5 Easy Techniques to Manifest a Text From Your Crush

How many times have you checked your phone today?

Waiting anxiously for that one message...

Suddenly, you hear your notification tone...

Your heart skips a beat...

Your stomach flutters...

Could it be?

Nervously, you reach for your phone...

The word 'Mom' flashes across the top of your screen.

Of course...

She's reminding you about dinner on Friday.

You slump your head in disappointment.

You've been thinking about your crush all day!

Surely that counts toward your manifestation, right?

So what's the deal?

Is manifesting a text from your crush even possible?

And if so, how?

This article will show you how to become the number one thought in your crushes mind...

As a result, your crush won't be able to stop themselves from contacting you!

So let's jump right in shall we?

Here are my 5 top tips to start manifesting that first message!


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1.) Visualize Your Crush Sending The Message

In the Law of Attraction, we speak a lot about the power of visualization.

There are many visualization techniques out there, but the main idea is simply to create a mental image of the desired scenario.

Take a few minutes, close your eyes and think of your crush.

Where are they right now?

What are they doing?

Who are they with?

Focus on physical sensations along with your visualization.

For example, if you are picturing your crush out on a nature walk, how is the climate?

Imagine the sensation of the warm sun beaming down on your crushes back.

Imagine the scent of the cool, fresh air.

Once you feel like you have built a good mental image of your crush, imagine him or her picking up their phone.

Watch their fingers dart across their screen and know that this message is for you.

Notice your crushes emotion toward sending this message.

Are they smiling?

Do they look excited?

Practice this exercise as often as you like but don’t let it eat out a chunk of your day.

A good part of the Law of Attraction is the ability to send your visualizations out with trust that the universe will deliver.

You might like to focus on this visualization at night time before you fall asleep.

Create the image, charge it with emotion, send it out to the universe, and finally, let it go.

If you want to learn how to visualize properly go to: 6 Visualization Techniques For Epic Manifestation

2.) Visualize Yourself Receiving The Message

Another way to use the visualization process is to create a mental image of yourself receiving the text message.

This time, imagine a scene where you are the main character.

Focus on where you are, what you are doing and the physical sensations around you.

Imagine the sound of your message tone, and picking up your phone to find a text from your crush.

You may like to imagine yourself opening your phone to find your crushes message icon has popped up.

Focus deeply on what the message says and how it makes you feel.

Feel the butterflies in your stomach and let your emotions build up their energetic charge.

Finally, release your visualization out into the universe.

3.) Send Messages To Yourself And Imagine They Are From Your Crush

This is a great way to incorporate the “acting as if” technique into your routine.

Save your own number under your crushes name.

You may even use his or her photo if you have it.

Send a message to yourself with everything you wish your crush would say to you.

Once you have sent the message, go and do something else for 5 – 30 minutes.

Later, pick up your phone and open the message as if you are seeing it for the first time remembering to focus on your emotions.

You can play a game of make-believe and go back and forward with this a few times to encourage your energetic frequency to make a match between you and your crush.

If your phone does not allow you to send messages to yourself, simply make-believe you are receiving texts from your crush.

This is as simple as opening your phone and saying “Oooh (insert name here) has texted me”.

You don’t need to verbalize this statement aloud, simply thinking it will add volume to your manifestation.

“Acting as if” works because it essentially tricks the subconscious mind into thinking your desires are already being met.

This causes you to emit an energetic frequency that is an exact match with your crush.

Remember, in the Law of Attraction you attract what you ARE not what you want so “acting as if” is a nifty trick for any manifestors tool belt.

4.) Keep Your Vibration High

Doing things that keep you in a positive mind frame is key to being able to manifest a positive text from your crush.

If you are feeling depressed that you haven’t heard from them, you will attract messages that are equally as depressing.

If you are acting out of desperation then you are harming the manifestation process by lacking faith.

There is no need to feel desperate when you have true faith in the Law of Attraction.

This is why it is so important to keep your positive energy high.

Happiness attracts happiness.

If manifesting a text from your crush would offer you a new height of positive emotion, keep your energies aligned with those feelings.

By keeping your vibration high, you will create a perfect energetic match with your desire.

Here are some ways that you can release endorphins in order to keep a high vibration:

  • Commit to regular exercise
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Meet new people
  • Face exciting challenges
  • Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine
  • Eat feel-good foods
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Make time for self-care

Another great way to permanently keep your vibrations raised is brainwave entrainment.

5.) Respect Your Crushes Right To Free Will

Accept the fact that everyone has free will.

