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5 Best Subliminal Mp3s To Rewire Your Subconscious Mind (That You Can Trust!)

Subliminal programs are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and the results they deliver.

Whether it be for losing weight, attracting wealth, improving your mindset, quitting a bad habit, or something else entirely…

In this day and age, there is a subliminal program for everyone no matter what your goals and desires are!

But here’s the catch…

which subliminals really work?

And which ones can you trust?

With the increase in demand, the internet has become a platform where pretty much anyone can create and share their own subliminal tracks online.

Why is this a problem?

Well, first of all, some people really just don’t know what they’re doing.

The subconscious mind is extremely impressionable!

It’s important that your subliminals are created by experts who understand the correct language techniques to use in order to ensure that the right messages are received.

The other issue with subliminals is that not everyone on the internet has the same intentions as you and me…

This can be scary!

If you are going to feed your subconscious mind new beliefs, you want to make sure they are positive and that they line up with your own morals and aspirations.

You can’t hear subliminal affirmations on a conscious level so doing your research is absolutely crucial!!

This is what led me to create this list of 5 subliminal programs, created by some of the most reputable and trusted companies around.

I know that not everyone has time to weed through the internet looking for reliable subliminals that actually work.

So in this article, I’ve done all the work for you!

I’ll also share my absolute favorite and this program has been working wonders in my life so make sure you read till the end (you won’t wanna miss it).

Let’s get into it!

1.) Subliminal Guru

Subliminal Guru is founded by a company called Inspire3, which is a Law of Attraction and personal development company based in London.

They’ve been around since 2003 and have a wide range of alternative products that specialize in unlocking the power within your mind.

This includes meditation training, manifestation courses, hypnosis, NLP and other personal development type programs.

Inspire3 produces high-quality mindset tools with scientific backing to give them an advantage over their competitors.

What are they used for?

Subliminal Guru has one of the biggest ranges of mp3 tracks on the market (350 to be precise).

They cover nearly every single type of need or desire you want, including;

  • Overcoming binge eating.
  • Feel motivated to exercise.
  • Lose weight fast.
  • Lucid dream.
  • Boost your I.Q.
  • Release Limiting Thoughts.
  • Control your emotions.
  • Boosting self-esteem.
  • Attracting more money.
  • Overcome smoking.
  • Reduce anxiety.

What’s included:

On their website, you have the option to purchase an album or a discounted package deal containing 4 albums.

On each album, there are 6 mp3 mixes recorded with different musical styles of the same affirmation track, as well as a bonus spoken affirmation track.

Here are the 6 noise mixes;

1.) Acoustic Mix: A simple guitar riff plays over the top while your affirmations are being delivered to you on a subconscious level.

2.) Brown Noise: This mix sounds like a constant static-like wave. It’s said to be similar to what a baby hears in the womb so most people associate the sound with feelings of warmth, comfort, and safety.

3.) Rainfall: Personally one of my faves, this track provides a comforting sense of being surrounded by rain.

4.) Stream: Sounds exactly the same as sitting by a natural stream, you can also hear birds which creates a sense of being in nature and outdoors.

5.) Relaxation: This soft elevator track is great for unwinding after a long day. It’s super relaxing and you will likely fall asleep listening to it.

6.) Workout Mix: These uplifting beats will make you feel pumped and motivated to get through any workout. Alternatively, use them while going about your daily routine to feel more energized while soaking up some really powerful subliminals.

Each album also comes with a brainwave layering versions for all 7 tracks.

This helps pull your subconscious into a more receptive state which makes the process a lot more effective.

The Subliminal Guru tracks run for 10 minutes so you get a total of 2 hours (20 minutes for each album) listening time in a package deal.

What I like about them:

  • Wide variety of subliminal albums to choose from.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • 6 different musical styles that cater to different moods.
  • Additional brainwave versions for each album – Which help induce your subconscious into a receptive state.
  • High quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Good price.


Personally, I’ve used Subliminal Guru a lot in comparison with the other programs on this list.

A few months ago I downloaded the Law of Attraction bundle and have noticed a huge shift in my energies since listening to the mp3s.

Not only have I noticed an increase in my mood and energy, but I have also manifested more desires into my life including, money, stronger friendships, better focus and an overall sense of well being.

Inspire3 are a great company, from their support system to their range of high-quality products it’s hard to find any faults.

They have different variations and a wide range to choose from, this gives a lot more variety than the others too.

I managed to get 10% off my bundle with a discount code. If you want to take advantage of this deal it’s 7PRF9UQJ

It’s easy, just use the code in the checkout to get your discount!

