55×5 Manifesting Formula – The 5 Day Manifestation Technique

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The 55x5 Manifesting Formula is breaking the internet!

With success stories popping up everywhere, this technique has quickly become one of the biggest conversation starters among manifestation communities to date!

What's more, the results have been astounding!

But what is the 55x5 Manifesting Formula and how do you use it properly?

This article aims to answer all of your questions and to help put you on path with your desires, fast!!


You should be!

Let’s get into it…


What Is The 55x5 Manifesting Formula?

The 5x55 method is about writing a specific desire 55 times for 5 days in a row.

Essentially, this manifestation method is a restructuring system for the subconscious mind.

The idea is to change your subconscious thought patterns over 5 consecutive days so that your thoughts make a direct connection with the energetic frequency of your desires.

In other words…

Everything is energy...

And we humans are constantly emitting energetic frequencies through our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Whenever we generate thoughts that match the vibration of our desires...

The "like attracts like" factor kicks in.

This is how the Law of Attraction works.

The 55x5 Manifesting Formula goes to work directly on the subconscious mind.

Therefore, it's the perfect tool for manipulating our frequencies in order to attract whatever we want.

Before you get started....


Are you ready to start the 5x55 challenge right now?

This step by step worksheet contains everything you need to make this powerful manifestation technique work for you!

How Do You Use The 55×5 Formula?

Let’s break this down into some easy to follow steps…

1.) Choose An Affirmation

The magic behind this entire process all comes down to one single affirmation.

Have a good think about your desires…

What is it exactly that you are manifesting?

Here are some suggestions for choosing a powerful affirmation.

  • Be specific.
  • Try not to make it too long.
  • Choose something that excites you.
  • Always create affirmations in the present tense.
  • Inject some gratitude.

The idea is to word your affirmation as if your desire has already manifested.

Here are some examples:

Make your affirmation long enough to be specific but short enough to be easily etched into the subconscious mind.

5x55-manifesting-formula (2)

The subconscious mind stops developing at 7 years old and therefore, it needs to be trained without the overload of too much information.

It’s also a good idea to base your affirmation around something that really excites you!

This way, you are not only meeting the frequency of your desire on a mental level but on an emotional level too.

Both components are important for complete vibrational alignment with your desire.

Read about my best affirmation tips here: 5 Magical Positive Affirmation Tips To Rewire The Brain For Success

2.) Write Out Your Affirmation

Once you have chosen the perfect affirmation, write it out on a piece of paper or in a manifestation journal.

But wait there’s more…

Of course, this technique wouldn’t be called the 55×5 manifesting formula for nothing right?

The secret sauce behind this manifestation ritual is that you need to write it out…

5x55 manifesting formula

55 times…


For 5 consecutive days.

Now, that may sound like a lot but when your desire starts to manifest, you’ll be glad you did it!


When writing out your affirmation, try to remain as present as possible.

If your mind wanders off, that’s ok but try and bring it back to your affirmation writing process.

Sometimes it can be helpful to read the affirmation aloud as you are writing.

3.) Let It Go.

After each day of writing, let your affirmation go.

Set and forget.

Spending extra time obsessing over your desire or pondering over when you might receive it, could, in fact, be harmful to the manifestation process.

This is because the ego-self can be rather pessimistic.

Unfortunately, this makes it very easy for our obsessive thought clutter to take a turn for the worse.

Think about it…


How many times have you thought about something you wanted, only to be left with a feeling of longing or lack?

You might recognize those feelings as a slight heartache or an anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach…

These feelings are often called “Limiting Beliefs” and can influence your manifestation in a negative way.

Remember, like attracts like, so whatever emotions you emit to the universe, you will continue to attract right back into your life.

Instead, turn your attention to something that makes you happy…

Friends, family, even a good book can be a great way to raise your vibration and let go of your manifestation.

Remember, the universe has your back!

Have faith!

If you are worried you might negative thought patterns stopping you to manifest, read this here: 17 Limiting Beliefs Getting In The Way Of Your Manifestations

How Does The 55×5 Manifesting Formula Work?

The idea behind the 55×5 manifesting formula is to reprogram the subconscious mind in order to make an exact energetic match with your desires.

5x55 manifesting formula (4)

Affirmations are widely used for this very outcome.

The difference with the 55×5 method is that you are really zoning in on the power of repetition, and utilizing the metaphysical power of the number 5.

Why “55×5” Exactly?

