Midas Manifestation Review (Can It Unlock The Secrets Of Abundance?)

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Midas Manifestation is said to unlock wealth, luck, financial freedom & abundance in your life, but does it live up to the hype?

In today’s review, I will uncover everything you need to know before you decide to buy the program!

What I’m about to share is a completely different perspective to anyone else’s online, so make sure you read to the very end.

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover today: 

  • What is Midas Manifestation?
  • Who Is This Program For?
  • How Does It Work (In depth explanation)
  • What Are Soundwave Frequencies?
  • Akashic Records Explained.
  • What Are Chakras (And How Do They Work?)
  • Who Is Vincent Smith?
  • What’s Included In The Modules.
  • Is Midas Manifestation Legit?
  • Is There Proof Of It Working?
  • FAQ.
  • Benefits.
  • Pros.
  • Cons.
  • Conclusion.

As you can see we have a lot to cover, so let’s get into it shall we?

What Is The Midas Manifestation?


Midas Manifestation is a system that allows you to effortlessly tap into the laws of the universe & unlock wealth into your life.

The program primarily focuses on using soundwave entrainment frequencies that open and unblock 12 chakras to download the secrets of success from the Akashic records.

What’s interesting about this program is only 7 of the 12 chakras are shared online, and the creators have derived 5 more chakras from ancient Egyptian knowledge.

This exact knowledge is so profound only highly successful elites know about it.

So by applying the “Midas Effect” you are tapping into the same energetic vibrations to manifest success, wealth & abundance.

You will also learn how to align each chakra to create a positive flow of energy that eliminates money worries, gives ultimate luck, & brings great fortune into your life.

The teachings also include a 118 page eBook to help you better understand & harness this old age knowledge.

Not only this, but there are also added bonuses such as audio hypnosis tracks, eBooks, & meditation modules to help you achieve your goals & desires.

Who Is This Program For? 

I need to be honest and tell you this program is not for everyone…

If it was, then everyone would be using it to acquire large amounts of fortune…

So before you read on, please make sure you fit the criteria to see if it will give you positive results.

Here’s who it’s for:

  • People who want to tap into the same “money vibrations” as highly successful people.
  • Those that want to uncover universal secrets to become wealthy.
  • Individuals that suffer from limiting beliefs, stress, or frustrations from acquiring abundance.
  • Those who desire inspiration, motivation, & positive feelings towards success.
  • If you seek luck, guidance, & life changing opportunities.
  • Want to change your materialistic way of living.
  • Those that are open to learning ancient knowledge to see their desires manifest.
  • Want to break away from the average life of many, and live a life only few ever achieve.

If you believe you fit one or more of these criteria’s then I believe the Midas Effect will work for you.

However, if these teachings don’t align with your beliefs then it probably won’t have the affects you are looking for.

If that’s the case, I have many other manifestation programs you can choose from to acquire wealth.

How Does It Work?

Midas Manifestation works by raising your vibrations to align with what you desire most.

You see everything in your physical & non physical reality vibrates on different frequencies.

Which means that if you’re not seeing the materialistic results you want, then you’re tuned into the wrong frequency.

The goal of this program is to directly tune your mind, body, & soul into the exact vibrations of abundance.

It does this in 3 simple steps that perfectly work in sync together.

1.) Sound Wave Frequencies:

If you’ve watched the free presentation, then you’ve probably heard Vincent Smith talk about sound wave frequencies.

Sound healing is a practice that’s been used for thousands of years & uses special vibrations to cure certain ailments.

The process works by emitting certain frequencies (Hz) of sound that synchronize with your brain waves to achieve deep levels of relaxation, clear energetic blockages & restores vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies.

For Midas Manifestation in particular, their sound healing audios work with your chakras to rebalance your energetic match towards wealth.

More specifically;

  • Clears resistance or limiting beliefs that stop money from manifesting.
  • Gives a higher sense of enlightenment & purpose.
  • Keeps you calm, relaxed and positive.
  • Reprograms past trauma.

Now that you understand the importance of sound wave technology, I want to share the exact chakras that are targeted in this program, as well as the sound wave frequencies used.

2.) Chakra Realignment: 

Chakras are concentrated energy centers of the body.


Every person has them, and your chakras are directly responsible for taking in, incorporating & radiating energy to keep you functioning at optimal levels.

Each individual chakra serves a different purpose, for added bonuses such as audio hypnosis tracks, eBooks, & meditation modules

Like I said before, this program uses sound wave frequencies to achieve chakra realignment & raise your vibrations.

These audios are split up into 5 main tracks that target specific chakras;

Third Eye Chakra (Manifest Destiny):

This track uses a 288 Hz frequency that works directly with your third eye chakra.

The first track is important to clear negative baggage & erase energetic strings that stop you from shifting into your higher purpose.

Deemed as one of the most important chakras there is, opening your third eye will open your consciousness to an abundance of opportunities.

Crown Chakra (Divine Willingness):

The second track targets your crown chakra & uses a 216Hz tone.

When it comes to money, the crown chakra is expressed as inner confidence that your financial worries will be taken care of.

This allows your receiving abilities to become stronger, so you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed thus allowing more opportunities to manifest.

Heart Chakra (Anahata Bliss):

The third track, called “Anahata Bliss” targets your heart chakra & uses a 639Hz frequency.

The heart chakra supports your ability to tackle financial challenges with love, forgiveness and mental resilience.

