How to manifest money

251 Money Affirmations To Attract Unlimited Fortune And Wealth!

Looking to attract prosperity and financial abundance into your life?

Money affirmations are a powerful tool to help you to achieve these goals, but unfortunately many people get it wrong!

In order for you to harness their full power and make them work for yourself, you need to understand just a few simple practices first!

In today’s article, you will learn;

  • What Are Money Affirmations And How Can They Make You Rich?
  • The Number 1 Reason Why Many Fail To Manifest Money.
  • How To Use Them Properly To See Results.
  • Tips To Make Them Work Faster.
  • My Complete List Of The Most Powerful Affirmations To Use!

Let’s get started, shall we?

What Are Money Affirmations & How Can They Make Your Rich?

Positive Money Affirmations are simple yet powerful statements that when repeated enough times can manifest what you want (in this case money) into your life!

These mantras stem from the law of attraction, and work from the principle that “like attracts like”…

Like attracts like simply means that what you think and feel attracts back into your reality like a mirror.

So by creating positive thoughts and feelings about money you are raising your vibrations and mirroring it back into your life!

It’s a declaration to tell the universe that financial freedom, prosperity, and unlimited abundance is already yours!

Not only that, but they also help eliminate abundance blocks, limiting beliefs and other negative emotions that are stopping you from manifesting wealth…

These negative emotions are often a contribution from having a “Poverty Mindset”.

What is a poverty mindset?

A poverty mindset is a deep-seated subconscious belief that makes you feel negatively about money.

These limiting beliefs are often expressed as fear, stress, worry, and even anger whenever you have a thought or emotion related to wealth.

Remember the “like attracts like” rule I discussed earlier…?

It not only applies to positive vibrations but negative ones as well…

People with this mindset are usually unaware of having it to begin with because it’s so deeply engraved in their subconscious mind…

(If you don’t know whether you have a poverty mindset, I highly suggest you take a look at this, it will give you the answer you need.)

The good news however, is that these beliefs can be rewritten using powerful money mantras!

You just have to do them right, here’s how!

Signs That You Have A Poverty Mindset:

If you have been trying to manifest money with little (if any) results, you might be starting to wonder…

What on earth am I doing wrong?!

There’s a good chance you are stuck with a poverty mindset.

Here are some common signs that you’re in a poverty mindset and it’s effecting how well you manifest money.

1.) Having A Negative Emotional Response To Receiving Bills

How does it make you feel to open your bills each month?



Opening bills and realizing that your hard-earned cash is about to slip right through your fingers isn’t the nicest feeling in the world, I get it!

But did you know that the reaction you have toward your bills could actually be contributing to a poverty mindset?

2.) Feeling Grief When You Think About Needing Money

If you feel any kind of sadness when thinking about needing money this could also be a sign that you are suffering from a poverty mindset.

Sometimes the feeling is so slight that you may not even notice it at first.

Next time you think about money, stop for a moment, and focus on how your body feels.

If you feel a very slight pain in your chest or stomach, you are indeed associating wealth with negative emotions.

Essentially, you are telling the universe, “money makes me feel bad”.

3.) Settling For “Just Enough”

Some people think that by asking for more, you are not being grateful for what you have.

This is not true.

Yes, gratitude does heighten your vibration and therefore your alignment with the universe but gratitude and contentment are two very different things.

If you are content to have just enough money to get by then you will receive just enough to get by.

As humans, it is our birthright to experience the abundance of creation in this lifetime!

There is always more you can achieve!

4.) Seeing Chaos As A Negative Sign

When working with the Law of Attraction, there are always going to be periods of time that seem rather chaotic.

Many people make the mistake of allowing this to bring them down.

They become bitter and lose faith thinking that perhaps their blessings are not going to manifest after all…

The truth is quite the opposite.

When you manifest a change of any kind there is going to be some re-arranging to do.

The universe will often redirect your life in order to make room for the abundance to come.

5.) Making Excuses

People who suffer from a poverty mindset almost always make excuses for their misfortune!

Now, this is not a judgment…

In fact, those who are making the excuses usually don’t even realize what they are doing.

They have been brainwashed into a poverty mindset through the adoption of limiting beliefs.

These beliefs often stem from childhood and are passed down from generation to generation.

People who suffer from a poverty mindset almost always make excuses for their misfortune!

Now, this is not a judgment…

In fact, those who are making the excuses usually don’t even realize what they are doing.

