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Hi Guys my Name is Charlie and I’ve created this blog called ‘Modern Day Manifestations’

For a few years now I have been applying the Law Of Attraction to my everyday life.

The Law of Attraction is a ‘New Age’ belief that has been around for many centuries… Before you roll your eyes and think this is some trendy modern day religion..

It’s not!

The Law Of Attraction is a universal force that can influence the way we change ourselves as humans; Wealth, Jobs, Girlfriends , Holiday’s etc .

What you manifest does not just come to you on a silver plate, It’s easy to visualize your dreams but you need to align yourself with your thoughts, take action.

I created this blog because it has personally helped me combat my anxiety, marry my childhood crush and my get my dream job, blogging!

Manifestation has changed the way I see the world and I want to help others feel the same. Some of my blog posts may contain affiliate links, so if you purchase a program through my links I may see a commission, Don’t worry it’s no extra cost to you. I use these funds to feed my cats. Thanks for the cat food.

Take a look at my latest blog posts and be sure to let me know what you think !

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