Becoming Limitless (“Be Extraordinary”) Review – 2020 Update

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So recently, I saw a Mindvalley trailer pop up on Youtube that got me curious…

The video was Vishen Lakhiani (the CEO of Mindvalley) talking about his course on “Becoming Limitless”.

He has since changed the name of the course to “Be Extraordinary” but here’s what initially caught my attention…

Vishen was talking about Steve Jobs being able to “bend reality”…

And Richard Branson being able to tap into an altered state…

A flow state that guarantees success at an elite level.

According to Vishen, the whole idea of having to “work hard” in order to achieve success is a myth.

This dogmatic worldview has been spoonfed to mankind for centuries and for many people, it has prevented them from reaching their fullest potential.

Quick disclaimer: Just to be 100% clear with you, this post does contain affiliate links!

The Idea Of “Bending Reality”…

Okay so being a total Law of Attraction geek, I have to admit, Vishen had me interested!

I wanted to take the course and learn how to “bend reality” myself!

I mean, I have always been big on self-investment and personal development…

Successful people never stop learning and up-leveling themselves, right?

This course could really elevate me to the next level in life.

Besides that, I have this personal belief that whenever we absorb the teachings of another, we tap into their energy on a very subtle level…

Vishen Lakhani is an incredibly intelligent and successful man.

I knew I would gain a lot of wisdom from him…

So, I clicked through to the sales page, excited to take the plunge!

But when I scrolled down to the bottom…


Jeepers, okay I have never paid that much for a personal development course!

Was it going to be worth it?

I had to take a moment to weigh up the pros and cons…

Here is the list I came up with…


  • It’s a risk. I don’t know if the course is going to be good yet.
  • I would have to do a few extra shifts at work to cover the cost upfront.
  • It’s a large course… would I even commit to finishing the whole thing?


  • It would potentially be an investment for my future.
  • I would be given the chance to copy success secrets from Vishen himself.
  • Mindvalley is considered a trusted online university.
  • I would have access to the material forever.
  • There was an option to pay off the course in installments.

I went through my pros and cons a few times before finally deciding…

If getting the course meant that I could continue along a path to personal development and massive success then what’s the harm in giving it a go?

This review is me reporting my findings back to you.

First I will go over the program itself, what it’s like and what it contains…

Then, close to the end of the article, I will share my experience on more of a personal level (You won’t want to miss me spilling the tea!)

So who is Vishen Lakhiani?

Becoming-limitless-review-Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of Mindvalley and a New York Times best selling author.

In the early 2000’s Vishen was working in Silicon Valley as a phone salesman.

If you have ever worked in phone sales before you will know that it’s an emotionally draining job…

Abuse, hang-ups, language barriers…

Vishen was struggling…

He signed up for a meditation class to help him with everyday work/life pressure…

But what he gained from meditation was much more than a few moments of peace and relaxation.

By tapping into a meditative flow state, Vishen suddenly stopped having so many issues at work.

In fact, within a week he actually managed to double his sales!

One month later, he doubled them again…

And again the following month.

From there, Vishen became fascinated with the idea of “bending reality” and jumped headfirst into creating Mindvalley in an attempt to make meditation more mainstream.

By compiling 25 years’ worth of study on consciousness engineering, Vishen created his framework for the levels of consciousness.

He also organized his steps for level ascension into 8 modules.

These are now part of the curriculum within the ‘Be Extraordinary’ course.

What’s ‘Be Extraordinary’ All About?

‘Be Extraordinary’ centers around Vishen Lakhiani’s framework of consciousness evolution.

He breaks this framework down into four stages.

1.) Living in the Culturescape.

2.) The Awakening.

3.) Recording Yourself.

4.) Becoming Limitless/Be Extraordinary

Vishen claims that 99% of the population is on level 1 in his model but if you are one of my regular readers I would suggest that you have most likely crossed over to level 2 or higher already.

So let’s review the stages of consciousness:

1.) Living In The Culturescape

Those who are in the first level of consciousness are ruled by the ego and follow societal and cultural norms without question.

These are the people who see no other way but to conform to working a 9 – 5, getting married, having 3 kids, and buying a house with a white picket fence.

Their main goal is to survive the rat race and they will usually sacrifice their own purpose and gifts in order to please mainstream society.