It also allows for self-forgiveness to move through stubborn money blocks.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Consciousness):

The fourth track, called “Manipura Consciousness” targets your solar plexus chakra using a 528 Hz frequency.

Located in your stomach area, a blocked solar plexus chakra can negatively impact your ability to stay on track with your money goals.

Unblocking this chakra will raise your consciousness and help amplify all of your other chakras.

Root Chakra (Midas Unleashed): 

The fifth track is the most important one in the program, and focuses on the root chakra by using a powerful 369 Hz mp3.

The root chakra (aka the “money” chakra) grounds you to the physical world.

By connecting yourself with earthly vibrations, you are allowing your physical self to manifest materialistic objects into your life.

This is in the form of wealth, success, and even luck.

3.) Tapping Into The Akashic Records: 

After you listen to the 5 audio programs your chakras are now aligned and your consciousness is ready to receive downloads from the ancient powers of the Akashic records.

This is where it get’s exciting…

If you watched the presentation and are unclear as to what the Akashic records are, let me give you a brief understanding.

The Akashic Records are a record of the future, present, & past that contain all information that will & has ever existed.

Think of it as a higher dimensional library, and you have direct access to download this information into your mind.

This information sparks new ideas, enhances your consciousness & gives you the ability to manifest in your physical reality.

Meaning you are in complete alignment with your money desires, and this will open a gateway of opportunity to come!

added bonuses such as audio hypnosis tracks, eBooks, & meditation modules

Who Is Vincent Smith?

Vincent Smith is the author and creator of the Midas Manifestation system, although there isn’t much information online he claims to be a cultural researcher & mentor who uncovered ancient techniques to acquire wealth. He mentored high end celebrities & entrepreneurs with his findings to grow their net worth, but now shares these same secrets in his program.

What’s Included In The Program?

This program is broken down into 5 main audio tracks & 3 helpful eBooks:

Audio Tracks: 

1.) Manifest Destiny.

2.) Divine Willingness.

3.) Anahata Bliss.

4.) Manipura Consciousness.

5.) Midas Unleashed.


1.) Quick start guide: This guide explains in detail how these audios work and the best way to use them. It also covers what affects they have on your subconscious brain & gives you clear instructions on how to use them safely.

2.) Midas Manifestation Handbook: This handbook offers an in-depth look into Vincent Smiths secret discoveries found inside the Egyptian manuscripts he found years ago. As well as providing more details of each chakra cleansing audio.

3.) Hypnotist Ebook: A book that explains how frequencies work on humans.

The program also offers plenty of limited time bonuses, so you’ll have to check their website to see what’s currently available.

Is Midas Manifestation Legit?

The fact that Midas Manifestation uses ancient techniques with modernized technology make it 100% legit. By using sound wave healing audios to unblock your chakras & tap into the Akashic records, I believe this program will help you manifest abundance & financial freedom.

The Proof (Does It Work?)  

If you take a look at their website you can see the handful of testimonials with positive results.

Here’s a couple screenshots I took:

Yes these are screenshots from their website and I’m not 100% of the legitimacy.

However, clearing chakra imbalances & sound wave frequencies have been used countless times to help manifest wealth in the past, so I do believe these testimonials.


I thought I’d answer some common questions I’ve seen online about this program, in hopes that it will bring clarity to make the right decision to buy or not.

I’ve compiled my findings through research online, as well as actually reaching out to the creators of the company myself.

Here’s what I found:

Q: Can this work for anyone?

A: This program is designed to work for anyone looking to manifest more wealth and finance into your life, it doesn’t matter what background or knowledge you possess, it can be applied to literally anyone looking to positively change their lives.

Q: Is there an age restriction?

A: Absolutely not, this can be applied to anyone of ALL ages and there is no limit on the possibilities you want to achieve.

Q: Do they offer a money back guarantee?

A: There is a 60 day back money guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Only a few minutes out of your day to listen to the audio tracks.

Q: Is it safe?

A: There is no evidence suggesting these practices could cause harm it any way, so it’s completely safe.


After using this program for myself I’d like to share the main benefits that I believe will help you.

  • Aligns your consciousness & creates an energetic match with higher powers of the universe.
  • Clears your chakras to bring balance & clarity into your life.
  • Gives divine inspiration & motivation.
  • Makes you feel calmer & more relaxed about the future.
  • Directly aligns you with the vibrations of money.
  • Tap into the Akashic records.


  • Simple system that requires little upfront effort.
  • Soundwaves are soothing & calming to listen to.
  • Chakra cleansing offers a new & unique take on manifesting.
  • Acquiring money feels less stressful & challenging.
  • Boosts positive vibrations.
  • 60 day back money guarantee.


  • Only comes in digital format.
  • Email support could be better.
  • Some of the information can feel repetitive.
  • Sound waves are not for everyone.

My Takeaway:

I think Midas Manifestation is an empowering program that can potentially change your life.

After doing countless reviews & trying multiple programs like this in the past, I was honestly impressed with how well it was put together.

Not only is it a completely unique take on manifestation, the teachings are something I’ve never come across before.

The sound waves sounded perfectly clear and I could feel my vibrations instantly raise when I started to listen to them.

The fact that you can tap into higher dimensional powers of the universe is honestly super exciting, and I cannot wait to see what happens.

I highly recommend you give it a go for yourself, there is a 60 day money back guarantee if it’s not for you, so there’s no real risk!

Here’s the link to Midas Manifestation, this contains a discount as well as the free bonuses!

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