5 Best Abundance Meditation Programs To Manifest Money Fast

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There are plenty of meditation programs that help you to eliminate debt, reach financial goals & create abundance in your life, but which is the best?

In today’s article, I will share the exact audios to unlock your inner wealth magnet to make the money flow like water!

Let’s get into it, shall we?

How Can Meditation Attract Wealth?

Meditating allows you to reach a higher vibrational frequency & eliminate “money blocks” to effortlessly allow wealth into your life.

You see, everything vibrates on different wave lengths.

If you’re currently facing financial struggles or the inability to acquire wealth in your life then it’s due to not being in alignment with it’s vibration.

The most common reason for being misaligned are limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are deeply imbedded falsehoods that cause resistance in your subconious mind.

So, by using the power of meditation you can access powerful states of consciousness for financial opportunity to manifest.

The Benefits Of Using An Abundance Meditation Program:

If you’re familiar with traditional meditation practices, then you may be wondering;

“What’s the difference between a meditation program vs traditional meditation?”

The biggest difference is that each program uses specially engineered soundwave audios that play relaxing sounds to allow your mind to fall into a trance like state.

Depending on which audio you choose, they offer a range audio overlays including binaural tones, subliminal affirmations and sometimes even guided voices to get the best results possible.

Here are major benefits with using audio tracks, including:

  • Dissolves mental chatter for more clarity.
  • Combats restlessness.
  • Easier for beginners to see results.
  • Puts your mind in a “trance” like state of consciousness quicker.
  • Includes special audio waves that make it more effective.
  • Creates a stronger vibration for receiving.
  • Requires less time.
  • Can use while sleeping.

Again, both ways work just as well as one another.

However if you’ve struggled with meditating in the past or haven’t seen the results you’d hoped for than I highly recommend you give a guided track a go!

How To See The Best Results:

If you want to see ultimate money results with your meditation tracks than I suggest you try these tips & techniques as well.

1.) Learn about visualization & affirmations: 

The audios do pretty much all the work for you, but there’s no harm in trying to amplify the results even more right?

That’s why I highly recommend you learn how to visualize and repeat affirmations during your meditation sessions.

Visualization is the art of foreseeing your financial desires played out in your reality, and affirmations are powerful mantras that tell the universe exactly what you want.

Although these aren’t necessary, these skills will increase your chances of manifesting wealth into your life.

2.) Use a pair of comfortable headphones: 

To get full effect of the specially engineered sound wave meditation audios, I always recommend using a pair of good quality headphones.

The right headphones will not only put you in a deeper trance to receive, but they will also allow for the sound waves to be more effective.

3.) Relax your mind, body and soul: 

Find a nice, warm and comfortable area where you can relax without being disturbed.

You’re welcome to lie down or sit up, just do what’s most comfortable for you.

For me personally, I like to listen to meditation audios after a warm bath with a couple fragrance candles lit.

Now it’s time to listen to abundance audios, here are my favorite!

1.) The Wealth Compass:

The Wealth Compass is a 4 week guided meditation program designed to erase past money limitations & create abundance in your life.


Made with specially engineered Theta tones & beautifully crafted sound wave tracks, this program will help you break away from specific problems causing resistance.

Here’s what it offers:

  • Helps to redirect your attention from a place of lack, to an abundance of opportunities around you.
  • Battles “negative self-talk” surrounding finances and encourages empowerment.
  • Tunes you into your natural state of abundance.
  • Manifest business & money goals.
  • Avoid shiny object syndrome.
  • Connect with your natural self and understand who you are.

What comes with The Wealth Compass? 

  • The main program
  • A welcome video
  • Bonus #1: “How to Become the Leader of Your Attention
  • Bonus #2: “The Wealth Compass E-Book
  • Bonus #3: “The Wealth Compass Printable Attention Tracker
  • Bonus #4: “The Wealth Compass Inner Circle

My personal thoughts of the program:

I gave the meditation audios a try for myself, and I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned with you:

– I decide my own boundaries & limitations: Once my mind was made up, this gave me a sense of clarity with the money goals I wish to pursue.

