A friendly snake

Exploring the Meaning Behind Dreams About Snakes

One of the most common reactions to seeing a snake is to back off or pull away. For many, snakes are considered creepy, scary, or dangerous. As a creature, they are often associated with bites and venom. The way they catch and eat prey is considered gruesome.

In extreme cases, some people experience ophidiophobia or an extreme and overwhelming fear of snakes. This is considered an anxiety disorder that causes an intense reaction when seeing snakes or believing that one is nearby.

Not everyone hates snakes. There are animal lovers and enthusiasts who appreciate them. The creature serves an important purpose in the ecosystem.

The snake works as a natural form of pest control. By devouring small animals, they help control populations that would otherwise become unmanageable. Mice, rats, and other rodents may seem insignificant, but they can do a lot of damage if they reproduce unchecked. They can also spread disease, which adds risk to humans.

The presence of snakes helps maintain a healthy food chain. And food chains are essential to the survival of ecosystems.

Many snakes are harmless to people. And most prefer to run away rather than confront us. Some, like the king cobra in Southeast Asia, even eat other snakes to help keep populations in balance.

Perhaps due in part to what and how they eat, snakes are sometimes labeled as evil or bad. Some cultures view them as symbols of deception. If someone describes another person as “slippery as a snake,” it is usually an insult indicating that the individual is not trustworthy.

It’s easy to see why some people might find dreams about snakes to be concerning or unsettling. With so many bad connotations surrounding the creature, many consider them as a bad omen.

Is It Good or Bad to Have Dreams About Snakes?

A friendly snake

Whether or not a dream about snakes is good or bad really depends on what happened and your stance on the creatures.

If you are someone who isn’t afraid of snakes or even likes them, then it might not be a bad thing. At the very least, you’ll likely feel less frightened during your dream which can help set the tone or give more depth to the deeper meaning behind it.

For someone who likes snakes, seeing one in a dream is empowering. They may feel like they have the direction or drive to accomplish something. They experience no fear and may feel like the snake was meant to push them toward something positive.

Anyone fearful of snakes may have a very different interpretation. For them, a snake dream may be upsetting. The meaning could shift based on their bias toward snakes and how they process that imagery.

Common Snake Dream Meanings

The way that you view snakes in waking life will hint at the meaning behind seeing one in your dreams. The interpretation can be very different, and very personal. That’s why it is important to consider the possibilities and take time to think about what snakes mean to you.

This will make the symbolism clearer and help you decide how and when to act if action is needed. What are some common snake dream meanings?

Feeling Constricted

Boas and pythons are constrictor snakes. That means they use constriction to kill their prey. Their bodies are muscular which always them to crush whatever they plan to eat.

If your dream included a constrictor snake, then you may be feeling suffocated by something in your life. It could be a personal or financial situation. It may also hint at another person, like an overbearing friend, relative, partner, or boss. It may be time to find a way to free yourself from whatever is holding you back or stopping you.

Making an Important Decision

A slithering snake could mean that you must make an important decision. The slithering movements indicate turning points in your life. The decision could be personal or professional in nature.

How you felt about the snake in your dream can also hint at what you should do. If you were afraid or apprehensive, then you may want to step back and think or observe before deciding. If you felt calm, then you may be ready to take the next step.

Presence of a Toxic Person

Toxic people can exist in our lives without us knowing it. In other situations, a person may be aware of the toxicity but chooses to ignore it to avoid rocking the boat.

If you see a snake in your dreams, it could mean that you are dealing with someone who is toxic. There is a good chance that you already know who the symbol represents. Seeing a snake is a wake-up call to take action to deal with or protect yourself from this toxic individual.

If you see a rattlesnake, this is a warning. If you are bitten from behind by the snake, it means the person is a backstabber. And if the dream is recurring, then this person is someone you see regularly.

