How to Manifest Your Ex Back in 30 Days

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I sat at the end of the bed…

Tears streaming down my face, sobbing uncontrollably.

All I could think of was “why?”

I looked up and saw my now ex-boyfriends face.

He looked down on me with pity, making me feel even worse.




“I’m sorry Charlie, I have to go.”

And then he turned around and left.

Just like that…

My heart sunk to the pit of my stomach.

How could this happen?

Was there someone else?

All I knew was that I couldn’t go on without him by my side…

Days went by.

Weeks even.

The pain was unbearable!

Everything you are feeling right now, I have been there…

Your friends and family might be looking at you like it’s just a broken heart and it will heal in time…

But the fact of the matter is, heartbreak is so much more than just pain!

It’s sleepless nights and not being able to function during the day…

You lose your concentration at work, your ability to enjoy time with friends and family… to think rationally…

Trust me, I completely understand what you are going through!


After the breakup, I reached out several times (probably sounding like a crazy person) but he didn’t respond.

We were soul mates…

There had to be something I could do?

I was already a big fan of the Law of Attraction before my boyfriend and I split up.

In fact, I had even manifested a few things…

The keys to my rented apartment.

A full-time job as an office clerk.

I believed in the power of manifestation, there was no doubt about that…

But could I use the Law of Attraction to manifest my ex back?


Between my manifestation routine and the tips I copied from Brad Brownings ex-factor course, I manifested my ex back in 37 days total.

(I will tell you more about how I was led to ‘The Ex-Factor’ later in the article so keep reading!!)

In fact, Tom and I are now stronger than ever before and he actually treats me a heck of a lot better than he did back then.

But I am sure you’re not interested in hearing me gloat about my perfect relationship… and to tell the truth, that’s not the reason I wrote this article.

For me, it’s time to pay it forward…

I want to help you!

Today I will outline exactly what I did to manifest my ex back so that you can do the same.

I know the pain of losing the person you love all too well.

What you are feeling right now is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences a person could go through.

If I could, I would reach out and give you a big reassuring hug.

But I will have to settle for the next best thing…

This is my step by step guide on how to win back the love of your soul mate using the power of manifestation…

And to make that love last the distance!

You Can Manifest Your Ex Back!

Now, there are people out there who are going to tell you that it’s not a good idea to get back together with your ex.

I know I dealt with a few negative people myself who criticized this decision…

And at first, it bothered me!

But then, I realized that they just didn’t get it!

They didn’t understand the effect a true soulmate has on your life…

They had created this false belief in their own heads that relationships should be perfect and that people can never make mistakes…

But deep down, I knew that this breakup was just a growth phase…

We both needed time apart in order to grow and be even better together than we were before.

Every relationship is different and in many cases, people do get their “happily ever after” with an ex-partner.

I mean let’s face it…

We create our own reality!

There is no reason to sacrifice what you really want just because someone else disagrees with your decision.

This is your life so do what makes you happy!

Happiness is the ultimate decider when it comes to knowing whether or not manifesting an ex back is right for you.

For example…

If your relationship is on and off in a constant cycle of pain and pleasure, your manifestation power will actually weaken over time.


Because toxic relationships cause us to radiate extremely low and negative vibrations.

If your ex-partner is someone who hurts you and causes pain to emit from your energetic being, then you really need to decide if this relationship is worth it.

That being said…

There are many people out there who have broken up over lesser issues, which when resolved could create a platform of great happiness and positivity.

These kinds of relationships are most definitely worth fighting for.

Ask yourself the question…

“Will this relationship assist both me and my ex to reach our highest potential?”

Perhaps there was an issue with distance or a misunderstanding of some sort.

The bottom line is that only you know what’s best for you!

Your Ex-Partner Has Free Will…

Manifest Your Ex Back

Now that you have made your decision let’s talk about the power of free will.

You see, we are all manifesting.

Every single person on this earth whether they know it or not.

So what happens if your intention is to be back together with your ex…

But their intention is to stay broken up?

This is where the law of free will comes in!

Due to the law of free will, you can not consciously manifest anything that is being counter manifested by someone else.


Because your energies are vibrating on different frequencies.

In other words, your individual desires are not aligning with one another.


Although we can’t manifest against it, free-will can be influenced!

It’s not uncommon for people to have a change of heart…

Especially where the Law of Attraction is involved!

When your ex’s resistance toward you comes down, the universe will quickly start creating scenarios to rebuild the relationship.

Give Your Ex-Partner Space

This is the first step to breaking down that resistance!

Now, space is not usually a Law of Attraction principle, however, in this case, you need to consider your ex’s own subconscious manifestations.

Think about their energetic field, not just your own.

Manifest Your Ex back

There is no point chasing your ex while they are manifesting against your desire to get them back.

After a while, your ex will begin to drop the energetic force that is working against you but in order for this vibration to be weakened, you must give it time to cool down.

Commit To 30 Days No Contact

Often when we experience relationship breakdowns, we need to take time to re-center and re-align with ourselves as individuals.

It’s important to give your ex 30 days where you do not contact each other.

This is a time for your ex to clear their mind and focus on themselves for a while.

Likewise, you should do the same.

30 days of no contact means:

  • You do not call your ex.
  • You do not text your ex.
  • You do not comment on or like their social media posts.
  • You do not reply to their messages or answer their calls.

Most importantly, do not place yourself in the position to see them.

Your aim here is not for your ex to forget about you but for them to forget about their negative beliefs around who they think you are.

30 days of no contact will allow your ex to let go of any emotions associated with the mistakes of the past and therefore provide you with a clean slate.

If you happen to see your ex by accident, don’t linger around.

Walk past them, smile and say “Hi”, but then discreetly make your exit.

Do not underestimate the power of the no contact rule, especially if you are using it to manifest your ex back.

Once you have that clean slate, your ex’s subconscious manifestations will weaken and therefore you can build a foundation to start winning them back.

Often having no contact with an ex-partner will influence them to start missing you.

If they start reminiscing on the good times, this will count toward their own subconscious manifestations and will likely help to bring you back together.

During my own no-contact period, my intuition led me to this free Ex Factor presentation.

Whenever you are manifesting, be sure to follow your intuition as this always put you in direct alignment with your desires.

“Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.”

Lay Low On Social Media

If you have your ex on any of your social media accounts be sure not to block them.

Instead, just unfollow.

This way they know it’s nothing personal.

Following your ex-partner’s social media could trigger you to make contact.

This would be extremely counterproductive toward your manifestation process.

Do not bombard your own social media with posts and photos.

