The Biorhythm Review (Read This Before You Make ANY Decisions!!)

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Recently my life has been going through some huge changes.

I’ve had a new job opportunity arise, I’ve been on the hunt for a new apartment and I’ve noticed myself shifting away from some of my older relationships and meeting a group of new friends…

Now, this may sound like all good things…

And believe me, I’m grateful.

But with any life shift, there is always a degree of uncertainty.

And with the world currently undergoing a huge shift of its own, I’m sure you’ve felt that uncertainty too no matter what your situation is.


With everything that’s been going on, I’ve felt somewhat called to gain some insight into my future.

How will the future play out given all these changes?

When will this stage of ‘navigating the unknown’ finally come to a close?

And of course, Is my life still on a positive path? 

Originally, I was on the hunt for a reliable and well known psychic intuitive.

Not just any old card reader who would feed me what I wanted to hear and send me on my way none the wiser…

But someone who was genuinely gifted in their field.

That was until my good friend Lydia told me about

Biorhythm presentation

According to Lydia, she had not only used The Biorhythm system to accurately predict how her future would play out, but she was actually using it on a daily basis to live more consciously and make decisions that supported her own unique biological patterns.

With the help of, she could determine the romantic chemistry between herself and a potential love interest without having to go through the disappointment of putting energy into something that wasn’t going to work out…

She knew when to start new projects and when to hold off…

She even started to win small amounts of extra cash on the lottery just by using her own unique biorhythmic system.

This sounded like exactly what I needed.

And the best part, I wasn’t going to waste my money on a phony psychic intuitive.

In fact, The Biorhythm was an opportunity to become my own personal psychic.

To have all the tools I would need to foresee where my life was going and ensure that I was staying aligned to my path.

I purchased The Biorhythm system and I wanted to share my results…

However, this wouldn’t be a proper review if I didn’t first share with you the basics.

What is a Biorhythm?

What does The Biorhythm’s membership program contain, and how do you use it?

If you are more interested in my personal thoughts and results, feel free to skip to the conclusion but if you are new to this system and wanting to know all about it, keep reading…

What are Biorhythms?

The word Biorhythm comes from the Greek terms “bios” meaning life and “rhuthmos” meaning a regular recurring motion (rhythm).

The world as we know it is made up of energy in a constant state of motion. 


And motion always has its own unique pattern…

For example, it takes 365 days for our earth to orbit the sun right?

This pattern produces the seasons as we know it, the plants that grow, the leaves that fall, the baby animals who are born around springtime every year to ensure warmth and survival while they are young and vulnerable.

Everything is in motion on both a large and quantum scale…

And everything holds its own cyclical rhythmic pattern.

The human heart begins to beat just 22 days after conception and with that begins a rhythmic pattern that continues until the end of one’s physical life.

But according to, it’s not just the heart that holds it’s own rhythmic pattern.

Your entire being holds its own unique vibratory frequency made up by the physical, emotional, and intellectual centers of the body.

The History:

The concept of Biorhythms was first discovered in 1897 by Dr. Hermann Swoboda, A professor of psychology at the University of Vienna.


Swoboda concluded that humans were affected by certain cyclical rhythms, a 23-day cycle for the physical center of the body, and a 28-day cycle for the emotional center.

But it wasn’t only Swoboda who was talking about this phenomenon.

At around the same time, a nose and throat specialist by the name of Wilhelm Fliess with no prior knowledge of Swoboda’s work came to the same conclusion. 

A third rhythm for the intellectual center was then discovered by Alfred Teltscher who was a doctor of engineering and teacher at Innsbruck, Austria. This conclusion was made following the observations of the intellectual achievements of Teltschers students.

The third rhythm for the intellectual center of the mind/body/spirit complex was determined to be a 33-day cycle.

This 33-day cycle was also confirmed by Dr. Rexford Hersey and his assistant while undertaking research at the University of Pennsylvania between 1928 and 1932.

The Biorhythm Membership Programme:

The good people at have taken the science behind biorhythms and essentially put into a special membership program where you can receive daily, weekly, and monthly readings based on your own unique biological pattern.


What’s more, the membership program will teach you how to read biorhythms yourself so that you can basically predict your own future and live more consciously making empowered decisions that enrich your journey and keep you on your life path.


After purchasing The Biorhythm’s annual subscription, I was sent a login and password to my own private membership area on the site.

It is here where you are able to launch your biorhythm reading and receive a full breakdown of how your day might play out based on your own unique rhythmic system.

All you need to do is enter your birthdate and you’re away. breaks down exactly where you are in your cycle and what it means. 

In other words, you don’t even have to know how to read the graph in order to receive a reading.

What’s more, the system doesn’t just breakdown where you are physically, emotionally, and intellectually. It actually shows how you are tracking in almost every area of your life.

The primary energy patterns that go into your reading include…

  • Physical.
  • Emotional.
  • Intellectual.
  • Passion.
  • Wisdom.
  • Mastery.

This is then followed by your secondary energy patterns including:

  • Aesthetic.
  • Awareness.
  • Spiritual.
  • Psychic.
  • Success.
  • Perception.

Using these biological patterns, then breaks down the following:

  • Daily reading.
  • Weekly reading.
  • Astral forecast for the day.
  • Love reading.
  • Career reading.
  • Finance reading.
  • Wellbeing reading.