Feeling Exposed or Vulnerable

Snakes can indicate that you are feeling exposed or vulnerable. This is especially true if the snake attacked you in the dream. You may be feeling anxiety or fear about something. You may be reluctant to let someone else see the truth about who you are in some way.

An attack situation can highlight feeling powerless or defenseless. It can indicate that you need to think of ways to protect yourself. This could mean setting boundaries or finding a way to take control over aspects of your life.

Lack of Confidence or Insecurity

Have you ever dreamt of snakes crawling all over your body that make you feel uncomfortable? This could symbolize insecurity or a lack of confidence. Those snakes could be the eyes and opinions of others, making you feel uncertain.

This type of dream is more likely to occur after someone says something to you that lowers your self-confidence. If you believe that a snake dream is highlighting your insecurity, it may be time to empower yourself and rebuild your confidence.

A Physical or Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing

Many people only think of snakes as harmful, but they aren’t always that way when it comes to dream symbolism. If a snake bites you in your dream, it could represent some type of healing. The healing could be physical or spiritual in nature.

This stems from the duality of the snake. The bite may be more akin to an injection at the doctor’s office rather than an attack. You could be starting to recover from an emotional or physical wound or illness. Brown snakes are commonly associated with healing.

An Internal Struggle

The duality of the snake is a common thread in dreams. Seeing one could mean you are coping with an internal struggle. You may face upheaval in your life that is causing turmoil. This could be anything from a career change to the dissolution of a relationship.

If you see a snake in a dream, you should think about your intentions and needs. If the snake talks, then this could represent your subconscious speaking to you. If it is a two-headed snake, then it could symbolize the feeling of being pulled in multiple directions.

Facing a Temptation

Facing temptation

One of the most well-known biblical stories is that of Adam and Eve. In the creation myth, Adam and Eve were the original humans who lived in the Garden of Eden. God commanded Adam to not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

A serpent later tempted Eve to eat the fruit. Adam soon followed and God punished them by banishing them from paradise.

Seeing a snake in your dream could mean you are also facing temptation. It may be something that makes you feel guilty or forces you to choose between right and wrong.

Repressed Sexual Desire

Snakes are also considered a phallic symbol. Seeing one in a dream could indicate repressed sexual desire. The experience could be subconscious. You may have pushed something away out of fear. People who have snake dreams symbolizing sexual desire often see the serpent wrapped around their legs, on their lap, or in their bedroom.

It’s important to note that while the snake may symbolize repressed sexual desire, that doesn’t mean that you should act on those feelings. Snakes can also be warnings, so they could indicate that you are in a problematic sexual relationship.

Working Through Transformation

Everyone changes throughout their lives. Some of those changes are more significant than others, and some come with more challenges and risks.

Snakes shed their skin, which could symbolize a form of change in your life. The type of transition you face is something you must figure out. The snake in your dream could be showing you a new path.

The ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a snake eating itself that is associated with this meaning.

Obtaining Knowledge

Find the positives

Snakes are often connected with sages and oracles in mythology. They can sometimes symbolize a breakthrough or access to new information. If there is a problem or puzzle you have been trying to solve, your snake dream could push you one step closer to the answer. Keep going and you may find what you are seeking.

What Is the Snake Doing in Your Dream?

Dream interpretations can be nuanced. The snake is an excellent example of why it is important to consider each component within the dream. The serpent’s presence is one thing, but what it does in your dream could help you understand its purpose.

A Cuddling Snake

A cuddling snake can mean multiple things. If the snake seems to stay in your lap or wraps around your leg, then it could hint at sexual repression. You may have desires that you are ignoring or pushing away.

In other cases, a snake that is generally cuddling could indicate that there is a threat to your family. Be wary of a potential attack that could be physical or spiritual. This is a possible interpretation if the snake is cuddling all over you rather than focusing on certain areas of the body.

A Talking Snake

Talking snakes aren’t a new concept. They are often associated with the story of Adam and Eve. This interpretation paints them in a negative light. A talking snake may indicate a potential threat to you or someone close to you.