This will not allow your ex to have an adequate break away from you.

Instead, post very little or even better nothing at all for 30 days.

If you do decide to post on social media, be very careful about the image you are creating around yourself.

If you are posting about things that are depressing then your ex is going to subconsciously associate you with negative energy.

The same will happen if you are posting photos of yourself partying or looking promiscuous.

These kinds of photos will make you look as though you are trying to mask the fact that you are falling apart.

Keep your posts light-hearted and fun.

Paint yourself in a positive light as someone who has their life together.

Remember, it is better to stay away from social media altogether but if you must post, ensure that your image is radiant with positive energy.

How to Keep Busy During the No Contact Rule

During the 30 days of no contact, you should focus on your manifestation techniques to win your ex back.

Visualize the two of you being together again, practice your affirmations and assert your faith with the universe.

Let your manifestation routine be the driving force that gets you through those 30 days.

No contact is tough but just remember that it is for the best.

If you slip up and contact your ex during this time, you could seriously jeopardize getting him or her back.

When I talk about The Law of Attraction, I usually advise taking some kind of action.

There are physical steps you can be taking during these 30 days but that action is more to do with personal development.

Personal development will help you to bounce back feeling great and looking your best.

It will also help you to develop a more positive mindset which is always the most attractive quality a person can have.

Working on yourself will not only keep your mind off contacting your ex, but it will also help you to address any flaws that may have played a part in damaging the relationship.

Manifest Your Ex Back

Some ways in which you can work on self-development include:

  • Setting personal goals (not including getting your ex back).
  • Going to the gym.
  • Committing to a daily meditation or yoga routine.
  • Working on nourishing your body with a healthy diet.
  • Enjoying more sunshine and fresh air.
  • Spending time with your friends and family.
  • Reading personal development books.
  • Limiting your time on social media.
  • Making time for self-love.

The most beneficial action within this list is without a doubt, meditation.

Entering a trance-like state without the thought chatter will teach you how to appreciate your solitude, accept yourself and better handle stressful situations.

Working on self-development now will help you to embody the best version of yourself by the time your ex comes running back.

What To Do If Your Ex Contacts You Within The 30 Days

Manifest Your Ex Back

9 times out of 10 it is best to not respond.

If your ex sends you a message and it is urgent then you can reply, but keep it to the point and don’t be over-friendly or show emotion in the message.

Do not use emojis or exclamation marks either.

If they simply send you something like “Hey, how are you?” DO NOT reply.

I know it can be really tempting but you need to ask yourself whether you want a short term prize or long-term happiness.

If you start talking before you both have had time to do some soul searching, then you will soon find yourself in the exact same scenario that destroyed your relationship last time.

In order to follow a new path in your relationship, you need to let the universe build a solid foundation and therefore realign you back together.

Trust in the universe and lay low while you work on manifesting your ex back.

Remember, these 30 days are vital for both of you to work on your inner selves.

I don’t think I would have got through the no-contact period as easily as I did without a little extra help from the legendary Brad Browning.

Check out his free presentation here.

What To Do Once The 30 Days Are Up

Manifest Your Ex back

Once you have completed the no-contact period, your ex will have dropped their defensive energy that was previously working against you.

It is now up to you to test the waters and message your ex.

This message should be specific and not ask for too much of their time or input.

Remember, if you have been practicing your manifestation techniques then you should not have to chase your ex at all.

We all know that the Law of Attraction is working when our desires come to us with ease not when we tirelessly chase them down.

As an example, you could message something like…

“Hey, I found your sweater here. Would you like to pick it up? Otherwise, I could leave it in your mailbox if that’s easier? Hope you are well 🙂 “

(Make sure you actually do have an item of clothing if that’s what you are messaging about).

Alternatively, you could say something like…

“Hey, I was thinking about you last night. Hope all is well 🙂 “


“Hey, do you remember the name of that Mexican restaurant we went to last year? I am trying to make reservations but can’t remember what it’s called. Hope all is well :-)”

If they answer you, keep your reply brief and then cut the conversation. Something like…

“OK great, have a nice night.”

This shows your ex that you are happy and not desperate to rekindle things.

Desperation is an energetic force that repels other people but contentment and happiness attract.

Overall, remember to keep things simple.

From Here One of Two Things Will Happen…

1.) Your ex will contact you again within 7-14 days and strike up a conversation.

Remember to keep things light, positive and don’t bring up the past.

If this happens and you take things slow, you will soon find that you have been realigned to start building a fresh relationship with your ex.

2.) If your ex doesn’t contact you within this time frame, start the 30 days no contact period again.

Use this time to continue to work on manifesting your ex back with visualizations and affirmations.

Envision your ex reaching out to you and really focus on the two of you being together.

Have faith that it will happen.

Once the second no contact period is complete and you have done 60 days or more in total, send your ex another message.

Remember to keep it light and easy.

This method has been proven successful by many who have already manifested their ex’s back into their lives.

Not only that, but the relationships often have far more value and appreciation than ever before.

Taking some time to regenerate energies and to work with the power of the Law of Attraction is often all that is needed to re-inspire the unconditional love in a tired relationship.

Reigniting the spark!

As I mentioned earlier, Tom and I are now stronger than ever…

All of the techniques listed in this article have been tried and tested by me and helped me to manifest my ex back…


Unlike some “manifestation guru’s” out there, I don’t want to leave you high and dry by giving you half-truths and misinformation…

You see, whenever you are consciously working with the Law of Attraction, you are never manifesting out of thin air.

That’s not how it works in this physical reality.

The truth is that whenever you set an intention, the universe will communicate with you, giving you signs and synchronicity toward aligned action.

I always recognize divine guidance by a pull in my heart towards taking a certain action.

During the time Tom and I were broken up I was a member of an awesome relationship forum online…

I logged on one day when I was feeling particularly depressed and another member had started a thread about Brad Browning’s Ex-factor program.

I read through the comments and soon realized that there were a ton of people raving about Brad and his methods.

I literally felt it so strong in my heart that I had to check this out for myself!

During the program, there were two really noticeable shifts that happened in my life…

The first was that I stopped feeling so horrible…

I became more confident in myself, started sleeping better and I stopped worrying about getting my boyfriend back.

The second thing that happened is that I felt like Tom was actually beginning to notice…

This is totally weird but I feel like the more confident I became, the more I noticed him liking my social media posts and showing up at places where he knew I would be…

The ex-factor course is not based on the Law of Attraction as such but was still a helpful addition to my manifestation routine!

I highly recommend checking out Brad’s short video presentation here.