– Practice daily gratitude for what you do have already: In order to steer away from the thoughts & feelings of lack, always remind yourself of the positives you have already in life. This will attract more of those thoughts & feelings.

– Don’t ignore feelings of unworthiness: Instead acknowledge these emotions and make an agreement to better yourself everyday, ignoring them will only create more resistance with your goals and desires.

– Your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and actuality: Feeling positive emotions freely will allow what you want to materialize into your reality.

And last but not least, practice being open to receiving abundance. Write down small money manifestations, visualize and keep an open heart.

The Wealth Compass is a great tool to manifest wealth and I highly recommend you take a look & tell me what you think.

Click here to watch the free Wealth Compass presentation!

2.) Manifestation Magic:

Manifestation Magic is a series of audio tracks that implement brainwave entrainment frequencies using Energy orbiting technology.


Energy Orbiting is an autopilot audio system that combines brainwave entrainment, hypnotic guidance, and NLP to help target your point of awareness.

When listening to these audio tracks you allow your mind to fall into the meditative state to attract money, abundance, & financial freedom.

Here’s what it offers: 

  • Delta, Theta, & Beta frequencies to access subconious thoughts and implement a money mindset.
  • Free doubts about wealth.
  • Shifts a poverty mindset into an abundant mindset.
  • Centers positivity about accumulating wealth.
  • Expands creativity to help reach your goals.

What comes with Manifestation Magic? 

  • Quick Start Manifestation Guide (PDF, Kindle, iBook versions)
  • Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track
  • 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks to Enhance Chakra Wealth Energy.
  • The “Push Play” Audio App
  • 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee
  • Bonus #1 – Chakra Power System
  • Bonus #2 – 360 Transformation System
  • 2 Surprise Bonuses – The Abundance Miracle System & 7 Sacred Signs

My personal thoughts of Manifestation Magic:

I took this program over a year ago and learned a lot about my own money problems, here’s what I learned:
– Consistency is key: Aligning with vibrations of wealth comes from consistent effort on your behalf, so if you’re looking to buy a meditation program you need to practice listening to them daily.
– You need to eliminate past limiting thought patterns: The Energy Orbiting system will likely draw some past issues to the surface, allow them to surface in order for them be rewritten with positive ones.
– Audios induce a calming energy: There are certain tracks designed to be listened to in the morning before you start your day, these tracks relieve stress & worries surrounding money.
If you want to learn more about my personal journey with Manifestation Magic, read my review here.

3.) Midas Manifestation:

If you’re struggling to achieve your money goals then these sound tracks will help.

Midas Manifestation uses what’s called the “Midas Manifestation Effect.”


According to the creator of the program, these audios will change your minds perception & tap into the universal vibrations of abundance by harnessing chakra energies.

There are 5 separate audio tracks that focus on different chakras.

  • Track 1 – Manifest Destiny: This tracks uses a 228 Hz sound wave frequency to connect to the third eye chakra. This releases limiting beliefs around money, gives you smart business sense, motivates and inspires creativity.
  • Track 2 – Divine Willingness: This track uses 216Hz frequency & focuses on the crown chakra that directly connects with the ability to receive abundance from the universe. Crown chakra also invokes inner wisdom to work through financial challenges and raises your vibrational frequency to align with your soul purpose.
  • Track 3 – Anahata Bliss: This meditation audio focuses on your heart chakra. By targeting the heart chakra it helps to relieve negative thought patterns that cause resistance when attracting wealth. This audio track uses 639 Hz frequencies.
  • Track 4 – Manipura Consciousness: The fourth track uses 528 Hz frequencies to interact with the solar plexus chakra. Targeting the solar plexus eliminates unworthiness around attracting money.
  • Track 5 – Midas Unleashed: Midas Unleashed uses a 369 Hz frequency to focus on the root chakra, the main source of wealth. This manifests a healthy relationship & unties you from past bounds with accumulating fortune.

