7 Manifestation Games

7 Fun Manifestation Games to Enhance Your Manifestation Abilities

In the game of life, we choose our character, our challenges, our strategies, and our prizes.

Once you have awakened to your manifestation abilities, you might say that this earth experience is a bit like a game…


This article serves to fill your Law of Attraction tool belt with 7 exciting games to start building your manifestation abilities today.

Light-hearted and fun, playing manifestation games is the easiest way to start seeing results fast!

After all, this life is your game and you are free to manifest the reality that you choose.

But before we break down our list, let’s first cover the basics.

The Earth

What Is A Manifestation Game?

Whenever you are consciously co-creating your reality, you are playing a manifestation game.

The activities listed in this article however, are more like mini-games.

Simple exercises that you can use to really start seeing the Law of Attraction come to life.

The idea is to start manifesting things you have no attachment to whatsoever…


Because when you are just starting out with the Law of Attraction, the attachment you have to your desires can be detrimental to the manifestation process.

Most people who think to themselves “Man I would love $1000 right now!”, do so with detrimental feelings.

Challenge yourself to notice the way your body feels next time you think of something you desire…

Does your heart have a slight ache of longing?

How about your stomach?

Does it drop, or become jittery with despair whenever you think of the things you want but don’t have?

If you have noticed these or similar physical symptoms, then you most definitely need to start playing some manifestation games.

You see, emotion is an important factor of the Law of Attraction.

Like attracts like…

In other words, feelings must be aligned with your desires in order to manifest an abundant lifestyle.

How Does Playing Games Enhance Your Manifestation Abilities?

Your connection with divine creation is like a muscle…

The more you use it, the more you see results and by seeing results, you develop faith!

Faith is not believing but knowing!

When you play manifestation games, you essentially start small, manifesting little things.

Over time, as your faith in the Law of Attraction grows, so does the strength behind your manifestation abilities.

This expands your creative power and slowly enables you to manifest much bigger desires into your life with ease.

This entire process all comes back to your emotions and the concept of like attracts like.

Playing manifestation games and seeing the amazing results, creates (and therefore attracts) feelings of joy and excitement rather than desperation and lack.

The below manifestation games will develop your skills and train you to become the manifestation master you were born to be!!

7 Fun Manifestation Games To Enhance Your Manifestation Abilities

1.) I Spy

Eye Spy

If you ever played the game “I Spy” as a child, then you are going to love this family favorite with a manifestation twist!

How to play:

Make a list of three things you wish to see. If you are new to the Law of Attraction, keep these 3 items fairly simple (you can make them harder as your skills develop).

Here are some examples:


  • A blue car
  • Lemons
  • A white cat


  • A purple car
  • Green lemons
  • A white cat in a tree


  • A purple hatchback
  • Green lemons on a tree
  • 2 white cats playing in the sun

Once you have listed your three items, do a mini visualization for each (about 20 seconds per item).

Imagine yourself seeing the items in your list and imagine feeling excited when you do so.

Finally, go about your day without any expectation as to where these items might pop up.

It doesn’t have to be physically in front of your eyes, it could just as easily show up in the form of conversation or in a children’s storybook etc.

When it does, cross it off your list.

When you first try this manifestation game you should be able to get through your list within a week.

Once you start manifesting these items within the space of 24 hours, congratulations!

Your manifestation abilities are getting stronger.

Time to kick it up a notch with a more challenging list.

2.) The Wallet Game

The Wallet Game

This manifestation game was made popular by Abraham Hicks in the book “Ask and It is given”.

It is a powerful manifestation technique and a great way to start bringing more abundance into your life.

Keep a $100 note in your wallet (it could be a $20 or $50 but $100 is best if you have it).

Knowing it’s there at all times will create a faith based, subconscious, affirmation in your mind.

“I have money in my wallet”.

That subconscious thought alone is going to help build abundance in your life.

In this game, you will imagine yourself spending the $100 again and again…

If you see something you want in the window of a store, think to yourself “Oh I have money for that in my wallet”.

Then visualize yourself purchasing the item.

Imagine handing over the cash and also having the item you desire…

Then, visualize yourself opening your wallet to find the $100 again!!

Make this manifestation game a habit whenever you see something that you want to buy and watch as the abundance in your life begins to increase tenfold.

3.) The Imaginary Bank Account

The Bank Account Game

Similar to the last game, the imaginary bank account is all about manifesting more money and abundance.

The basic rules are that you are going to pretend to open up a bank account and be your own bank manager.

You may like to do this using a spreadsheet application or otherwise a notebook you have lying around.