123 thoughts on “How to Manifest Your Ex Back in 30 Days”

  1. I have been wanting to get my ex back and I was so worried I couldn’t!

    This article feels so genuine and authentic and gives me hope, I’m going to start applying them right away.

    I just watched the video you recommended by Brad and he looks like he knows his stuff, am definitely going to get his course as soon as I get paid.

    Wish me luck!

    • Hi Kyle,

      My best wishes are to you, Brad definitely knows his stuff and he has thousands of testimonies to prove it too!

      His program truly is amazing, he’s an expert!


        • That’s okay. If you have to see your ex just try to keep it brief. Be friendly but not over the top and keep meet ups short and sweet.

  2. I am so wanting to get my ex-boyfriend back, we had been going out for 3 years but 2 months ago he decided he didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore.

    I still feel so heartbroken – like the pit of my stomach feels ill and I just feel sick all the time.

    I am hoping this post as well as the ex-factor program will help me, I’m so ready to have him in my arms again.

    Thank you for this article, can’t wait to manifest him back into my life!

    Ash xox

    • Hi Ashley,

      I’m so sorry you are going through this, I do believe that this post and the help of Brad will reunite you with your ex.

      You’re welcome, happy to have helped.

  3. I hope it’s not too late for me 🙁 my ex ended things about 2 weeks ago and I just left a crying voicemail to him.. I’m definitely not going to contact him again but I really hope it’s not too late

    • Hi Amanda,

      No, it’s not too late!

      The voicemail shows that you care and you can’t be regretful for having love in your heart.

      Sending you love and healing!

        • That will be on him but if this does happen, don’t count your manifestation out. I have heard from many people who have followed the methods in this article even though their ex was seeing someone else and it has still worked successfully.

  4. Can this technique work if your ex is in a different country? if yes then how should I proceed with that? 30 days in No contact is over.

  5. Thank you so much Charlie for your post. Me and my boyfriend were soulmates but we had some bad fights and he decided to leave me. Do you think this manifestation will help me get him back?? I really love him a lot and feel completely broken after the break up. I badly want him back in my life.

    • I really believe that it’s possible Aby,

      Just don’t lose faith and trust that the universe will show you the way.

      Give these methods a go and tell me how it goes.


    • My partner of 4 years just broke up with me. I know it’s fresh and my heart is raw.

      But I trust my intuition and have been meditating profusely and truly believe we are meant to realign together one day.

      I’m excited to Incorporate these methods into my personal development plan as a way to grow and attract what is meant to be (hopefully them).

      How do I ensure my manifestation activates and enters the universe? I feel that in the past my manifestation might have just not made it that far lol! How do I manifest basically?

      • Hi John,

        Manifesting takes a lot of patience, positivity, and consistency.

        I think you are on the right path now with meditating and implementing my strategies.

        You will know your manifestations are working when you begin to see and feel them in your reality.

        Again, this can take time, but please don’t lose faith, I believe in you!

        Wishing you the best,


  6. Hi! Me and my beloved one are in a run and chaser phase… I left him months ago cause I was not able to forgive him by past mistakes… after some weeks I called him back and so on we stablished a friend relationship again, as he said nowadays he loves me but sees me as a friend and these months I’ve been trying to talk and express my feelings and apologies for not forgiving him and all I messed up. I should have seen this post before, in one hand I accept the fraternally love and on other I’ve been chasing him about the desire of being a couple again, for sure it do not work. Do you think in my case I still van manifest the “couple passioned relationship” back?

    • I believe anything is 100% possible.

      I’m not a huge fan of the running and chasing thing common in twin flame relationships because I feel it often gets a bit toxic. A relationship should uplift us and strengthen our vibrations so that we can assist one another in becoming our best version of self. Going through ups and downs is normal but too many downs and you will start to spiral.

      I definitely recommend the no contact period for your situation. In that time I would work on manifesting a positive and healthy relationship with this person where you both feel happy and secure together.

  7. I and my love were in a long distance relationship…I tried the no contact rule and after 32 days of it I called him to wish him his birthday but he didnot reply anything and cut the phone…now what should I do further…please help.

    • Hi Amanda,

      I am sorry to hear that. Yes give it another 30 days and let me know how you get on.
      Maybe try a text message next time instead of a call. You want to avoid any kind of pressure. Sending a text is great because he can think about it and reply when he is ready.
      P.s. when he does reach out to you I really hope he apologizes for cutting the call!!

  8. I am the most happiest woman on earth right now, My fiancee that left me few months ago just came back to me last night crying to take him back. Guess what?? My highest surprise is that he just proposed to me right now and a car as a sign of apology.

  9. Hi,
    Could you give me advice on how often i should be doing these techniques?

    …visualization, the affirmations etc.. I have been thinking about my ex girlfriend and visualizing us being happy and us being together, her sleeping beside me or us having fun together, using the “living in the end” technique, acting as if we are already together in a happy relationship…i have also used the “present tense” affirmations like ” Ellie and I are in a great and happy relationship together” i have also used the “visualizing a text message” technique as well…i imagine and see and try and feel the text message appear on my phone and try and “feel” the excitement. However …it didnt end well when we broke up and she told me to never message her again and she has blocked me on all social platforms, i initially broke up with her and then i reached out to her then she siad she hadn’t got over the hurt and broke up with me. So could you give me advice please? i haven’t heard from her in over a month, and obviusly i can’t contact her.

    • Hi there,

      It sounds like you might be blocking yourself through holding onto the desperation of the whole situation.

      First of all, I get it!! Dealing with a break up is so tough emotionally. It’s a process that we need to take step by step. Your next step is to let go. When we let go we say “okay the universe knows what I want and now I am releasing that desire in complete trust while I carry on with other things in the meantime.”

      Give yourself a month where you just focus on letting go and once the month is up, take a look at whether or not you are still blocked.

      Let me know how you get on and if you need tips on letting go, take a look at the article below:

      How To Let Go From Your Desires

      • Thanks for the reply, but I don’t understand how me checking to see if I am unblocked well help at all? surely that is a sign of desperation no? of what you say after the “no contact period” is over surely if she misses me or whatever than she will contact me.

        • Hi there,

          In most cases, people find that their ex contacts them within the 30 day period however the question of “when” comes down to a few different factors in regards to the Law of Attraction, this is why I suggest not being afraid to be the one to reach out after the 30 days.

          That being said, if you feel that reaching out is coming from a place of desperation then definitely spend a bit longer working on letting go in faith.

          Being the first one to reach out is not a requirement for this to work and to be honest, it isn’t needed at all but if you decide to do so, always approach from a place of curiosity rather than desperation.

