Manifesting Your Reality With Water – The Two Cup Method

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The art of manifestation incorporates a range of different techniques into the mastery of its principals.

Positive affirmations, visualization exercises and expressing gratitude are all common methods to help create the life you desire…

But did you know that you can manifest your reality with water?

Today we will dive deep (no pun intended) into the Two Cup Manifestation method.

This simple technique centers on the magic behind setting intention and has been proven successful by Manifestors and spiritualists all over the world.

You’re probably wondering how on earth water could possibly influence your desires (aside from the obvious fact that its consumption is necessary for survival).

But before we go into how water impacts the human reality, let’s take a look at how humans impact the reality of water molecules.

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Human Consciousness Can Transform The Molecular Structure of Water

During the mid 90’s a man named Dr. Masaru Emoto began researching water in depth by freezing samples from all around the world and examining the molecular structure under a microscope.

What he found was that clean spring water molecules held beautiful, geometric patterns while polluted water molecules were distorted and somewhat unpleasant in their formation.

Furthermore, Dr. Emoto began exposing the water samples to different kinds of music, thought vibration and phrases.

What he found was oddly fascinating.

He discovered that human consciousness could transform the molecular structure of water.

Multiple samples of water from the same source were subjected to different emotions and then frozen for assessment.

The samples that were exposed to anger, hatred, and aggression appeared to take a deformed and random molecular form.

On the contrary, those that were exposed to love and positivity displayed a near perfect structure that resembled snowflakes.

In 1999, Dr. Emoto began publishing his findings for his book “The Hidden Messages in Water”, a New York Times Bestseller.

It is here where Dr. Emoto broke down each experiment with the accompanying photos of these magnificent ice crystals.

Water Is Influenced By Our Intentions

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At this point, you may be thinking “what do pretty water molecules have to do with manifestation?

Think about it…

The reason that these water molecules change when they are exposed to different emotions is that the intent is being stored within.

In other words, different circumstances affect water in the same way that they affect our subconscious mind, as stored memories!

We know that in order to manifest we must set intent.

As the saying goes “you reap what you sow” or “you get out what you put in”.

That same energetic frequency that you send out to the universe, is then drawn right back into your reality.

When you charge water with intent, you impose an energetic memory within its molecules.

If you then consume the water, you are taking your intentions within and therefore becoming one with that very energy.

You see, humans are 70% water…

Physically, we are more water than we are anything else.

The water being carried around within our bodies holds the energetic signature of who we are.

This is important because when it comes to manifestation, you don’t attract the energy that you want, you attract the energy that you embody.

It makes sense though, doesn’t it?

Next time you pour a glass or run yourself a bath, set the intention and mentally channel positive energy into your water.

For example:

  • My body thrives on this amazing, fresh water.
  • I am so happy for the life I’m living.
  • I’m grateful to be drinking this life preserving water.
  • Thank you universe for this warm relaxing bath.

Another great way to set intention in your water is to label your drink bottles with positive affirmations or quotes.

Dr. Emoto proved in his work that labeling water alone is enough to change its molecular pattern.

This practice also plants a positive thought in your subconscious mind every time you reach for a drink of water.

Remember, when it comes to water keep your mindset positive.

Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs could potentially harm the structure of the water you consume.

Learn more here: 17 Limiting Beliefs Getting In The Way Of Your Manifestations

Quantum Jumping With the Two Cup Method

In this day and age, many quantum scientists are claiming the existence of infinite realities.

What’s even more interesting is that scientists are now theorizing that we can jump from one reality to another.

What this means is that there are realities where you are poor and realities where you are rich.

In one parallel universe, you are happy and in another you are depressed.

The possibilities are endless.

What’s more, is that we are living in every single one of these realities simultaneously!!

The only difference being where we hold our point of awareness.

Think of it as tuning into a radio station.

Let’s say you’re currently tuned into 96.6 FM.

Now 96.6 FM is a little static, you can hear the music playing but it’s just not quite ‘right’.

You adjust the tuning ever so slightly to 96.8 and hurray! You find the perfect frequency.

Quantum jumping is all about tuning into your perfect frequency and the Two Cup Manifestation method is just the leap to get there.

Essentially you are not leaving your “current existence” but just adjusting your point of awareness to somewhere that is more preferable.

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Who Can Use The Two Cup Manifestation Method?

This method is fast becoming the most popular way to quantum jump into your desired reality and the success stories are taking the internet by storm!

The amazing thing about the Two Cup Manifestation method is that it can be used by anyone, anywhere for anything.

Below are some popular reasons why people quantum jump:

  • Weight loss
  • Happiness
  • Money
  • Romance
  • New Car

You can use this method for anything you want, but it’s important to be specific when setting your intention.

Now that we have been through the basics, let’s quantum jump right in!!

The Two Cup Manifestation Method

You will need:

  • Two cups or glasses (they can be any size or shape)
  • Water
  • Post-it notes or water blessing labels (optional)
  • A marker

1.) Take your two cups and place them on a flat surface.

2.) Decide on a specific desire you wish to manifest (eg: A new car, career, love interest etc).

3.) On two separate pieces of paper write down your current situation and your desired outcome.

