Yellow Aura Meaning

Exploring the Yellow Aura and Its Meaning

Auras are an electromagnetic field that radiates from a living person. Well-known ancient medicinal practices, including Hindu scriptures, teach that our auras are expressed in seven layers. Each layer correlates with an element of our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Each aura has a color and can vary in size and vibration. Humans aren’t the only living things to have auras. Animals and plants have them as well. Just like us, the auras of all living things can change, and do so for many reasons.

Interpreting the Color of Your Aura

Aura colors

Metaphysical practitioners believe that aura colors are caused by vibrations. Every atom in the universe creates a pattern. Those patterns emanate in the form of vibrations. That’s why some people may refer to an aura as someone’s “vibe.” It is the energy or vibrational frequency they give off.

When you feel that another person is angry, happy, distraught, excited, or feeling other strong emotions, you are likely picking up on their vibe.

Every living thing has an aura. That can include trees and flowers as well as humans and animals. Even though we do not yet have scientific studies that verify the existence of auras, it is generally accepted that every human has an energy field that surrounds them.

Some also believe that the human aura is more complex compared to those of simpler organisms due to our further evolution.

Here, we will focus on yellow aura meanings, but other colors that can appear, including:

  • Red – Red is connected to the root chakra and is usually considered energetic and fiery. People with red auras tend to be quick to act on thoughts and ideas. They often like to skip reading the instruction manual and instead dive right in.
  • Orange – Orange auras are connected to the sacral chakra which is related to sexual energy and creativity. People with orange auras are also more likely to learn lessons from experience rather than through instruction and theory. This is sometimes considered learning things “the hard way.”
  • Green – Green is associated with the heart chakra, connecting it to compassion, forgiveness, and love. Those with green auras are more likely to prefer music and nature and have an open heart. They do not like to be tied down and can be easily influenced. People with green auras need to know how to set healthy boundaries.
  • Pink – Pink auras are also associated with the heart chakra. This aura indicates love, kindness, and a caring nature. Just like green, people with pink auras are usually receptive, open, and compassionate with a need to set boundaries.
  • Blue – Blue auras are related to the throat chakra, which governs truth and expression. This color indicates a powerful mind with the ability to express insight outwardly. People with blue auras may also be described as having their “heads in the clouds” at times.
  • Purple – Purple auras are related to the third-eye chakra which connects to our intuition. It’s also associated with sensitivity and a deep level of thinking. Those with purple in their aura may possess some intuitive, empathic, or psychic abilities.
  • Indigo – Indigo auras usually indicate someone who is empathic and sensitive. The darker the color, the more sensitive the person is.
  • Black – If you see black in your aura, or particularly dark areas, it may be a sign to take a step back. Black indicates that you are fatigued or exhausted. You may need to give yourself time to heal and recover so that your energy levels balance again.
  • White – White auras are linked to the crown chakra. This color is rarer and indicates a quick mind and nervous energy. A person with a white aura is likely more of a perfectionist. White can indicate that a person feels a strong connection with something larger than themselves.

Some people have rainbow auras containing more than two colors. This can mean that they are going through a particularly busy time in their life or are facing significant change.

Rainbow auras can make us feel confident and energized. It’s a good time to try something new.
Just remember that pushing too hard can cause burnout so don’t get caught up too much in the energy. Give yourself time to relax.

The Significance of a Yellow Aura

Many people say that yellow is the most cheerful of colors. It’s often associated with bright sunshine and pleasant memories. The same goes for yellow auras. People with one tend to be happy-go-lucky. They are bright, cheerful personalities that are often inspiring, confident, and creative.

While every person is an individual, yellow auras share an interest in intellectual pursuits. They are often considered a joy to be around and tend to lighten the mood when they walk into a room.

Yellow is connected to the solar plexus chakra or Manipura. This chakra is in the upper abdomen. It’s related to self-esteem, intellect, and personal power as well as an awareness of purpose.