They have been brainwashed into a poverty mindset through the adoption of limiting beliefs.

These beliefs often stem from childhood and are passed down from generation to generation.

6.) Not Making Time For Self-Care

Mental burnout and stress is a common occurrence for those who suffer from a poverty mindset…

I mean let’s face it, lack is stressful!

But in order to move away from that negative mindset, it’s important to make time to wind down.

If you are feeling stressed out and somebody tells you…

“Just think positive!”

You are going to be somewhat annoyed right?

How can you go from stress and burn-out, straight into a ray of positivity?

Here are some things you can do to promote self-care:

  • Meditate.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Read a book or watch television.
  • Have a nap.
  • Treat yourself to something nice.
  • Nourish your body with good, healthy food.

Always fill your own cup before doing extensive mindset work.

7.) Feeling Guilty After Making A Purchase

Guilt is a huge barrier to attracting abundance and one that we all experience at some point or another.

Perhaps an impulse buy leaves you feeling that the money could have been spent better elsewhere.

Alternatively, guilt may come alongside your successful manifestations.

You may feel undeserving of your cash when you see other people working very hard for theirs.

Try to transmute any feelings of guilt into feelings of freedom.

Use affirmations to remind yourself that money is always coming in great abundance and also that you are deserving of all that you receive.

Now that you have identified you’re in a poverty mindset you need to go about breaking out of that mental state.

Once you do change your mindset you’ll find your money manifestations working faster and more effectively than ever before.

How To Use Money Affirmations Properly:

Although the process is quite simple, It’s important that you apply a few of these simple tips to make your money affirmations more effective:

1.) Be Consistent With Your Mantras

I’m going to be completely honest with you here….

Repeating your money affirmation once or twice is most likely not going to get you the results you’d like.

The key with actually manifesting wealth into your life comes down to how consistent you are with your affirmations.

Just like any skill, you need to apply yourself and practice daily!

Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a day or two, but try to add it into your routine as much as possible.

A good rule of thumb is repeating your affirmation 50 times a day.

10 just as you wake up, 10 before lunch, 10 in the afternoon, 10 after dinner, and 10 before you sleep.

You can do as many times as you please, just as long as it’s consistent!

2.) Apply Them In The Hard Times Too…

We all have our hard days, especially when bills are piling up and money isn’t flowing as much as you’d like.

But these times of feeling your lowest are the most important times to manifest wealth, this is when the universe needs to hear your positive affirmations speak louder!

Remember the key is consistency no matter what!

Negative thoughts are natural and shouldn’t be something to feel ashamed or guilty about, so the next time you catch yourself having a bad thought repeat your prosperity affirmation.

3.) Write Them Down…

Writing down your mantra is one of the most powerful methods to connect with the vibrations of fortune!

When written, you are furthering your bond with money which of course makes it easier to manifest.

Although it’s fairly straightforward, there are a few ways on writing them:

It’s important to do what feels right for you, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try different techniques!

4.) Try incorporating subliminal affirmations:

Have you heard of subliminal affirmations? They work wonders!

Subliminals are audio tracks that repeat your affirmations for you, instead of you repeating them yourself.

What makes them so effective is that they speak to your subconscious directly!

These tracks are often infused with deep, relaxing soundtracks that put your subconscious mind into the receiving state that allows for the messages in the tracks to rewrite negative thought patterns.

These are becoming more of an effective method to your traditional affirmations, and can even be used in your sleep!

Although I don’t believe you should replace them with standard methods altogether, I do believe they are a powerful tool in helping you achieve your money goals!

Want to know what the best subliminals are? Check out my post here!

Tips To Make them Work Faster:

Want to speed up the effects of your mantras? Although everything manifests in divine timing, there are powerful techniques to draw you closer to alignment with the frequency of money!

1.) Be Specific:

The Universe loves for you to be specific, especially when attracting wealth.

Although my money affirmations down below aren’t necessarily specific, you can use them as a framework towards a money goal you may have.

Want $50,349 before July the 1st? 

Create an affirmation around it!

Looking for a specific house? 

Create and affirmation around it!

If you’re unsure of the specifics that’s okay too, don’t overwhelm yourself with it!

But if you know exactly what you want, let the universe know loud and clear and it could manifest sooner rather than later!

2.) Visualize, Visualize, Visualize!

Visualizing your desired scenario while reciting your affirmations is a potent way to attract your desires faster!

