Ho'oponopono and Manifestation

Ho’oponopono and Manifestation – When Ancient Wisdom Combines

Ho’oponopono and manifestation.

These two ancient techniques are being bought together and taking the world by storm, clearing limiting beliefs and generating positivity like never before.

But what is Ho’oponopono and how can it be used to amplify your manifestations?


Have you ever had one of those days where the universe just wasn’t playing the game?

Sometimes it seems like no matter how positive you are, the days’ disappointments just seem to follow one after another.

Perhaps your boss gives you an unexpected warning at work, your crazy neighbor hurls some abuse over the fence, and your car breaks down…

All on the same day…

Whatever the misfortune, the bottom line remains the same “it all just seems so unfair!”

But what if it was fair?

In fact, what if it really was all your fault?

This might be a hard pill to swallow. You may even be asking;

“How could my neighbor’s bad attitude and my bosses egotistical power trip possibly have anything to do with me?”

That’s exactly where Ho’oponopono comes in.

What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is a mental cleansing technique that originated in Hawaii.

The word “Ho’o” means “to make” and “pono” means “right”.


The repetition of the word “pono” extends the phrase to:

“To make right with oneself and others”.

This amazing ritual was brought to mainstream society by a woman called Mornnah Nalamaku Simeona.

As a highly sought after, spiritual healer, it has been said that Morrnah adopted this wisdom from ancient Hawaiian legend.

More recently, Ho’oponopono has developed into a new age, self-help type practice and has incorporated influence from Indian and Chinese tradition.

In ancient times, families would come together in an attempt to heal feelings of guilt, anger, sadness, and grief.

In the mediation process, they would practice taking responsibility for their own negative feelings as opposed to passing blame on to one another.

Often it was found that illness or physical hardship of any kind was caused by the un-cleansed negativity that shadowed over the individual or group.

It was believed that negative thoughts could not be healed until this cleansing process had been completed.

Often that meant generations of people holding onto the resentment and pain of their ancestors.

Ho’oponopono is about taking responsibility for everything that affects your state of being.

It’s the art of acceptance, forgiveness, and cleansing of the energies that you attract into your life.

“If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds, and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting right can change our lives, our families and our society.”– Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona

Ho’oponopono Consists of 4 Phrases

Ho’oponopono was simplified into 4 easy phrases by a man called Ihaleakala Hew Len. A spiritual healer who was an

avid student of Morrnah’s right up until she passed away.

Ihaleakala Hew Len discovered this Hawaiian prayer after it had cured his daughter of bleeding shingles (a condition that was thought to be incurable).

The founder

After learning the art of Ho’oponopono and seeing the benefits first hand through his own daughter, Hew Len decided to study this ancient ritual.

He simplified his findings into 4 easy phrases that could be combined into a single mantra.

  • I’m Sorry
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Thank You
  • I Love You

For those who practice Ho’oponopono, these phrases are not only daily mantras of acceptance and forgiveness, they are cleansing modalities for every negative occurrence that enters one’s existence.

“It’s about loving the memory flame of oneself that you experience, judgment, resentment, and annoyance, falling in love with your data or ego and telling the memory that replaces anger.” – Dr. Hew Len

Each phrase serves a purpose, it’s message is to both the higher self and the wider universe.

Make sure to repeat these phrases to yourself daily, especially when experiencing conflict or illness.

You don’t need to say them aloud or to anyone else, these phrases work on an inner level through thought and emotion.

I’m Sorry:

When you say “I’m sorry”, you are recognizing and accepting responsibility for the actions, thoughts, and emotions that have caused conflict to manifest into your reality.

If you think this conflict has not been caused by you then you may not have quite grasped the concept.

Any negative occurrence that presents itself in your life can be bought back to the thoughts, emotions, and actions of either yourself or the ancestors before you.

Often internal pain is passed down through the generations.

It is for this reason that so many families continue to suffer in the same way that their ancestors did.

Whether it be toxic relationships or chronic illness, ending the pain always starts with accepting responsibility for inherited negativity.

“I’m sorry” is one of the hardest things to say.

People don’t like to admit when they are wrong but for many, these two simple words are all that is needed to break the cycle.

Please Forgive Me:

The words “please forgive me” are said as a request to make amends with your higher self and the universe alike.

As an extension from “I’m sorry”, these words show acceptance of responsibility while requesting a clean slate.

“Please forgive” me is essentially a request to press the delete key and clean the negativity out of your existence.

Thank You:

“Thank you” is the opportunity to show gratitude to your higher self as well as the universe for allowing your negative thoughts, actions, and emotions to be cleared.

You are essentially being thankful for the forgiveness that was granted after taking responsibility for the negative situations that were imposing on your life.

I love you:

“I love you” is the most powerful phrase you can use either as a daily mantra or as a means of resolving conflict.

The word’s “I love you” are firstly said to yourself but can also be intended toward any other living being including plants and animals.

The outcome of these three words are profound and have shown to be effective on a molecular level as tested in Dr. Emoto’s water experiments.

“I love you” can be emitted out to the universe (God, source energy etc) as a form of gratitude.