A talking snake could also imply that you received information or advice from someone close to you that you trust. You should listen to what they say.

An Attacking Snake

Attacking snake

If a snake attacks you, you may be feeling vulnerable. You should evaluate what’s going on in your life and find ways to overcome those feelings and build confidence.

In some cases, an attacking snake could indicate that you or someone close to you may experience health issues. It could mean that an illness is happening or will happen. It’s a sign that you should be mindful of your wellness and take care of your health. It’s also a good time to help those around you do the same.

A Dead Snake

Christian interpretations state that seeing a dead snake in your dream that you did not kill means you will be bestowed with God’s mercy. You will have more luck when solving problems or facing challenges in your life.

This may also indicate that you are going to have the support of a Higher Power to get a fresh start in life.

If you killed a snake in your dream, then you may be facing temptation, difficulties, or perplexity. Someone around you may also be working through a troubling time.

A Big Snake

Facing a big snake in a dream could mean that you are facing problems with a colleague or coworker. You should be careful about how you handle these issues at work.

The root of the issue may not be obvious. It could stem from someone close to you or a source that you don’t expect. This is also a sign to monitor your finances in case you experience monetary issues related to your job.

A Snake in Your Hand

A friendly snake

Holding a snake in your hand means that you have a problem that may seem minor or harmless but could become a major issue soon. It is considered a warning sign that you need to be aware of what’s going on around you.

Killing a Snake

According to the Bible, dreams of killing a snake are meant to be positive. They imply that you have or will have the solutions you need to defeat something that’s keeping you down. You will be prepared to get back on track with your life and be successful in personal and professional endeavors.

If you dream of trying to kill a snake and failing, then this could indicate that you need to work harder to overcome personal weaknesses.

Seeing Multiple Snakes

Multiple snakes

If you see multiple snakes in a dream, then you may need to reconsider how you handle others. This can indicate that you trust too easily and put yourself in a weak or risky situation.

You should use more caution when choosing who to befriend and who to trust with secrets. You may be too quick to reveal information to the wrong people.

Snake Dream Meanings in Different Cultures

A person’s cultural background can influence what a dream means to them. That is especially true with snakes. These creatures can elicit a variety of reactions in people. Depending on your culture, your interpretation may be good or bad. What do snake dreams mean to different peoples around the world?

Christian Symbolism of Snakes

Snakes in christianity

The snake is prominently featured in multiple Christian stories and texts. What’s particularly interesting is that snakes were not abundant in Palestine during that time. The Bible contains 11 Hebrew and four Greek names for snakes.

The most common portrayals depict the snake as Satan or an enemy. A snake seduced Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, which is why it is viewed as a spirit of evil throughout the East.

Another Christian story involved Moses. God punished the Israelite’s by sending venomous serpents to them. Moses constructed a bronze serpent on a pole that the Israelite’s could look to. Those who were bitten would not die if they looked at the bronze figure.

Other Christian stories emphasize the duality of snakes, who represent two-sided wisdom. The story from Numbers described above depicts a serpent as both the disease and the cure, similar to how modern vaccines are made. Those who were poisoned by snakes could look to the one Moses created to be cured.

The bronze snake was raised up as a healing device but was later torn down by king Hezekiah after it became an idol.

Other standalone passages within the Bible depict snakes as cunning, tameable, subtle, and sharp-tongued.

Snake Dreams in Hinduism

Snakes in hinduism

In Hinduism, snake dreams are interpreted as a symbol of the unconscious. They could mean that you are in the process of healing or resolving an issue. Snakes in dreams often represent the spiritual aspects of a person.

The snake can also be viewed as an untapped resource. They are more likely to appear during times of transformation or transition. You may be coping with a difficult situation or negative emotions.