  10. I did Brads programme and it was brilliant I have done manifestation with ex and law of attraction. He has a new gf for 6 months but they broke up last week he came to me admitted he loved me thought about me he stayed with me for three days then said his head was messed up now he’s wanting to try again with her???? Was this my manifestation ? Have I been used or is that it ? I don’t know what to feel or do ?

    • Hi Dionne,

      I am sorry you were put through that!

      No, I think this is probably just a stage. In my opinion, he is still a bit lost. Realistically he should have taken some time to himself instead of jumping from one person to another.

      I do think you will manifest him back but I hope that next time he shows up you will remember what happened and feeling used. You are worth a heck of a lot more than that.

  11. Hi Charlie.

    I really did appreciate this post unlike no other.
    I was dating this girl for two months and we instantly clicked, however she said from the start can we go slow, I am scared of relationships because of my past. on top of that we both express things differently, which is okay in my head bc it shows you new ways of love and care but caused me to take it personal unfortunately. We both had an awful past & I think that played into everything between us. We both connected on every level, liked the same things & wanted the same things, while feeling high emotions.

    I went slow in showing her it’s okay to trust and let me in by Doing small sweet efforts to show I care and want to get to know her, but she pushed me away when I did it, saying it was too fast (basic things like flowers and dinner dates) and when I asked why and became upset that she kept pushing me away, saying I was not respecting going slow: she said it was bc she’s nervous and isn’t use to expressing things, but she feels so much for me, asked me to open up more and let walls down because she cares so much and wants to work towards a relationship, that the feelings were on the same page and what we want is on the same page. She told me she’s not use to nice actions and sweet words and I treat her like she’s never been treated before. She also said she started to see a future with me.

    Nothing changed unfortunately except more pushing away, while not much expression or reassurance, so I ended it, and we went back and forth for about 3-4 weeks until she called it quits because we hadn’t seen in each other; the only communication was through a phone which we both hated and both made us look completely different than in person.. this caused me to over text and react very poorly unfortunately, not giving her the space she wanted and asked for… she is very against us getting back together even though I have tried to explain I was simply going through personal problems that I could not tell her because it felt like she didn’t want anything serious and on top of it; this caused me to explain I felt temporary because she was constantly backing off and every small nice action was too fast.

    I read this post and I am a very positive person and I feel that maybe I can manifest her to coming back and giving this a second chance as she adored who I was in person, just not though technology, which I agree (and i have tried to apologize asking for an in person chance). But she said no, I saw a different side of you, please respect that, that’s life.

    Is there any possibility for me to make this work while manifesting and following this? I would really appreciate your help and thought on this.

    • Hi Eric,

      Thank you for sharing your story.

      Yes, it is possible for you to manifest her back regardless of the situation. Start with the 30 days no contact while you focus on your manifestations and go from there.

      In this case, you are really going to need to reset her perception of you as she likely has a wall up at the moment and subconsciously manifesting the absence of you. You can change this but as I said, you will need to step away for a bit and just focus on your self.

      You might also want to think about how a relationship will look once you two are back together and how you can compromise on the speed of things. Remember that she is manifesting to whether she knows it or not so you need to make sure that your wants and needs are in alignment with one another.

      All the best!

  12. Hi my ex broke up with me after 5 months because he said he didn’t have romantic feels for me. He said he didn’t feel the same way I did and didn’t want to wast his or my time. He had been thinking about it for a while and had tried. Do you think it could work for me and do you think I should contact him as it’s been over 30 days with no contact.

    • Yes, I do believe this can work for you but just remember that his feelings and the things that he is subconsciously manifesting will also be a factor and you may have to put in a certain amount of action to influence this.

      If he is worth it to you then I would go ahead and start by sending that first no-pressure message.

  13. Hi, I don’t have social media as seeing their social media with their new partner really made it hard. Even after unfollowing them, it really screwed with my mental health. I didn’t find any of this until after over a month of icy contact post breakup before full no contact. Is there still a chance or have i damaged my chances. Going a little crazy

    • There is always still a chance. You can always reshape your reality. The only limits are the ones we create ourselves.

  14. Hey, thanks for sharing an amazing guide. I have a question. Many people said, in order to attract back your ex, you should let them go. Don’t think about him and move on. During 30 days, you advised us to work on affirmations, so should i say affirmations about me with my ex? Or should i say affirmations about me? Which is better?

    • Hi Amora,

      I think the idea of letting go is sometimes a bit misunderstood. It’s not that you can’t think about your ex but more that you want to let go of the outcome. Think of it this way… You have so much faith in the universe that you no longer have to worry or obsess or try to figure out when or how it’s going to happen. You KNOW that your ex is coming back to you and therefore there is only relaxed happiness and you can go about your day accordingly. With that being said, yes use affirmations about the two of you and just let it come from a place of pure faith and joy.

  15. Hey my situation is same like yours. It’s been 5 months since we brokeup and it was without a reason that he left me. Probably because it was going good and he put in a lot of effort to establish our relation and towards the end he felt like I wasn’t valuing it enough. I regretted and made apologies and to get him back it tried to put in a lot of effort as well but he was stubborn on his decision. Now we gonna complete one year at a friends birthday and i think that day we might end up meeting at his party. Currently I’m on my no contact period and all low key on my social media. I saw a positive sign while manifesting and being on no contact that he wished me on a festival. I didn’t reply though. But the highest probability is on the friends bday. So I’m manifesting for him to initiate that day. I really want him to realise and be like it was before.

    • Sounds like you are doing amazing and already receiving some really positive signs. Please feel free to come back and let everyone know how the birthday went. I have a really good feeling about it.

  16. Hey, Charlie. Hope all is well with you. I started the no contact rule before I even knew about this article and wasn’t really sure what to do after the 30 days. I was told in 30-60 days my specific person would contact me. But you say here for me to reach out casually and briefly after 30 days. It’s been about 45 days for me now and it seems counterproductive to message him. What should I do?

    • Hi there,

      If you want to wait the 60 days before reaching out then that is entirely up to you. I know a lot of people really struggle with no contact and I have found 30 days to be a sufficient break. A lot of the time the person does reach out first but if they don’t then I always suggest to casually make contact first. Again the key (especilly where manifestation is concerned) is to go with what intuitively feels right.

  17. Hey Charlie , we had a relationship for two months . I really love him so much but he says that he doesn’t wanna marry me . I really want my no back right now . This will work for me know?

    • Hi Dili,

      Yes if you follow my steps this can work for anyone. I know you can do this.

      Wishing you all the best.

