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Manifesting Money

Manifesting Money 101 | How to Escape The Poverty Mind-Set

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“Manifesting money” has quickly become one of the most frequently searched phrases in The Law of Attraction.

Whether you like it or not, we live in a time where cash rules. In this paradigm, money determines our survival, our experiences and our place in society.

Manifesting Money

Sure, some may say “there are more important things in life”, and there are, but in order to enjoy the more important things we often find ourselves needing more money.

Wanting financial freedom is nothing to be ashamed of, and those who don’t believe in the power of abundance will never meet their true potential.

We trade money to be able to visit loved ones, to feed our families that we love so dearly.

We use money to experience life, to set ourselves free, to help others, and to be charitable.

You only get to live this life once so why wouldn’t you want to spend your time sightseeing, traveling, meeting new people, trying new things, and testing your limits?

What I’m Saying Here Is…

Attracting abundance has everything to do with your mindset.


There are many people who feel guilty or ashamed for wanting financial freedom. They fear being seen as greedy or selfish.

This article serves to break down this limiting belief as well as others to bring you to an understanding of the truth.

Because the fact of the matter is…

That negative feelings around money are nothing but limiting beliefs holding you back from your true potential.

And that money is nothing but a bartering tool created by man.

Pieces of paper with intent attached to them.

If only humanity understood that obtaining money is no different from manifesting a stack of post-it notes.

They are both just paper with a certain energy and intent attached to them.

To this, you may say:

“Sure but you can go to the store and buy a stack of post-it notes. Post-it notes are not hard to obtain.”


You could also sell stacks of post-it notes for money.

There is no difference.

Money has no underlying value other than the energy that we as humans have placed on it!

Why Do People Find Manifesting Money So Difficult To Achieve?

Over the centuries, people have developed limiting beliefs around wealth.

These beliefs are passed down from ancestor to ancestor and eventually, it becomes our turn to watch and absorb our immediate family’s financial attitudes.

You may have seen their anxious faces as they opened the monthly bills or perhaps you experienced that pain first hand when you were denied certain experiences due to financial hardship.

Some of you may have grown up in a more financially stable environment yet still have managed to adopt a set of limiting money beliefs.

Maybe your parents were careless with money.

Perhaps being accustomed to wealth made the quest for financial independence an even harder journey than that of those who grew up with very little.

Think back and try to pinpoint times in your life where money was held in a negative light.

These early experiences imprint themselves into your subconscious mind and gradually create something known as the poverty mindset.

Take lotto winners for example.

Did you know that no matter who they are or where they come from, 9 out of 10 lotto winners go back to the exact same financial situation that they came from before their winnings?


Because the winners still had a poverty mindset!

Releasing from limiting beliefs (also known as destiny tuning) to reach alignment toward abundance is possible, but first, we need to identify which behaviors are defined by a poverty mindset.

10 Poverty Mind-Set Symptoms Holding You Back From Manifesting Money:

manifesting money

1.) Having A Negative Emotional Response To Receiving Bills

If you find your heart sinking into your stomach whenever you receive your monthly bills, you are essentially creating a negative association with money.

In other words, the subconscious mind links the two together as money = sadness and therefore, you continue to attract more bills, more loss, and more sadness.

Transmute this behavior with gratitude.

For example, next time you sit down to pay your electricity bill, feel thankful for the blessing of another month of power.

Have faith that you are a money magnet and you will easily manifest financial abundance to pay any bill you receive.

Give gratitude and you will receive all the more reasons to feel gratitude!

2.) Feeling Grief When You Think About Needing Money.

Manifesting money

If you feel any kind of sadness when thinking about needing money, you are contributing to a poverty mindset.

Sometimes the feeling is so slight that you may not even notice it at first.

Next time you think about money, stop for a moment and focus on how your body feels.

If you feel a very slight pain in your chest or stomach you are indeed associating wealth with negative emotions.

This tells the universe “money makes me feel bad”.

Try instead to transmute the feelings of grief and loss into feelings of faith and excitement.