Seeing a wild snake could indicate worry, concern, and fear. That’s because the wild snake is often associated with the creature’s more negative characteristics. Negativity is also associated with dreams that involve a snake spitting at you. The spitting gesture could mean that you are in a bad relationship.

If you see a tame or pet snake in your dream, then the meaning could be more positive and indicate some good changes or healing.

Women who dream about snakes while pregnant will be relieved to know that in Hinduism, this is considered good luck. It means that you and your baby are healthy.

Native American Snake Dreams

Snakes are a common feature in Native American culture. The Ojibwa and Pueblo tribes associate them with fertility and new life because of their ability to shed their skin.

The Hopi people connect snakes with the underworld or the place where they return to after they die. They host annual snake dances that include releasing snakes that will carry requests for rain to the underworld.

The Cherokee people have a mixed view of snakes. They revere the creature’s power but also believe that they are supernatural with connections to the thunder gods.

Elders believe that if you see a snake in a dream, that could mean you have an enemy. If you killed the dream snake, then you will have good luck.

Snake Dreams in Ancient Egyptian Culture

Snakes in Ancient Egypt

Tanutamani, the last Pharoah of the twenty-fifth dynasty, introduced a dream interpreter. He described seeing two snakes on either side of him. The interpreter said that the serpents represented Upper and Lower Egypt, over which Tanutamani ruled.

While dream interpretation was a part of Ancient Egypt, it wasn’t as common as many believe. A few dream manuals from that time still exist.

The most significant references were related to nightmares which were blamed on demons or the angry dead. Egyptians began decorating their bedposts with spells or guardian genii. Many were depicted as well-armed, with some even carrying snakes.

To the Ancient Egyptians, dreams were a phenomenon that allowed contact to happen between this world and whatever lies beyond.

Snake Dreams in China

In China, dreams are often deciphered using Zhou Gong’s Dream Dictionary which was created thousands of years ago. The book claims that whatever a person dreams about indicates their mental and physical health status as well as what might happen in the future.

According to Chinese culture, dreaming about snakes is usually a favorable sign. They could be a symbol of wealth or intuition.

Snake dreams in Chinese culture

The snake could also represent temptation. When hunting, a snake remains very still and watches its prey. Once the prey feels comfortable, the snake lashes out and grabs its unsuspecting victim.

Snakes sometimes appear as gods or sages. They are viewed as sensitive creatures, which is compared to human intuition. For someone who is religious, seeing a snake in dreams could mean that their understanding of their belief system is expanding.

Snake Dreams in Japan

Japanese culture viewed snakes as a good luck charm. They are considered messengers of Benzaiten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Schichifukujin.

Much like other cultures, the Japanese also view the snake’s ability to shed and renew its skin as symbolic of regeneration and rebirth.

They also believe that if a wallet is stuffed with a snake’s skin, then its owner will have good fortune and wealth. Many people carry snakeskin wallets or those made with snake patterns.

White snakes are rare in Japan and are believed to possess supernatural powers. Seeing one in a dream means that it is gifting you with its supernatural abilities.

What Does a Scary Snake Dream Mean?

Snakes aren’t inherently bad creatures, but their symbolism in dreams can be very scary. If you had a nightmare featuring a snake, then you may need to consider the stressors in your life.

This type of bad dream could indicate that your subconscious is telling you that someone in your life is toxic. You view them as an immediate threat, whether you know it consciously or not yet. This usually occurs when the toxic person’s behavior has worsened so much that you needed a wake-up call to do something about it.

Why Do I Have Recurring Snake Dreams?

Recurring dreams aren’t uncommon, but they can become worrisome. If you have the same dream over and over again, you may have an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. It could be a sign that you are experiencing poor psychological health, have needs that aren’t being met, or trauma that you need to process.

Recurring snake dreams could indicate that you need to face something or resolve an issue. It could be something you are working on or something you are ignoring. Either way, it’s a good time to process what that could be and how to best deal with it.