The numbers “5” and “55” hold spiritual significance and have been chosen to be the amplifiers for this method with good reason.

The number 5 in numerology signifies realignment, change, and transformation.

Therefore, whenever you are manifesting something new, you are tapping into this very energy.

The number 5 calls upon a quantum jump to realign yourself with a new path.

It is symbolic of both transformation and evolution.

This new path is where your desires become reality.


Number 55 in numerology is all about personal power.

This signifies the power you hold within to transform your life, therefore, reaching a happier, more abundant and more joyful version of yourself.

In saying that…

Many people do condense the 55×5 manifesting formula with great results.

If you feel you are too busy to write out 55 repetitions of your affirmation per day, then you may like to try the 33×3 method.

This variation allows you to write your affirmation 33 times a day over a period of 3 days.

Do You Need To Write Your Affirmation 55 Times In One Sitting?


If you split up your 55×5 practice over the course of the day, it’s not going to work.

The act of repetition is what strengthens the affirmation within the subconscious mind.

It may seem like a lot but it’s really nothing in comparison to what you stand to gain.

manifesting method

Can You Type Your Affirmation Out On The Computer?

You can, but it’s not recommended.

The trouble with typing your affirmation is that it can be very easy to lose focus.

All of a sudden you might find your attention zoned into your typing speed or worse, you go into complete autopilot and your mind wanders off altogether.

The key ingredient to the 55×5 method is to be present.

You can’t be present if you are off on a mind clutter rampage, wondering what you might have for dinner that night.

By writing your affirmation down on paper, you really commit to being present within the process…

Putting your own personal touch into each and every letter.

Another reason why writing is superior is that it’s a slightly slower process than typing…

This allows your subconscious mind more time to adopt your statement rather than rushing through it only to toss it aside 5 minutes later.

Can I Use The Formula To Manifest More Than One Thing At A Time?

You can, but it is not going to be as effective as if you zone your complete focus into one thing at a time.

Again, this comes back to treating your subconscious mind as if it were a child.

You wouldn’t give a 7-year-old multiple instructions at a time and expect astounding results, would you?

If you want powerful and rapid results, it’s best to choose one desire to manifest at a time.

There is an added benefit to this method too…

Manifesting one thing at a time enables you to quickly start ticking your desires off your wish list.

With each desire that manifests, you will build more and more faith in the Law Of Attraction.

Faith will destroy any doubts and limiting beliefs, leaving you with nothing but cold, hard proof that you are the creator of your own reality.

As your faith grows, so will the strength behind your ability to manifest.

Before you know it, you will be attracting even your biggest desires, faster than ever before.

What If My Desire Manifests Before Day 5?


If your desire manifests before day 5, keep going with the 55×5 method anyway.

Often when the universe delivers, it delivers big!

Just take a look around at some of the success stories online and you will see just how many people are claiming to have received their desires as well as so much more.

Commit to the full 5 days to ensure you receive everything that you are supposed to.

What If My Desire Hasn’t Manifested By Day 5?

If you get to day 5 and your desire still hasn’t manifested, don’t stress!

Instead, let it go!

Nothing ever appears out of thin air.

When using the Law of Attraction you must always remember that we are working within the lines of this physical dimension.

There is no magic smoke or hocus pocus in the Law of Attraction.

This is important, especially when it comes to larger goals and desires.

Get excited!

You may not have your desire directly in front of you but you have certainly re-aligned yourself to be on path with reaching that goal.

You are on your way!

Don’t waste time worrying or feeling defeated as this will ruin the purpose of the exercise.

Instead, let it go and have faith in the universe.

Focus now on the things that make you happy.

The things that lift your vibration.

Keep an eye out for signs and synchronicity.

When you are on path to manifest your desires, the universe will make it known.

5x55 manifesting_formula

What Should I Do Once I Have Completed The 55×5?

There is no right or wrong way to finish the 55×5 method.

You may choose to store your affirmations in your manifestation box…

Or perhaps you choose to burn them in a more ritualistic type practice…

Both of these ideas can be great to supercharge your desires even further.

But again, it’s all about what resonates best with you…

Maybe you keep them…

Or simply throw them in the trash…

The choice is uniquely yours.

When Is The Best Time To Do The 55×5 Manifesting Formula?

Again, this is entirely up to you but it is always best to choose a time where you can release from the exercise the moment you are done.