Take a look at Subliminal Gurus’s products here.

2.) Brain Sync

Founded by Kelly Howell Brain Sync has a wide variety of subliminal tracks to use.

Since the 80s Kelly has worked with neuroscientists and biofeedback specialists to develop the highest quality soundwave audio tracks for friends, patients, and other medical professionals in the self-help/personal development industry.

Her specialty is binaural beats, which is combing two different sound waves to induce a more meditative state of consciousness.

This allows the mind to have a deeper level of communication with the subliminal affirmations.

Kelly is the real deal, she’s been in this field for over 30 years helping people all around in the world.

In fact, she claims on her website to have an 87% success rate using her mp3s!

What are they used for?

  • Deep meditation.
  • Manifesting money.
  • Pure focus. 
  • Super learning.
  • Weightloss.
  • Clear wave clarity.
  • Fulfill your heart’s desire.

And so on…

What’s included:

Each album comes with two tracks.

  1. Ocean waves w Subliminals – Can be used anytime.
  2. Ocean Waves w Subliminals & Theta Waves (binaural beats) which have to be used with headphones.

To make the binaural beats work you need headphones.

This is because you are being played a different tone in each ear.

When the two tones are played together, the brain is influenced to move into a new frequency entirely. In the case of this program, a theta wave.

A theta wave ranges from 4-7hz.

It’s a deep meditative brainwave frequency that is usually reached within sleep or meditation.

Being in Theta is said to be a powerful method to speed up the subconscious programming from the affirmations.

What I like about them:

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Powerful Binaural beats are a great addition.
  • Effective and easy to use.
  • It helps me drop out of my mental thoughts, into a deep state of consciousness.
  • High audible quality.
  • Great effect on my vibrations.

I like Kelly Howels’ subliminal programs because she’s spent years crafting her work with the help of sound engineers and neuroscientists.

And by the quality of the tracks, it really shows.

The use of binaural beats with the subliminal affirmations is clever, and such an effective way to reprogram your subconscious for what you wish to manifest.

The only downfall is you might need to buy some headphones if you don’t have any!

Take a look at Brain Syncs Subliminal tracks here.

3.) RealSubliminal

RealSubliminals are another company that helps by naturally stimulating your subconscious mind.

They have a range of over 200 subliminal tracks to choose from and started creating these programs a little over 9 years ago.

I’ve only listened to a couple of their tracks, but the ones I’ve listened to have been super effective and great quality.

What are they used for?

  • Become more persistent. 
  • Attract success.
  • Time management.
  • Healthy eating habits.
  • Boost self-esteem.
  • Overcome fear.
  • Increase IQ
  • Business success.
  • Attract wealth. 
  • Meditation aid.

As well as the Law of Attraction, life success, and other personal development brain training. 

What’s included:

Each album contains a total of 3 x 10-minute tracks with sounds of nature, the ocean and one track that’s silent.

Throughout the album, there are between 30-40 powerful affirmations that cater to exactly what you want to attract.

The bonus track (the silent one) condenses the best affirmations across the other 3 tracks, this condensed version of the album can be used anywhere without any background disturbances.

Which means you get a total of 40 minutes worth of audio Subliminals in each album.

What I like about them:

  • It comes as a download and as a physical C.D. – Which is becoming more uncommon these days!
  • Created with high-end technology.
  • Can get custom affirmations – This is great for manifesting specific desires!
  • Huge range of tracks for different needs.
  • No questions asked money-back guarantee.
  • Great support.
  • Powerful tracks.


Realsubliminals have a large range of high-quality soundwave subliminal tracks. 

The fact that they offer a custom subliminal album is a game-changer, simply choose your own scripts and music, then the company will l do the rest for you.

This is perfect if you’re trying to achieve a specific goal such as losing a certain amount of pounds, attracting a specific desire, or creating a unique mindset.

I personally haven’t bought their custom audios yet, but it’s definitely worth the few extra dollars.

The affirmations used in each track are powerful and Realsubliminals provide the details on the product pages so you know exactly what’s on the tracks.

learn more about Real Subliminals and their custom tracks here.

4.) Mindzoom

Mindzooms’ subliminal program adds something extra to your traditional mp3s…

They provide visual subliminals that can be used on your computer.

Basically, it’s a software program that flashes thousands of affirmations across your computer screen so quickly that you can hardly see them.

The visual messages used are also translated into an audio format, so you can use them together for double the power.

Using the two senses together is supposed to create a powerful combination to help retrain your subconscious.

It’s perfect to use while working, studying, or browsing the web on the computer.

What are they used for?

