Manifesting Money 101 | Escape The Poverty Mind-Set!

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Like many people, I discovered the Law of Attraction in a truly desperate time of my life…

Not only was I struggling with depression and anxiety but I was also unemployed and living out of my parent’s house.

Not the worst situation in the world I know…

I had a roof over my head and my basic needs were being met…

But I was in my mid-20’s and really needed financial independence if I was ever going to grow and progress with my life…

Manifesting more money was one of my top priorities and if you are reading this, it’s probably one of yours too.

Looking back and comparing my life back then to how it is now all seems so crazy…

I make a comfortable wage, live in a stunning apartment, and never really feel I am lacking anything…

But it’s certainly been a ride that’s for sure!

This article is a complete beginner’s guide to manifesting money (based on my own experience and the things I have learned along the way).

Follow these steps and you will find yourself manifesting money in no time!

Manifesting Money maldives

Step 1.)

Set Your Intent And Have A Clear Goal

When manifesting money the first thing you want to do is to sit down with a notebook and set some intentions.

Setting intentions should double as a visualization exercise where you sit down and get really clear with what it is you want.

Imagine yourself manifesting money.

How much do you want and how will you use it?

It is less important to focus on how the money will come and when as focusing on these aspects can be rather limiting.

When you focus on “how” money will come you shut yourself off from receiving through different channels…

And when you focus too much on time you actually manifest more time to wait.

Sometimes I will write my intentions with a rough time frame but I try not to get too attached to the idea of “when” and instead remain open in faith that I always receive what I desire in perfect timing.

When setting your intention you should write it in the present tense and if possible, you should try to envoke the feeling of gratitude

For example:

“I am so grateful to have received $1000 and I am excited to put this money toward my new car.”

Step 2.)

Use Money Affirmations

Another great way to manifest money is to incorporate intentions into your daily affirmation routine.

Affirmations are statements you recite in order to emit a magnetic charge that pulls in your desires. For example:

“Every day I attract one thousand dollars.”


“My new car is paid off in full.”

Use your money affirmations whenever suits your particular schedule.

You can recite affirmations whilst on a daily walk, before sleep or even while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.

Alternatively, you could use subliminal affirmations.

For this method, all you need to do is listen to a subliminal track that contains money affirmations and reprogram the subconscious mind on a deeper level.

Step 3.)

Visualization Techniques

Visualization is the art of living out your desires through your imagination.

It can be an exciting yet relaxing process that will put you into perfect alignment with the money you are manifesting.

There are a range of different visualization techniques including acting as if, guided hypnosis and simply daydreaming.

If you are more of a hands-on, creative person, you could even try making a vision board or a manifestation box.

The main thing is to find a visualization technique that resonates with you.

By daydreaming about the money you are manifesting, you will more easily shift into a money mindset.

Step 4.)

Make Moves Toward Manifesting Money

Always make sure that you are fulfilling your end of the bargain.

Manifesting money is not as easy as sitting on the sofa and waiting for a stack of cash to be left at the doorstep.

Now I’m not saying that you need to work hard in order to manifest money (that would defeat the purpose) but you do need to be following the signs that lead you to inspired action.

If you have been manifesting money and you suddenly receive a random job offer, you wouldn’t just say…

“Sorry I don’t have time to take the job I am too busy sitting on the couch visualizing money.”

No, you would say “Thank you universe.” and take the job right?

Take action in order to emit the vibrations that will attract your desires…

And then recognize the opportunities that are being sent to put you on path toward manifested success!


Step 5.)

Have Drive And Determination

How committed are you to your manifestation?

Are you willing to take the path when it’s offered?

You see, when you are driven and determined, you show commitment to your desires!

You work on your limiting beliefs, your affirmations, and visualizations…

And of course, taking action too.

This is a practical and realistic step that needs to be taken because all choices in life come with their own trials and tribulations.

It’s about personal staying-power.

Manifesting money may mean losing your job, or old friends who are holding you back from meeting your true potential.

Remember, 100% of people who quit, fail.

Being committed means staying on the path no matter how bad the chaos of re-alignment ruffles your feathers.

Step 6.)

Make A List Of Successfully Manifested Money

List any unexpected money that comes into your life whether it’s a dollar that you find in the street or a random bonus in your paycheck.

Taking note of the money you are manifesting will not only help you to keep track of what you have received, but it will also strengthen your faith in the Law of Attraction.