One way to start doing this is to change the words “I want” with “I have”.

3.) Settling For “Just Enough”

Some people think that by asking for more, you are not being grateful for what you have.

This is untrue.

Yes, gratitude does heighten your vibration and therefore your alignment with the universe but gratitude and contentment are two very different things.

If you are content to have just enough money to get by then you will receive just enough to get by.

Never stop feeling gratitude to be attracting more.

There is always more that you can achieve!

Even when you reach your financial goals, manifest more just to give back to charity.

Once you strengthen your manifestation muscle, you need to keep it working in order for it to stay strong.

4.) Not Taking Inspired Action To Improve Your Financial Situation

Manifesting money

The universe is not going to do all of the work for you.

When you take real-world steps toward reaching your desires, you emit physical energies toward that goal, raising your vibration.

Putting in some effort shows that you are ready and working for it.

Winners never give up working towards their dreams even when the odds are against them.

5.) Seeing Chaos As A Negative Sign

If you are working with the Law of Attraction there are always going to be periods of time that seem rather chaotic.

If you take this as a sign that the universe is against you then you are contributing to a poverty mindset.

The truth is quite the opposite.

Manifesting Money

When you manifest a change of any kind there is going to be some re-arranging to do.

The universe will often re-direct your life in order to make room for your manifestations.

For example:

If you are attracting money and then suddenly lose your job, take this as a sign that your desires are on their way.

The universe needs to make room in your life for what’s coming next.

Always welcome chaos as a positive thing.

Re-alignment is necessary to put you on the path with your creations.

6.) Dismissing Signs From The Universe As “Coincidence”

If you have been visualizing a Ferrari and all of a sudden you start seeing Ferrari’s every time you are out, this is a sign that the universe has heard you and therefore is already bringing your desires into your reality.

It means the process is working so keep going.

Instead of associating your goals with feelings of bitterness, feel grateful that the universe is saying “I hear you and I am working on it”.

7.) Making Excuses

If you are making excuses for your poverty, you are brainwashing yourself with limiting beliefs.

Examples of commonly used excuses are as follows:

• I am not educated enough to be rich.
• I come from a poor family therefore, I will always be poor.
• I don’t have the support I need to make something of myself.
• It takes money to make money.
• You can only get rich by working hard for the rest of your life.

These excuses are dangerous lies which when fed to your subconscious mind, become your reality.

Every time one of these excuses slips into your mind your best course of action is to combat it with 3 positive affirmations.

This slowly rewires your brain by teaching it that you only tolerate positive thoughts.

8.) Not Making Time For Self-Care

Sometimes money stresses can only be cured by taking yourself out of the equation.

Let it go and take time to re-center, whether that means taking a run through the park, a hot bath or a long nap.

Manifesting money

Self-care allows you to drop the negative thoughts and begin to feel better about yourself.

When you return to your financial matters you will do so with a clearer and a more positive outlook.

9) Not Being Consistent

It is important that you consistently keep up your Law of Attraction routine.

You will notice the difference between the days where you are manifesting and the days where you are not.

When you are practicing your visualizations and affirmations on a daily basis you will begin to feel much more positive as a whole and your manifestations will start rolling into your life faster than ever before.

Manifesting money

10.) Feeling Guilty After Making A Purchase

Guilt is a huge barrier to attracting abundance and one that we all experience at some point or another.

Perhaps an impulse buy leaves you feeling that the money could have been spent better elsewhere.

Alternatively, guilt may come alongside your successful manifestations.

You may feel undeserving of your cash when you see other people work very hard for theirs.

Try to transmute feelings of guilt into feelings of freedom.

Use affirmations to remind yourself that money is always coming in great abundance and also that you are deserving of all that you receive.


10 Tips For Manifesting Money And Developing A Money Mind-Set

If you have recognized any of these examples of poverty mindset within your own life, you may be feeling slightly worried.

Don’t be!

We all carry some kind of money blocks with us at one point or another and it’s not as doom and gloom as it seems.

