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Name: 15 Minute Manifestation

Price: $49.00 Including Bonuses

Website: www.15minutemanifestation.com

Rating: 3.8/5.0

15 Minute Manifestation Review:

Today I’m to going to give you guys an honest review on the 15 Minute Manifestation By Eddy Sergey!

A slightly controversial product requested by my Modern Day Manifestors.

I want to give you guys a clear understanding of what I think of this product as well as an unbiased review on what this program is really about.

Before I bought this product to test for myself I was very skeptical…

Every website I came across was littered with paid advertising and fake discounts.

I was flooded with pushy sales videos and exclusive ‘bonuses’ That were no different from the next…

All these ‘Reviews’ just seemed like another sales pitch…

Had anyone actually tested this product for themselves?

Was this just another unnecessary self-help program that nobody wants or cares about?

First of all, let’s Discuss what 15-minute Manifestation actually is…

Click Here to Watch the Full Presentation

You’ve probably seen the long drawn out 45 MINUTE sales video and thought…

“Is this guy ever going to get to the point!!??”

His monotonous voice is almost hypnotic and can put you to sleep… (If you don’t want to watch the video, you can read the text version here).

Although this video is dragged out, Eddy Sergey did give some really interesting information throughout his presentation.

He discusses how you can you can reprogram your mind and unlock your desires to create the life that you truly want.

Most of my readers will be aware of how the Law of Attraction works, therefore, some of these concepts will be nothing new.

Beginners, however, will find the introduction of great value.

Eddy elaborates on how you can tap into “the editor’ (Your Subconscious mind) to eliminate false beliefs in order to create full abundance in your life.

15 Minute Manifestation Is All About Reprogramming Your Mind With Binaural Beats

If you’re new to this, Binaural Beats were invented in 1837 by a physicist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove.

Dove discovered that listening to certain tones of sound could actually induce different states of consciousness.

He also detected that if you listen to a tone of 410 Hz in your left ear and 400 Hz in your right ear, your brain will make up the difference and hear a tone of 10 Hz.

Basically, these tones help activate specific parts of your brain to create different experiences, therefore, helping to change your thought process.

You can use binaural beats to concentrate, relieve stress, sleep better as well as to increase health and wealth.

According to Eddy, the frequencies in this program were co-created by audio engineers and the top NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) experts.

Eddy Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation focuses on Theta and Delta Frequencies.

Theta Frequencies:

Theta Frequencies range from 4 and 7 Hz.

Our brains typically drop into theta waveform just as we’re falling asleep or in a complete meditative state.

When your brain is producing theta wavelengths, you will become deeply relaxed and immersed into a frame of composed awareness.

Also, when your mind is in Theta state, it creates strong visualizations, taps into intuition, and unlocks wisdom beyond the usual conscious capabilities.

This is where deep seeded fears and worries reside as well as the negative ‘crap’ that we hold onto.

Delta Frequencies:

Delta brainwaves range from 0.5 to 3 Hz and are the slowest and lowest range of brain frequency.

These frequencies are steady waves that are low in frequency and deeply piercing.

Delta Brainwaves occur most in dreamless sleep and the deepest meditations.

These frequencies stimulate physical health and rejuvenation such as digestion and heart rate, therefore, someone who struggles to enter the Delta state runs the risk of exhaustion and poor immunity.

15 Minute Manifestation Main Features:

This product is designed to dig into your subconscious and break down your limiting beliefs.

Listening to these frequencies for 15 minutes every day for 21 days has been proven to stimulate parts of the mind that will assist the manifestation process

Before I go into detail about what’s included, let’s first go over some of the features.

Subliminal Brain Programming:

In the previous version of this program, the audio tracks had a voice over that received a lot of negative feedback.

Since then, the voice over has been removed and replaced with subliminal messaging to prime your subconscious, break through limiting beliefs and open the mind up to new thought patterns.

Synchronization of Brain Frequency:

15 minute manifestation aligns both hemispheres of the brain.

According to Eddy, this creates the perfect electrical frequencies to rewire your mind.

Aligning these hemispheres is the key to reprogramming ‘the editor’ in order to help raise self-esteem and free yourself from tiring thoughts.

Simply Simple Yet So Effective:

All you need is a pair of headphones and a comfortable space to listen.

There’s no need for long reading sessions or drawn out meditations and according to Eddy, all it takes is a consistent 15 minutes a day.

Create A New You:

The Number 1 goal with this product is to break down self-doubt and eliminate past fears that have been holding you back.

Natural Frequencies:

Unlike most binaural beats found online, these frequencies are created using high technological sounds compiled together from nature.

Crashing waves, Amazonian rainfall, and the ringing of Tibetan bowls are just a few of the relaxing settings for the binaural beat tracks in this program.

Eddy has enlisted the help of special hypnotherapists as well as audio engineers to assist with compiling the very best quality frequencies.

Want to know what others had to say? Read the testimonials here.

Here’s What Comes With 15 Minute Manifestation:

15 Minute Manifestation Is a digital download that consists of 3 audio tracks plus a bonus track with an added Free E-book. 

