How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract What You Want (And Keep it that way!)

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Raising your vibration is one of the most important elements in making the Law of Attraction work.

In fact, without a high vibration, you will struggle to reach alignment with your desires.

And when you are not in alignment with your dreams, you manifest the opposite!

A low vibration attracts a low-level lifestyle...

Lack, depression, anxiety, desperation... All the things that you don't want!

So how do you hack your energetic frequency to manifest more of what you do want?


Well, it all comes down to the 7 tips in this article!

Are you ready? Let's do this!

But firstly, let's talk vibration!

What Does It Mean To Have A High Vibration?

How To Raise Your Vibrations, How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract What You Want (And Keep it that way!)

Everything in this universe is made up of energy and matter.

What's more, everything is vibrating!

This isn't some woo-woo airy-fairy nonsense... this is science.

I know it sounds crazy but the truth is that nothing is ever completely still...

Not only is everything vibrating... but in actual fact, everything is vibrating in accordance with its own frequency.

Your own vibrational frequency rises and falls depending on the way you think, feel and act.

What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration?

When you operate from a high vibration you deepen your connection with source energy.

You begin to make a quantum leap of sorts into the very best version of yourself.

Your mind, body, and spirit will begin to balance out in perfect harmony and as a result, you will naturally feel amazing!

Basically, your overall wellbeing will be enhanced.

Now it's important to remember that the Law of Attraction is based on the concept that like attracts like...

You don't manifest what you want...

You manifest what you are!

So what happens when you raise your vibration?

You start to feel blessed, abundant, energized, lucky...

And as a result, you will effortlessly begin to manifest things into your life that represent even more of those feelings!

Here are the signs that you are moving into a higher vibration...

  • Finding a clearer sense of your life's purpose.
  • Experiencing a flow of inspired thoughts and ideas.
  • Having signs and synchronicity from the universe appear frequently.
  • Feeling more positive, peaceful and calm.
  • Experiencing moments of overwhelming gratitude and love.
  • Discovering 'new' spiritual gifts.
  • Finding more flow and ease in the actions you take towards your goals and desires.
  • Manifesting blessings and opportunities with very little effort.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to raising your energies!

Now, before we move into my tips for how to get there, I just want to give a word of caution...

Moving into a high vibration is great but putting pressure on yourself to remain there at all times is neither realistic nor productive!

In other words...

You do not have to radiate positive energy 24/7 in order to reach the above benefits!

The universe is going to throw you curveballs sometimes and that's okay!

You are only human so be gentle on yourself!

Understand that sometimes the darkest nights give rise to the brightest mornings.

Experiencing what we don't want in life allows us to set intention toward manifesting the opposite.

Balance is key!

Now with that being said, let's take a look at my 7 top tips to raising your vibrations!

1.) Social Media Cleanse:


How To Raise Your Vibrations, How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract What You Want (And Keep it that way!)

How often do you use social media?

Do you feel like you're using it more than you should?

I will be the first to raise my hand and admit that sometimes even I struggle with this one.

But the truth is that when used too often, social media can alter our vibration and not in a good way!

Jealousy, FOMO (fear of missing out), comparing our lives to others, sadness, scroll addiction...

These are all side effects of using too much social media.

And when our thoughts and feelings are low, our vibration follows suit!

If you feel like social media is getting you down, a cleanse is the perfect solution to reignite those good vibes!

My challenge for you is to go 7 days without social media!

Now, this might seem scary, especially if you are someone who relies heavily on the internet for staying connected with friends and family...

But trust me, this is going to make you feel amazing!

Here are some tips to help you complete the challenge.

  • Let your friends and family know that you are taking a break.
  • Download a social media blocking app on your computer.
  • Deactivate your accounts so you won't get notifications (don't worry you can re-activate when you're ready).
  • Delete any social media apps from your phone.
  • Keep yourself busy (meditate, read, get out into nature etc).

Once the 7 days are up, notice the shift in your vibration.

Acknowledge the peace and intense gratitude in your spirit for this is your connection with source refueling itself.

Your frequency will be lifted and you'll be surprised what a difference just 7 days can make!

2.) Meditation:

Meditation has the potential to completely transform your life!

In fact, research shows that regular meditation can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression leading to better health in general.

It will also help you to gain spiritual clarity, better self-awareness and help you to move into higher states of consciousness.

The meditative state, in general, is an extremely high vibration condition for the mind, body and spirit.

Abraham Hicks calls this state the "receiving mode" because when you free yourself from possible resistant thought, you begin allowing your manifestations to move toward you.

The meditative state is free from resistance and therefore whenever you are meditating, you are allowing yourself to receive.

Reaching a high vibration through meditation can be challenging at first but like anything, practice makes perfect!

The more often you meditate, the easier it will become.

Here's a quick guide to meditating your way to a higher vibration:

  1. Find somewhere comfortable and relaxing to sit.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Focus your attention on your breathing.
  4. Allow yourself to relax as you continue to breathe deeply.
  5. If any thoughts pop into your mind, allow them to pass and then tune your focus back toward your breathing.
  6. You will begin to feel as though your body is drifting to sleep even though your mind is still aware and conscious.
  7. Relax and enjoy!

The key to meditation is to clear your mind as much as possible, but remember, it doesn't need to be perfect every time.

It's a process and will develop at its own pace.

To learn more about meditation, read my article Manifestation And Meditation – How A Quiet Mind Attracts An Abundant Life

3.) Appreciate:

Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies you can emit!

If you really want to put yourself in a higher state of consciousness, feeling thankful is a quick and effective way of doing so.

How To Raise Your Vibrations, How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract What You Want (And Keep it that way!)

What you need to do is write down everything that you are grateful for right now, whether that be friends, family, pets, your home or something else entirely.