  • Removing bad habits.
  • Learning faster and more efficiently.
  • Reducing fear.
  • Attracting desires.
  • Creating a more positive mindset.
  • Happiness.
  • Health.
  • Money.
  • Leadership.

What’s included:

Mindzoom software: The message delivering software is a simple program to download to your computer. Simply fill in which positive statements you would like and the software flashes it before your eyes. The affirmations are flashed up to 3,600 times per hour. This works for both Windows and Mac.

Silent Soundwave Subliminals: As part of the software program, this technology converts your chosen text affirmations into subliminal audio sound waves, these are then played through speakers or headphones while using the visual Subliminals.

Mindzoom Mixer:  If you’re feeling creative you might like this feature, this mixer allows you to create your own subliminal audios from scratch, there are many different things you can do with this including adding your own music and affirmations. It’s completely optional but if you’re a tech wizard wanting to create their own personal subliminal tracks, this software is for you.

Learn more about Mindzoom here.

You also get these bonuses:

  • Be Free & Be Lucky: A 40-minute subliminal track filled with hidden affirmations to help eliminate limiting beliefs that allow for more peace, positivity and new opportunities to come your way.
  • Brainwave elevation kit.
  • Mind Reality Ebook: A 70-page ebook that teaches how your mind creates your reality.
  • Meditation Mp3 Tracks.
  • 101 Powerful affirmations Ebook.
  • Over 1150 affirmations.

What I like about them:

  • Customizable mp3 software.
  • Incorporates visual affirmations to use on computer.
  • It comes with a lot of great bonus material.
  • Great audio quality.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unique.


Mindzoom is different, which is why I had to add them to this list.

The visual feature accompanied by traditional audio makes for a unique and powerful experience.

The software program is easy to use and there is plenty of support in case you get stuck with anything.

I love that you can create your own tracks and add any type of music you want.

Some subliminals have the same old sounds of the ocean waves or nature but this feature feels unique and you’ll never get tired of listening to your audios again.

The added bonuses are good too, although they’re not necessary it’s nice getting something extra with your purchase.

This program is for anyone that wants to take their affirmations a step further and perhaps try something a little different.

Learn more about Mindzoom technology here.

5.) SuccessSubliminals

Successsubliminals are not as well known as the other companies I have mentioned, but like the others, their quality tracks help program your mind with positive and empowering thought patterns to reach your full potential.

Their technology has been tried and tested using specially crafted affirmations and advanced sound technology for you to see results with each track you listen too.

What are they used for?

  • Online business secrets.
  • Sales success.
  • Luck Magnet.
  • Sexual magnetism.
  • Social attraction.
  • Unshakable confidence.
  • Emotional healing.
  • Intelligence booster.

What’s included:

Most premium subliminal bundles come with 4 x 30-60 minutes MP3 tracks in different audio styles:

  • Music (pleasant relaxation music)
  • Music + Theta Waves (same music but with added brainwave entrainment sounds)
  • Water (gentle stream and soothing natural sounds)
  • Water + Theta Waves (same as water plus brainwave entrainment layers)

What I like about them:

  • Tracks help with limiting beliefs and brain blocks.
  • Effective support (reply within 24 hours).
  • Cover a wide variety of different needs (see list above)
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Easy to use.
  • Powerful affirmations incorporated.
  • Uses the whisper technique.


I haven’t used all of the tracks personally, but I really enjoyed the Theta waves and emotional booster pack.

The support is helpful, the quality of tracks is superb and they have a really good price for what you get!

I also have a 10% discount for any purchase, the code is: 71419dcb81

Take a look at SuccessSubliminals tracks here

To Sum This Up…

I hope you managed to find the perfect subliminal program for you!

Like I said earlier, there is some dodgy crap on the internet and these are the best and most well-trusted companies I have found.

All of these programs are great but of course, it’s important to pick the one that caters toward your own unique needs and desires.

As promised earlier in the article I will tell you that my absolute favorite from this list is the tracks created by Subliminal Guru.

These guys have given me the absolute best results all round, they have helped me have better self-esteem, attract more money and I have even lost 15 pounds using their weight loss subliminals.

The prices are amazing and Subliminal Guru even offers a ten percent off discount on your purchase.

I highly recommend giving Subliminal Guru a try but don’t count out any of the other programs I have mentioned either.

Each company has its own benefits, plus they all offer a money-back guarantee so there’s really nothing to lose!

Happy mindset training!

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

Charlie is a spiritual manifestation coach/teacher that has helped thousands of people around the world manifest their goals and desires. She’s been featured on Elephant Journal, Addicted 2 Success & More!

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