  18. Hi there!
    So happy I found this site!
    I have been in an over 3 year relationship with the most amazing man on this planet. He is american and I live in north Europe. We met after me manifasting exakt this type of man to come in to my life. We have had 3 years of amazing times but also downs because he have been going thru some hard times. I have been the best support and we love each other incredible much. Problem is he used to live with me part time of the two first years in Europe and summer in US. I’ve visited him 2-3 times every summer and since he moved home (his career was over) last spring I’ve been travelling to see him 5 times.
    He was here in EU two weeks ago. Two days ago he calls me and break up. He refused to see me but I asked him over and over again to facetime with me. When we finally did, he cried and said he love me soo much but he have to do this. He can’t live with the pressure anymore and have to take care of his own life now. I am older than him and he is soon 30. He is struggling to find a new carrier, make little money and live at home. He thinks our only rescue is to get married and that I have to get kids soon. He is not ready for that. I have never pressured him and I am prepared to travel back and forward for years if I have to. We are the most beautiful couple together and I can’t see a happy life without him. After that phone call he refuse to talk. He barely respond to any of my texts and if he do it’s “I need time to reflect, my decision wont change, this is brutal but it is the only right thing to do, I need space, I need to reflect, we will talk but not now, we have broken up, I love you and alway will, I can’t live like this anymore, I need you to take care of youself, I don’t want to hurt you, you deserve someone who can give you all that you deserve”. Those are the answers he repeat one at a time.
    Will this work for me? I have manifested a lot of things before, but never anyone back from a complete heartbreak. What should I think about.
    He got stuck in the thought of “marry or not marry and decide quickly”. Is it over forever?
    I would move mountains for this man. I today started to not respond or text him anymore for a while.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for sharing your story with me.

      Yes these methods will work for you but the no-contact phase is going to be important because he has already created a desire that he needs to be alone. I can understand that he is putting an immense amount of pressure on himself and this is a thick vibration that he will need to work his way out of on his own. Remember that he is manifesting as well so that reset time is crucial.

  19. My girlfriend and I broke up a few days ago because she is feeling numb and her family won’t accept us because it is a gay relationship. We were together for almost a year and 6 months. We were best friends before we started dating. Right now she just wants to be best friends and she needs the support from me while she goes through this time of finding herself. She still wants to text me and hangout with me. I am not pushing her to get back into a relationship with me, but once she feels like herself again I want to get back together. I do believe that we are soulmates but I’m afraid she’ll try to push away again because her family is so religious.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for sharing some of your story it reminds me of a modern-day version of Romeo and Juliet. Try not to worry and have faith. Parents have been condemning relationships for centuries but if there is one thing we have learned from the fairy tales, it is that love always prevails.

      All the best.

  20. Would this work with a guy I only went on two dates with? The 2nd date was great until I let my insecurities ruin it. He told me later he needed distance for awhile…it’s been two weeks. So two more for NC. But what do I message him??

    • Sure!

      Just message him something friendly to start with. Nothing too heavy especially since you don’t know each other too well. Let the relationship build naturally from friends to more.

  21. Hi!
    My ex and I split after a year. He said that he was struggling with his feelings and feels like it’s BC he’s not as ready for a relationship as he thought he was. I love him so much, he was my best friend. He felt like I made him my world and he felt guilty that he couldn’t resipicate that as much as he would have wanted to. I was dealing with the passing on my mom in that year and I was so emotional. I feel like part of me did hold on too tight BC I was scared of moving forward and being around him all the time distracted me from the pain I was feeling. It’s been almost two months since we split, one since being in no contact. He told me he just needs space and I’m trying my hardest to respect that. I feel like he should be the one making contact first? I’ve been manifesting healing and light and communication into the universe. Do you think that works? I don’t want to contact too soon and push him further away

    • Hi there,

      I only recommend making contact after 30 days if you feel comfortable doing so and if you are reaching out without feeling needy. You certainly don’t need to be the one to reach out first in order to manifest him back though.

      If you do decide to reach out, keep it light and friendly with no romantic expectation and cut the conversation very short (as mentioned in the article). Anything flirty or romantic will be initiated by him as part of your manifestation.

      I hope that helps.

  22. Hey Charlie,

    I am really not open to sharing my atory on a social media platform. Is there a way we can have a chat somewhere more private?
    Maybe through e-mail or so?

    Thank you.

    • Hi there,

      Sure, If you sign up to get my cheat sheet at the top or bottom of the page you will get an e-mail from me. Simply reply to the e-mail and I will be able to help you on a more private platform.

  23. Hi Charlie,
    i feel like I’m late to the party reading this article but you are so genuine and honest I feel like I had to message you.
    My ex broke up with me back in February. Even though we were just together for 6 months, I really feel like he was the one. I truly believe in love at first sight and soulmates and from the moment I laid eyes on him, he just smiled at me and I had a feeling right to pit of my stomach that this guy was going to be the most important person in my life.
    We brought out the best in eachother. Often he talked about our future, where I kids would play and that if he had to write down the perfect person for him it was me. He had commitment issues and found it really hard to call me his girlfriend even though we did everything together with his friends and mine, there was never anyone else and that thought never entered my mind because it felt like he was obsessed with me – in a good way not a weird way. He is such a positive person, really into the LOA and trusting the universe. But one day he came over to my house, I had been away visiting a friend in London and when he came in he picked me off the floor, and said he missed me so much. We were having a lovely evening together and then he just started to cry and said that he didnt feel like he could see a future with me and he didnt know why because i am perfect for him and that he would probably regret this decision. I cried, begged, sobbed in front of him. But he still left. I gave him his space and he messaged me on Valentines day to tell me he missed me and was thinking about me. I told him i missed him that i wanted us to get back together but he said he had made his decision and that it would be too easy to go back to the way things were but that he couldnt. I left him alone for a couple of weeks and contacted him again asking him could we just go back to the way things were and he said that i was still holding on, that he missed me but that a break was needed. I didnt contact him again until he messaged me on my birthday the end of march. He told me that i was special. i responded, told him that my feelings were the same and how did he feel about things now. He said he felt the same unfortunately and that although he missed me he just couldnt see a future and that he would rather hurt me now than 10 years down the line. I havent contacted him since then. Which is nearly 2 months. He still looks at all my stories on instagram but never messages. I have been trying to manifest for 2 weeks but i seem to have maybe 2 really bad days each week, that i feel its not working and then i feel i have undone all my hard work.

    I know this is such a longwinded message but any advice you could give me I’d appreciate. I miss him so much. We were best friends on top of everything else. We didnt have one fight. I felt i met the male version of me and i just feel like i am a half person without him.