Side note: Try not to use negative connotations when writing your current situations. For example, words like poor, broke, lonely, and depressed could negatively impact your desired results. Instead use words like under-resourced, single or limited cash flow.

4.) Your desired outcome is essentially what you wish to manifest. It could say something like: happily married, full of abundance, complete happiness or prosperity but try and keep it specific.

5.) Stick the pieces of paper to each cup and pour water into the one that’s labeled with your current situation.

6.) Take a few minutes to truly visualize. Close your eyes and focus on the desired outcome label.

7.) Transfer the water from the current outcome cup into the desired outcome cup.

8.) Visualize how you will feel when the desired results manifest, take a few deep breaths and then drink the entire cup of water.

Another Helpful Tip:

Another way you can use the Two Cup Manifestation method is to do the same process but instead of drinking the water, tip it into a running bath.

Bathing in the waters of true intention is another great way to solidify your desires.

Please feel free to share your results!

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34 thoughts on “Manifesting Your Reality With Water – The Two Cup Method”

  1. This technique really works! I owed my property manager over $440 in overdue rent, last week I thought I’d give the 2 cup method a try.

    Well guess what? My overdue credit had been wiped so I don’t have to pay for it! I can’t believe this thank you universe.

    I believe it was because my intentions were set as open as opposed to desperation, I was in a ‘receiving’ frequency.

    So so happy and thank you for sharing this amazing technique.

    Would recommend 100% to give it a try.

  2. I have tried this method several times, am trying again today. I have a true burning desire, backed with intense visualization and passion. I do feel this time is the time it happens for me.

  3. Iba a escribir en inglés pero mi lengua materna es el español, gracias por el artículo, me encantó y sin dudas voy a intentarlo con un proyecto que no me está rindiendo como soñaba, en un tiempo comentaré los resultados.

    • Hola Nico, gracias por comentar realmente aprecio los comentarios. Sé que a veces puede parecer difícil cuando tus deseos aún no se han manifestado. Es frustrante y lo entiendo. Pero creo en ti, también creo que el universo tiene algo especial para ti, vendrá. Mantenme informado y espero tener noticias tuyas de nuevo.


    • Hi Mira, you can apply this method as many times as you would like.

      Just go with what feels right with you, I have done this method multiple times with the same desire and I feel like it worked really great.

      I’ve also done this once and it worked, it all depends on what you wish to manifest and the intention that you send to the universe.


  4. Hi, after drinking the water in glass, can I discard the labels on both glasses and keep them back or should I preserve the glass in which I have water with desired reality intention seperately?

    • Hi Manjiri,

      You’re welcome to keep them or throw them away, this does not affect the intention you set when you drank the glass of water.

      However, you can stick the label (the one with your desire on it) to your drink bottle if you please, this way you can charge your water with positive affirmations every time you drink.

      Doing it once with the cups is enough, but if you’re really wanting your desire to manifest faster try sticking it to your drink bottle!



  5. This has helped me move to a new country & mend a relationship and self-esteem !! Trying this again today for something different. It really works guys – but do it in the right enviroment i.e feel calm and relaxed where you cant be disturbed – where you can be your best imaginative self. Good Luck

  6. I did the 2 cup thing for the 1st time today. I had not heard from my ex in nearly a month I had no reason to believe she would ever contact me again after our last fight where she left me. She texted me this afternoon and said she felt it was meant to be for her to contact me. I’m a real person with no financial or other ties to this site or method and before God I am telling you the truth. I’m in disbelief she is with me here right now. God is good people He wants to do miracles for us through this amazing Universe. Faith is the key but I’m realizing you must show a commitment with action toward what you want to manifest. If you don’t the Universe has no reason to believe you are serious. Show God you are serious by actually doing this exercise. And then set your intentions and believe.
    If you need help believing its fine God loves a humble heart that admits doubt ask the Universe for confirmation signs that what you wish for is on its way. Be specific. I asked for the #3339 as it pertains to her and I and I saw it on 2 different license plates on 2 separate days. Impossible that # combo could show up 2x. But it did. And if you are specific it will. Believe it. No breakup or bad circumstance that tore you and your ex apart cannot be overcome by God through faith.
    My situation had no hope on earth…none…she was gone forever…and now she is back.
    I’m nobody special I have a dark side yet look what God has done. Love is God it is the highest power in the Universe.
    Soberly check that your relationship isn’t toxic for you though God does not want that for His beloved children.
    Believe as Jesus said and no mountain cannot be moved.
    May you be granted your heart’s desires as you thank your Higher power for its goodness. It deserves our praise and thanks for being so good to us despite our wayward lives.
    Be blessed and believe.
    You are loved more than you can imagine.

    • Awesome work Brandon! I like that you have also added your own faith into the LOA. It just goes to show that this natural Law can be implemented by anyone and will fit into any belief system. Bless you and I hope you enjoy a wonderful future with your girlfriend!

  7. Do we pur the water on the current situation cup, then into the outcome cup, then drink? Still confused and looking forward to trying this!

  8. hello is this technique dangerous in any way? like can i get stuck in a complete different dimention where i dont know anyone or something or does it only change the thing i am manifesting and everything else stays the same? please help


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