55x5 Manifestation formula

55×5 Manifesting Formula – The 5 Day Manifestation Technique

The 55×5 Manifesting Formula is breaking the internet!

With success stories popping up everywhere, this technique has quickly become one of the biggest conversation starters among manifestation communities to date!

What’s more, the results have been astounding!

But what is the 55×5 Manifesting Formula and how do you use it properly?

This article aims to answer all of your questions and to help put you on path with your desires, fast!!


You should be!

Let’s get into it…

What Is The 55x5 Manifesting Formula?

The 5×55 method is about writing a specific desire 55 times for 5 days in a row.

Essentially, this manifestation method is a restructuring system for the subconscious mind.

The idea is to change your subconscious thought patterns over 5 consecutive days so that your thoughts make a direct connection with the energetic frequency of your desires.

In other words…

Everything is energy…

And we humans are constantly emitting energetic frequencies through our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Whenever we generate thoughts that match the vibration of our desires…

The “like attracts like” factor kicks in.

This is how the Law of Attraction works.

The 55×5 Manifesting Formula goes to work directly on the subconscious mind.

Therefore, it’s the perfect tool for manipulating our frequencies in order to attract whatever we want.

How Do You Use The 55×5 Formula?

Let’s break this down into some easy to follow steps…

1.) Choose An Affirmation

The magic behind this entire process all comes down to one single affirmation.

Have a good think about your desires…

What is it exactly that you are manifesting?

Here are some suggestions for choosing a powerful affirmation.

  • Be specific.
  • Try not to make it too long.
  • Choose something that excites you.
  • Always create affirmations in the present tense.
  • Inject some gratitude.

The idea is to word your affirmation as if your desire has already manifested.

Here are some examples:

Make your affirmation long enough to be specific but short enough to be easily etched into the subconscious mind.

Rewire your brain

The subconscious mind stops developing at 7 years old and therefore, it needs to be trained without the overload of too much information.

It’s also a good idea to base your affirmation around something that really excites you!

This way, you are not only meeting the frequency of your desire on a mental level but on an emotional level too.

Both components are important for complete vibrational alignment with your desire.

Read about my best affirmation tips here: 5 Magical Positive Affirmation Tips To Rewire The Brain For Success

2.) Write Out Your Affirmation

Once you have chosen the perfect affirmation, write it out on a piece of paper or in a manifestation journal.

But wait there’s more…

Of course, this technique wouldn’t be called the 55×5 manifesting formula for nothing right?

The secret sauce behind this manifestation ritual is that you need to write it out…

55 times…


For 5 consecutive days.

Now, that may sound like a lot but when your desire starts to manifest, you’ll be glad you did it!


When writing out your affirmation, try to remain as present as possible.

If your mind wanders off, that’s ok but try and bring it back to your affirmation writing process.

Sometimes it can be helpful to read the affirmation aloud as you are writing.

3.) Let It Go.

After each day of writing, let your affirmation go.

Set and forget.

Spending extra time obsessing over your desire or pondering over when you might receive it, could, in fact, be harmful to the manifestation process.

This is because the ego-self can be rather pessimistic.

Unfortunately, this makes it very easy for our obsessive thought clutter to take a turn for the worse.

Think about it…

A drop in the ocean

How many times have you thought about something you wanted, only to be left with a feeling of longing or lack?

You might recognize those feelings as a slight heartache or an anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach…

These feelings are often called “Limiting Beliefs” and can influence your manifestation in a negative way.

Remember, like attracts like, so whatever emotions you emit to the universe, you will continue to attract right back into your life.

Instead, turn your attention to something that makes you happy…

Friends, family, even a good book can be a great way to raise your vibration and let go of your manifestation.

Remember, the universe has your back!

Have faith!

If you are worried you might negative thought patterns stopping you to manifest, read this here: 17 Limiting Beliefs Getting In The Way Of Your Manifestations

How Does The 55×5 Manifesting Formula Work?

The idea behind the 55×5 manifesting formula is to reprogram the subconscious mind in order to make an exact energetic match with your desires.

Affirmations are widely used for this very outcome.

The difference with the 55×5 method is that you are really zoning in on the power of repetition, and utilizing the metaphysical power of the number 5.

Why “55×5” Exactly?

The numbers “5” and “55” hold spiritual significance and have been chosen to be the amplifiers for this method with good reason.

The number 5 in numerology signifies realignment, change, and transformation.

Therefore, whenever you are manifesting something new, you are tapping into this very energy.

The number 5 calls upon a quantum jump to realign yourself with a new path.

It is symbolic of both transformation and evolution.