Do something that allows you to set and forget…

It might be that you choose to write your affirmations prior to spending time with loved ones or even before you go to bed at night.

Anything that helps you to release.

Following up with some light meditation can be particularly helpful because it allows you to enter the receptive mode.

Meditation is the process of being deeply present within yourself.

It offers a time to shut off from emitting any kind of energy and simply receive.

Whether that reception takes place as peace, clarity or inspired guidance, manifestation is always intensified when followed up by spending time within the receptive mode.

(Sources: https://www.developgoodhabits.com/positive-affirmations/)

Have Any Questions About The 5×55 Method? Leave A Comment Below!

210 thoughts on “55×5 Manifesting Formula – The 5 Day Manifestation Technique”

  1. Interesting article, I have heard of this method before but didn’t really know how to use it, going to try it right away.

  2. Hello! I recently started keeping an affirmation journal and am curious m what do I do with it when it’s full? Thanks so much

    • Hi Tray, you can simply store it away safely to read back on whenever you want, or you can try a technique called “Affirmation Burning”.

      The idea is that you burn your written affirmation and envision your desired message being delivered to the universe through the smoke.

      There are a few steps to this process but I talk about it in more detail here in my Money Rituals Post.

      Hope that helped!

  3. Question?: I tried this last week and it worked. I was also seeking guidance from my ancestors. Now!? can I do this again about the same desire? To be clear I was manifesting quality time with a specific person.

    • Hi Ra,

      Super happy that it worked out for you!

      Yes, you can apply the 5×55 method as many times as you like.

      The more you do it, the more you raise your vibrational frequency to your desires.

      Kind regards,


        • Hi Venessa,

          If you accidentally did a day extra I would just assume that perhaps that’s just how you were being guided to complete the exercise at the time. Maybe you needed an extra day for some reason. Trust in yourself and that inner guidance that we don’t always hear on a conscious level. Your heart knows best.

  4. I’m in day 3 and mistakly instead of writing it 55 times I did 65, what I do now, is it okay?, or I have to repeat again 55 times today, or to start over again including I can’t start over again, please what I do now?

    • Hi Syrine,

      No, it’s completely okay if you overdid it, the more the merrier I say!

      Try not to worry about and just keep going!

      Blessings your way,


  5. Hello! Here’s my question:
    I have something that I really want to happen in 6 months and something that I want to happen in 2 months. The one that I want to happen in 6 months is the most important to me. Which affirmation should I do first? Can you do an affirmation and then do a new one even if the first one didn’t manifest yet?

    • Hi there Nath,

      It’s entirely up to you. Some people prefer to focus on one manifestation at a time and others can do multiple.

      Depending on how big the desire is you could focus your affirmations on the one you want in 2 months, let that manifest and then you have 4 months to focus on the other.

      It’s totally up to you!


  6. Hello, do we put an end date of when we want to manifestation to happen by or just keep it open ended?
    Do we keep writing the same manifestation until it happens or do we write a new one in blocks of 5 days?

    • Hi Laura,

      It is entirely up to you whether or not to add a date. Some people say to leave the “when” up to the universe and others say you should be SUPER specific and include the “when”.

      This tells me that things work differently depending on the beliefs of the individual person.

      In my opinion, you should only need to do the 55×5 method once BUT if you feel that you may have been pulled out of alignment with your desire then feel free to do it again.

  7. HI there, is there an easier and more basic guide to just manifesting?

    I really enjoy your methods but sometimes my head hurts from too much information.

    I think it’s because I’m new to all of this, I’m not sure.

    Do you have a basic guide to manifest?

    I’m wanting to attract more money into my life.


    • Hello.. Hope u r doing good.. I have question I have done this technique n it worked for me like magic. I again did it.. mistakenly I wrote 56 times one day.. Now wot shud I need to do.. I hv complete my 5 days.. Shud I cut one extra line or I shud use whitner. Please help

      • Hi Nidhi,

        Ideally, you want to aim for 55 as the number 5 is symbolic in the process however I do think sometimes things seem like a mistake when they are not. If you were guided to write your affirmation 56 times then perhaps there is a reason for it. The first thing I thought when reading your comments was 5 + 6 = 11 and 11 is a very spiritual number often used by guides and angels to tell us that we are on the right path. It may be that 56 was right for you at the time.

