of the moon!


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