2.) The Awakening

At level 2, people begin to see through the veil that has been placed over them by societal and cultural norms.

They realize that they don’t actually have to conform to “how a person should be”.

They understand that life happens for them, not to them, and therefore, can start shaping reality in whichever way they choose.

When you are in level 2, you know that your thoughts and emotions create your reality.

You become free from the rat race and begin to experience more abundance in every sense of the word.

3.) Recording Yourself

Ok, so the 3rd level of consciousness is really where the magic starts to take form.

When a person reaches level 3 they become “a servant to a higher calling”.

It’s during this stage that you recognize your true mission in life.

You will let go of judgment and embrace global unity.

What’s more, manifestation and luck will become accelerated.

This is because you will reach alignment with your highest purpose.

Your purpose, no matter how big or small will expand humanity in some way or another.

Allowing a greater good to shine through you will strengthen your intuition and enhance your connection with source.

You will feel more passionate about the actions you take and things will just begin to flow.

4.)  Becoming Limitless/Be Extraordinary

Stage 4 can be comparable to a state of “enlightenment”.

According to Vishen, we experience stage 4 periodically under extreme circumstances or through meditation but very rarely does someone settle within this stage of consciousness.

During the course, you will be taught about level 4 but you will mainly focus on reaching level 3.

Personally, I found this a little frustrating since the program itself was called “becoming limitless” and yet you are not taught how to remain in stage 4 (also called becoming limitless).

Perhaps that’s part of the reason why Mindvalley changed the course name to “Be Extraordinary”.

However, this may be more of a case of mislabeling rather than false advertising… especially since your limitations do begin to drop in level 3. 

Also, the labels on the consciousness levels seem to change around a bit…

I don’t know.


Let’s Take A Look At The Curriculum…

OK, so the ‘Be Extraordinary’ curriculum is made up of 8 modules.

You will complete 1 module per week over the course of 8 weeks using pre-recorded video lessons.

The lessons are bite-sized and super easy to grasp.

I think I spent about 90 minutes a week studying so completion is definitely achievable, even if you have a busy schedule.

You will also get full access to the community which is an awesome way to make friends and receive guidance and support from like-minded people.

Module Overview….

Here is what you will learn in each of the 8 modules.


Module 1: Everything You Need To Know To Begin

The first module of ‘Be Extraordinary’ is an introduction.

Vishen will take you through his framework for consciousness and he will begin to show you how reality is not what most people think.

You will be encouraged to break free from the societal mold and dream bigger without fear.

By the end of this module, you will understand that reality is malleable and that life is happening from you, not to you.

Module 2: Total Inner Peace

In module 2 you will learn how to heal past wounds and forgive those who may have caused you to limit yourself.

You will discover how to let go of attachment to desires and simply be at peace with life as it is now.

This release will help you to attract more abundance and blessings into your life…

It will also allow you to embrace your fullest potential.

During this module, Vishen will show you how to use Alpha waves to develop a heightened intuition for creative problem-solving.

This will help you to gain more clarity on how to achieve your goals.

Module 3: Blissaplin

In Module 3, Vishen will teach you how to go further than peacefulness to reach a state of pure joy.

This part of the course is really about learning how to better navigate your emotions.

You will be taught a daily practice to hack your happiness levels for instant and long-term results.

You will also learn the importance of being present.

Module 3 centers around active gratitude, forgiveness, self-love, presence, and the feeling that “I am enough”.

But my favorite part of the module 3 lessons was how the connection is made between emotional well being and slowing down the aging process.

This module will really open your eyes to how much inner wellbeing impacts your external appearance.

Take a look at all the 8 modules here.

Module 4: A Vision For Your Future

Module 4 is all about making your way out of systemized thinking in order to blaze your own trail.

In this module, you will learn how to connect with your mission in life as opposed to your “career”.

Vishen claims that by honoring your true purpose, you will bypass stress and anxiety and therefore be able to live more consistently in a joyful state of flow.

Following your purpose will allow you to easily connect with higher guidance and abundance.

During this module, Vishen will also teach you his “powerful four-step solution for mastering energy direction”.

Module 5: The Power Of Intuition

In module 5, you will be taught to strengthen your intuition.