  8. Hello! I started with 555 manifestation technique. But somehow I missed doing it on the last day that is 5th day. What should I do now. Should I repeat the technique all over again? Please revert

    • Yes, you can choose to do it again if you want to Sony,

      But I would not panic, if you are setting the intention to the universe it will listen.

      Thanks for your question!


  9. Hello! I will be starting the 55×5 method today! But I am just wondering if I manifest one thing for the next five days (let’s say $2000) and it either worked or not, how long do I need to wait until I can write another manifestation using this technique?

    • Hi Vanessa,

      You can get started straight away!

      After completing your first 5×55 it means you have done enough by setting your intention and letting go, the rest is up to the universe.

      The vibrational match as been emitted, the universe will hear you!


    • Yes absolutely!

      If you have a desired weight you like to be then this is a great foundation to start your affirmation.

      For instance;

      “I am a healthy weight of (x) kg/pnds”

      “I am so happy and grateful now that I weigh __________ kilograms/pounds”

      “I feel my body losing weight in every single moment of the day.”

      Try to be specific, but most importantly emit the feeling of the desire you wish to manifest.

      Write your affrimations that work with you and your needs.

      Have fun, and blessings to you.

      You’ve got this Vanessa!

  10. Thanks Charlie, That’s an awesome manifesting formula. A few months ago, I was going through a very stressful period due to failures in life and then somebody told me about this blog. It gave me the inspiration and help I needed and I was able to successfully overcome my problems. I have noticed a shift in my happiness levels, my relationship just keeps getting better and my income is increasing!!

    • Hi Kara,

      Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot that my blog is helping you!

      I have a lot more manifestation formulas I can’t wait to share with everyone!

      Best wishes for the future!


    • Hi Kara
      I am following this technique as well but I got interrupted in my second day. What would you suggest me ? I was so disappointed. Should I continue writing for 3 more days or should I restart it again?

      • Hi Shipra!

        Keep going!

        An interruption shouldn’t stop you from manifesting unless that is a strong belief of yours but otherwise, you will be fine.

  11. Can I write my wishes one after another,means when I am done with one wish for 5 days, can I write another wish in sequence for another 5 days ?

    • Hi Cruze,

      This is entirely up to you, you can either continue this method or you can let it go and allow the universe to make the shift.

      If you feel like you want to continue doing it, by all means, just go with your intuition and how you feel!


  12. I want to ask something. I
    am following 55×5 technique with positivity and dedication but it is my second day and I got interrupted by someone that made me lose confidence and I felt pain. Still I managed to finish. Should I continue writing for 3 more days or should I stop and restart again?

    • Hi Shipra,

      If you have been interrupted or have missed a day it’s totally fine!

      You’re welcome to just keep on going, you don’t have to restart.


  13. Hi ..
    I want to attract my crush and get married with her ..
    So which affirmation should i write … Plz help me
    (She too loves me .. bt not expressing her feelings nd in tarot reading also we got tht she loves me but due to karmic cycle it will take some time)

    • Hi Siddhant,

      It’s important to write an affirmation that you feel is right for what you want to manifest.

      I can give you a couple of examples, but make sure to pick one that resonates with you the most.

      Here are a few examples;

      – “I am married to my crush”.
      – “My crush loves me openly and passionately
      – “I have an amazing relationship with my crush”.

      Have a good think about it, write a few suggestions down and pick one that feels right.

      It doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as you set the intention with how you feel, the rest will come!

      Hope that helped,


  14. I had another question which is, while doing this technique if someone suddenly interferes or interacts with me do I have to restart from the next day or I can just continue?

  15. A very good friend of mine misunderstood me. He stopped talking to me since March 2018.
    Can I use to this technique to reconcile and restore lost friendship ?

    Give me an idea of affirmation .


    • Hi Abhishek, absolutely!

      Here are a few affirmations that you can use to restore your friendship:

      – *friends name* and I and are best friends.
      – Me and *friends name* have a loving relationship.
      – *friends name* and I have rekindled our friendship.
      – All past issues between *friends name* and I have been resolved.
      – *Friends name* is aware of the misunderstanding and is sorry.

      Hope these helped, I really tapped into source energy to receive these for you!

      My best wishes go to you and rekindling your friendship.


  16. Hi good day! Thank you for sharing. I have a question, if i can’t finish the 55 manifestation in the morning, can i continue and finish it at night? Tnx for ypur.reply..

    • Hi Rose,

      You can, but I do recommend you try and do it in one sitting.

      If you can’t find the time then by all means, but I find it more effective to do it at once.


