5 Enlightening Steps to Uncover Your Souls Purpose (and find out WHY you’re here)

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What if I told you that you have a special purpose within this lifetime?

Some people know very early in life exactly what their soul’s purpose is…

Others pre-plan specific life experiences that ultimately lead them right where they need to be.

Neither way is better than the other.

The way you stumble upon your purpose is perfect for you at this 


time in this incarnation.

Some people have a very large purpose.

The movers and shakers of the world who act as guiding lights toward change and evolution.

Others hold a much more personal purpose that ultimately focuses on individual growth and self-discovery.

Again, each purpose is perfect for the individual.

So what about those who are yet to discover their true soul purpose?

If you are someone who has jumped from interest to interest, hobby to hobby, and job to job, never really finding that ✨spark✨…

I’m talking to you.

But have no fear…

You’re not alone!

There are steps you can take to uncover your soul’s purpose once and for all.

Ready to start taking those steps today?

Alright, let’s jump right in.

1.) Identify Themes in Your Life:

Take a look back at your life.

Make a list of some of the most pivotal moments both good and bad.


Now identify which experiences were recurring.

Recurring experiences are often lived as a means to learn something important.

Something you can grow from and use.

So say in your life, you felt abandonment as a recurring theme.

By learning abandonment you understood how to become secure in yourself and how important it is to provide consistency and show up for others.

This experience in combination with the learning gained from it could be a nod toward the following soul purposes…

  • Nurturer/carer/teacher/coach (showing up for children, friends, family, animals, etc)
  • Leader (using the independence and self-assurance gained through being self-reliant)
  • Trailblazer/Trend Setter (using the gift of self-discovery and expression gained through having self molded and unimposed ideas).

You could also have more positive recurring themes and these could also point toward a soul purpose.

For example, perhaps you grew up spending a lot of time in the kitchen with your grandmother, unintentionally picking up her secret recipes.

If the joy and love for food are also there it could be a nod toward having a soul purpose that revolves around food or hospitality.

Or maybe you become a chemist measuring out a whole different kind of ingredients.

Take a look back at your life.

Which memories really stand out to you?

If you can find the themes, it’s very likely you will also find a link to your soul purpose.

2.) Connect to Your Inner Child:

What if I told you that the child version of you was perhaps a lot more aware of their soul purpose than the you of today?


The conditioning we experience as we transition from a child to an adult often holds part responsibility for getting us off track when it comes to purpose.

Children are a pure expression of the soul still relatively untouched by the conditioning of reality and “what it means” to be an adult.

Think about it…

As a child, you knew what made you happy and you acted on it…

You followed your intuition unapologetically often acting purely on whims…

You ran, played, sang, danced, and most importantly you imagined.

You imagined yourself completely fulfilled as an adult and played pretend acting out that perfect world.

Connecting to your inner child can be a powerful way to remember exactly what it is that sets your soul alight.

Go back to that younger version of self.

Meditate on your inner child.

Relive the memories and engage in the activities that made you happy.

How could these things be incorporated into your adult life and allow you to fulfill your soul purpose?

Now, maybe your dreams and desires as a child were sky-high.

More ambitious than you could ever dream of today.

That’s okay…

Once you have explored and connected with your inner child, the goal is not to come back completely embodied.

Rather, you want to take inspiration from your child self.

Of course, I’m not telling you to hold back either. The world is your oyster and anything is possible…

When I was a child I was very imaginative.

I loved to read and write stories and spoke clearly from a young age.

I specifically recall sitting in my favorite tree with a pen and paper, daydreaming about all things beautiful and whimsical and writing whatever came into my heart…

Tapping into my inner child I realized that the adults in my life were always impressed by my songs, stories, and poems.

I even recall the receptionist at the doctor’s office saying to me “Charlotte Rodgers, what a beautiful name… you sound like an author!”

She didn’t know me from a bar of soup so this was pure synchronicity.

As an adult who now writes a popular manifestation blog, I can’t help but wonder over the fact that my inner child knew.

She always knew.

And sometimes we forget this.

It’s not until you connect back to your inner child that you rediscover yourself as a pure soul expression.

This on its own is a huge gateway to discovering your purpose.