It’s super simple to do as well…

When practicing your mantras, try and create a positive scenario within your mind of what your money affirmations look like.

Do you see yourself flying over the clouds to another country? 

Can you feel the leather seats under your hand of the sports car you want? 

How does it look to have a fat stack of dosh in your palms? 

Creating a visual representation of your affirmations will quickly bring you into alignment of wealth!

If you’re having trouble with visualization, make sure to read my post here about it! 

3.) Don’t Over Complicate The Process

Your abundance mantra doesn’t need to be two paragraphs long!

It’s easy to overcomplicate the process, but try to keep to as few words as possible!

The easier it is to remember and recite, the easier it will be for your subconscious to learn as well.

I try to aim for 3-6 words if possible, if you need to go over a little that’s okay, just as long as you remember what it is!

Keep it simple and watch how fast your desires start to appear in your life.

4.) Avoid Affirmation Overload

More is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to making your money affirmations work faster.

Many assume that the more affirmations you say, the more money you will attract…

This is not true at all…

Trying to repeat as many different mantras as possible will only cause an overload, which generally leads to burnout and feeling stressed out.

Try to stick to 1-5 at most!

Anything over is simply unnecessary and will only cause more harm than good.

I know it’s super exciting to find new affirmations and try them, but try to keep them at a minimum.

5.) Make Moves Toward Manifesting Money

Always make sure that you are fulfilling your end of the bargain.

Manifesting money is not as easy as sitting on the sofa and waiting for a stack of cash to be left at the doorstep.

Now I’m not saying that you need to work hard in order to manifest money (that would defeat the purpose) but you do need to be following the signs that lead you to inspired action.

If you have been manifesting money and you suddenly receive a random job offer, you wouldn’t just say…

“Sorry I don’t have time to take the job I am too busy sitting on the couch visualizing money.”

No, you would say “Thank you universe.” and take the job right?

Take action in order to emit the vibrations that will attract your desires…

And then recognize the opportunities that are being sent to put you on path toward manifested success!

6.) Have Drive And Determination

How committed are you to your manifestation?

Are you willing to take the path when it’s offered?

You see, when you are driven and determined, you show commitment to your desires!

You work on your limiting beliefs, your affirmations, and visualizations…

And of course, taking action too.

This is a practical and realistic step that needs to be taken because all choices in life come with their own trials and tribulations.

It’s about personal staying-power.

Manifesting money may mean losing your job, or old friends who are holding you back from meeting your true potential.

Remember, 100% of people who quit, fail.

Being committed means staying on the path no matter how bad the chaos of re-alignment ruffles your feathers.

7.) Have Respect For Your Money

Respect your money

Care for your money by making sure it has a comfortable home.

You should always treat your money as if it is sacred.

If your wallet is a mess, you will consequently experience frustration every time you open it.

This creates a mental link within your subconscious between money and feelings of stress.

If your wallet is kept tidy and well looked after, opening it up will become a pleasant experience.

In a nutshell, create reasons to feel positive whenever you see or think about your money.

8.) Surround Yourself With Money Inspiration

Energy is contagious and therefore, you become who you surround yourself with.

Invite people into your life who share your enthusiasm for greatness and connect with those who inspire you to achieve.

Take walks through abundant neighborhoods…

Look at the beautiful houses and cars with a feeling of belonging.

Physically put that lifestyle into your waking life and set the intention that this is where you want to be.

9.) Think Big And Aim High

When manifesting money it’s important to start small and work your way up but at the same time, you should never lose sight of your larger goals either.

Think of your manifestation practice like building a house.

The house itself is the main goal…

But what do you need to do to get there?

Start by manifesting the foundations and build your way up.

These “smaller” manifestations will help you along the path to reaching your highest potential.

Once you begin to see results from your smaller manifestations, you will find yourself having more faith in the entire concept.

When this level of faith has been reached, manifesting money on a larger scale becomes easier and faster than you ever dreamed possible.

As the saying goes,” You have to see it to believe it.”

Now it’s time to pick a winning Abundance affirmation!

Now you’ve learned how to use money affirmations the right way, it’s time to take your pick!

Remember to keep them at a minimum (I know there are plenty to choose from) and if you can try to incorporate them around a specific money goal you may have!

Anyway, here are the most powerful money affirmations to use!

1.) ” I am financially free and abundant”.

2.) ” Money comes to me effortlessly and frequently”.

