9 Signs You're In Alignment

9 Signs You Are In Alignment With Your Desires

Whether you’re an expert or a newcomer to the Law of Attraction, you have probably heard the phrase…

“It’s a sign from the universe”.

But what does this really mean and how can you tell if this “sign” is truly a divine message that you are in alignment with your desires?

The truth is that when you awaken to your inherent ability to create, you will begin to feel a shift.


The universe starts to rearrange the reality you live in to make room for your desires.

At first, this cosmic rearrangement can feel rather chaotic and for a lot of people, this is where they lose faith.

Once the realignment of your reality is complete, something strange begins to happen…


When the realization dawns on you that you can realign your own path, you will begin to go through somewhat of an awakening process.

As your energetic frequency rises with the shift, so does your 6th sense and suddenly you become open to receive messages from the universe.

In the beginning, two very different thoughts will accompany your recognition of these strange synchronicities.

The very first thought is your higher self.

This is the high vibe version of you.

Authentic, intuitive and driven by pure faith.

Your higher self-says:

“Wow, a sign!!”

This thought is quickly countered by another.

The second thought is the ego.

Protective, earthbound and (believe it or not) mostly driven by pure fear.

Your ego says:

“Don’t be silly, there is no such thing as a sign!”

It is important to be accepting of both thoughts and to understand their roles within you.

The higher self is always trying to guide you towards great heights of success where is the ego is the defense mechanism trying to prevent you from taking risks.

The only question you need to ask yourself is “What do I want?”

By affirming the higher self you strengthen your intuition and raise your vibration even further.

By affirming the ego you generate more fear and agree to remain within the binds of your limiting beliefs.

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What Is A “Higher Self”?

Think of yourself as an Avatar in a video game…

A character… or a sim… 

Your higher self is the entity playing the video game… but at the same time, it is also you.

In other words…

The you that is experiencing you.

It sees both the past and the future.

It sees the path you are on and can steer you back on track if you ever lose your way. 

With that being said, the higher self does not view you in the same linear way that you view yourself.

It sees you as the multidimensional being you are and perceives the vast amount of opportunity that is always available to you.

The higher self is a version of you that is all-knowing and yet at the same time, it craves deeper understanding.

More information on how to connect with your higher self can be found below.

Don't Limit Yourself

What Do These Signs and Synchronicities Mean?

There are many different types of universal signs but when it comes to the Law of Attraction you will either receive…

Signs to confirm that you are in alignment with your desires


Signs that guide you toward this alignment.

The key to deciphering signs is simply to use your intuition…

For example:

Imagine you are relaxing, watching television when suddenly you remember that email that you were supposed to send to an investment company…

Seconds later you hear the words “send that email” on a television show you are watching.

Most people would agree that this kind of synchronicity is a universal call to action, gently guiding you toward your path of alignment.

But say you had sent the e-mail a few days prior and you had almost forgotten about it when out of the blue the thought popped into your head that you had not yet received a reply…

Seconds later a notification appears in the bottom right-hand corner of your computer screen.

An email back from the investment company.

This kind of synchronicity is more likely a universal thumbs up that you are in alignment with your desires.

Remember, when it comes to interpreting universal signs, it all comes down to your own intuition.

Here are 9 signs that you are in alignment with your desires.

(Here’s a recap video down below, read the full post to fully understand the 9 desires)

1.) Dreams

For many people, being in the dream state is an easy way to receive communication from source energy.

If you are dreaming of your wishes already being fulfilled then this is a confirmation that you are aligned and well on your way to receiving your desires.

If you are receiving information in your dreams, the universe is likely teaming up with your higher self to guide you toward your path of alignment.

Many scientific discoveries, inventions, and creative endeavours have been made through the effortless act of dreaming.

Fantasy Scene

Niels Bohr discovered the structure of an atom in a dream and Albert Einstein founded his principle of relativity on a dream that he had during childhood.

A helpful hint for people wanting to use dreams to guide them to alignment is to keep a dream journal.