  17. Hey Charlie,
    Thank you for sharing wonderful and life changing technique. Before coming at your site I have been struggling for guidance but never find such beautiful clarification and detail explanation about 5X55 method. Really appriciate. I want to ask you Me and my love are already married and want to get rid of existing life partner without any fights or hassle but seeking some magical separation. Can you suggest me affirmation for that? I am 1000% sure nothing is impossible as far as i have strong believe in myself and my magical Universe.
    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    • Aw Steve, thank you so much for your kind words, it fills my heart with so much gratitude!

      I’m not sure what you mean here, are you wanting to leave your partner without the hassle?

      Or do you want affirmations to keep a healthy relationship with your partner?


      • Dear Charlie,
        I am already married, the person I love presently is also married. So that means me and my partner love each other and want to leave our married partners.

        Now we both want that our married partners should be disappeared permanently from our lives without any fight or hassle, so that we can marry each other and spend our dream life together.

        Hope i made the scenario clear now.

        • Okay Steve,

          You could use affirmations like;

          “I am happily married to my new wife”.
          “Everyone I know is happy with my wife”.
          “My wife and I love each other without any interference”.

          Hope that helps!


  18. Thank you for this great article, you are such a blessing. I have an affirmation which i really need it to manifest in a week’s time. Now that I know how to go about it, am planning to be waking up at 3am for the next 5 days and do my 55X5 affirmation, and i will be back here in a week’s time with a testimony. Is 3am a perfect time to do it?

    • The perfect time is when you’re feeling peaceful and positive, it comes down to the intention that you set.

      So the more you’re feeling good, the closer you are to being in alignment with what you want.

      Pick a time that you feel best, that’s when you should do the 5×55.

      I look forward to hearing from you!


      feel your energies are high

  19. Are you able to use different types of loa for the same thing? Or will they cancel out each other.? Or should one method be stuck to ?

    • Hi Onika,

      Yes, you can, as long as you are setting the same intention with the different methods you use!



  20. Hi! I used this technique when I took the board exam and I passed! Now can I use this to manifest my husband’s wish of getting a permanent dream job? How do I write my affirmation? Thanks.

    • Hi Irish,

      Manifesting for others is possible but you will need to take into account the reality he is attracting for himself (either consciously or subconsciously). You could write something like “My husband works at…” but it will be even better if he does this himself. Here is an article I wrote about manifesting for others that may help you: https://moderndaymanifestations.com/manifest-for-others/

    • “Me and (persons name) love each other”

      “(persons name) is my loving spouse”

      “I am so thankful to have (persons name) as my partner and spouse”

      Hope these help!

    • Hi Shari,

      You should write the same affirmation 55 times every day for 5 days straight.

      The best way to do it is in one sitting

  21. Hey there….
    I have recently done a 3×33 manifestation….completed it 2 days ago…and i am seeing results straight away….not exactly what i wrote but there has been major progress….huge progress…..i am so happy and grateful! After 2 days and its bliss!
    I am wondering if it is too soon to start another one to add to the previous desire….or should i wait until it has fully shown itself in completeness? Exactly as my wording ?
    I dont want to put out the fire so to speak 😂
    Also wondering if i should be meditating on these desires i am writing down….or just forget about them and trust they will continue to be a predominant part of my days still? Once again….i dont want to extinguish the flames….haha
    Thanks so much

    • Hi Leaha,

      It’s wonderful that you are seeing such amazing results with the 5×55 method!

      You can start a new one as soon as you like, it’s not going to hurt the intention of the others!

  22. Its a inspiring method interesting. I understand “I am” in the present tense with what your addressing in affirmation terms makes sense. What would also be a good idea too to those who have resistence with results. Is if use the “You are” and record it in own voice then play when loop while your a sleep so bypass alot of resistence from conscious mind that way.Especially those who are not seeing results.Which could highlight limiting beliefs in the area they are up until now desiring to manifest. Great website -)

  23. Hello, just wondering if after the 5 days – can you try another affirmation straight away? Or should you keep with the same one? even if it doesn’t happen straight away should you do it again at some point or try something new?

    • If your desire has not manifested after the 5 days, watch for signs and synchronicity as well as new opportunities coming to the surface. The universe will begin to realign you with your desired path. Within that time it is totally fine to start again with a new affirmation.

    • Absolutely!!