If you have a yellow aura, this can mean that your solar plexus is open, and energy is flowing freely. That’s why people with yellow auras usually feel satisfied and joyful in life. It means they are chasing their dreams and doing what they were born to accomplish.

An abundance of energy often comes with a yellow aura. However, this isn’t the quick-to-burn type of energy. Instead, it can feel more like an endless battery that’s constantly fueled by hope and positivity from within. It is what feeds optimism, intelligence, and a strong work ethic in people with yellow auras.

Yellow also tends to lean toward high intelligence. People with this color often earn high scores on tests and IQ scales. They tend to reason well and have good problem-solving skills. They are also prone to setting big goals and being productive, even if it means working hard or facing challenges.

As with any aura color, there are some nuances to yellow. For example, if a yellow aura also contains neon spots, that can mean that the solar plexus chakra is blocked and energy isn’t flowing well.

When this occurs, you may need to try guided meditation or journaling about self-acceptance. This practice allows you to identify your vulnerabilities and find ways to turn them into strengths. Fortifying yourself will open your chakra and put you in touch with who you are supposed to be.

Different Shades of Yellow Auras

When you see yellow in your aura, it can appear in different shades. Each indicates something about who you are or what you are going through. What do the different shades of yellow auras mean?

Golden Yellow Auras

Gold yellow aura

Those with a golden yellow aura tend to experience inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. They have a strong sense of personal power. A golden yellow aura also indicates that someone might do well as a healer or leader. They inspire others and possess many positive traits including generosity, poise, and wisdom.

They have innate knowledge paired with the ability to constantly seek and gain new information. This allows them to help others, along with their patience and serene nature.

Dark Yellow Auras

Dark yellow auras indicate that a person is taking on a large amount of information or work. It can hint at oversaturation due to overload. The spirit may be nearing its breaking point, especially if it is given no opportunity to rest.

Yellow auras tend to work hard, which can make it a challenge to convince them to slow down and not take on so much. Rest is necessary for spiritual harmony and balance.

White or Pale Yellow Auras

If you have a pale yellow aura, you may be facing change or a challenge in life. This color appears when someone is going through a particular phase. It can be a new goal, an important project, or something else that they must prepare to do.

A pale yellow aura can indicate that the person feels anxiety or trepidation about what’s to come. However, having roots in yellow, they also feel optimism which can help them overcome negativity or apprehension.

People with white yellow auras often do not like to reveal their inner struggles. They tend to conceal turmoil so that those around them do not know that anything is wrong.

Orange-Yellow Auras

An orange yellow aura indicates a higher degree of creativity paired with the optimism that is the trademark of yellow. People with this color tend to be meticulous, which is even more evident when they are hard at work.

It’s a positive trait unless it gets out of control. Orange yellow auras tend to push toward lofty goals, which can start to edge into unrealistic territory. Working towards an impossible objective can be a big problem if they don’t rein themselves in. Also, focusing too hard on perfection can cause energetic imbalances.

The Location of Your Yellow Aura

Many people pay close attention to the color of an aura, but don’t realize that location also plays a role in its meaning. Where yellow shows up on your body can help you better understand the reason it is there.

Yellow Above The Head

Yellow auras can sometimes appear like a crown over a person’s head. This can represent the next stage of growth or the next highest vibration. A lesson is forthcoming and can help further growth in some way.

When your head is yellow, it means you are pushing to be more confident with yourself. You are being challenged to be comfortable with who you are and to learn how to harness your inner power.

Some people have a constant yellow aura over their heads. This means that they have a constant desire to improve themselves. It indicates a lifetime of learning. They tend to try new self-help methods that improve happiness and confidence.

Yellow Around The Body

Yellow around your body reflects your core personality. It’s going to be the strongest part of the vibe you send off into the world. It’s how people will perceive who you are when they meet you.

Yellow reflects optimism, evolution, growth, creativity, and confidence. These are traits that will be felt by those around you.