Not only will this help you to interpret your dreams but it will also encourage your mind to have better dream recall as a whole.

2.) Receiving Random Ideas Out of Nowhere

One way the universe likes to send messages is to plant them firmly in your mind.

Have you ever been going about your daily business when suddenly a brilliant idea pops into your mind seemingly out of nowhere?

This is the universe essentially working with your higher self to bring you inspired thought.

Remember to write these wonderful insights down.

Even if you don’t use them right away, you will eventually find value in your documented thoughts.

3.) Seeing Other People Living Out Your Desires

Seeing other people achieve the goals that you have set for yourself is the universe’s way of indirectly bringing your desires into your reality.

Don’t make the mistake of emitting feelings of anger and jealousy over friends taking the vacation you wanted for yourself or your neighbors bringing home the very same car on your vision board.

Any time you generate negative feelings toward your manifestations, you pretty much cancel out all of the positive emotion you have put in.

When the universe indirectly brings something into your reality, it is assuring you that your time is coming.

So next time you see someone else enjoying the delights of the life you are manifesting for yourself, get excited!

Feel gratitude for these people.

Applaud their success because their good fortune is signifying your good fortune.

4.) Predicting Small Events

Have you ever had a song pop into your head before turning on the radio to hear that very song playing?

Have you ever had a feeling that you might hear from an old friend only to see them walk by a few hours later?

Think of these small predictions more as mini manifestations.

This is the universe’s way of saying “see, you’re doing it! You’re making things happen”

If this universal sign is happening a lot for you, the message is usually that you need to trust yourself more.

Trust in your inherent power to manifest your desires.

Have faith.

The universe wants you to know that the power is within you and it is strong.

5.) Seeing Images That Seem to Answer Your Questions

Often in life, we see images that strike a certain chord within us.

These images are not something that you need to look for.

They will pop out at you from nowhere and you will know what they mean the moment you see them.

For example:

Say you are contemplating  leaving your job on the way to work one morning when a billboard seems to jump out of nowhere.

The billboard reads “don’t give up”.

You immediately have a feeling this is a sign that it’s not the right time to quit.

Remember, this initial thought of divine knowledge is your higher self and should be trusted.

If something takes you by surprise and you immediately see it as a sign, take it as a sign!

Don’t let your ego trick into thinking your intuition is wrong.

6.) Attracting Amazing People into Your Life

When you are in alignment with the universe you will begin to notice yourself suddenly becoming a magnet to people who inspire you and support you to reach your goals.

Attracting Amazing People

These people will vibe together and manifest love, support, and abundance as a collective.

You will probably feel that you are bringing them just as much joy and support as they are bringing you.

7.) Feeling More Energetic and Excited About Life

When you are in alignment with the universe, positivity will radiate from you with minimal effort.

You will become encompassed with love and light which emanates from within.

Some physical symptoms of this divine sign are as follows:

  • Being unable to hold in your smile.
  • Feeling more compassion and love toward others.
  • Seeing more beauty and colours in nature.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for your life.
  • Having more fun and being playful.
  • Finding yourself laughing more than usual.
  • Unable to contain your joy.

8.) People Telling You That “You Are Glowing”

There is a certain glow that emits from a person in alignment with their desires.

The Universe

This starts with finding yourself actually WANTING to make healthier choices.

You might notice that you have been drinking more water or getting more sleep than usual.

Suddenly your mind, body, and soul become sacred and you start treating it as such with minimal effort.

After a while, you will start hearing things like:

“Wow, you are glowing what’s your secret!”


“You look amazing, I can see that you are happy and healthy!”

When you are living in alignment, the combination of self-care and high vibration that radiates from within will suddenly become noticeable to everyone around you.

9.) Seeing Synchronicity In Numbers (11:11, 111, 222, 333 etc)

Aligning with the universe and waking up to your inherent manifesting power is extremely significant to your spiritual growth.

Everything can be measured in numbers.

They are the universal symbols for infinity. It is for this reason that numbers hold spiritual value.