      Both techniques work on the subconscious mind. The 55×5 adds an esoteric element by utilizing the symbolic power of numbers.

  24. Can we mention the date when we do affirmation? For instance, I’m grateful to be getting a new shop lot by 15th Jan. Can I mention specific date?

  25. What if I used 55 times twice or thrice a day for 5 day. Will it work?

    Reason why I using twice or thrice day because I do not want to be negative vibration.

  26. Hey,
    I tried to manifest something, but one day into the manifestation, I got confirmation that I wouldn’t get what I was trying to manifest. Should I keep going?

    • Hi Koko,

      My question to you would be what was the ‘confirmation’ and did you believe it?

      Belief is everything so as long as you can believe in yourself I would say definitely keep going.
      If you don’t fully believe in yourself, that’s okay too but you just need to work on your subconscious mind and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  27. hello charlie, about the 33×3, so you mean that you can get your wish granted in 3 days ? and can I put the affirmations in the shredder once I finish the 3 days? I feel good when I shred. thanks.

    • Hi Diana,

      Yes and yes!

      Most of the time when I do this method I manifest within the time frame of the exercise but for the times where it has not happened I never worry because I always know it’s on its way.

      And yes feel free to dispose of your affirmations however you like.

  28. Can I write it in my language? I wrote it in English but I think in other language. So it might cause a confusion. That’s why it never worked.

  29. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for this awesome article. I finished my 5 X 55 two weeks ago. I have not received my manifestation yet. Is there a certain time frame to receive the manifestation? Can I do the 5 X 55 again with the same affirmation if I don’t receive what I’m requesting?

    • Hi Kim,

      If you don’t receive your desire within the 5-day time frame keep faith that you have been put in alignment with what is it that you want and start to notice any signs or guidance as well as windows of opportunity opening up for you. They will.

      Write down anything that happens in your life that you feel is bringing you closer to your desire and this will help you to keep faith.

      As far as time goes, I have found that the fastest way to manifest is to let go of time expectations.

      Sometimes when we think too much about time, we manifest more time and then things seem to take longer!

      Have faith, you are in alignment and moving closer toward your desires every day.

  30. i just found this and i thank you so much for publishing this. It helps a lot. i do have a question, i am manifesting my long distance boyfriend (well sorta ex but not really) to move out my way. Or really to just have a plan to be together in the long run. The situtation is very complicated as we are both in other marriages but want to leave HOWEVER kids involved and hes been scared to take a leap of faith. What would i write in order for him to believe we can be together? Do i say something like “his name” and i are back together? Or something along the lines that “his name” and i are married. Or do i start smaller with “his name” and i are in a relationship and live together. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi Jill,

      Personally I would start with manifesting a resolve to the issues that are keeping you separate.

      If you need to manifest a clean break in your current relationship, or a home to start a new life in I think this should be your first priority. The last thing you want is to manifest getting back together but for it to become messy where the other marriages and children are concerned.

      Focus on what you need to do for yourself first and then, by all means, an affirmation such as “I am in a happy relationship with ______” will work well for you.

      • Thank you. Sorry i just saw this. In my case i am ok leaving my relationship and i feel like all will be ok. It is his way that needs to be worked on. So in that case what would i say?

        • Hi there,

          Okay so are you saying that you want to manifest being single and everything working out ok?

          Maybe you could try something like:

          “I live a free and happy life now that I’m single.”

  31. I have completed 33×3 technique for my one wish.Should i start doing 55×5 for different wish(weight loss) or am i suppose to wait until my first wish manifested in reality.

  32. Hi Charlie
    Amazing how the universe put you in my path. 😊🤗 I just finished reading an amazing book written in 1925 by Florence Shovel Shinn I’m not a bible person she quotes a lot from the bible but WOW pretty amazing book Ive wrote out a lot of affirmations and now you have given me another tool besides saying them all the time to now writing them as well. Do you feel that people can actually win the lottery through this method? Anything I’ve read on manifesting they tell you not to manifest small there is a unlimited supply for all of us in the universe so instead of asking for 1thousand ask for 10 thousand. 👍🏻 Great website I just read this article and will keep reading your other posts. What’s great is that you actually had the decency to reply to every single person that asked you a question, that says a lot about your character. I’m so grateful that I found you. Thanks Universe. 🤗

    • Hi Shelley,

      Thanks for the feedback, you are most welcome!