My personal thoughts of Midas Manifestation:

– Unblocks & aligns your chakra energy to tap into the universal vibration of abundance.

– Connects you with the secret principles of the universe.

– Prevents limiting beliefs from repeating to allow a new flow of positive thoughts around wealth.

– Aligns you with your soul purpose.

Overall this program gave me a completely new understanding of my Chakras and how to unblock them, by listening to the audio tracks it’s helped with creating a positive relationship with wealth.

Click here to learn more about Midas Manifestation & Chakra cleansing.

4.) 15 Minute Manifestation:

15 Minute Manifestation is a powerful sound wave bundle that rewires “The Editor” to eliminate money blocks & sync your subconscious to good fortune.


The Editor is what the creator refers to as the seed in your subconscious, so if you’re having money issues then sometimes this seed is attached to resistance blocking the vibrations of wealth.

Listening to the audio tracks helps to refresh deep parts of your subconious mind with positive thought patterns to manifest abundance.

Here’s what it offers: 

  • Creates a millionaire mindset to attract business opportunities & large amounts of wealth.
  • Gives you ultimate luck.
  • Deeply imbeds powerful thought patterns that magnetize you to success.
  • Eliminates past fears & worries.
  • Gives natural self confidence.

What comes with 15 minute manifestation? 

The program consists of 3 main audio wave tracks:

  1. ‘Your Natural State’.
  2. ‘Your New Story’.
  3. ‘Move Towards Abundance’.

As well as two extra bonuses:

  1. ‘Deep Sleep Now Audio Track’.
  2. ‘Manifestation Wizardry’ Ebook.

My personal thoughts on the meditation program:

– Allowing sound wave frequencies to target deep into your subconscious offers permanent results.

– Tracks are easy to use & require very little time out of your day.

– Audios are soothing & put me in a meditative trance quickly.

– The Deep Sleep now track is truly life changing!

Click here to learn about the Editor & how it can manifest you wealth!

5.) Prosperity Miracles:

Prosperity Miracles focuses on using audio tracks to convert negative energy (or vibrations) into positive energy.


It’s based off Einstein’s theory of relativity, and that all energy cannot be destroyed but only moved or converted.

Simply put, if you are losing your job, getting into debt and so on, then this exact energy can be turned into positive vibrations to acquire the opposite.

Here’s what it offers: 

  • Redirecting feelings of uselessness into feelings of courage & strength.
  • Draws you into a meditative state to align with your higher purpose.
  • Eliminates current worries surround debt.
  • Gives you magnet abilities to raise your vibrations.

What comes with this program? 

The program consists of 2 parts. It’s advised to listen to 1 track or 5minutes, 10minutes or 30minutes every day depending on the amount of time you have.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to receive abundance and prosperity from the Universe.

PART 1: Break The Mind Reaper [Track]

You can choose either 5minute, 10minute or 30minute based on the amount of time you have.

PART 2: Prosperity Tracks for Morning & Night

Prosperity Track [Morning]

  • Morning Energy Attractor
  • Growing Unlimited Wealth
  • Prosperity Multiplier
  • The Universe Whisperer

Prosperity Track [Morning]

  • Deep Sleep; Powerful Mind
  • Activate Endless Prosperity
  • Money & Abundance Magnet
  • Your Wealth Miracles

My personal thoughts of the program:

– Uses a scientific approach to manifesting wealth.

– Shifts your perspective into a new light.

– Enjoyable mp3s that require very little work.

Learn more about tuning into positive abundance energy here!

To Wrap This Up:

Whether you’re looking to free yourself from debt, achieve financial freedom or create a more abundant life, these meditation tracks are the perfect way to align yourself with right the vibrations.

Each program offers their own unique techniques to reach these desires, so pick one that feels right with you.

Let me know how it goes, and all the best for your journey!

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