3.) ” My lifestyle is full of large amounts of wealth and luxury”.

4.) ” I live a highly extravagant and fulfilling life”.

5.) ” I can easily afford to buy anything that I desire”.

6.) ” My bank account never stops increasing”.

7.) ” The universe delivers me an abundance of divine inheritance”.

8.) ” I am a magnet to financial prosperity”.

9.) ” My energy is aligned with the vibration of unlimited wealth”.

10.) ” I am the first millionaire in my family”.

11.) ” Money is always attracting to me”.

12.) “I am grateful for the universe supplying me with an unlimited abundance of money.”

13.) ” The universe delivers me an endless amount of cashflow”.

14.) ” I make a crapload of money every single day”.

15.) ” I earn an extraordinary amount of wealth doing what I love”.

16.) ” The actions I take create an abundance of riches”.

17.) ” My unlimited wealth gives me the freedom to do whatever I want”.

18.) ” I am grateful for the substantial amount of money I earn”

19.) ” Being a millionaire is my birthright”

20.) ” My income triples every time I check my bank balance”.

21.) ” I attract more money than I spend”.

22.) ” I am a walking money magnet”.

23.) ” I have the mindset of a multimillionaire”.

24.) ” My wallet is always packed with cash”.

25.) ” Large amounts of money bring me joy and positivity”

26.) ” I have unlimited streams of financial income”.

27.) ” I am grateful for being so rich and successful”.

28.) ” Money is an endless resource”.

29.) ” I am deserving of prosperity”.

I am deserving of prosperity

30.) ” I love money, money loves me, together we are a money creating machine”.

31.) ” Money is my best friend”.

32.) ” Wealth flows to me like water”.

33.) ” I am deserving of my luxurious and abundant reality”.

34.) ” The universe supplies me with an endless amount of wealth”.

35.) ” I am in love with money”.

36.) ” My bank account overflows with money”.

37.) ” I am a millionaire”.

38.) ” I attract money in my sleep”.

39.) ” My income expands in unexpected ways”.

40.) ” Money is easy to come by”.

41.) ” My riches allow me to help others”.

42.) ” I have a blessed life filled with abundance and prosperity”.

43.) ” It’s all mine”.

44.) ” Money comes to me passively and effortlessly”.

45.) “I have more than enough money to bless myself and the lives that are important to me”.

46.) “I am prosperous”.

47.) “It’s safe for me to make a ton of money”.

48.) “My income is consistently increasing”.

49.) “I experience financial freedom easily”.

50.) “I have an endless supply of wealth”.

51.) “I possess all the secrets that other millionaires have”.

52.) “Large amounts of prosperity magnetize to me”.

53.) “I make millions while traveling and exploring the world”.

54.) “I am a born money magnet”.

55.) “My purse is heavy from the all the cash I have”.

56.) “All my friends are rich and abundant too”.

57.) “Prosperity is effortless”.

58.) “Everything I do makes me more money”.

59.) “I am in alignment with the energy of abundance”.

60.) “I am famous and successful”.

61.) “Money is printed for me every day”.

62.) “I have copious amounts of ideas to attract riches”.

63.) “I am always on the same vibration of wealth”.

64.) “My bank account doesn’t stop growing”.

65.) “I get checks in the mail every day”.

66.) “Money always finds me”.

67.) “The universe always supplies me with more than enough abundance”.

68.) “I appreciate all of the prosperity in my life”.

69.) “Love and richness surround me every day”.

70.) “Money is so easy to obtain”.

71.) “I see opportunities for wealth everwhere I turn”.

72.) “My fortune keeps multiplying itself”.

73.) “My bankroll never ends”.

74.) “Money amplifies life opportunities and experiences”.

75.) “I am financially blessed every day I wake up”.

76.) “Money is drawn to me every minute”.

77.) “I have multiple streams of income that keep growing”.

78.) “The universe is always overcompensating my fortunes”.

79.) “There is plenty of money for me”.

80.) “Abundance is natural to me”.

81.) “I am rich, powerful, and make the world a better place”.

82.) “Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me”.

83.) “New cashflow opportunities are easy to come by”.

84.) “My financial future is secure”.

85.) “I can live my dreams because I am wealthy”.

86.) “My income is expanding quickly”.

87.) “My lifestyle is lavish and always rewarding”.

88.) “I am financially prosperous”.