      Yes, I do believe that you can win the lottery with the Law of Attraction. I have not personally tried it myself because I feel that my beliefs around probability would get in the way and for that reason I prefer to keep the “how” side of things open-ended. I have found that to be the easiest way to manifest money.

      That being said, we are all different and yes you should aim big! Big manifestations are great because they help us to build faith as well as momentum.

    • Hi Archana,

      You can certainly boost your daughter’s manifestation by joining your own intentions to hers.

      Just make sure she wants the same thing so that you are using your energy together not against one another.

  33. So when you say to write out your affirmation 55 times, for the repetitivity. What part exactly do i keep repeating? Like the main end result i am wishing for? The whole super detailed vision, paragraph sized affitmation? Is that what i am to rewrite 55 times? Im sorry, I think this is hard for me because I naturally tend to over write and over detail things, so all my answers are always long winded with attachments. which, depending on your answer, could mean 55 pages of work for a person like me…. Which is ok, if thats what it is, i just want to be clear on exactly what it is, so i do it right:)

    • Hi Christine,

      Try to simplify your affirmation into one sentence and if you feel that more detail is required then you could use that more in a visualization type technique.

    • Hi Anxhela,

      That’s entirely up to you.

      I can tell you that your desire is already in motion so it is not necessary to keep using techniques however if you want to make a routine of it then by all means do. Follow your intuition and any guidance that the universe might be offering you right now.

  34. Hi! I have a question, can I use the 55×5 method in manifesting good grades? And any affirmations that you can suggest that I can jot down about manifesting high / good grades? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Carl,

      Yes, you can. Here are a few examples…

      I always do well in my exams.

      I always get good grades.

      I retain information easily.

      I am naturally intelligent.

      Hope that helps!

  35. Hi. Beautifully put. I would be trying this method soon. Just one query. Will it be ok to just tear and throw it in the trash after writing. Thank you

  36. Namaste, is it fine to do 55×5 manifesting method for 25 days continuously?
    Or more than 5 days?
    ,Pl guide me.
    Thank you

    • You could do this if you like but it’s not necessary.

      You could think of it as doing the exercise 5 times in a row (each for 5 days).

  37. What if I write 10 lines at a time, take a break for 30 minutes or so and then get back into it for another 10 lines, take a short break (30 minutes) and then another 10 lines and so on until I have written it 55 times

      • Hi.
        I have a question too.
        I have completed my 55× 5 manifestation technique yesterday and I just read your article.
        It says we have to write 55 times in one sitting. But in 2 days out of 5 I took a gap of like 5 to 8 minutes max in between of writing the affirmation 55times. On other days (3days) I did it in one sitting.
        I have also been seeing signs like 555 and 11:11 and have experienced synchronity. Now what am I supposed to do? I want it to manifest. If I have to start all over again I can but if I can leave it to that I will. Tell me please what to do ?

        • Hi Laura,

          Ideally, you would complete the 55×5 method each day in one sitting. The fact that you took a break is fine unless it has caused you to feel some doubt. Remember the Law of Attraction is all about having faith in your true creative power and the 55×5 method is just a technique for your subconscious to adopt that faith. If you are confident in your desire then let it go and trust in the universe to put everything together for you so that you will be guided gently along the path of least resistance which leads to whatever you are manifesting.

  38. Hi there,
    I’m just wondering once I finish the 5 days can I start another manifestation? I have a few and just wondering if I can do another one after I finish the 5 day on one of them.

    Thank you

    • Hi Alicia,

      Sure, there are no set rules around how soon you start manifesting the next thing so it’s really just about what feels good for you.

    • You can add a date if you like but I wouldn’t focus too much on a time frame only because I find when people set their focus on time, they tend to manifest more time to wait.

      Remember, like attracts like.

  39. Can you please help me and tell if my affirmation is correct. “ My crush has proposed his love to me and we are getting married “

  40. Hello Charlie….

    After I completed my first affirmation, can I write this technique for the other target? or I must wait my first affirmation become realize?

    Thank you so much

    • Yes start on your next manifestation that is fine and in fact, it also helps with the 1st manifestation because you are letting it go in faith and not obsessing over it. Awesome work!

    • Yes that can be really helpful because moving on to the next thing will help you to let go of the first in faith.

  41. I have types a 3 liner on my notes I am copying but I am reading all 55 times! Dose that mean I am doing wrong ? By typing and not writing?

  42. This is GREAT information it really helped. If I have 2 different things that I want to do the 5×55 for. Do I have to wait a few days before I start the second one.