These include the sounds of nature and are designed to create a unique and completely immersive learning experience.

Track One: ‘Your Natural State’

This Track Is Called ‘Your Natural State’.

Theta waves are used in this track to connect with your subconscious mind and eliminate the mental blocks that are inhibiting your inherent manifestation power.

Gradually these limiting beliefs will disappear.

You will start to see more opportunity for growth and any hurdles in life will become merely stepping stones toward greater things. 

Track Two: ‘Your New Story’


This Track Is called ‘Your Story’ Because it fills your mind with the thoughts and ideas of what YOU truly want to achieve in your life. 

Finally, your mind will be filled with positivity on a vibratory level and leave you feeling empowered to achieve success in your life.

Track Three: ‘Moving Towards Abundance’

15 minute manifestations’ third track will rewire your mind to attract new thoughts and a prosperity mind-set.

This track will help to reprogram your core habits and beliefs in order to attract abundance in your life.

Deep Sleep Now (Bonus Track):

This was definitely my favorite track in the 15 Minute Manifestation program.

‘Deep Sleep Now’ will make you sleep like a baby using Delta frequencies to send your mind into deep relaxation and complete serenity.

‘Deep Sleep Now’ is great for the late night worriers and anxious thinkers who have restless and difficult sleep cycles.

Manifestation Wizardry (Bonus E-book )

A surprise bonus that I had no idea about was a 25 page E-book called ‘Manifestation Wizardry’.

This was a great introduction for anyone new to the Law of Attraction.

Overall, I found this bonus E-book to be a solid start-up guide to attracting ‘Real Life Magic’ in our every day lives.

Below is the Table of Contents from the E-book.

This E-book is offered as a freebie. Sign up below to get it now for FREE!

Click Here to Get Manifestation Wizardry for free.

The Payment Process of 15 Minute Manifestation….

As soon as the transaction goes through you’ll receive a confirmation email that directs you to a web page containing the downloads to the program.

The page you order from will try to upsell you on another product after you have purchased.

At first, I thought I had to wait through another 45-minute video to receive my goodies but this is completely optional. (I just clicked out and checked my emails)

After clicking through my email link, I was taken to a web page where I had to fill out some details (name and email address).

This gave me access to the exclusive download page with my 4 tracks and bonus E-book (I recommend that you bookmark the page to save you from digging through emails).

If you’re not a computer person, the jump start guide offers some brief instructions to set up the downloads. It also gives a Q And A that helps you to gain a clear understanding of how to best use these frequencies.



Here you have access to download straight to your computer, they even have a tutorial on how to upload these to your phone.

This Page also includes access to your Free E-book, as I said earlier you can get it free here if you’re not ready to buy the full product

Here’s what happened when I put the headphones on….

First off, I want to disclaim that I have not completed this program in the recommended time frame of 21 days (I cheated a little)

In fact, I’ve only had this product for a week now but I have tried and tested the soundtracks multiple times.

I want to make it clear that self-growth takes a lot of commitment and dedication.

This is merely a tool to help you along the way.

I would not recommend you rely on this one product (or any product) to help create abundance in your life. The magic is always within you.

In saying this, accessing these brain frequencies has been scientifically proven to help with your well-being and state of awareness.

Results will always vary depending on the listener and the level of blockage on the mindset.

Like anything in life, the more time and effort you put in the more you’ll get out.

Your Natural State:

Immediately I felt like I was taken to the Amazonian rain forest, I closed my eyes and listened to the beautiful essence of mother nature.

I could hear birds singing in the distant background and the ringing of Tibetan bowls.

Amidst the sounds of nature, I could hear these frequencies vibrate through me.

My breathing slowly relaxed and I felt a sense of euphoria and contentment.

The raindrops felt so real and I was put into a trance in mere minutes.

Your New Story:

I closed my eyes and felt like waves were crashing at my feet, I could almost smell the sea salt in the air.

Again, I was taken into a meditative trance, only this time it felt a little different…

This track seemed more simplistic than the one before but the frequencies in the background felt more powerful.

My guess is that it builds you up after you complete each track.

Moving Towards Abundance:

This track felt more harmonizing and soothing.

The tones felt a lot softer although just as effective.

The mystical tunes really took me on an adventure of my own.

I closed my eyes and felt as though I was high in the sky, the experience was complete serenity.

The Bonus Track (Deep Sleep Now):

Although it’s an added bonus, this track is my favorite one!

As someone who suffers from anxiety-induced insomnia, this track has become my golden ticket to a great nights sleep.

The Delta frequencies made me sleep like a rock! In conclusion, this track is an absolute gem for anyone suffering from poor sleep habits.

What’s The Verdict On 15 Minute Manifestation?

This product honestly surprised me.

As someone who listens to a lot of Binaural beats, these tracks exceeded my expectations not only in quality but also in how easy it was to get into a meditative trance.

I would recommend this product to anyone whether they are new or experienced in the Law of Attraction.

I do feel like there’s still room for improvement but this product is without a doubt going to kick-start a life of abundance.