89.) “I work in partnership with the universe to acquire riches”.

90.) “I am comfortable with having large amounts of money”.

91.) “I feel sensational being so wealthy”.

92.) “Prosperity supports my happiness”.

93.) “My bank account is forever evolving”.

94.) “Attracting money is good for my soul”.

95.) “It’s my purpose to live an abundant lifestyle”.

96.) “I can purchase anything in the world”.

97.) “I am always immersed in wealth”.

98.) “The great divine showers me in riches”.

99.) “Being wealthy allows me to travel first class and live extravagantly”.

100.) “I do great things with my fortune”.

I will do great things

101.) “My consciousness is wired for millions”.

102.) “I love the positive energy from receiving money”.

103.) “I create amazing business opportunities”.

104.) “I naturally attract great fortune”.

105.) “My positive outlook brings success and wealth”.

106.) “I can retire early”.

107.) “The universe connects me with an unlimited supply of money”.

108.) “My money desires are fulfilled”.

109.) “I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams”.

110.) “People love to give me money”.

111.) “Money is my divine helper to support my life purpose”.

112.) “Fortune is constantly appearing out of nowhere”.

113.) “Wealth is pouring into my life”.

114.) “I have an abundance mindset”.

115.) “I am worthy of massive amounts of cash flow”.

116.) “There is no limit to the volume of wealth I accumulate”.

117.) “The universe makes me wealthy”.

118.) “I earn more than I ever dreamed possible”.

119.) “I deserve to be spoiled with financial freedom”.

120.) “Great amounts of wealth never stop flowing”.

121.) “My higher self has manifested because of money”.

122.) “I have more than enough wealth”.

123.) “I know that I am rich”.

124.) “Everyday I become more prosperous”.

125.) “I am grateful for all the pleasure my riches bring me”.

126.) “Every day is exciting because I keep earning more money”.

127.) “I make more bread than a bakery”.

128.) “Wealth is my natural state of being”.

Wealth is natural for me

129.) “I make a fortune in an honest and helpful way”.

130.) “I am worthy of tremendous prosperity”.

131.) “There is plenty of money for me”.

132.) “My mind can’t stop visualizing and attracting more money”.

133.) “Cash flows in harmony with everything I achieve”.

134.) “Life keeps handing me more ways to manifest wealth”.

135.) “It’s comfortable having massive amounts of dosh”.

136.) “The universe helps me gain as much cash as possible”.

137.) “I have piles of money throughout my house”.

138.) “Cash is an infinite resource”.

139.) “Everything I touch turns to gold”.

140.) “I am wealthy and healthy”.

141.) “Gaining money is as easy as breathing”.

142.) “Fortune is in my destiny”.

143.) “The great divine gives me more than enough wealth”.

144.) “My bank account is always positive”.

145.) “It’s a blessing to have riches”.

146.) “Fortune makes me a better person”.

147.) “I am a powerfully charged money magnet”.

148.) “Fortune chases me”.

149.) “Attracting fortune makes me happy and fulfilled”.

150.) “Prosperity is drawn to me”.

151.) “I welcome an unlimited source of income into my life”.

152.) “My income doubles every month”.

My income doubles every month

153.) “I am the creator of my abundant and lavish reality”.

154.) “I am a millionaire”.

155.) “I receive money just by thinking luxuriously”.

156.) “Money allows me to live a life I love”.

157.) “I am receiving money now”.

158.) “It feels marvelous to be wealthy”.

159.) “I attract more money than I know what to do with”.

160.) “I receive financial blessings every day”.

161.) “My income is constantly increasing”.

162.) “Financial doors keep opening for me”.

163.) “I have a great connection with money”.

164.) “Immense wealth and riches are flowing to me”.

165.) “I am tuned into the flow of prosperity”.

166.) “I am constantly surrounded by abundance”.

167.) “Money opportunities arise for me every day”.

168.) “I secure the bag”.

169.) “Money simply falls into my hands”.

170.) “It’s written in the stars that I will attract millions”.

171.) “I am a millionaire just from being my true self”.

172.) “I am the creator of my own fortune”.

173.) “Success and abundance are inevitable”.

174.) “I am in alignment with great fortune”.

175.) ” I am grateful for my divine blessings and prosperity that come easily”.

176.) “My soul is always open to financial profits”.

177.) “My mind is constantly drawn to money-making ideas that work”.

178.) “I am always a picture of prosperity”.