Understanding Snake Colors in Dreams

Snake color can add more meaning to a dream. Understanding what colors represent can help you more accurately interpret what you’re seeing or experiencing when you sleep.

Black Snake Dream Meanings

A black snake

The color black is often associated with darkness and ill omens. If you see a black snake in a dream, be wary. It could represent an impending problem or hidden danger.

A black snake could also be a symbol of depression, hopelessness, guilt, or negative thoughts. If you are coping with difficult feelings, your dream may be reflecting your mental state. You should seek the advice of a mental health professional if you think this is the cause of a black snake dream.

If the black snake bit you in your dream, then this could mean that you have a fear that is significantly impacting your life. If the snake was on your body, it might mean that you are facing relationship problems that need to be addressed.

White Snake Dream Meanings

White snake

White snakes are often viewed as pure. In some cultures, they are considered symbols of honesty and truthfulness. They could be an indication of an unspoken truth that will reveal itself soon.

Some cultures believe that white snakes are symbolic of good fortune and money.

Since white is a “clean” color it could also mean you are about to get a fresh start. This could be exciting or frightening, depending on the situation. It usually means that something is going to change in your life. The white snake may indicate how you feel about those changes.

Yellow Snake Dream Meanings

Yellow snake

Yellow snakes are usually associated with happiness. Seeing one in a dream could mean that you are approaching a resolution to a problem. The bright, cheery color could serve as a light at the end of the tunnel for you.

A yellow snake can also mean that you are about to experience significant personal growth or that you will find happiness in the future.

Gold Snake Dream Meanings

Golden snake

Some cultures view gold snakes as a sign of good fortune. If the snake was glistening, then it could be interpreted as symbolic of receiving God’s energy, depending on your religious beliefs. It is akin to viewing the face of a god or goddess.

You may even receive an astral gift after seeing a gold snake in a dream. The color is also associated with a golden aura, which indicates a spiritual ascension.

The golden snake may not appear as a living creature in your dream. It can show up as a sculpture or object.

Green Snake Dream Meanings

Green snake

Green snakes in dreams usually represent some form of healing. It could mean physically mending or something more spiritual. Seeing one is generally considered a positive thing. It can also show you that you need to grow, are growing, or have undergone a spiritual awakening.

The darker the shade of green, the deeper and more philosophical the healing is or will be.

While green snakes are generally a good omen, they can sometimes represent a toxic person in your life or feelings of jealousy.

Red Snake Dream Meanings

red snake

Red is a strong, powerful color. This applies to red snakes in dreams. Seeing one could be an indication that you need to step up and take charge of your life. You may need to be more present and engaged in what you do.

Depending on how you feel and what happens in the dream, a red snake can also imply bad luck. It could be trying to warn you about a betrayal or some red flag in your life that you haven’t noticed or are ignoring.

Pink Snake Dream Meanings

Pink snake

The color pink is usually used to represent feminine energy. If your dream features a pink snake, then you are likely feeling or will experience love and happiness.

A pink snake is an unusual color for the real creature to have, so this is something that will likely stand out in your dream. If you see one, it might be the embodiment of joy or femininity that you haven’t acknowledged or embraced yet.

Blue Snake Dream Meanings


Seeing a blue snake in dreams is another positive omen. This color usually represents the creativity and wisdom that’s present within you. It might be a good time to tap into traits to explore them further.

A blue snake can also represent healing, protection, or communication from the spiritual world. If you believe it could be communication, pay attention. Whatever the message is, it is likely important.

Brown Snake Dream Meanings

Brown snake

Brown snakes are often associated with healing. They can also represent your deepest desires. You may wish to make positive changes or fix a broken situation. You may feel anxiety due to family life or work issues. These consume your energy and make it difficult to find a way out.

Be mindful of how you handle these stressors. Work to improve your situation without becoming contaminated by the toxicity or anxiety it creates. Meditation can be a valuable tool to help you stay on course and find harmony.

