How to remove money blocks

How To Remove Money Blocks & Allow Abundance To Flow Endlessly

Struggling to attract wealth into your life?

Perhaps you’ve tried just about every manifestation technique there is…

Gratitude, positive thinking, visualization and so on…

But nothing seems to be working!

If this is the case for you, there’s a big chance that money blocks are to blame!

But don’t worry!

In today’s article, you’ll learn exactly what your blocks might be, and how to eliminate them once and for all!

But if you don’t want to read the full article, read my Total Money Magnetism review on how to eliminate money blocks using 1 simple technique!

What Are Money Blocks And Why Do You Have Them?

Money block diagram

Money blocks are barriers in your belief system in regard to your thoughts and feelings around money.

They act much like a dam in a river or stream…

Preventing the flow of thought and emotion from reaching its true destination (physical creation).

Why do you have these blocks?

Well, it all comes down to programming.

You see, from birth to about 7 years of age, we receive the foundational programming that will determine our deep-seated beliefs for much of our lives.

After 7, it’s still possible to adopt new beliefs (and we do) but it takes a little more convincing.

Beliefs become ingrained in our programming.

In other words…

that they become part of who we are.

Our programming is determined by the social and environmental factors of our life experience.

It’s during those earlier years that we are first introduced to the concept of money.

The problem with this is that often the social and environmental conditions of our upbringings can teach us very limiting beliefs…

And this can massively affect the way our lives unfold.

For example:

If your parents ever felt like there was never enough money to go around…

And if they demonstrated those behaviors to you through the language they used and the actions they took…

Then you likely would have adopted the exact same money blocks.

The belief that money is scarce and that there is never enough to go around is actually pretty common.

In the Law of Attraction like attracts like… so your beliefs are simply a mirror for the way your life unfolds.

Now, before we go any further I want to make a point of saying…

Your money blocks are not your fault!

And they are not your parent’s fault either!

It will not serve you to hold onto anger or disappointment.

In fact, the first step to moving past any kind of resistance is to let it go!

But I’m jumping ahead of myself…

Removing money blocks is important but first of all we need to figure out which blocks might be holding you back.

The Most Common Money Blocks:

If you have been struggling to manifest money it’s highly likely that you have adopted money blocks at some point during your life.

Money blocks affect you on a subconscious level so you may have not even realized that they are there…

subconscious money blocks

Below are some of the most common money blocks that people experience.

As you read through, try to think about your own life and whether or not you resonate with these statements…

Here we go…


  • “I can never find a way out of this debt.”
  • “I need money to be happy.”
  • “Money will help me to keep my friends/relationships.”
  • “My life is in ruins because I don’t have enough money.”

Justifying lack:

  • “More money more problems.”
  • “Abundance only comes to those who work very hard.”
  • “My friends and family might think I’m selfish if I make more money.”
  • “More money doesn’t make you happier.”

Criticism and negative judgment:

  • “People who have money are snobby and uptight. I’m not that kind of person.”
  • “Money is the root of all evil in this world.”
  • “Rich people should give their money to the less fortunate.”
  • “Everything is always so expensive.”


As you can see, some money blocks come from putting money on a pedestal…

And others come from snubbing money altogether (as well as those who have it).

What’s needed is a healthy balance.

It’s about having respect for money.

Of course, if you do have subconscious money blocks that can certainly be easier said than done.

If you are still having trouble figuring out which money blocks are holding you back, take the millionaires mindset quiz here to find out!

But if you have identified your money blocks, keep reading and find out how to remove them for good!

1.) Surround Yourself With Money Inspiration

There is a quote I love that says “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”…

But in truth, the ‘people’ you surround yourself with are just the tip of the iceberg!

Now, when I say the word “consume” the first thing you will probably think of is food.

But did you know that you are actually consuming everything that you experience on a day to day basis?

Whether that be food, drink, movies, clips, videos, books, music or even advice from friends.

Literally everything you experience is consumed and then becomes part of who you are.