  • The program comes as an instant download via email.
  • You can upload the tracks to your phone and listen anywhere you like. 
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • It includes a quick Q and A Guide to getting started.
  • The tracks only take 15 minutes a day so are great for someone with a busy schedule wanting to manifest.
  • The program comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Makes the concept of meditation very easy.
  • High-quality sound by the best NLP experts and audio engineers.
  • The tracks really are life changing.
  • Helps you relax more instead of worrying about the things you may lack.


  • The program doesn’t come in a physical form (I guess CD drives and books are outdated).
  • It takes some form of commitment.
  • This product is not a magic pill for success.
  • You cannot listen while driving or operating any form of machinery.
  • Effectiveness can be flawed by doubtfulness.
  • Results will vary depending on your level of commitment


I want to start out by saying that 15 Minute Manifestation has one set price of $49. There are no “discounts” or “extra bonuses” as claimed by many people promoting the product.

However, I found the program to be really affordable considering what it provided.

The bonuses you will receive are all part of the product, therefore, everyone receives the same material with their purchase, regardless of what channels they go through.

As someone who has used binaural beats for many years, I have found this program to be a breath of fresh air!

Although binaural beats aren’t for everyone, they are definitely worth a try for those wanting to improve their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

These powerful frequencies have helped me sleep at night, boosted my self-confidence, increased vitality and overall dramatically enhanced my life.

The quality is amazing and the fact that Eddy has collaborated with Audio Engineers and Hypnotherapists really shows the time and effort put in.

It’s a well-known fact that many people are held back by their fears, programming and limiting beliefs.

As I mentioned earlier, this program is not a magic pill but it is a great tool that can assist those who are struggling to get past the blockages of their manifestation journey.

If you’re looking for a product to help you to reprogram your mind and create the life you want then 15 Minute Manifestation is for you.

Each individual track has its benefits and the bonus material is just as rewarding.

When you try it out for yourself you will receive a 60-day money back guarantee.

If you don’t love the product, you will receive a full refund.

Considering the program is super affordable and only requires you to spend 15 minutes per day, there is really nothing to lose by trying it.

This minor investment will pay for itself tenfold provided you are willing to follow up with your own steps toward alignment.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review!

I tried to go in depth as possible and really hope this has cleared up any misconceptions for you.

If you have any more questions feel free to email me at charlie@modernmanifestations.com or leave a comment below.

Finally, to receive the ’15 Minute Manifestation’ program including the added bonuses click the photo below.

  • Jan says:

    Hi thank you so much for this review have been thinking about buying this product for a while now ..

  • Martin says:

    Hi what’s the difference between binaural from YouTube and the 15 minute manifestation ??

    • Charlie Rogers says:

      Hi Martin that’s a really good question!

      Firstly I have used Binaural beats from Youtube and spotify.

      In saying this. These Binaural may not actually activate any frequencies in your brain, you have no idea what you’re getting.
      These frequencies that are co created by Eddy and his team have been scientifically tested and proven unlike the ones you find on Youtube and Spotify! Hopefully this has helped

  • Edward W. says:

    This has got to be the most in depth review I have read so far. I really appreciate the time and effort you spent in putting it together.

    Now you described the actual product in detail, and the basic fundamental explanation of the neuro-science that backs up the methodology of this program, but the big question that remains is what results have you gotten from listening to these frequencies?

    Oh I know that you had sensations and experienced a great deal of relaxation using the recordings, but have you actually had anything significant manifest in your life from this?


    • Charlie Rogers says:

      Hi Edward thank you so much for your feedback I really appreciate it!

      I strive to give my viewers the most honest and in depth reviews as possible because it can potentially help others make a better life for themselves.

      At the the time of writing this review I had rushed some of the program, I did spend a lot of time listening to the tracks but it wasn’t consistently over a long period of time (It’s recommended to listen them for 21 days).

      I did however find myself coming back to this program especially the ‘Deep Sleep Now’ track.

      I have my morning and afternoon manifestation rituals but at times I find it difficult to meditate and visualize at night .

      This one track was and still is so helpful when getting to sleep at night, I’ve read somewhere that your subconscious mind centers on thoughts that your conscious has just before you fall asleep. So if you are going to bed with a negative frame of mind then your subconscious carries that on to the next day, creating a pattern of unwanted beliefs.

      At the the time my whole routine was getting disrupted because of the worries and stresses I was having the night before, this was lowering my vibrations and I found it harder to manifest throughout the day…. After listening to these tracks again I did notice a shift in my energies.

      To answer your question if this program helped me manifest…Yes it did, just not in the way many people would assume…

      People are often mislead into thinking that you can instantly manifest just by listening to the ‘right’ sound frequencies, they do help but like I’ve said before they are just a tool.

      What 15 minute manifestation did was help me clear my conscious of negative thoughts, this allowed me stop creating resistance between me and my goals/desires/manifestations.

      It did not create an abundance of cash over night or get given a plane ticket to Greece, but it did allow my conscious and subconscious to align, setting the right intentions to keep a higher vibration over the stressful periods of my life.

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