By developing a 6th sense, you will tap into higher levels of guidance and support so that you can more easily reach your goals.

You will be able to look at new opportunities with discernment and receive inner nudges with regard to problem-solving and making the best decisions for you.

Vishen teaches how to clear any blocks that are holding your intuition back from developing so that you can channel an intuitive flow state more effortlessly.

He also explains how high achievers such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have implemented intuition into their lives to help guide them along the path to success within their purpose.

This module will also go into more advanced techniques for tapping into intuition such as “The Invisible Councillor” and “Delta Doorway”.

Module 6: Bending Reality

Module 6 is a preparation stage in the course to help you better navigate through the 4 stages of consciousness.

The idea is to help get you ready for stage 3 so that you can effectively and rapidly create results in every area of your life.

In other words, it’s in this module where you will actually start learning how to “bend reality.

You will prepare to receive inspiration toward your higher purpose (If you haven’t already discovered it) and then you will be given visualization techniques to help you excel along this path.

Personally, module 6 is where I had most of my “aha!” moments.

Module 7: Expanded Consciousness And Merging

In this module, you will be given all the tools to commit to your purpose and therefore ensure that you continue along the path towards your highest levels of success.

I think this step is critical because personally, I have seen many people in life who have seemed (at least momentarily) to have found their purpose…

It lights them up, it brings them joy and yet for some reason… they end up giving up.

It’s like the ego won’t let them do well in life…

In module 7, you will be taught how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

You will also learn how to accelerate the manifestation of your goals within your particular mission.

Vishen teaches a technique called “Merging” which will help you to manifest your desires faster.

I really think that this technique for rapidly attracting results, helps you to connect more deeply with your vision and therefore stay committed.

Module 8 – How To Rally People Around Your Vision

When you inspire people to believe in your vision, you essentially create a mass manifestation.

This means that other people are contributing to the vibration of your goal and therefore helping to pull it into existence faster than ever before.

In the final module of Be Extraordinary’, you will learn how to best influence the right people to get on board with your vision.

Vishen Lakhiani is an absolute expert at this. Just take a look at Mindvalley and the amazing group of speakers and teachers he has rallied together.

Module 8 is all about finding your tribe and allowing external support to uplift you toward your highest purpose.

BONUS FEATURE: 8 Recorded Group Coaching Sessions With Vishen Lakhiani

As an added bonus, you’ll receive 8 pre-recorded coaching sessions.

It’s here that Vishen answers commonly asked questions and also clarifies topics on a deeper level.

I liked that he went the extra mile with this so that everyone can understand and act on his teachings.

The Outcome…

The main thing I have experienced since completing the ‘Be Extraordinary’ course is a deeper sense of purpose and connection with my calling.

My understanding of the Law of Attraction has deepened.

For example, I now understand that my intentions manifest more rapidly when I am in alignment with who I really am.

I feel more intuitive towards guidance and signs from the universe.

I also feel that when I am channeling the altered state, my “work” seems to flow with ease.

I’ve been empowered to speak my message and to be authentic with my truth without worrying about how it will be received by others.

As a summary, here is a quick review of the overall pros and cons within the ‘Be Extraordinary’ course.


  • The course was of a high standard and without a doubt worth what I paid for it.
  • Mindvalley is a trusted online university.
  • The modules contained actionable techniques to uplevel your life.
  • Vishen is a natural teacher and easy to listen to.
  • The community element was great and it was nice to receive that extra support.
  • Mindvalley lets you pay on a helpful installment plan.
  • They do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The course could be more inclusive. I feel like there are people who could really benefit from ‘Be Extraordinary’ yet they can’t afford it.
  • I would have liked to have learned more about the 4th stage of consciousness.
  • There is a discrepancy in the names of the conscious levels (The 4th level was originally called ‘Becoming Limitless’ yet the course centers around the 3rd level.)
  • The lessons are all pre-recorded which means you can’t speak directly to Vishen for advice unique to your own situation.
  • The course requires a commitment of 90 minutes a week for a period of 8 weeks.

Final thoughts…

Personally, I feel this course was of a high standard and it definitely helped me to tap into my purpose.

Since taking the course I feel more positive about the direction my life is taking and I’m excited to tackle some of my bigger life goals.

