How To Manifest Money

9 Signs Money Is Coming Your Way!

If you’ve been applying the manifestation techniques…

And performing all of the rituals in order to attract complete financial abundance…

Then you may be wondering…

“Have my intentions worked?”

and if so…

“When is all of my money going to turn up?”

The question is…

How do you know when you’re on the right path?

In today’s article, we’ll go through 9 of the most common signs that money is coming your way!

1.) Seeing Number 8 Everywhere

Look for 8's

According to, seeing the number 8 frequently is a sign that abundance is coming your way. 

The number 8 is an upright infinity sign.

It symbolizes a never-ending and ever balanced flow of material wealth and prosperity.

The universe will often show this sign in a repetitive format in order to really get your attention.

So if you start seeing 888 or 8888 throughout the day on things like clocks, timers, dashboards, license plates and so on…

This is a strong signal that money is on its way!

The number 8 might also appear as a sign for you through more physical means…

For example… seeing 8 birds or 8 green butterflies.

With that being said, be aware that true signs appear completely out of the blue and in divine timing.

This means that there is no need to look for the number 8.

It will come to you…

And, when it does you will feel a strong sense of ‘knowing’ that you are being guided by the universe.

2.) Dreaming Of Money

If you’re having dreams about money and riches, keep reading because this is important!

The dream landscape is a non-physical world of its own…

A world that is largely created by the thoughts and feelings you have when you’re awake.

It is said that everything in this world existed first as a thought…

When your thoughts of money are so strong that they are manifesting into your dreamscape, the creation process is already in full swing.

You have already manifested money into your non-physical reality and it’s only a very slight vibration shift for that same energy to manifest into the physical.

It’s also important to note that the dream state is often used as a communication field for the higher self.

If you are dreaming about money it’s very likely that your higher self is reassuring you of the wealth and abundance to come.

The best way to interpret the meaning of your dream is to write it down as soon as you wake up.

What happened in the dream?

Did you find money in an unexpected place?

Were you holding it in your hand?

Was your dream about winning money?

Write out as much as you can remember and then look at the aspects that are symbolic…

Ask yourself “what is my higher self trying to tell me?”

3.) Finding Bargains

Do you find discounts and bargains everywhere you go?

Finding Discounts

Unexpected bill write-offs or refunds where you didn’t even realize you had overpaid?

Sometimes the universe finds the most practical of ways to help us fatten up the wallet.

Make sure you acknowledge and show gratitude for even the small savings…

The universe is telling you that you are on the right vibrational frequency to manifest money.

Keep doing what you’re doing and these little surprises will become more and more frequent.

You might even like to invest your savings to help you manifest even more!

4.) New Opportunities Opening

When you are in strong alignment with the frequency of money, you will begin to notice more and more opportunities coming your way…

These opportunities are often sent just for you to enable a clear path toward your desires.

It’s up to you to spot these new openings and be brave enough to take them and see where they lead.

If you have been manifesting money and now suddenly, opportunities are springing up like daisies, this is a sure sign that money is coming your way!

It could be that you are offered a new job…

Or a higher position at work…

It could even seem completely unrelated.

Opportunities for travel…

Or to make new friends.

Have faith that these new paths are opening up for a reason.

The universe is guiding you toward all of the prosperity and abundance that you have been waiting for.

5.) Feeling Positive About Money

Picture this…

A large stack of 100 dollar bills is in the palm of your hands, you wrap your fingers tightly over the bundle that’s neatly strapped with a white and gold binder, it has “$10,000” printed on it.

Be Money Positive

You look to your other hand that’s holding another stack of the same amount, you’re smiling from ear to ear because you know there’s plenty more where that came from!

Take a moment to visualize what I just said, how do you feel when you picture yourself with all that money?



Over the moon?

If you feel positive when visualizing yourself with large amounts of money, it means you have a healthy emotional connection with wealth.

The stronger the positive emotions, the more you are in alignment with its energy!