When you start seeing synchronicity in numbers, it is the universe’s way of telling you that you are leveling up on your spiritual path.

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The numerological meanings behind number synchronicities are as follows:

Number meanings

How to Encourage Signs Of Alignment Within Your Life

Now that we have broken down the 9 signs of alignment, here are some ways that you can start increasing these universal blessings within your own life.

  • Stop Looking For Signs

Signs are not something to look for!

True signs from the universe are shown to you out of the blue and are always accompanied by an instant knowing of divine synchronicity.

  • Create Space In Your Life For Spiritual Practice

Meditation, breathwork and spiritual ritual are all great ways to create a line of communication between yourself and the universe.

Tapping into the universe always starts by tapping into the inner depths of the self.

  • Generate Love

Generating love for all living things including plants and animals will raise your vibration and thus create a stronger connection point between yourself and the universe.

Whenever you do something that shows love, support, and compassion, you dramatically raise your energetic frequency.

  • Show Gratitude

Finally, when the universe delivers its signs of alignment be sure to greet them with gratitude.

When you acknowledge synchronicity, you confirm that you’re a receiver for divine communication.

This act alone opens up the lines of energetic correspondence and encourages those messages to continue to flow freely into your everyday life.

How To Connect With Your Higher Self

Maintaining a strong connection with your higher self is important.


Because your higher self knows your true purpose.

It knows your desires, your goals, and your aspirations too.

It wants to support you in finding more love and joy within the earth experience.

It will help you to maintain a high vibration and continue to attract people, situations, and opportunities that align with your vision.

Your higher self will gently guide you into alignment with your true purpose.

1.) Separate the Higher Self From the Ego:

Day dreaming

There are two main aspects to who you are in this physical reality.

The Higher Self:

This is the piece of you that came forth into this reality and has a direct connection to the oversoul.

This part of you is all-knowing.

It is peaceful and accepting of yourself and others. It is the pure unconditional love and joy aspect of your personality.

Nothing can cause the higher self to be fearful, depressed, or angry because the higher self knows that all is perfect.

That the universe is always conspiring in your favor even when things seem chaotic on the outside.

This is your true self beneath the veil, the physical appearance and the limiting beliefs that have been adopted along the way.

The Ego:

The ego is the part of you that has been adopted during this physical incarnation.

It’s the attributes you have built, in order to create a sense of self.

Your looks, interests, hobbies, opinions, fears, desires, religious and political views…

All of these make up the ego.

You build these attributes so that you can be seen as a certain kind of person by others.

But the truth is that none of that is real and just part of the game we are playing here on earth.

Some people might tell you that the ego is the prideful part of you that thinks it’s “above” others.

While this is certainly an aspect of the ego, it’s not the be-all and end-all.

In fact, the ego is also the part of you that thinks it’s below others.

It’s a false sense of self that is quite unique to the individual.

So you see, the ego is not inherently bad and in fact, it is necessary for our human experience and growth.

With that being said, the ego was never supposed to dominate the higher self and in modern humans, this is exactly what has happened.

For most people, when they make a decision, they have become much more focused on what the ego is telling them rather than the higher self…

2.) Use Automatic Writing:

Automatic writing is a practical way to connect with the higher self.

This practice is great for those who are looking for something they can physically do to strengthen their bond with the higher self.

The idea is that you let go of the ego-mind and write from an authentic flow state.

This practice is something that has been used by both psychologists and spiritualists alike as a method to uncover hidden truths and answers to personal issues.

The idea is that you sit down with a pen and paper and let go of the ego-mind in order to access the higher self.

Ideally, you want to put yourself in a light trance state and you can do this through a quick meditation, focusing on the breath, listening to relaxing music, and really letting go of any surface-level thoughts crowding the mind.

It also helps if you have an intention or a question in mind that you want some guidance on.

Once you are in a relaxed state, begin to write.

Try not to think too much or place judgment on what you are writing.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense just let go of any kind of interpretation until after the exercise.

It might feel a little weird, to begin with, but after you have written a sentence or two you will start to feel yourself getting in “the zone”.