Remember, the more we strengthen our manifestation muscles, the easier and faster money will come to us in the future.

Step 7.) Have Respect For Your Money.

Care for your money by making sure it has a comfortable home.

You should always treat your money as if it is sacred.

If your wallet is a mess, you will consequently experience frustration every time you open it.

This creates a mental link within your subconscious between money and feelings of stress.

If your wallet is kept tidy and well looked after, opening it up will become a pleasant experience.

In a nutshell, create reasons to feel positive whenever you see or think about your money.

manifesting money wallet

When you’re at home, always have a special place for your wallet that isn’t just the back pocket of your jeans.

You may like to clean out a special drawer or keep it somewhere private among your most prized positions.

If you like to keep your wallet in a purse or bag, tuck a special or lucky item in with it.

Bonus Tip

Always keep money in your wallet that you don’t touch.

It doesn’t matter if it is 3 dollars or 300 dollars the point is that when you open up your wallet to pay for milk at the store, you will automatically think to yourself “Oh I have cash”.

This subconscious reaction is a natural affirmation that will bring you feelings of security, abundance, and joy – the kinds of feelings that you want to associate with money.

This kind of association is what creates a money mindset.

Step 8.)

Show Appreciation For Your Money Making Space

Whether you drive trucks or work in an office, the space where you make your money should always be treated as sacred.

Jazz up your work environment by decorating it with the things that inspire you.

You may like to hang up your vision boards or even bring luck into your workspace with Feng Shui or crystals.

Anything that associates luck and prosperity with your subconscious mind can be used to create a money mindset

Remember to keep your workspace free from clutter.

As they say, a messy environment creates a messy mind.

Step 9.)

Surround Yourself With Money Inspiration

Energy is contagious and therefore, you become who you surround yourself with.

Invite people into your life who share your enthusiasm for greatness and connect with those who inspire you to achieve.

Take walks through abundant neighborhoods…

Look at the beautiful houses and cars with a feeling of belonging.

Physically put that lifestyle into your waking life and set the intention that this is where you want to be.

Manifesting Money

As well as aligning ourselves with high vibrational people, sometimes we need to set some boundaries with loved ones who are living with a poverty mindset.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t have a relationship with them but they should not be the ones that you go to for advice, or to share your dreams with.

As much as you love them, people living in a poverty mindset will never be able to offer money-conscious guidance.

Step 10.)

Think Big And Aim High

When manifesting money it’s important to start small and work your way up but at the same time, you should never lose sight of your larger goals either.

Think of your manifestation practice like building a house.

The house itself is the main goal…

But what do you need to do to get there?

Start by manifesting the foundations and build your way up.

These “smaller” manifestations will help you along the path to reaching your highest potential.

Once you begin to see results from your smaller manifestations, you will find yourself having more faith in the entire concept.

When this level of faith has been reached, manifesting money on a larger scale becomes easier and faster than you ever dreamed possible.

As the saying goes,” You have to see it to believe it.”

“The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands on it.” – Charles Fillmore

Before You Go…

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It’s all to do with the science of restructuring your mind.

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If manifesting money is something you struggle with, I highly recommend you check it out!

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14 thoughts on “Manifesting Money 101 | Escape The Poverty Mind-Set!”

  1. I sometimes feel guilt around wanting more money and my friends sometimes call me selfish for it, what do you think I should do?

    I want to be rich but I don’t want others thinking less of me for wanting more if that makes sense.

    • Hi Sharon,

      You must never associate greed with wanting to create an abundant lifestyle for yourself, this is a common limiting belief that many are unaware of.

      Money does not equal greed, in fact, the rich often donate a lot of their earnings to charities.


  2. I have been working such long hours that I haven’t had any time for self care, I’m always so busy and don’t know what to do.

    When I have extra free time I feel guilty for it, any advice on that?

    • You need to eliminate the fear of always needing to work ‘hard’ all the time, this in itself is a limiting belief.

      Whenever you have the spare time give yourself affirmations such as; “I am deserving of this time to myself”

      Try not to fret when having your time off, enjoy yourself and be grateful, it will make your experience much more pleasant.

      Hope that helped,


  3. I’m starting to worry because I think I may have a poverty mindset, I don’t want to keep living with this type of thing.

    Are there any suggestions to I guess train my mind to have a money mindset?


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