    I understand you are busy but I’d love to hear your advice. Thanks so much for reading.

    • Hi Jane,

      Thank you for sharing your story with me. Start fresh 30 days no contact and unfollow him from social media. Allow him to watch your stories but don’t watch his and don’t react to his posts. Spend the 30 days using the manifestation techniques listed in this article and also practice letting go and having faith in the universe. This is also an exercise in self-love as you really need to get to the point where you know your worth without a shadow of a doubt! You know how amazing you are, the qualities you bring to the table, you know that he would be so lucky to end up with someone as wonderful as you. Take him off the pedestal and put yourself on it. Say to yourself and know it in your heart that he is going to wish he had you back because who wouldn’t?!! See yourself as someone who this man would be lucky to be with. When you feel this way about yourself, others will too.

      Practice this along with your manifestation techniques for 30 days… If he reaches out to you within those 30 days, don’t respond. Be patient and allow yourself the space that is needed here. When the 30 days are up, try reaching out with a friendly message. If he responds, keep the conversation short and don’t mention any kind of romantic expectations… Just keep it friendly.

      Then if need be, start the 30 days again. If he contacts you during this time you may reply but let the manifestation be in his court. Have friendly banter. Any flirty or romantic contact should be initiated by him.

      Remember this is not something you need to force. Relax, let it go and the universe will do the rest.

      • Thank you so much Charlie. I purchased Brad’s Ex-Factor guide also so between you and that, you have really given me a boost to my self confidence. Thanks again. When i get my happy ending, i will check back in with you.x

        • Awesome! Sounds like you have the recipe for success. I’m excited for you and can’t wait to hear how you go!

  24. Hi Charlie! I had a Fight with my BF 2 weeks ago, after that day he stopped to answer my calls and texts. I sent him a text last week asking for another chance. Not answer. The next day out of nowhere he texted me “I don’t know what I want anymore. I just need time to think some more”. I tell him that I understood and I wouldn’t bother him anymore. Do you think I have a chance to get him back practicing this?

  25. Hi, I’m seeing this a bit late. But I never wanted an ex back so much than my current (new) ex. He means the absolute world to me. We broke up because he “doesn’t see me in his future” aka he doesn’t see himself dating me forever. But I did. And for the first time I have truly fallen in love with someone.
    Do you think universe will work in my odds? I really miss him, and he doesn’t really show signs he wants to go back together.

    Also will it still work if I visualize without buying Brad’s the Ex Factor (I’m really broke:/)

  26. Hello! My ex broke up with me a little over two months ago and I have not been able to let go fully. I begged for him back when he broke up with me and I broke no contact a couple times. He ended up blocking me on Instagram and he’s already seeing someone new. Our relationship failed mainly because of me, I had no self-esteem or confidence during the relationship and I always believed he would leave me eventually and he did just that (self-fulfilling prophecy at its best). I do believe he is my person though and I feel like he is my soulmate, but he doesn’t think so. I also moved back home to FL when he left me, and he’s in California. Do you believe manifesting him back could still work for me after breaking no contact and seeming desperate?

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for sharing your story with me and I’m sorry that you have gone through such a tough time with this. Honestly, I think this technique can work for anyone. There was a time when I thought my ex and I wouldn’t get back together in a million years but as time went on during this method I developed this attitude of KNOWING my worth. I knew he would want me back because I knew how great I was… I think that stepping into that self-confidence is going to be an important step for you. If you are always thinking that you’re not enough then you are going to push him away. When you keep thinking “I’m not worth staying with…” YOU begin to believe it and then HE does also. Self-love and inner work is going to be important for you. I’m not saying that it has to be perfect before you are able to manifest him but I do think it’s important to work toward. Do follow the steps in this article too. As I said, If this method worked for me, I believe it can work for anyone.

      I hope that helps.

  27. My boyfriend of 2 years just broke up with me. I am absolutely heartbroken. He says he still loves me and agrees that we are soulmates but he just does not want to be in a relationship right now. We both agree that we need to take some time for personal growth but I know I want to be with him.

    What do you think about seeing other people/dating for fun during the 30 day period if we feel it is a part of our personal development?

    • Hi Betty,

      I would go the first 30 without seeing other people (more for your own healing than his) also it can be easy to fall into that trap of rebounding when the cut is still fresh. Give yourself time. If you get past the first 30 days, reach out casually, and don’t make any progress then I would look at dating for fun then 🙂

  28. I really want my ex back. I was manifesting him but I also stalked him and all so he blocked me on his real account. but he still follows me on his snap and another account. He thinks I’m crazy about him which is true. I asked him that what if I say that I want you back what will you do and he said idk. he left me for his studies which I don’t think is a big problem but still, he doesn’t show as he wants me anymore. i just wanna try manifesting him and everything so that I can have him back. but at the same time, I think it’s late. me and he broke up a week ago and I just can’t live without him anymore.

  29. Hey Charlie. Mine is complicated cause 11 weeks ago we had an argument and I was the one in the wrong and my boyfriend asked for a break because he felt like I won’t change, we’re still on a break but I keep texting him and trying to make amends and get back together but he’s too stubborn he doesn’t want to meet me or talk about us getting back together yet he promised me he’ll return, I’m still saved as his gf and everything is still the same but I’m not sure if he wants me anymore and it’s so frustrating I cry almost daily and I decided if by the end of September if he won’t have made up his mind about us I’ll initiate the break up and tbh it’s not a decision I want to take but I feel I have to. So basically we haven’t broken up yet and I don’t know how to go about this situation. I strongly believe we’re soulmates and I want him back I just don’t know how to do it to make him come back, he knows I’ll always be there waiting for him and I feel like he’s taking advantage of that fact that’s why I decided by end month if all will not be well I’ll initiate the break up first, maybe it’ll make him realize he loves me and he doesn’t want to lose me I honestly don’t know I’m just taking chances and I really don’t want to lose him, he’s my world. Advice on what to do, I’m so confused but one thing for sure is that I’ll never want to lose him!

    • Hi Bella,

      First things first, stop the contact.

      two reasons…

      1.) By keeping the narrative going you are reinforcing that you are in the wrong and not letting him reset.

      2.) By over contacting you are emitting the vibration of lack and desperation. Remember like attracts like.

      Stop contacting him and let him have the space he needs. Trust in the universe and have faith in your own worth. Truly KNOW that you are worthy of his love and have faith that he will see that. Let go of attachment to him and take him off the pedestal. It’s YOU who should be up on that pedestal. YOU are fire. YOU are bomb… Nobody is perfect, you made a mistake but you have apologized and expressed your feelings. Focus on yourself and let the universe do the rest.