Simply knowing where you struggle can be enough to start working on strategies that will re-wire your brain for abundance.

The best way to combat a poverty mindset is to start developing a money mindset.

How do you develop a money mindset?

Keep reading to find out!

Manifesting Money

1.) Set Your Intent And Have A Clear Goal

The first thing you want to do is to sit down with a notebook and set some goals.

Do not underestimate the power of goal setting and remember the universe loves specifics!

(If you are wanting to get organized with your desires, then get yourself a manifestation planner here.)

The layout of your manifestation goals should include:

  • The amount of money you are grateful to be receiving.
  • The date you expect to receive the money by
  • The action or service you plan to make in return for the money
  • How you plan to spend the money

Here is an example:

  • I am grateful to be receiving one thousand dollars by (date).
  • In return for this gift, I am putting in my best effort at my place of work.
  • I am using this thousand dollars to pay for my new car.

The date that you choose for manifesting money should be a challenge but still realistic enough for you to believe that it’s possible.

Once your money manifests, you will begin to develop more and more faith in the Law of Attraction.

As your faith grows you will begin to see your manifestations happening much easier and therefore you can start setting more challenging dates for your desires.

Once you have your goal set out in your planner, read it back to yourself at least once a day.

2.) Use Money Affirmations

Incorporate your money goals into your daily affirmation routine.

Affirmations are statements you recite in order to emit a magnetic charge that pulls in your desires. For example:

“Every day I attract one thousand dollars.”


“My new car is paid off in full.”

Use your affirmations whenever suits your particular schedule.

You can recite affirmations whilst on a daily walk, before sleep or even while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.

Another great way to inject some positivity into your life even if you don’t have a lot of time for an affirmation routine is to listen to subliminal affirmations instead.

This way you can go about your day as normal while still getting your daily dose of good vibrations.

Using affirmations is a great way to end the poverty mindset.

To learn more about how affirmations work to rewire your brain for success, read 5 Magical Affirmation Tips.

3.) Visualization Techniques

Visualization is the art of living out your desires through your imagination.

It can be an exciting yet relaxing process that will put you in perfect alignment with the money you are manifesting.

There are a range of different visualization techniques including meditation, acting as if, and guided hypnosis.

If you are more of a hands-on, creative person you could even try making a vision board or a manifestation box.

The main thing is to find a visualization technique that resonates with you.

4.) Make Moves Toward Manifesting Money

Always make sure that you are fulfilling your end of the bargain.

Manifesting money is not as easy as sitting on the sofa and waiting for a stack of cash to be left at the doorstep.

No, you do not need to work hard in order to manifest money (that would defeat the purpose) but you do need to be following the signs that lead you to inspired action.

If you receive a random job offer you can’t just say…

“Sorry I don’t have time to take the job I am too busy sitting on the couch visualizing money.”

Take action to emit the vibrations that will attract your desires and recognize the opportunities that are being sent to put you on path toward manifested success.


5.) Have Drive And Determination

How committed are you to your manifestation?

Are you willing to take the path when it’s offered?

This is a practical and realistic step that needs to be taken because all choices in life come with their own trials and tribulations.

Manifesting money may mean losing your job or old friends who are holding you back from meeting your true potential.

Remember, 100% of people who quit, fail.

Being committed means staying on the path no matter how bad the chaos of re-alignment ruffles your feathers.

6.) Make A List Of Successfully Manifested Money

List any unexpected money that comes into your life whether it’s a dollar that you find in the street or a random bonus in your paycheck.

Taking note of the money you are manifesting will not only help you to keep track of what you have received, but it will also strengthen your faith in the Law of Attraction.


Remember, the more we strengthen our manifestation muscles, the easier and faster money will come to us in the future.

7.) Have Respect For Your Money.

Care for your money by making sure it has a comfortable home.

You should always treat your money as if it is sacred.

If your wallet is a mess, you will consequently experience frustration every time you open it.

This creates a mental link within your subconscious between money and feelings of stress.