And if you can't find anything to feel grateful for, start from within...

Be thankful for yourself!

You have already lead yourself through so many obstacles in this lifetime!

And now you are here...

Learning how to raise your vibration and uplevel your life!

That in itself is something to be proud of...

Something to be grateful for!

So at very least, start your gratitude list with you and all the things that make you amazing!

Remember, a high vibration radiates from within!

To learn more about the power of graititude read my post here: Gratitude And Manifestation – The Secret Behind Appreciation

4.) Surround Yourself With The Right People:

"You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With" - Jim Rohn

Positive energy is contagious!

Surrounding yourself with people in high spirits will help to motivate and inspire you while keeping your spiritual energies charged.

Now I know this isn't always the easiest thing in the world...

We all experience being bought down by negative energies from time to time and sometimes these people can even be close friends or family members.

I know that when I first started working on personal development and spirituality, a few of my "friends" did not have my best interests at heart.

At first, this really lowered my vibration, but after cutting ties with these people I started to feel so much happier about who I was as a person.

I also learned how to protect my energy better so that I wasn't absorbing negativity from others.

Eventually, I was able to manifest some really amazing friends into my life. 

Surrounding yourself with people who motivate, inspire and support your aspirations is really important for maintaining a high vibration.

You don't even have to know them personally.

Youtube, Forums, blogs, books, podcasts...

These are all examples of places where you can soak up good vibes and inspiration from amazing individuals.

Here are my favorite people that inspire and lift my energies:

5.) Tidy-Up & Change Your Environment:

A simple clean and a change in your environment will reward you with a quick win to boost your vibrations.

How To Raise Your Vibrations, How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract What You Want (And Keep it that way!)

For me, I like to reorganize my work area whenever I'm feeling my vibrations slip, but for you, it could be anywhere you spend a lot of time.

Of course, doing chores isn't the most entertaining thing in the world, but trust me, once you are done you will feel so much lighter.

So sit down and have a  look around...

Is there something you've been holding off from doing?

Perhaps you've always wanted to paint a feature wall?

Maybe your bed would look better facing another way?

Allow yourself to get creative!

Amplify the process more by playing music or burning sage to push out any stagnant energy preventing you from raising your vibration.

Remember, a high vibe space makes for a high vibe spirit!

6.) Use Essential Oils:

How To Raise Your Vibrations, How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract What You Want (And Keep it that way!)

Essential oils have been used for centuries for their therapeutic purposes but more recently, research has shown that they actually have an extremely high vibrational frequency.

To put this into context, a healthy human body has a frequency of between 62 to 72 MHz.

Good quality, therapeutic grade essential oils have an average frequency of about 80 MHz with the highest of all being pure rose oil at around 320 MHz!!

That being said, if you need a quick vibration boost, it's an excellent idea to use essential oils!

You can use them on your skin in natural balms or creams or add a few drops to your bath, or diffuser.

Each essential oil holds it's own vibration and set of healing properties.

Here are some of my favorites for raising my vibration...


320 MHz

Rose essential oil is widely used within the cosmetic industry due to its ability to reveal beautiful glowing skin.

What's more, rose oil has been said to promote a balanced mood and relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.

My favorite thing about rose oil is its beautiful floral scent.

Put a few drops in your bath at night to amplify your vibration before intention setting, scripting or taking part in any other night time manifestation ritual.


118 MHz

Lavender is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils there is.

Just a whiff can really help to reduce stress and alleviate restlessness within the mind, body, and spirit.

Not to mention this oil is great to have on hand to soothe burns, bug bites, and itchy skin.

At 118 MHz this oil has a super-high frequency and is more cost-effective than a bottle of therapeutic grade rose oil.

If you have never used essential oils before, Lavender is a great one to start with.


105 MHz

The rich citrus properties of bergamot essential oil create a warm and uplifting feeling for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Diffusing a few drops of Bergamot helps to alleviate tension while keeping your environment smelling fresh and clean.

Personally, Bergamot is one of my absolute favorite oils and if you are a fan of citrus (who isn't right?) then I'm sure you will love it too!


147 MHz

Frankincense is a warm and mildly spicy kind of fragrance.

Its use has dated back for 1000's of years and it is said that the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Israelites all used frankincense in spiritual ceremonies and for medicinal purposes.

Nowadays, frankincense is commonly used to promote relaxation, spiritual wellness, and enlightenment.

Diffuse frankincense while meditating to connect with your higher self and to experience a deep spiritual frequency shift.

7.) Work on Your Positive Affirmations:

Positive affirmations are simple mantras that you recite to yourself in order to rewire your subconscious mind.

They work by replacing old limiting beliefs with positive thoughts and feelings, creating a higher base vibration that won’t require a lot of effort to maintain.

Your affirmations should be personal and represent exactly how you want to feel.

Make sure they’re said in present tense and in first-person context, here are some examples you can try:

  • “I am positive and happy.”
  • “My energy is strong and powerful.”
  • “The vibrations I emit are always high.”
  • “I am constantly in a high vibration.”
  • “My energies are always emitting high frequencies.”

It’s always effective to use affirmations whenever you feel like your vibrations are running a little low!

To learn more, read my 5 Magical Positive Affirmation Tips To Rewire Your Brain For Success

Can you raise your vibrations quickly?

I recently came across a method that is said to not only raise your vibrations quickly but to keep them raised too!

It’s called “Energy orbiting”, a type of technology that uses special sound wave and suggestive audio tracks to shift you into a higher state of consciousness.

This leads to manifesting your desires a lot quicker…

The technology is in a program called Manifestation Magic, I have written what I think about it in my review here.

Watch the video presentation down below and let me know what you think!


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