Multi-Colored Snake Dream Meanings


Some dreams may feature snakes of more than one color. Multi-colored snakes represent your life. Their appearance can mean that things look good on the outside, but you have potential danger or problems lurking on the inside. You should pay close attention to what’s going on around you.

What Do Dreams About Specific Snake Species Mean?

Some dreams depict real-life snake species. Knowing what type of snake you see in your dreams can help you understand its purpose. Dreaming about a venomous or aggressive species may have very different implications than dreaming about one that is harmless.

Dreams About Garter Snakes

Garter snake

Garter snakes are a group of generally harmless snakes that are small to medium size. They are native to North and Central America and include about 35 recognized species and subspecies. They are carnivorous with a diet that usually features rodents, minnows, lizards, leeches, and amphibians.

Seeing a garter snake in your dreams could mean that something or someone you thought was a danger isn’t a threat. You see the snake but then look further into what it really is – a harmless garter snake.

You may have been cautious about a person or situation but can rest easy knowing that they pose no real danger to you.

Dreams About Boa Constrictors

Boa Constrictor

The boa constrictor is a species of large snake that are non-venomous. They are native to South America and the Caribbean. This type of snake is often kept as a pet. They tend to live alone unless they want to mate.

The boa is nocturnal, spending its days basking in the sun. They may forage in trees and shrubs but usually spend most of their time on the ground. They eat small to medium-sized birds and mammals.

Watching a boa hunt may be unsettling. This species is an ambush predator. They lie in wait until their prey is within reach. When they attack, they grab with their teeth and then wrap their muscular bodies around the prey to crush it until it dies before consuming it whole.

The hunting method used by the boa gives it unique meaning in dreams. If you see one, you may be feeling smothered or suffocated in a situation or relationship. You may not be in physical danger, but it is something that you shouldn’t ignore.

Dreams About Rattlesnakes


If you live in a region with rattlesnakes, then you are likely very cautious when you venture outdoors. These snakes are venomous. They are a type of viper that lives in a variety of habitats. They typically hunt smaller prey like rodents and birds.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the rattlesnake is its tail. They possess a rattle on the tip that makes noise when they vibrate. The strange sound helps deter predators and warns anything nearby to stay away.

Their unique rattle ability works well enough that other snake species have adapted a similar defense mechanism. The rat snake will sometimes vibrate its tail to confuse a potential predator into thinking it is a rattlesnake. The rat snake is harmless but can thwart a potential attack if the predator believes it is a venomous rattlesnake.

Dreaming about rattlesnakes could indicate that you feel nervous, fearful, or anxious. Hearing the rattling of the snake’s tail in your dream can serve as a warning. If the snake bites you, it could mean that you are ignoring warnings in your waking life.

A rattlesnake that hisses or pounces could hint at a betrayal or cheating situation. To some, a rattlesnake serves as an omen of a deception or toxic person.

Dreams About Vipers


The rattlesnake belongs to the family Viperidae or vipers. These are venomous snakes found all over the globe, except in Madagascar, Hawaii, Australia, and Antarctica. They have long, hinged fangs that allow them to penetrate deeply before injecting venom.

These fangs are positioned at the front of the mouth. They fold back in when not in use, enclosed in a membranous sheath. This allows them to have and use long fangs despite having a relatively small mouth size in comparison.

Viper dream meanings can vary significantly. To some, it could show a fear of being harmed by a toxic person in your life. This is especially true if you feared being bitten in your dream.

To others, the viper carries sacred wisdom. Seeing one could mean that you are about to have positive energy enter your life. If you are attacked by the viper in your dream but do not die or fall ill, this could reveal that you are creating positive change.

Discover More About the Meaning of Your Dreams

A snake dream can be a powerful omen that might help you make decisions about your life, career, or relationships. Check back to learn more about other common symbols and how they apply to you. Join us as we explore spirituality and dream meanings.

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