Your higher self will begin to channel through your body and into your words.

If you feel thoughts coming in again simply recentre your awareness on your breathing and keep writing.

3.) Practice Self Love:

The higher self loves you more than you will ever know.

In fact, it looks at you in a similar way to how a new mother would look upon her firstborn child.

The connection is overwhelmingly deep and unconditional.

A great way for you to connect with the higher self is to give yourself that same kind of unconditional love.

Be proud of who you are and the journey you’re taking.

When you channel self-love, you become one with the higher version of you on a vibrational level.

This practice is based on pure frequency. It’s about meeting the higher self where it’s at.

Here are some things you can do to practice self-love:

  • Speak kindly to yourself
  • Accept yourself and the journey you’re on fully.
  • Realize that everything is perfect even in times of perceived chaos.
  • Forgive yourself and let go of self-blame.
  • Spend time doing things that make you happy and know that you deserve it.
  • Be kind to your body and nourish it with healthy food, exercise and plenty of water.
  • Have boundaries with people and speak up for yourself when you need to.
  • Represent your truth and don’t hold back on your perspectives. Even those that are ego-based are still relevant to your earth experience at this time.
  • Show others the same kind of acceptance and love that you show yourself. This will teach you how to become more compassionate in general.             

4.) Develop a Meditation Routine:

Meditation is actually one of the most powerful things you can do to connect with the higher self.

This is because during meditation you learn how to quieten the ego and this helps the higher self to come through and be more dominant in your everyday life.

Meditation is something that should be part of your daily routine even if it’s just 10 minutes per day.

It’s not enough to simply meditate every now and then because quieting the ego is a skill that is built over time.

After a few months of daily meditation, you’ll begin to feel more supported by the higher self and guidance will come clearly both during mediation and throughout the day.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to meditate.

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable space to sit where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Set your timer for as long as you would like to sit for.
  3. Get comfortable and close your eyes.
  4. Center your attention on your breathing and repeat softly in your mind “breathe in… breathe out.”
  5. If you catch yourself getting lost in thought, simply bring your attention back to your breathing without judgment.

If you are someone who struggles to meditate for whatever reason be it intrusive thoughts, niggles, itches, or something else then I highly recommend you try the Zen12 meditation program.

I use this program myself and find it really helpful. Basically, Zen12 uses special soundwave technology to pull the brainwaves into a meditative state quickly and easily.

Because of its soundwave technology, Zen12 offers an hour’s worth of deep meditation in just 12 minutes.

5.) Find Blessings In The Challenges:

Sometimes in life, we go through really tough challenges.

Even the most positive people will tell you that things are never rosie 100% of the time.

It’s true, sometimes life throws us lemons.

But the trick is to recognize the blessings within the challenges.

As the saying goes, “diamonds form under pressure”, and it’s true!

Some of our biggest life lessons come from truly challenging situations.

I know it can be hard to see the blessings within your struggles, especially when you’re in the thick of a trying time.

That’s okay…

Work through it the best you can and when you are ready, ask yourself…

“What did I learn from this?” and “How can this lesson serve me in a positive way moving forward?”

The higher self loves you unconditionally but it won’t save you from a challenging situation if that challenge holds the key to expansion and growth.

Remember that everything is perfect, even in times that seem chaotic.

Your higher self knows that the universe is always operating in your favor even if it doesn’t seem that way.

When you find the blessings hidden in your struggles, you will start to see things in a similar perspective to the higher self and therefore, connect to it on a vibrational level.

Above all, remember that the higher self is simply an extension of you!

It’s the you that exists on a multidimensional level and therefore it knows your past, your future, and what you truly desire out of this earth experience.

Have faith that your higher self is always cheering you on and guiding you to flourish and bloom in whatever direction you choose.

In every single moment, you are forever, loved, supported, guided, and connected to your higher self.

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

Charlie is a spiritual manifestation coach/teacher that has helped thousands of people around the world manifest their goals and desires. She’s been featured on Elephant Journal, Addicted 2 Success & More!

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