When you use the words in this way you are saying “I love you for allowing me this earth experience”.

Ho'oponopono steps

The First Documented Success Story of This Hawaiian Ritual:

After mastering Ho’oponopono, Dr. Hew Len became a psychologist at a mental institution in Hawaii.

The ward was filled with the most criminally insane people on the island.

The patients in this institution had committed horrendous and despicable crimes so severe they were thought to be incurable.

Every patient had to be shackled down with heavy chains and medicated due to their dark pasts.

Most of them had raped, assaulted and murdered innocent people.

The staff turn-over in the institution was extremely high due to the doctors and nurses all being petrified of its inhabits.

Workplace conditions were considered highly dangerous and some patients could not even be approached by staff without lashing out.

The paint was peeling off the walls, plants in the gardens were decaying.

The ward was bleak and miserable.

Everyone had lost hope.

It Was This Simple Mantra That Shut The Place Down…

On arrival, Dr. Len was not given much thought by those who worked at the institution.

Most of the staff had already seen many people come and go and therefore didn’t imagine Dr. Len would be an exception.

Dr. Len began working on the patients in a way that had never been done before.

Every day he would sit calmly in his office reading through the files of each inmate, never once engaging or counseling any of them.

The other members of staff became skeptical but when asking him what he was doing, Dr. Len simply replied: “I’m practicing Ho’oponopono”.

Dr. Len would take the files and read through each of the terrible and painful crimes that had been committed.

As he studied each case he would mentally cleanse the patient of there wrongdoing by reciting the words “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”.

In a matter of months, things began to change within the ward.

The once bleak and hopeless hospital began to see life and growth.

The plants began to rejuvenate and the inmates started to see progress.

Slowly but surely they earned their privileges back due to improved behavior.

By cleansing his thoughts of the patients, Dr. Len was able to cleanse the patients themselves.

But it didn’t stop there…

As the months went by, some of the inmates were labeled as completely cured of their criminal insanity and therefore released.

After 4 years of Dr. Len working in the institution, it was shut down due to every single patient being released.

They had all been cured.

The worst criminals were transferred to rehabilitation homes in order to be transitioned back into society.

How Does Ho’oponopono Relate to Manifestation?

By now you probably have a firm grasp of what Ho’oponopono is and how it works but you may still be wondering how it relates to the Law of Attraction.

Ho’oponopono helps to clear negative beliefs, freeing your mind from restrictive past programming.

To break this down further…

Imagine your grandparents believed that money and abundance only came to those born into rich families.

This worldview then imprinted on to your parents.

Finally, as a child, you too picked up on this limiting belief.

It wasn’t that your parents taught it to you, but rather that you picked up on the vibe.

You may have been affected by their arguments around money.

Perhaps you felt their despair whenever a new bill came in the mail.

This way of thinking is called ‘poverty mindset’ and it is passed down from generation to generation.

In order to break the cycle, you must erase the pain.

It is a process of taking responsibility for yourself as well as those before you who created this false truth within your reality.

When you use Ho’noponopono in your manifestation routine, you essentially apply it as a response to negative thoughts and false beliefs.

Instead of feeling guilty for having negative thoughts, simply notice them and respond with…

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

Much like using affirmations and gratitude, these high vibrational phrases lighten the load of the ego in order to raise you up to receive blessings from the universe.

Can Ho’oponopono Be Used To Manifest For Others?

Does it work on others

You may have noticed someone close to you struggling emotionally, physically, or financially.

If seeing someone else in pain causes pain within yourself then this too becomes your responsibility.

In order to cleanse someone else, you first need to accept that this is a shared conflict between the both of you.

Once you have taken responsibility for this you can begin chanting the mantra “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

Remember, the way that Ho’noponopono works is not by charging the manifestation itself but by releasing the negativity inside.

This inner angst is what prevents your desires from coming to fruition.

You may also like to teach this person the mantra so they can use it to continue healing themselves and others around them.

How To See Permanent Life-Changing Results:

Imagine you are in a crowded parking lot. Suddenly you catch yourself thinking “At this rate, I will never find a park!” On noticing the limiting belief you quickly counter it with acceptance and forgiveness…

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you”.

Suddenly a car pulls out and you take its spot right in front of the shopping center entrance.

This is a handy technique for life’s little inconveniences that you can begin using in your manifestation routine today.

As for using Ho’oponopono to address the deeper issues that may be preventing you from manifesting your desires…

There are many things in life that change us.

Traumatic experiences, deep pain, and heartbreak plagues our very existence with negativity, illness and inner conflict.

Using Ho’oponopono for manifestation is pretty straightforward but eliminating negative patterns completely means accepting 100% responsibility for everything in your life.

For those looking to cleanse the trauma of the past, Ho’oponopono masters Joe Vitale and Dr. Len himself have put together a step by step course that will fully immerse you in the sacred teachings of ancient Hawaii.

Joe Vitale is an author, life coach and a world-renowned practitioner of Ho’oponopono and manifestation.

If you are ready to be released from the limiting beliefs holding you back from your dream life, sign up for the certification course here.

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself you will learn both peace and joy” – His Holiness the 14th Deli Lama
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