3.) Acknowledge Your Natural Gifts:

What kind of magic do you naturally bring to the world?

Are you a great listener?

Are you creative or musical?

Do you have an athletic talent?

Perhaps you are naturally strong or fast…

Maybe you light up a room with your fantastic humor…

Or maybe you can finish a Rubix cube in less than 60 seconds.

We all possess special gifts and discovering what comes naturally to you is a huge indicator of where your soul purpose resides

Now you might be wondering “what if I don’t have a gift?”

To that, I would ask you to look deeper…

And if you’re still stuck, ask your friends and loved ones what’s something they appreciate about you.

This will give you a good idea about where your gifts lie.

Often we are blessed with these gifts not only to remind us of our purpose but also to aid us in our mission.

And sometimes these gifts don’t fully take shape until later in life after certain experiences have been completed.

As you nurture and act on your natural gifts you will begin to see opportunities arise where you are called to move forward and step into your soul purpose.

As an example…

A friend of mine had a troubled childhood but was a fantastic musician.

He hadn’t put much love into his music for a few years due to working long hours in a job that was not fulfilling him.

I encouraged him to connect with his soul purpose through his natural gifts.

He started playing music again.

Writing songs and even performing at local bars.

He was feeling more aligned with his purpose but was still being held down by a stressful job.

After a good 6 months of making time for his natural gifts, he was picked up by a band.

He began traveling around the country and playing shows but the biggest opportunity of all came when he was asked by the band to teach them one of his original songs.

The song was all about his troubled childhood. Something that bought him great healing to write about.

The band’s followers loved the song and so he began writing more and more.

It turned out that the message in his music was something that bought great healing to a large number of people.

By making his natural gifts a priority he was able to discover his soul purpose.

To heal through the power of music.

4.) Follow Your Bliss

One of the biggest indicators of soul purpose is the feeling of joy and happiness.


Think of these feelings as a sign from the universe that you are on the right track.

Find what makes you happy and do more of that.

Follow the path that lights you up, excites you, and gives meaning to your life.

This is exactly what purpose is.

The best way to follow your bliss is to keep a journal on the things that bring you the most joy.

Start by listing everything in your life that makes you genuinely happy.

Then each day, record in your journal the moments that made you smile or made you feel good.

Recognize the patterns in the things you love doing and continue to do those things!

Allow it to be a path.

Ask yourself “what can I do to bring more of this into my life?”

And “what can I do to make this more than just an interest or hobby?”

With bliss comes purpose and with purpose comes bliss.

5.) Take Action on Your Dreams and Desires

The final step is to take action on your dreams and desires!

Many times people have an idea of what their soul purpose is but they don’t take action to really find out.

Now I get it, sometimes following your heart seems like risky business!

You may feel that you’re not quite financially stable enough at this time…

Or perhaps taking action on your soul purpose would mean a huge leap outside of your comfort zone.

But trust me…

All of these things will be resolved in time when you are living unapologetically, in-flow, and following your soul purpose.

And if you don’t feel comfortable diving right in, that’s completely fine!

Take it at your own pace.

Let your soul purpose unravel without forcing it.

Even just dipping a toe is still taking action.

First of all, I want you to ask yourself…

“If money, resource, and time were completely abundant, what would I be doing with my life purely because it makes me happy?”

If you answer honestly you will find your purpose.

Now, in order to reach that ultimate goal, what are some of the smaller dreams and desires that need to be fulfilled first?

Write those down too.

Make a list of all your dreams and desires both big and small.

Now plan out some action steps in terms of how you can make your dreams a reality.

What can you do to start taking action towards your soul purpose and overall fulfillment?

Of course, life is a journey and you’re always right where you’re meant to be.

Nothing is set in stone and your purpose will often evolve as you continue along the path.

Don’t be discouraged by roadblocks.

Remember that everything is perfect and these things serve only to maintain alignment.

Every soul journey is unique.

There is no need to compare your purpose to anyone else’s.

Each purpose is equal in importance no matter how big or small.

When you embody your reason for being, you inspire, heal, and teach those closest to you…

And by association, those closest to them.

Because in the end, your soul purpose is a seed that start’s with you but with the right nurturing, will spread throughout the entire universe.

“Purpose is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s needs” – Frederick Buechner

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