How To Stop Judging People: 5 Thoughtful Tips

how to stop judging people

Have you ever caught yourself in the act of judging other people?

I know I have…

I once spent a whole hour on the phone with one of my best friends only to hang up and realize that we had spent the entire conversation gossiping…

Afterward, I felt terrible!

It hadn’t been intentional at all…

And nothing said was truly meant, but regardless…

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Free-Will Vs Destiny – Is Your Life Path Set In Stone?


You create your own reality…

At least that’s what the Law of Attraction tells us.

But what about destiny?

What about the idea that our paths are pre-written for us and that everything happens for a reason?

That our challenges are some kind of pre-requisite for a higher purpose…

And that the outcome of our existence lies completely within the hands of a higher power.

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9 Hot Tips To Manifest Your Dream Body


Are you ready to take a step into your dream body? And no, I’m not just talking about weight loss… I’m talking that complete package, #bodygoals, physique of your dreams! Slim waist but curves in all the right places? Lean muscle tone everywhere it matters? Sound’s like exactly what you deserve! Read more