  30. So I have been broken up with my ex for 6 years. I know that is a long time but my heart is still with him. I dream about him weekly sometimes daily. Can this work for me or has toi much time passed

    • Hi Robin,

      I believe this technique can work for anyone regardless of time passed. I wish you love and blessings on your journey getting him back. 6 years is a long time to go with a broken heart xx

  31. Hi! I really want to try this manifestation but, it says i shouldnt place myself in the position of seeing him for 30 days. Is it bad if im not able to do that because we have the same hobbies and are in the same class? I really hope it doesnt really matter.
    Thakns for your answer!
    Kisses, Emma

    • Hi there,

      If you have to see each other just try to keep it at a minimum. Don’t go out of your way to talk, communicate, or make eye contact more than necessary. I hope that helps 🙂

  32. Hi, I really like this guy but we haven’t spoken for over 60 days and part of that reason is cause we were in strict covid for 4 months and I was wondering what I can do to be able to have him back in my life?

    • Hi there,

      Since it has already been 60 days I would start with the part in the article about reaching out and making contact. If that doesn’t give you results then start the 30 days from scratch but this time, use your manifestation techniques.

      I hope that helps.

  33. Ive been dating this guy for almost 4 months and he just decided to break up one day with no reason. Im completely heartbroken. We were engaged, and things were going good. Is it still possible for me to manifest him back even if he’s seeing another girl? I recently moved away from him, and I dont have anything of his to bring back, so im not sure how that would work. Is it still possible for me to start this process?

    • Is it possible, Yes. This method can work for you HOWEVER, if this guy asked you to marry him in less than 4 months and has now left you for another girl I would really be questioning the kind of person he is. Some people just want everything now just to be able to experience it and this turbulent behavior is a huge red flag. Of course, I can only speak from reading a small blurb so I’m in no position to judge and only you know what’s best for you. If you decide this is what you want then by all means, follow the steps in the article. I’m confident it can work for you. But if you decide that maybe you want someone more sure about what they want then I invite you to try some manifestation techniques for healing. Sending you love and light on this journey. I’m sorry you are going through this my love.

  34. A lot of this information is good but I disagree if you’re trying to manifest your ex back why would you ignore a text or call. The purpose of no contact is for you during this time because most likely if you’re trying to manisfest them then they are the ones not willing to talk and want their space. Now if they contact you I would not ignore it but I would. Not jump right into making it know you want them back I would make it more causal and how are you or how have things been and what have you been up to then getting straight into I want you back, why won’t you be with me! Everything else is spot on tho in this article.

    • Hi Tasha,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I blended my manifestation techniques with what was taught in the Brad Browning program mentioned in the article. Not answering calls or texts was the advice in the program and I agree with it wholeheartedly because I think doing the reset right is important to clear any old or toxic cycles. This article is based on what worked for me but it is by no means the only way to manifest an ex back.

  35. Can I still use this method if I am unable to contact him? We have unadded each other on all social media platforms. Is it possible for him to add me back and for him to reach out first?

    • Hi there, Yes! You don’t have to be the one to reach out if you would rather the universe bring you together naturally. I suggest reaching out as an option just because I know many people want to after 30 days no-contact.

  36. Hi! Will this work if my ex and I dated for 3 months only? We broke up because things are getting difficult because he started working and couldn’t give me much going of the day. Also do i have to message him first? Or will this method pull him towards me and he will message me first?

    • Hi there, Yes this method can still work for you and you don’t have to be the one to reach out, that step is optional 😊

  37. Hi it’s been nearly 2 weeks since me and my partner broke up. He told me he just wanted a break and some space and that we are still together. We spoke a few times since the breakup and he told me he isn’t sure if he wants to get back together but doesn’t want to see me with anyone else. He is worried what his friends think if we get back together. We had a lot of bad fights and arguments. But I really love him and want him back. We also planned a future together to have kids and get married one day. He was talking to me but the last 4 days he stopped. It is hard because he lives in QLD And I live in NSW. We were living together but he wanted me to leave. I have been manifesting to get him back but I am so upset and hurt and I really hope this works! Thanks

    • And the thing that broke us up was I had trust issues due to an abusive relationship before this one. He hit me and cheated on me so it caused me to have trust issues in this relationship and now I regret it sooo much!

      • Yes, follow the steps in this article. the 30 days in also great for doing inner work and healing. I think you will find it helpful ❤✨🙏

  38. Hi!
    I just broke up with my ex last night because it felt like I was putting in all the effort and didn’t realize that he was giving all that he could with his current mental state. I really regret it but he blocked me on everything.. How should I approach this?

  39. Hi just read this article and I’m already in the process of the no contact phase. My situation is complicated my wife left me several months ago. Our marriage ended due to arguments over some financial habits she developed when she was injured and bedridden for 4 years. I stood by her and took care of her. Due to the pain she changed and became someone who refused to compromise. She now the surgery that took care of her pain. I know deep down that if we had another chance our love would be stronger than ever before. The big issue is she is dating someone else already. Do I have any chance of getting her back? We were together over 10 years and I know she was the one I was meant to be with. I love her unconditionally.

  40. Hello! I loved this article, it is so clear & concise! My ex broke up with me 2 days ago and I have been drowning in sadness. I have not contacted him since the day he ended things because he said he needs space. I left him a long message about how we just had a misunderstanding and I will give him all the space he needs.

    I will definitely be working on this method in the 30 days of no contact but I was wondering if listening to a guided mediation to manifest him back would be dangerous because I am already trying to manifest him through the steps mentioned in your article?? I am a little weary of combining the two methods of manifestation.

    • You can absolutely combine other methods and have this as part of your general manifestation routine. A guided meditation would be a great idea.

  41. Hi, so my bf dumped me a few days ago and I wanted to try this out. The thing is, he’s ghosted me too. I do have 1 Instagram account where I’m not blocked though. Should I use that one to message him after my 30 days? I also found out he had been talking to another girl. But from the looks of it, there isn’t any real love there. We had something personal and beautiful, they seem to just have physical attraction.

    • After the 30 days where you have been focused on your manifestations, I would say that it would be rare for you to still be blocked. Perhaps you could add this to your intentions while you manifest. Don’t focus on the being blocked part of it but just maybe manifest that he re-adds you as a friend. This would also be great validation that it’s working. Blessings, and all the best.