This new path is where your desires become reality.

Find Inner Peace

Number 55 in numerology is all about personal power.

This signifies the power you hold within to transform your life, therefore, reaching a happier, more abundant and more joyful version of yourself.

In saying that…

Many people do condense the 55×5 manifesting formula with great results.

If you feel you are too busy to write out 55 repetitions of your affirmation per day, then you may like to try the 33×3 method.

This variation allows you to write your affirmation 33 times a day over a period of 3 days.

Do You Need To Write Your Affirmation 55 Times In One Sitting?


If you split up your 55×5 practice over the course of the day, it’s not going to work.

The act of repetition is what strengthens the affirmation within the subconscious mind.

It may seem like a lot but it’s really nothing in comparison to what you stand to gain.

Write your affirmations

Can You Type Your Affirmation Out On The Computer?

You can, but it’s not recommended.

The trouble with typing your affirmation is that it can be very easy to lose focus.

All of a sudden you might find your attention zoned into your typing speed or worse, you go into complete autopilot and your mind wanders off altogether.

The key ingredient to the 55×5 method is to be present.

You can’t be present if you are off on a mind clutter rampage, wondering what you might have for dinner that night.

By writing your affirmation down on paper, you really commit to being present within the process…

Putting your own personal touch into each and every letter.

Another reason why writing is superior is that it’s a slightly slower process than typing…

This allows your subconscious mind more time to adopt your statement rather than rushing through it only to toss it aside 5 minutes later.

Can I Use The Formula To Manifest More Than One Thing At A Time?

You can, but it is not going to be as effective as if you zone your complete focus into one thing at a time.

Again, this comes back to treating your subconscious mind as if it were a child.

You wouldn’t give a 7-year-old multiple instructions at a time and expect astounding results, would you?

If you want powerful and rapid results, it’s best to choose one desire to manifest at a time.

There is an added benefit to this method too…

Manifesting one thing at a time enables you to quickly start ticking your desires off your wish list.

With each desire that manifests, you will build more and more faith in the Law Of Attraction.

Faith will destroy any doubts and limiting beliefs, leaving you with nothing but cold, hard proof that you are the creator of your own reality.

As your faith grows, so will the strength behind your ability to manifest.

Before you know it, you will be attracting even your biggest desires, faster than ever before.

What If My Desire Manifests Before Day 5?

If your desire manifests before day 5, keep going with the 55×5 method anyway.

Often when the universe delivers, it delivers big!

Just take a look around at some of the success stories online and you will see just how many people are claiming to have received their desires as well as so much more.

Commit to the full 5 days to ensure you receive everything that you are supposed to.

What If My Desire Hasn’t Manifested By Day 5?

If you get to day 5 and your desire still hasn’t manifested, don’t stress!

Instead, let it go!

Nothing ever appears out of thin air.

When using the Law of Attraction you must always remember that we are working within the lines of this physical dimension.

There is no magic smoke or hocus pocus in the Law of Attraction.

This is important, especially when it comes to larger goals and desires.

Get excited!

You may not have your desire directly in front of you but you have certainly re-aligned yourself to be on path with reaching that goal.

You are on your way!

Don’t waste time worrying or feeling defeated as this will ruin the purpose of the exercise.

Instead, let it go and have faith in the universe.

Focus now on the things that make you happy.

The things that lift your vibration.

Keep an eye out for signs and synchronicity.

When you are on path to manifest your desires, the universe will make it known.

Tell the universe

What Should I Do Once I Have Completed The 55×5?

There is no right or wrong way to finish the 55×5 method.

You may choose to store your affirmations in your manifestation box…

Or perhaps you choose to burn them in a more ritualistic type practice…

Both of these ideas can be great to supercharge your desires even further.

But again, it’s all about what resonates best with you…

Maybe you keep them…

Or simply throw them in the trash…

The choice is uniquely yours.

When Is The Best Time To Do The 55×5 Manifesting Formula?

Again, this is entirely up to you but it is always best to choose a time where you can release from the exercise the moment you are done.

Do something that allows you to set and forget…

It might be that you choose to write your affirmations prior to spending time with loved ones or even before you go to bed at night.

Anything that helps you to release.

Following up with some light meditation can be particularly helpful because it allows you to enter the receptive mode.

Meditation is the process of being deeply present within yourself.

It offers a time to shut off from emitting any kind of energy and simply receive.

Whether that reception takes place as peace, clarity or inspired guidance, manifestation is always intensified when followed up by spending time within the receptive mode.

(Sources: https://www.developgoodhabits.com/positive-affirmations/)

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