179.) “Wealth fulfills and heals all areas of my life”.

180.) “Manifesting money comes my way gracefully and with ease”.

181.) “I constantly absorb the energy of wealth”.

I absorb the energy of wealth

182.) “Attracting money is a piece of cake”.

183.) “My reality is filled with boundless fortune”.

184.) “The universe is always sending me money”.

185.) “I am a self-made millionaire”.

186.) “I accept abundance that flows into my life with openness and gratitude”

187.) “A miracle of fortune happens to me every day”.

188.) “There are no limits on the amount of money I make”.

189.) “I am grateful for having large amounts of money in my bank account”.

190.) “I can afford it”.

191.) “The universe is always putting me in a financially better situation”.

192.) “I receive 6 figure checks in the mail”.

193.) “I have money on tap”.

194.) “Everyone around me is motivated and spiritually lifted by my abundance”.

195.) “I do good by others with the amount of prosperity I have”.

196.) “Money adores me”.

197.) “My money multiplies by itself”.

198.) “I’m always allowing more money into my life”.

199.) “I’m one with the energetic frequency of fortune”.

200.) “I constantly receive unexpected amounts of cash”.

201.) “Money is amazing”.

202.) “I love money and money loves me”.

203.) “I’m so thankful that money comes to me in rapid amounts consistently”.

204.) “My income evolves at a tremendous speed”.

205.) “Financial satisfaction is granted to me every day”.

206.) “I am becoming richer every day”.

207.) “There’s plenty where that came from”.

208.) “I am constantly winning large amounts of money”.

209.) “I’m always overindulged in fortune”.

210.) “I make a profit on every dollar I spend”.

I make a profit off every dollar

211.) “I am a kind, caring and giving millionaire”.

212.) “Money circulates freely into my life”.

213.) “Prosperity of every kind is attracted to me”.

214.) “Financial security is a permanent thing in my life”.

215.) “It’s safe to make millions”.

216.) “I am always worthy of positive cashflow”.

217.) “Being rich feels amazing”.

218.) “My spiritual energy is hardwired to attract abundance”.

219.) “I have a prosperity mindset”.

220.) “Earning large quantities of money generates positive energy”.

221.) “Attracting money is peaceful and easy to do”.

222.) “I trust in my ability to attract large amounts of wealth”.

223.) “I have all the power and tools to live a life of abundance”.

224.) “I am the creator of my own prosperity”.

225.) “I can purchase anything I please”.

226.) “My bank account receives multiple streams of income in 7 figures”.

227.) “I have faith in my money”.

228.) “I possess the same abilities as other millionaires and successful people”.

229.) “I make well calculated and empowered financial decisions”.

230.) “Manifesting money brings me satisfaction”.

231.) “I trust that the universe will deliver me fortune whenever I want”.

232.) “My money-making powers are the greatest of all time”.

233.) “The more I make the more that I attract”

234.) “Currency is an important part of my life”.

235.) “Money always comes in perfect timing”.

236.) “My money signals intensify each day”.

237.) “Making a fortune is my passion”.

238.) “I can acquire wealth in any circumstance”.

239.) “Everyone close to me supports my ability to manifest money”.

240.) “I earn my fortune in ethical, honest and helpful ways”.

241.) “I am so excited to help others with my limitless fortune”.

242.) “I am free to make as much money as I want”.

243.) “It is my right to be rich”.

244.) “Money is always blessing me”.

245.) “I am permanently in tune with money signals”

246.) “I know all the life secrets that deliver me millions”.

247.) “I can help the world with my large fortune”.

248.) “Prosperity comes with a click of my fingers”.

249.) “I create beautiful abundance”.

250.) “I am the most important asset to acquire millions”.

251.) “My mind is constantly focused on manifesting wealth”.

So which affirmation have you chosen?

The extravagant and luxurious lifestyle is waiting for you, it’s time to tell the universe that you are ready and open to receive!

Make sure to pick an affirmation and repeat it every day for as long as it takes.

Don’t be afraid to practice a couple to see which connects with you the most, you can also create your own using one or more examples in the list.

If you aren’t quite sure which one to pick you can simply bookmark this page and come back to it later.

If you have found your perfect mantra let me know in the comments below!

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

Charlie is a spiritual manifestation coach/teacher that has helped thousands of people around the world manifest their goals and desires. She’s been featured on Elephant Journal, Addicted 2 Success & More!

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