On an energetic level, you will receive even more of a boost through group consciousness.

Group consciousness is what happens when a bunch of people all consume a similar experience and then manifest the outcome collectively.

This is powerful stuff!

As an example, think of the huge amount of people who claim that the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill changed their lives.

Now the book on its own is a masterpiece don’t get me wrong…

But when you read and experience the power of that book, you join a collective.

A collective of people all supercharging the vibration of success.

And you become part of that vibration too!

Think deeply about the types of things you consume on a daily basis…

Who (and what kind of energy) do you align with when you consume this content?

As far as a positive money mindset goes, think coaches, programs, books, Youtube videos, music… even friends and family.

Surround yourself with money inspiration and your life will change forever!

2.) Take Note Of The Money You Receive

Writing down every dollar you attract will not only help to eliminate any limiting beliefs around money, but it will also keep you in alignment with it too!

This works because it shifts your focus to what you are receiving, as opposed to what you are not receiving…

Often we become so consumed with wanting more that we miss the blessings that are coming through on a daily basis.

So, grab a notebook and start writing down every time you receive a form of money.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the amount is either, every bit counts!

Add the date and write a little description as to how the money arrived, and the feelings you felt when you received it.

This way you can refer back to it any time you have negative thoughts about cashflow!

Trust me, you are going to be really surprised by how much money you actually manifest!

And by acknowledging even the smallest manifestations with gratitude…

You are actually going to build momentum and find yourself attracting more and more!

3.) Rewire Your Thought Patterns Permanently

Did you know that you can actually rewire your subconscious thought patterns?

This means that you never have to be held back by money blocks again!

By reprogramming deep-seated blocks, you can essentially delete the beliefs that are causing you to stay financially stuck…

And replace those thought patterns with positive money beliefs, in turn, opening up a complete flow of abundance.

So how exactly do you rewire your thought patterns?

Well, one of the most popular ways among manifestation and mindset communities is to use hypnosis.

The way it works is simple.

A professionally trained hypnotherapist puts you into a trance state that makes you subconsciously receptive to change.

While you’re in trance, the hypnotherapist repeats powerful phrases that attach to the subconscious mind.

This allows you to break down any blocks, fears, negative thoughts or limiting beliefs and allows you to attract cashflow!

Now, this has to be done by a trained professional!

But don’t worry, I’ve found a way to do it at home….

Dr. Steve G Jones is a world-renowned hypnotherapist who has actually created a digital program that is available for anyone to use (no appointment necessary).

The program is called Total Money Magnetism and it specializes in breaking money blocks and helping you to attract financial freedom.

The hypnosis audio tracks are simple to use and are highly effective!

I use the program myself and have seen amazing results! (Take a look at my full review here).

4.) Play The Wallet Game

I first learned about the wallet game in Abraham Hicks’ book “Ask And It Is Given”.

All you need to do is keep a $100 bill in your purse or wallet, then every time you come across something you want to buy…

Visualize yourself making a purchase with the $100 dollar note…

Close your eyes and picture yourself walking into the store…

Imagine how the item might feel in your hands…

Let the excitement and gratitude build within you…

Finally, open your eyes and look inside your wallet.

View the $100 bill as if you are seeing it for the first time…

Now, you may be wondering how this game works in terms of removing money blocks…

Well, it creates a faith-based affirmation that you have money, at all times, for whatever you need.

Instead of having thoughts of lack, you are creating the habit of thinking “I have the money”.

Tricking your mind into thinking you can buy whatever you like without ever running out of funds!

Try to play this game as much as possible and you will shed money blocks and manifest abundance in no time!

5.) Be Charitable Where You Can

Doing a random act of kindness that helps somebody else financially is a sure way to alleviate a scarcity mindset.

You see, holding on to money too tightly is often a symptom of fear.

And being fearful that you might not have enough is a huge money block!

So don’t be afraid to show kindness and give!

Whether it be…

Buying coffee for a friend…

Donating to somebody in need…

Or giving a generous tip to someone who provided you with excellent service!