Remember, your core belief around money matters…

If the thought of money makes you feel stressed or if it saddens you because it is not yet in your reality then you may still have some work to do.

If money excites you, this is a good sign that you are in vibrational alignment and that financial freedom will soon be on its way.

6.) Having An Itchy Palm

A 73-year-old lady once won 64 million dollars all because of an itch…

In 2011, a New York woman named Mary Shammas was riding on the bus when she noticed her left hand started to itch uncontrollably.

She knew that it was an ancient superstition of luck that meant money was close!

So, she hopped off the bus and went and bought herself a lottery ticket…

The result? A jackpot prize of $64 million!

This is not the first time this has happened either…

A Michigan woman also claimed to have won $2 million dollars because of the same itch…

Now, I’m not suggesting that you have to gamble to attract wealth…

The truth is that money can manifest in many different ways.

But if you experience an itchy palm that just won’t quit…

It may be that money is closer than you think!

7.) Receiving A Blessing From Above

Speaking of superstition, have you ever heard the tale that being pooped on by a bird is a sign of good fortune and luck to come?

Of course, this is not something you are going to actively seek out.

Nobody “wants” to be pooped on…

But if by chance you find yourself being pelted with bird turd you might want to refrain from cursing the skies!

A man from New Zealand claimed that he won $100,000 after being pooped on by a bird…

And NBA basketballer Dwayne Wade has also credited much of his sporting success to multiple poop encounters with overhead flyers.

So if you’ve ever received a blessing from above, consider yourself lucky!

There is a good chance that you are in store for a very prosperous future!

8.) Seeing Others Manifest Money

Wealth attracts wealth…

If you’re noticing those around you leveling up…

making more money, going on vacations and living abundant lifestyles…

That’s great news for you!!

Seeing others manifesting abundance is a huge sign of what’s to come.

You are who you surround yourself with!

Sure, you may not have had your turn yet but regardless, the universe is bringing abundance into your reality and you are beginning to see more and more of it.

When you see those around you living prosperous lifestyles it’s important not to feel jealous…

Instead, be grateful that this is becoming part of your world.

Be patient!

The best is yet to come!

9.) Finding Money

Have you been finding money randomly?

Finding Money

Dollar bills lying in the street?

Coins under the sofa?

Or forgotten cash in the back pocket of a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in months?

In the Law of Attraction like attracts like…

So it makes sense that money would be a sign of more money to come.

Always show love and gratitude for the money you find even if it’s not a lot.

The universe loves it when you acknowledge the signs it sends you.

Before long, money will start showing up more frequently and in larget amounts!

Pro tip: Keep a written log of the money you find, where you found it and how much. This will keep you in alignment with the frequency of money so that it continues to flow into your life. 

What If You Haven’t Seen Any Of These Signs?

If you’re in alignment with money, then you should be experiencing some of the above signs (if not receiving your money already).

It’s important to remember that signs cannot be forced…

In order for it to be a true sign, it will pop into your reality randomly and you will always feel a sense of deep knowing.

As if you can feel the guidance and love of the universe all around you.

But if you have come to the end of this article and realized that you haven’t seen any of these signs then it’s only natural to feel a little worried…

The truth is that if you’re not manifesting the kind of money you would like…

And if you’re not seeing the signs that money is coming your way…

Then it might be time to look into your personal money vibration.

If your vibration is not in alignment with money then you will likely find it difficult to manifest.

You need to find out exactly what’s blocking cashflow from reaching you and how to break down the blocks.

To find out your exact vibration level take this quiz!

Don’t worry, it only takes 30 seconds…

From there, you will learn the right methods to make abundance flow like tap water!

This is exciting!

Take the quiz today and in no time you’ll be manifesting the kind of money you deserve!

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

Charlie is a spiritual manifestation coach/teacher that has helped thousands of people around the world manifest their goals and desires. She’s been featured on Elephant Journal, Addicted 2 Success & More!

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