Yellow Around The Heart

If you have yellow around your heart, then you are projecting solar plexus chakra energy through your most vital center. While it can indicate several things, the most common is insecurity.

Yellow around the heart or stomach area can mean that a person is trying to attract energies to this region to build confidence. They may be experiencing an identity crisis or have suffered emotional abuse in their lifetime. They may also feel threatened by someone or something and want to protect themselves with energy.

This color around the heart can appear in response to insecurity when it comes to sex and intimacy. These relationships are where we tend to give the most power away and are more vulnerable.

Yellow Around The Hands

When yellow appears around the hands, it indicates that the person has a new job or responsibility. The task gives the person a new understanding of their abilities.

Yellow hands are often found in new parents who now face a big task ahead of them: raising the next generation. This life milestone often shows a person that they have the ability to navigate the challenge of caring for a newborn.

Other changes can also lead to a yellow aura around the hands, like getting a promotion or starting a new job. These situations make a person feel valued.

When yellow fades around the hands, that means that the person has adjusted, and the new situation has become a normal part of their life.

What Your Yellow Aura Says About Your Personality

Aura Personalities

Auras can change, but they can also reveal a bit about who we are and our personalities. People with yellow auras tend to be more creative with lots of potential. They have a unique perspective compared to others. This combined with their higher intelligence can lead to amazing accomplishments.

The personality of a yellow aura shines through in creative pursuits, like writing and painting. There’s a good chance that artists like DaVinci and Picasso had yellow auras. Their intelligence, creativity, and hard work shows through in the beautiful art they left for us.

The downside is that yellow auras are more likely to find those who don’t match them boring. They seek more exciting, novel goals and activities. When this happens, they may search for others who match their vibrations.

Friendship is important to people with yellow auras. They can be wonderful romantic partners and friends. They tend to form deep bonds and encourage others to go on adventures with them.

When a yellow aura connects with someone, it’s not a short-lived thing. They form a bond for life. Just keep in mind that while that level of connection can be amazing, there are challenges. Yellows tend to strive for utter perfection and will refuse anything less. This can cause strife in a relationship.

If both partners match in this way, then things can go smoothly. If they don’t, it can lead to a lot of obstacles.

It isn’t because yellows are being mean or difficult. It’s just how they work. They struggle to connect with those who have non-compatible personalities. That’s why it is particularly important for a yellow aura to discuss different aspects of life and goals with a potential partner. It’s best to ensure that they are a good match before getting too involved.

Can I Change the Color of My Aura?

Auras reflect our energy. That means they can and will change. They show when we are happy and energetic or when we are depressed and tired. Looking at an aura can reveal if a person is feeling creative or not, or if they are in a positive or negative state of mind.

However, we aren’t at the mercy of our auras. As with most things in life, we have more control over the situation than we often realize. By making positive changes and adopting good habits, we can begin to change our aura. This can lead to good things in life.

What can you do to change the color of your aura?

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation

Meditation should be a part of your daily schedule. You don’t have to sit for hours to gain the benefits of this practice. Just a 10-minute session each day can be enough to shift your aura color.

Meditation energizes your chakras or energy centers. It also helps cleanse, strengthen, and heal these areas.

A guided meditation can work wonders, or you can try chanting. One easy method is to sit in a dark room with a burning candle. Watch the candle until your breathing becomes even and your thoughts stop.

Meditation isn’t easy at first. It may take practice to learn the process and benefit from it. That’s ok, it is all part of the journey. Be patient and don’t give up. Mastering meditation can have a positive impact on all aspects of your life.

Use Positive Affirmations

It isn’t easy, but sometimes you have to take control of your thoughts. The mind sometimes wants to wander into negative realms. We worry about what will happen or think back to times when we were unhappy or upset.

Avoid this practice. Instead, focus on reprogramming your thoughts with positive affirmations. What we think about ourselves and our lives has an influence over who we are and where we go in life. Tell yourself that your life is perfect and that you are a happy person. Keep it upbeat and positive.