The universe offers blessings in a multitude of ways.

So when you allow yourself to be a channel for blessings to manifest for others…

You naturally become open to the flow of universal offerings in general.

Restore someone else’s faith in humanity and you will restore your own faith as well.

6.) Practice The Mirror Exercise

I read about this method in Claude Bristol’s book “The Magic Of Believing”.

The process is really simple.

Here’s how to do it…

  • Find a quiet and peaceful place where you will not be disturbed.
  • Stand in front of a mirror.
  • Start by looking at yourself directly in the eyes for a couple of minutes.
  • Then repeat a powerful money affirmation or script (see below).
  • Practice this technique at least once a day.

Whether you use a simple affirmation, a full script or even a prayer is entirely up to you…

Here’s the script I like to use (feel free to modify it to suit you)

“Charlie, I love you! I am proud of the abundant and financially free woman you have become. You have an amazing attitude, friends, and family that love you. You have a job that you love with endless opportunities for continued growth and expansion. You achieve your goals and manifest abundant wealth today and every day moving forward.”

How it works to remove money blocks:

Using the mirror exercise is like setting intentions on steroids.

By looking at yourself in the mirror and speaking out loud, there is an element of trust that is built within the subconscious mind.

After all, you know yourself better than anyone.

By speaking your intentions this way, you tap into your belief system directly.

Over time, the mirror exercise can help you to eliminate any self-criticism and doubt blocking your money desires from manifesting.

Not only that, but it will replace old thought patterns with money beliefs that will empower you to manifest quickly and easily.

7.) Watch Your Language

The kind of language you use when you talk about your financial situation is something you really need to be aware of!

Phrases such as “sorry, I can’t afford it” may not do too much harm when spoken once or twice…

But over time…

“I can’t afford it.”

“I can’t afford it.”

“I can’t afford it”…

Becomes ingrained in the subconscious mind.

In other words…

If you say it enough, you start to believe it.

And in the Law of Attraction, belief is everything!

In fact, money blocks are essentially just false beliefs about money that prevent you from manifesting financial gain.

So start pulling yourself up on the language you use.

Of course, you can’t just say “yes” to everything for fear of ever using a negative phrase…

So instead, recognize your negative money language and start switching it up with phrases that better serve you.

For example.

Instead of saying…

“I’m broke and can’t afford to go out for dinner tonight”.

Try something like…

“Going out for dinner doesn’t really align with me tonight, I’ll go out another time”

See how it works?

Remember, there is magic in words so always watch your language!

The key takeaway

Money blocks are deep-seated beliefs that block the flow of your money manifestations.

Almost all of us deal with money blocks at some point in our lives but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Money blocks are removable and you can manifest great wealth and abundance regardless of the past experiences that have shaped your reality this far.

But there is a catch!

It’s crucial to eliminate the blocks on a deep subconscious level or you risk them coming back.

The reason being is that you want to have long-lasting and permanent results.

So that you can be financially free for the rest of your waking life!

There would be nothing worse than to start attracting more wealth, only for the blocks to return and sabotage your efforts!

That’s why taking a few minutes a day to use a self-hypnosis program will ensure that you rewrite any negative thoughts, blocks, fears, worries, and replace them with patterns of an abundant mindset for good!

The best hypnosis program to attract large amounts of wealth is by using Total Money Magnetism.

It was created by world-renowned hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G Jones.

In fact, his specialty is helping others unlock their millionaire mindset within!

He’s truly amazing.

He’s not only helped me but hundreds of thousands of people all around the world.

If you are serious about making money a permanent lifestyle change then I highly recommend you give it a go!

I wrote everything about how the program can help you in my review here! 

Or, you can check out his free presentation below where he shares his inspiring story of how he manifested $30,000 in 3 weeks!

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

Charlie is a spiritual manifestation coach/teacher that has helped thousands of people around the world manifest their goals and desires. She’s been featured on Elephant Journal, Addicted 2 Success & More!

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