    • You don’t have to take a break but it might be a good idea just to give your hand a rest from writing.

  43. I have started doing this but on second day i fall asleep and couldn’t continue now what should i do should I continue with same affirmation or should I restart but with same affirmation or different?

  44. When doing the 5×55 manifestation, does your affirmation stay the same every time, or do you write 55 different ones? Or do you write a different one everyday 55 times?

  45. I have completed writing an affirmation for 5 days today. Can I immediately start writing a new affirmation/goal for 5 days from tomorrow ?

    • Hi there,

      Yes you can! Even if your desire did not manifest within the 5 days it’s perfectly okay to let go and move on with the next thing. Have faith your desire will manifest in divine timing.

    • If your desire didn’t manifest in the 5 days it’s fine to let it go and move on. It will manifest in divine timing.

  46. Hi Charlie,
    One affirmation we have to write 55 times for 5 days Okk but I have one question that how many affirmation we can write at one seating? , and we have to write in present tense only?

    • Hi there, so it’s one affirmation written 55 times in one sitting. Write in the present tense as helps to solidify the energy as already existing rather than seeing it as a future outcome. As we know, tomorrow never comes.

  47. If I do this can I after 5th day try for second manifestation even though the first is not accomplished .Or i have to wait for second manifestation till the first ones complete

    • Hi there,

      Yes I have answered this one many times above. If you finish the 5 days and your desired outcome has still not manifested, feel free to let go in faith and if you would like you may start on the next thing.

  48. Hi Charlie, about the 55×5, I don’t know what to put for the affirmation because I want it to be about my parents allowing me to date and them being less strict. So far I have “I am grateful that my parents allow me to date *name*. But I don’t know if I should add more for my parents being less strict. Please let me know what I can do to make it more efficient. Thank you!!! 🙂

  49. Hi ,

    I wanted to ask that once I manifested my wish for how long is that wish going to stay ?

    And one more question is I am writing all this in a notebook . Is it fine to continue in the same notebook ?

    • Hi there,

      For as long as you believe and have faith that your desire remains with you then it will.

      Yes it is fine to use a notebook 🙂

  50. I have two questions. One, do you need to visualize while doing this method? I mean like do you need to constantly visualize even you have finished writing 55 times? Two, is it okay to visualize and listen to subliminals for other desire while doing the method?

    • No that’s not required. The repetition of these affirmations are going to naturally implant a visual into your mind. You won’t need to try and imagine the desired scenario because, on a subconscious level, it will already be there.

  51. hello, i was wondering if after the 5th day of manifesting do i take a day off manifesting or can i just go on to manifest something different ??

    • That’s entirely up to you and how you feel. If you need a break, by all means, take one but if you are happy to keep manifesting feel free to do so 😊

  52. Hello Charlie!

    I have been doing a lot of research on the 55×5 method and am prepared to start it, but I was curious if you can write different sentences. Or rather, can you manifest one thing, but The sentences say different things, but have the same intentions? For example, if I’m manifesting a puppy, could I write,
    -“Thank so much for my adorable white husky puppy.” And the next line be,
    -“Thank you so much for my husky puppy with blue eyes.”
    I’ve been wondering this a while.

    • Hi Shae,

      It is best if you just use the one affirmation. That way you are really wiring it into the subconscious mind.

  53. Is is possible to make alterations in other people’s decision to suit my convenience using this rule . Specifically can it make someone love me more ?

    • Free will is always in effect however you can certainly influence free will. That’s exactly what we are doing when we manifest love from a specific person or when we manifest a particular job or home… literally, anything you manifest is going to involve other people so there is an element of influence.

  54. Hii
    Is it okay if I change my affirmation from “I got an A in maths ” to ” My friend and I both got an A in math”

    After my 2nd day of the 55×5 technique. I’ve noticed that my friend really wanted to score an A in maths and I was hoping to manifest for them as well.

  55. Hi Charlie,

    I want to crack a particular exam which is probably after 3 months so should i start 5*55 technique now or should i start it right before my exam?

    please reply

  56. Hi Charlie,

    So I have this major exam that’s on November this year and I would like to ask if my words here are correct to write for the 55×5 method :

    “I am blessed to pass my exam this november___, 2021.”

    Is this correct? And also I am planning to do the 55×5 , 1 month before the exam, is it okay? Hope you could answer my questions.
    Thank you!

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