  42. I have read this article over and over because your story is similiar to mine . I know where I went wrong in my relationship, I was constantly thinking of the worst that can happen, no trust because of past relationship issues, etc. I know in my heart and soul me and my ex are supposed to be we just had to get over a hurdle which we both did not which caused soooo much toxicity . Everyone thinks im delusion in stating we can fix it and it will work. Yet my heart tells me different , I sometimes feel im stuck on stupid because its always been so easy for me to let an ex go and not hurt or want them back, funny thing is Im friends with all my ex’s – but currently not this one I am trying to manifest back . My question is even though he has stated that we will “never” be together again could this manifestation still work ? I know everyone has their own free will and I should just take what he says and move on , yet In my heart I don’t believe he means it . Its been 4 days since we had that talk and no contact (im working on 30 days no contact) which is oh so challenging. So will this work ?

    • Yes this can still work for you. Try and let go of what was said in the past. The idea is to manifest a clean slate. Blessings and all the best ✨💕

  43. Hi Charlie,

    I’ve been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 3 plus years. We hadn’t seen each other for a while because of the pandemic and the lack of a physical relationship affected him a little. He left me 2 weeks ago saying he doesn’t love me anymore and that it is over for him. By January next year we would have closed the distance forever. But he didn’t wait and he left. It was all hasty and out of the blue. One day he was talking about how he wanted to marry me, and the very next day he just ended thinks. The fact is, he is very stubborn and has a bit of an ego that refrains him from seeing things too clearly. Also his friends ensure that he is always occupied and not thinking of the broken relationship.
    Will this technique work for me ? What do I do ?
    I love him so much, and he was my soul mate in every sense of the word.

    • Hi there,

      I am so sorry to hear you are going through this! It really is very tough. Yes, I think this method is able to work for you. When you are finished with the steps it would be really great if you could physically cross paths at some point as seeing one another can be really powerful especially if you haven’t in a while. Perhaps you can add crossing paths to your intentions when you set them.

      All the best.

  44. I decided today to just stop contacting my husband. He cheated and left me after 26 years. Currently living with the woman he cheated with but says he does not love her she is like a safety blanket. He is in a deep depression and tried to commit suicide twice since he left. He has ran all his cards up, no money in the bank, his credit has tanked and he still says he loves me and is trying to find his way home. I am lost and afraid if I do the no contact she wins. I am so confused on if I believe him or should just walk away all together. I am trying to stay positive and think positive but he left in June and I am afraid I have pushed him to far now and all is lost.

    • Hi Tina,

      I’m so sorry to hear this, it must be tough for you both.

      Sometimes men just want to escape, and I can see that clearly from what you’ve said.

      I would try and do no contact (perhaps a shorter time) and allow him to cool down and come to his senses.

      Please don’t put the blame on yourself either,

      Wishing you the best,


  45. Hi! This is an amazing article

    My ex told me he didn’t feel the same for me last year after being together for over 4 years.
    He asked me to move on because it’s not my fault and that I’m amazing and deserve better. However, I believed in my love and that he would come back when he’s in a better place in life, mentally (he was under tremendous stress at work). So I told him I’ll wait for as long as it takes because it’s worth it. We would have the same conversation often. He said he feels guilty about me still hoping for him and that I need to detach. But he did not want to cut contact with me because he said he doesn’t want to lose me as a person, which gave me hope so we did not cut contact. I tried but he would text back in 5 days.
    Recently I found out he started dating his best friend last week and he did not tell me to protect my feelings.
    He had done this years ago too. But that was immature and we were teenagers then. I forgave him when he realised he made a mistake within a week and took him back.
    Coming back to the present, everyone is on my side including his mum. I know I deserve better but he was a great guy when he loved me. He treated me right when we were together. I really do love him but I do not want to feel like I’m an option to him. Like you said, my mum and his have asked me to not talk to him at all for 6 months and soon he will realise his mistake and come back to me because his current relationship started on a foundation like this, cannot ever work. Will the law of attraction still work in a complicated scenario as such?

    • Hi there,

      I’m on his mommas side here too! I believe you deserve better!

      However if you believe he can come back to you then it could be worth pursuing.

      My best advice would be to treat things as if you’re not waiting around for him (this is the no contact rule).

      This may change his mind on things,

      Wishing you the best,


  46. Hi,
    So my ex girlfriend dumped me around 1 1/2 months ago. This was our 2nd b/u in 4 yrs. She said that I was the first person she has ever been with 2x, and that because it didn’t workout again, she feels like we’re not compatible. She said that she loves me, and we even discussed marriage and having kids (I know this is a common thing to hear). Can this work on a second b/u? I truly love this woman, and I know she loves me, but she can be very scared and VERY stubborn. Can LOA work a 2nd or 3rd time??

    • Hi Jay,

      Yes the law of attraction work more than 1 time, perhaps it’s the universe testing you.

      I wouldn’t lose faith, and keep pursuing her if it makes sense for you both.

      Wishing you the best,


  47. Hi Charlie

    My ex husband of 14 years left me 2 years ago. Since then he was still intimate with me for 7 months but then pushed a divorce through that I didn’t want. There’s been a lot of arguments since. I’ve also done the begging and pleading. I went no contact for 7 weeks and he reached out to me in July this year and asked me to go for coffee. He plied with compliments and that night was texting and FaceTiming me. My emotions took over and he backed off again. More arguments since (we have kids). My insecurities got in the way of our marriage and I think that’s what killed it. Now I have a hunch that he’s seeing someone and I’m absolutely heartbroken. I just want my family back together and to be with the man I love. Do you think manifesting will work for me?

    • Hi Lilly,

      Thanks so much for reaching out to me!

      It’s always a tricky one, as it’s not always a one size fits all.

      I believe that my strategies can help you yes, but you need to understand your ex has free will too.

      Wishing you the best,


  48. Hello

    My soul mate and I had been together for 4 years. Long distance for 2 and have been through so much love and growth together.

    Unfortunately, and regrettably so I cheated on them. I lied and betrayed them and we took a break (that was communicated we would get back together) and after several months of them trying to overcome it they couldn’t. I had been trying very hard and so had they.. they said they just need to break up and be on their own to heal and move forward. They even said “if I’m ever going to be happy again whether it’s with you or someone else”…

    My fear is will this work considering our past? Yes we had 1 year of turmoil and emotional hardship and tribulations but I know in my gut our souls are meant to be connected. I know they will get back with me. But I still fear they might now

    • Hi JD,

      This is definitely a tough one for sure.

      Unfortunately with the LOA you cannot control someone else’s free will.

      Have you thought about coming close friends and moving from there?

      Wishing you the best,



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