You also get a monthly reading section that is given to you in calendar view.

The monthly readings are great for making your predictions and making conscious choices for the future such as when to travel, when to socialize, when to prioritize self-care etc.

This calendar view is a great tool to help you plan ahead, however, you will need to use the report section of the membership area to learn how to read these as the readings are given only in data form.

There is also the option to get a compatibility reading if you want to measure the biorhythms of a love interest or a friend against that of your own to see how well matched you are.

You can even change the primary date to launch someone else’s biorhythmic patterns and get a better understanding of them and what life circumstances they are currently going through. 

This is really interesting when you are just getting to know someone or even if you want to look into famous figures and the significant days in their lives…


Once you have played around and launched your readings, you might like to learn how to accurately read your own biorhythms or otherwise just learn more about biorhythms in general.


This is where the reports section of the membership log-in area comes in handy. has essentially filed its information-based resources together so that you don’t have to worry about walking into this blindly.

When I first logged into the private member’s area, it all seemed quite overwhelming so I was really grateful for the reports section.

All of the reports are super easy to read and understand and I honestly feel that within a day, I was really comfortable with the website and able to navigate it easily.

Here are some of the files in the reports section:

  • Quick Start Guide.
  • Introduction to Reading Biorhythms.
  • The History of Biorhythms.
  • Critical Days.
  • Rhythms Found in Nature.
  • Spotting Lucky Days to Gamble.
  • Corona Virus.
  • + more reports being added each week.


As part of your membership with, you’ll also receive a few extra goodies.


These extras were completely unexpected and made me feel as though the company cared not only about helping me to foresee my future but also to uplift that future with various personal development resources. 

I mean, all that was promised was the ability to read my body’s rhythmic system, but in fact, I’ve actually gained so much from the extras and bonuses too.

Here are some of the extras you’ll receive when you sign up at

Numerology Reading:

Unlimited numerology readings at the click of a button. I really love numerology and I find that these readings are great in conjunction with your biorhythmic system.


Daily horoscope readings. Just click on your star sign and receive a full daily reading to help set you up for the day.


Guided meditations galore!

As an added extra, you’ll receive a whole range of guided meditations and affirmation tracks. These are all really relaxing to listen to and I have been using them a lot.

You also get The Abundance Miracle Tone track which is such an amazing free gift that essentially plays a specific frequency (528 Hz) resonant with the energy of abundance.

The Abundance Miracle Tone was created by Alexander Wilson (who you may already know from the world-renowned “Manifestation Magic” program).


Just to add to the zen,’s private membership area also has a yoga section full of step by step yoga flow videos.

If you’re using the system as part of your morning routine this is great because you can literally get your reading for the day, your morning meditation, and a yoga session all together in one place.

Bonus Gifts:

Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly give you more…

Separate from the added extras listed above, your membership also comes with the following free ebooks:

  • Number Messages Handbook by Numerologist.
  • The Millionaires Edge by Alex Maxwell.
  • Manifestation Wizardry by Eddie Sergey.
  • Mind Programming For a Lasting Weightloss by Anthony Swailes.
  • Sacred Signs From the Universe (part 1 and 2) by Alexander Wilson.
  • Manifestation Primer by Numerologist.
  • + More being added each month.

Price: offers a few different pricing options:

  • $0.99 – A 3-day trial which goes up to $37/month if you stay on after the trial.
  • $195 – Annual membership.
  • $345 – Lifetime membership.

EDIT – Right now is offering their lifetime membership for just $195. That’s the same as the annual membership price. I’m not sure how long they will be offering this promo for so if you are wanting to purchase this system I recommend getting that lifetime discount while you can!

Pros and Cons:

Overall I am enjoying this system and will definitely continue to use it BUT with that being said, there were a few flaws. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons.


  • Helps you to understand why certain events have happened in your life.
  • Allows you to predict future events.
  • Empowers you to make conscious life decisions and effectively move forward with your lifepath.
  • The system provides in-depth readings.
  • The reports section is really informative and teaches you how to read biorhythms.
  • The membership login gives you access to a heap of extras and bonuses including meditations, yoga, astrology, numerology, and various Ebooks.
  • You can run compatibility reports for relationships.
  • You’re not limited to your own report so you can look into anybody’s biorhythm as long as you know their date of birth.
  • 5 users per account.
  • 365 day back money guarantee.


  • The membership area is a little overwhelming at first.
  • It takes a little bit of study to learn how to read Biorhythms yourself.
  • The calendar/monthly view only offers you the co-ordinates of the chart so you need to learn to read biorhythms before you can use it.

Final Thoughts…

As you can see the pros of this membership have well outweighed the cons. I think the program has provided a revolutionary and lifechanging platform where you are able to predict future events using a system based on science.

I have been using my biorhythms to make informed decisions and I have to say, for me, it’s been super accurate.

I’m enjoying using the system as part of my morning routine and being able to determine what to expect for the day while sipping on my cup of tea.

I was going to pay $200 for a decent and trusted psychic to give me one single reading.

For a fraction of that price, I am able to get readings every day and even read for myself accurately!

This system changes the game when it comes to intuition and I can’t lie…

I love it!

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