In the first month of opening this make-believe account, imagine yourself depositing $100.

Document the deposit in your spreadsheet or notebook and then start building it up.

Every time you do something kind for someone else or you put in extra effort somewhere where you deserve payment, add another $100 to the account.

Like the wallet game, if you see anything you want to buy, mentally withdraw money from your account and visualize purchasing the item.

How good does it feel to earn and spend money this way?

Focus on feelings during your visualizations and you will slowly find yourself manifesting more money.

As your manifestation abilities grow stronger, you will be able to increase the pretend earnings and thus increase the real-life abundance coming into your reality.

4.) Universal Guidance

Manifesting guidance can be an easy way to build faith in the Law of Attraction.

Divine intuition is completely non-physical so it takes away the earth based complexities of manifestation.

Signs and synchronicity sent from the universe could be anything but it will always come with a deep, intuitive, sense of knowing.

When we manifest things into our physical reality, there are physical laws that must be adhered to…

For example:

Manifesting a job as a lawyer out of thin air would be near impossible.

This is because other people have already put their own manifestations in place that you must first have physical qualifications and experience under your belt.

You can still manifest a job as a lawyer yes, but you must first ensure that you adhere to any physical barriers put in place.

When manifesting guidance from the universe, there are no physical barriers.

Therefore, it’s super easy to start seeing results.

Guidance from the universe could be anything from synchronistic numbers, feathers, or even a physical sign… as in a billboard that reads “You asked for this!”

The key is to tap into your intuition.

Side note: Whenever you are receiving messages from the universe, be aware of your ego.

Sometimes we get that feeling of…

“Oh my gosh that was a sign!!”

Only to second guess ourselves with a…

“No it wasn’t, you’re imagining things.”

It pays to remember that your intuition is all about listening to your heart and not feeding into the pessimistic voice of the ego.

5.) The Communication Game

One of the most exciting ways to start seeing your manifestations come to life is by playing the communication game.

This is where you pick a particular person and visualize them reaching out to you.

Whether it’s a text message from your crush, or even a call from your mom, envision yourself hearing from that one specific person.

Use your mind to send a telepathic message to your chosen person in order to pull them onto the same vibrational frequency.

Mentally ask them to call and visualize them doing so.

This manifestation technique is another one where you can take the skill level up whenever it’s getting too easy.

Start with people who contact you regularly and slowly advance to friends you haven’t spoken to in a while, ex-partners, or anyone somewhat distant who you might like to hear from.

6.) Checks In The Mail

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to manifest financial stability is that they avoid their bills like the plague!

People fear the dread that comes with opening their bills and placing fear around money is always counterproductive to your manifestations.

This manifestation game is all about building excitement around opening your bills instead of negative feeling’s that only attract lack.

Next time you see a letter from the utility company or an envelope that looks suspiciously like a credit card bill, imagine that there is a check inside.

Open these letters and imagine that the balance is your payment.

Get excited, celebrate and build feelings of joy inside.

Feel grateful about being able to have another month of utilities or a roof over your head because of this wonderful gift.

Imagining your bills as checks may seem silly at first but try this manifestation game and you will be guaranteed to always have everything you need, paid for on time.

7.) Hide And Go Seek

Hide and seek

One of the best ways to receive blessings from the universe is to constantly be giving to others.

This game will not only give you the warm fuzzies, but it will also raise your vibration as well as your karmic favor.

Hide money in random places for someone else to find…

You might tuck it inside a fold-out tray on an airplane, place it underneath someone’s windshield or perhaps pin it to a park bench.

Every time you hide money, attach a sticky note with a message of love.

Something like:

“If you find this $20 note, thank you for being you!”


“Today will be the luckiest day of your life”

Something positive and affirmative that will make this person feel joyful.

This love and appreciation will be emitted out to the universe in order for cosmic offerings to be returned to you.

The stranger who finds your money won’t know who blessed them with this gift but the universe always knows and that is what counts.

Manifestation games


Manifestation is a powerful tool to create the reality you desire but like anything in this world, it takes some practice.

It’s never too late to be who you were born to be and start creating the life of your dreams.

Watch your small manifestations come to fruition in order to build the faith required to manifest big desires.

These manifestation games have been tried and tested by many people who have used them to enhance their manifestation abilities and create a life full of love and abundance.

You will too!

Above all, have fun with these manifestation games!!

Co-creating your own reality is best done in a high vibrational state of joy and playfulness.

You are too blessed to be stressed!

“For me, living in this world will always be a game, the object of which is to create as much goodwill as possible” – Jim Carrey

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

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