If your wallet is kept tidy and well looked after, opening it up will become a pleasant experience.

In a nutshell, create reasons to feel positive whenever you see or think about your money.

manifesting money

When you’re at home, always have a special place for your wallet that isn’t just the back pocket of your jeans.

You may like to clean out a special drawer or keep it somewhere private among your most prized positions.

If you like to keep your wallet in a purse or bag, tuck a special or lucky item in with it.

Bonus Tip

Always keep money in your wallet that you don’t touch. It doesn’t matter if it is 3 dollars or 300 dollars the point is that when you open up your wallet to pay for milk at the store, you automatically think to yourself “Oh I have cash”.

This subconscious reaction is a natural affirmation that will bring you feelings of security, abundance, and joy – the kinds of feelings that you want to associate with money.

This kind of association is what creates a money mindset.

8.) Show Appreciation For Your Money Making Space

Whether you drive trucks or work in an office, the space where you make your money should always be treated as sacred. Jazz up your work environment by decorating it with the things that inspire you.

You may like to hang up your vision boards or bring luck into your workspace with Feng Shui or crystals.

Anything that associates luck and prosperity with your subconscious mind can be used to create money mindset

Remember to keep your workspace free from clutter. As they say, a messy environment creates a messy mind.

9.) Surround Yourself With Money Inspiration

Energy is contagious and therefore, you become who you surround yourself with.

Invite people into your life who share your enthusiasm for greatness and connect with those who inspire you to achieve.

Manifesting Money

As well as aligning ourselves with high vibration people, sometimes we need to set some boundaries with loved ones who are living with a poverty mindset.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a relationship with them but they should not be the ones that you go to for advice, or to share your dreams with.

People living with a poverty mindset will never be able to offer money conscious guidance.

Take walks through abundant neighborhoods. Look at the beautiful houses and cars with a feeling of belonging.

Physically put that lifestyle into your waking life and set the intent that this is where you want to be.

10.) Think Big And Aim High

It’s important to start small without losing sight of your larger goals.

Think of your manifestation practice like building a house.

The house itself is the main goal.

What do you need to do to get there?

Start by manifesting the foundations and build up from there.

These “smaller” manifestations should all help you along the path to reaching your highest potential.

Once you begin to see results from your smaller manifestations, you will find yourself having more faith in the entire concept.

When this level of faith has been reached, manifesting money on a larger scale becomes easier and faster than you ever dreamed possible.

As the saying goes,” You have to see it to believe it.”

Before You Go…

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  • Martin Gay says:

    I really love how you elaborated that some people feel shame around money, I think that’s very important to help clear limiting beliefs.

    Thank you for this article Charlie, you’ve inspired me to start my own blog.

    Would love for you to check it out:


  • Sharon L says:

    I sometimes feel guilt around wanting more money and my friends sometimes call me selfish for it, what do you think I should do?

    I want to be rich but I don’t want others thinking less of me for wanting more if that makes sense.

    • Charlie Rogers says:

      Hi Sharon,

      You must never associate greed with wanting to create an abundant lifestyle for yourself, this is a common limiting belief that many are unaware of.

      Money does not equal greed, in fact, the rich often donate a lot of their earnings to charities.


  • K says:

    I have been working such long hours that I haven’t had any time for self care, I’m always so busy and don’t know what to do.

    When I have extra free time I feel guilty for it, any advice on that?

    • Charlie Rogers says:

      You need to eliminate the fear of always needing to work ‘hard’ all the time, this in itself is a limiting belief.

      Whenever you have the spare time give yourself affirmations such as; “I am deserving of this time to myself”

      Try not to fret when having your time off, enjoy yourself and be grateful, it will make your experience much more pleasant.

      Hope that helped,


  • Monojita says:

    Thanks for this article, I am a money magnet!

  • Abdul says:

    I’m starting to worry because I think I may have a poverty mindset, I don’t want to keep living with this type of thing.

    Are there any suggestions to I guess train my mind to have a money mindset?

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