Surround Yourself with the Energy You Want

You should know what color aura you wish to have before you begin this process. That likely means you already know what that color means. Using that information, surround yourself with similar energy.

For example, if you want to develop a red aura, then you’ll need to immerse yourself in things that are powerful and passionate. It can be the clothing you choose, decorations in your home, or things you do. You don’t have to go overboard, but make sure you are introducing some of that energy to your life if it isn’t there already.

If you want to shift to a yellow aura, get plenty of sun (but do so safely), wear expressive clothing, and try activities like dancing.

Believe That You Can Bring About Change

We often overlook the strength of belief. If you want to achieve anything, you need to believe that you can do it. That can include any goal, whether it’s a new job, getting fit, or changing the color of your aura.

You must believe that you can do this if it is going to happen. This applies no matter what your religious beliefs are or if you believe in God.

Stick to a Nutritious Diet

The food we put into our bodies affects how we feel. Avoid overly processed foods as much as possible. Many of these can lead to serious health problems, including cancer. The more organic a food is, the better.

Also, remember to drink plenty of water and avoid tobacco and alcohol. It’s ok to do these things in moderation, but keep in mind that excessive use will have a negative impact on your physical and mental health and can affect your energy.

Make Exercise a Part of Your Routine

Your spiritual and mental health is closely connected to your physical health. That’s why exercise should be a part of your routine. Some good de-stressing workouts include aerobics, Pilates, yoga, and qigong. You can also try walking, cycling, or swimming to stay fit and give yourself more energy and stamina.

Remember to use exercises that are safe for you based on your health status and ability. Even a short daily session can have a profound impact on your wellbeing. It’s a good boost for your aura.

Avoid Places That Drain Energy

Some places will drain your energy. Avoid these environments as much as you can. It may not be possible to stay away altogether, but try to protect yourself and minimize time there. Common energy-draining environments include hospitals or places with illness as well as busy markets and public spaces.

If you must go to one of these or another draining location, shield yourself by meditating before and after your visit.

Practice Gratitude Every Day


Being grateful helps bring positivity to the surface. It also puts things into perspective, especially when we face challenges. Ungrateful people have dull auras that can appear grey. This will attract negativity.

Look for the good things in life and show them appreciation. Pay attention to them and savor their energy. Make sure you express gratitude. This can be done as spoken words or written in a note, card, or letter.

When you feel angry or unhappy, remember to reflect on the things you do have. Gratitude is a good way to calm a hot temper or chase away negative feelings. Look for the silver lining in every situation.

Use the Law of Giving

Life is about give and take. If you want to change your life for the better, start by giving more. The Law of Giving and Receiving show different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. When we give more, we bring the abundance of the universe full circle into our lives.

To apply this concept, make a point to give to those around you. Be grateful when you receive a gift and always give something when you encounter others. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. It can be something simple like a flower, compliment, or even a well wish or prayer.

The most precious gifts in life are affection, appreciation, love, and care. Give these in abundance and they will circulate back to you.

Envision Living Your Best Life

Visualization is powerful. Think about what living your best life looks like. Now envision yourself living it. Be detailed in your vision. Think about all the things you want, whether it’s a good job, marriage, a new car, a big house, or a loving family. This helps clear negativity and will put you in a position to attract opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.

Learn More About Auras and Spirituality

Our auras reflect our inner selves. They have a significant impact on our lives. The color can reveal if we are moving in the right direction. Learning more about auras can help you better understand your mental and spiritual health. It can also help you figure out what to do to achieve your goals now and in the future.

Yellow auras hold a lot of meaning. While they face some challenges, they also have the power to bring new, amazing things into the world. They work hard and display immense creativity and intellect.

If you do not have a yellow aura now, that doesn’t mean you never will. Taking the right steps can help you become who you want to be.

Check back to read more about aura colors, spirituality, and other topics that can guide you to positive change.

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