Modern Day Manifestations

Crystal Collection

Our jewelry collection incorporates natural gemstones to connect with earthly energies for healing, growth & high vibrations! Handmade with love & positive intentions!

Unique designs

Florida, USA

“Absolutely stunning pieces of art! I ordered an Amazonite bracelet to help with my stress, I can feel the healing powers every time I wear it!”

Manifesting Love

Learn how to manifest love and fulfilling relationships. Whether that be your soulmate, ex, or childhood crush…

Manifesting Money

Unlock the powers of the universe to attract large amounts of wealth and fortune into your life! 

Manifesting Technique's

Discover the techniques that help to manifest anything into your life. From the 5×55, 2 cup and so on…

Manifesting Tools

Want to enhance your manifestation abilities even more?! These resources will help…. 

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