A text may be all you need to start impressing someone but it will not change the fact that your crush is a real-life person who like you, can make their own choices.

There is no manifestation technique in the world that can influence your crushes likelihood to have feelings for you.


You can do that through your unique personality and actions toward your crush.

Take my good friend Adam for example:

Adam broke up with his girlfriend of two years and this completely broke her heart.

His (now ex) girlfriend Mandy was hurt, angry and borderline resentful, especially since the breakup seemed to have come out of the blue.

After a few months, Adam became regretful of his decision to break up with Mandy.

He tried reaching out a few times but received no response.

Finally, in a last ditch effort to save the relationship, Adam took my advice and turned to the Law of Attraction to manifest a text from his ex.

Adam worked on his visualization techniques.

He began using all the tips and tricks he could, focusing his energy on the mental image of receiving a message from Mandy…

12 hours later his phone vibrated.

It was her!

Adam couldn’t believe it had worked! He was so excited that he almost fell out of his chair, but when he opened the message he found…

“Hi, I think I left my silver earrings at your place and need them back. Going on a date tonight.”

Adams heart sunk…

He had manifested his text message but he soon realized this wasn’t enough to change what had happened and the devastation he had caused.

Finally, Adam had a surge of inspiration…

The Law of Attraction had helped bring him the opportunity…

But it was up to him to take action, in order to get Mandy back for good.

Strategically planning his next move, Adam showed up on Mandy’s doorstep with the earrings and an apology letter. He then left her alone to enjoy her date…

A few days later after giving Mandy some time to read and digest the letter, Adam received another message…

“Hey, do you want to talk about what happened?”

Jumping at the chance, Adam offered to meet Mandy at a local cafe.

They were able to repair their friendship and in time, Adams actions caused Mandy to fall in love with him once more.

That first text that Adam had manifested was enough to get the ball rolling but ultimately it took a little more to win back Mandy’s heart.


Follow the steps above and then let go in complete faith that you will receive a text from your crush!

These methods are powerful!!

Your thoughts and emotions, when used correctly, will plant a seed in your crushes mind to send you a text.

Let the universe bring you the opportunity and then act on it accordingly.

In other words…

Once you receive that text, it’s up to you, what to do with it…

Remember, your actions can mean the difference between one message and many.

Free will does exist and should not be manipulated, but it can still be influenced in a moral and respectful way.

The relationship will always be deeper and more meaningful when it’s based on freedom.

“Most good relationships are built on mutual trust and respect” – Mona Sutphen

If you want more, check out my previous article on ‘How To Manifest Your Crush Using The Law Of Attraction‘.

  • Noname says:

    What if you crush is your ex?
    I want to get them to text me but I do want to come off as desperate or too clingy?

  • Tanner says:

    This is a wonderful post, thank you so much I’ve been trying to manifest a text for so long I will apply these strategies right away

  • yusuf says:

    Wow, I love this post it Nice.

  • Belle says:


    I’m curious how this actually works. Of course, not every person you think of and make visualization about will answer you.
    But, my question is about people who “hear”/”feel” your thoughts sending or your energy emiting and they reply to you. Do these people also need to vibrate highly and be on the same frequency level as you in order to “hear”/”feel” you and respond to you…or is it enough only for the person using Law of Attraction to raise their vibration?
    Let’s say you’re very positive and your crush is miserable or depressed – will the Law of Attraction still work since “like attracts like”? In case that both persons (the one visualizing and the one who the visualization is about) need to be highly vibrant and on the same frequency level – and one of them is not – does your visualization then go to some other person (known or unknown to you) who is on the same frequency level?

    • Charlie Rogers says:

      Hi Belle,

      That’s a really great question.

      It’s not so much about reaching a higher or lower vibration than your crush.

      By visualizing a scenario, the aim is to make a vibrational match with the energetic field of your crush. Whether or not their base vibration is higher or lower than your own will not matter. The act of using your thoughts and feelings to visualize is enough to connect with their energetic field.

  • Belle says:


    Several days ago I posted a comment which was for some time on hold due to being moderated, but now it seems to be deleted.
    Is there any specific reason for it’s deletion?
    Thank you

    • Charlie Rogers says:

      Hi Belle,

      I’m so sorry! For some reason, your comment got caught up with all the spam comments I’ve been getting lately.

      I have answered your question, hope that helps and sorry for the delay!


  • Belle says:

    Hi Charlie

    Thank you for the reply. This question was something that really interested me, especially since you were writing about certain visualization scenario type. Glad to have it answered.
    I wish you a great day ahead!

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