I feel that coming into alignment with my mission has created more luck within my life.

At the same time, it has also helped me to get more done and take more action through the flow state.

I recommend ‘Be Extraordinary’ for anyone who is…

  • Ready to escape from the falsehoods of reality.
  • Looking to manifest health, wealth, and abundance.
  • Wanting to make a real difference in their life.
  • Feeling “stuck”.
  • Unsure of their purpose.
  • Wanting to embody the highest version of themselves.
  • Ready to serve a higher mission.
  • Wanting to connect more deeply with their intuition and be directed towards a greater path.

Click Here to Take A Look At Vishen Lakhiani’s Be Extraordinary!


2 thoughts on “Becoming Limitless (“Be Extraordinary”) Review – 2020 Update”

  1. Hi

    I’m intrigued by this class, certainly the idea of not being a slave to society and what people expect of you is very interesting. At the same time though, going against the grain can leave you quite isolated.

    I think this review would be a bit more helpful if you were a bit more specific. For example, I’d like to know what goals you personally achieved and what your feelings about certain aspects of life were before and after (career, love, friendship, parliamentary corruption, etc.)

    Could you also clarify what you mean by ‘higher purpose’? Is this specific for each person? How do you define ‘purpose’, as opposed to your goals? Does the course teach you exactly how to find what your purpose is? Is the theory that we have no purpose and are merely here by accident considered?

    Also I find some of it a bit contradictory – at some points it’s about being true to yourself, yet you also speak about letting go of your desires. Could you clarify this? What would you say to those who believe your desires make up who you are?

    And aren’t your ‘negative’ feelings – anger, injustice, betrayal, etc. just as much a part of you as those we would prefer to have? Thus, in this sense, is this course teaching you to be more true to yourself, or in fact more like someone who is happy and successful?

    I’m a little confused by this concept of ‘bending reality’ – could you explain that a bit deeper? There is a fine line between ‘bending reality’ and ‘not living in reality’. Is it perhaps those who are most content are living in a self-centred, narcissistic and delusional fantasy?

    • Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for the feedback I will try to answer your questions the best I can.

      You asked what goals I have achieved. I have been on a self-development path for a while now so I have taken this course and a few others. This course has helped me to awaken to own sovereignty and it’s helped me to feel inspired and motivated toward taking back control. My life, in general, has been on an upward path since deciding to invest in self-development and personal growth. It’s not something where you just take the course and suddenly you’re a changed person… Becoming Limitless (or “Be Extraordinary”) lights a fire in your soul that allows you to realize your full potential. I have gone from extreme depression and anxiety/agoraphobia, no job, and no social life to being incredibly fulfilled. I now have a wonderful partner, the apartment of my dreams, a great group of friends and I am just about to leave my job as my partner and I enjoy multiple income-streams thanks to our businesses and investments.

      Now I can’t tell you that I got all of this from one single course. It was a choice I made to take this journey of self-empowerment and this course has simply aided me by lighting a fire within and keeping me inspired/motivated.

      In my opinion, when you invest in self-development, the return is always well worth what you put in, but at the same time, nobody is going to do the work for you.

      The beauty of this course is that it allows you to look at your natural passions. That’s where we find true purpose and when you’re following your true purpose, things fall into place naturally and with a lot less effort than if you’re taking action on something that’s not really for you. This falls into your second question so I hope that makes a little more sense.

      When I speak of letting go I’m not saying to give up on your desires and I am not saying to throw out any negative emotions. Letting go to me is more about releasing the need to control those things because you TRUST the process and you trust in yourself.

      You can still have desires but you don’t need to obsess over them. It’s just a given. You know what you want and you’re getting it. No need to stress.

      And then with negative emotions, you’re not desperately trying to pick yourself up or align to any way of being. You just accept yourself fully and let go of control. Allow yourself to feel bad and move through it naturally. It’s just living in more of a flow state.

      Okay so finally your question on bending reality. First of all, reality is different for everyone, right? An experience may be objective but the way in which a person experiences is always subjective. The idea is that you create your own reality. So your thoughts, emotions, and actions create your experiences and those experiences determine the path on which your life unfolds. Therefore, you have the ability to bend your own reality. It’s as simple as that.


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