How to manifest your crush using the law of attraction

How to Manifest Your Crush Using the Law of Attraction

There is no feeling quite like pining after a crush.

We have all been there…

The love story that exists only in our heads; that intense, heart racing infatuation.

Often we become so fixated on this one person that we can’t even imagine a relationship with anyone else.

manifesting love is relatively easy. It’s an open process where you trust in the universe to bring forth your perfect match.

Manifesting your crush (or any specific person for that matter), is something entirely different.

So How Does Someone Manifest Their Crush?

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First of all, we need to remember that every single person on this earth is entitled to free will.

In other words, your own manifestation power can never override that of another person’s, regardless of whether their manifestations are made consciously or subconsciously.

This does not mean that you are dead out of luck with manifesting your crush.

It just means that you will need to do some groundwork in order to influence their free will.

With that in mind, this article has been broken down into three fundamentals of the Law of Attraction and how to use them to manifest your crush.

Step 1: Clarify Who Your Crush Is And Why You Want A Relationship With Them

Assuming you don’t already have someone in mind the first process to manifest a crush is to work out exactly what you’re looking for in your dream partner.

Do you want someone that is romantic and very in touch with their emotions? Do you want someone that is strong and masculine and works with their hands?

Be specific in what your looking for. Take some time and right down their ideal height, job, what they look like, how they act. Also think about what they like and dislike, their star sign as well as their love language. You can even be so specific you give them a name.

Once you have mentally found your ideal partner you need to write down why exactly you want a relationship with them. The “Why” is possible the most important step because the energy and intention you are putting out will directly influence whether you have a positive or negative experience.

If you’re coming into this with a positive mindset (eg. because you want to feel happiness and joy) you will manifest what you are looking for. Alternatively if you come in with a negative mindset (eg. because I’m jealous or lonely) then you will likely manifest a negative outcome. We talk more in depth about a positive mindset below.


Step 2: Visualize How It Feels To Be With Your Crush

Daydreaming about your crush is probably something you are already doing so this step shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate into your daily life.

”Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” – Albert Einstein

Using your imagination to manifest your crush is a great way to get the ball rolling in your Law of Attraction routine.

Man holding flowers

Begin by visualizing scenarios with you and your crush as the main characters.

Imagine asking your crush out on a date.

Picture going to dinner with your crush, perhaps they are laughing at all of your jokes.

Create scenarios within your mind where you are essentially living out your dreams with your crush by your side.

You can incorporate a visualization ritual into your life in a variety of different ways.

One method is to simply find a quiet space where you can zone out and daydream.

Completely immerse yourself within your imagination.

This method is similar to meditation but instead of clearing your mind, you are simply allowing yourself to become one with your inner fantasies.

Step 3: Identify Limiting Beliefs About Love & Build A Positive Mindset

In the process of attracting your crush, emotion and belief is a fundamental requirement.

As you know, having a crush on someone can come with some pretty strong emotions.

Your challenge here is to try and keep these emotions as positive as you can.

Try not to fall into the trap of feeling sad that you are not in a relationship with your crush.

Letting negative emotions like desperation and pain impose on your life, especially when thinking about your crush could be detrimental to the manifestation process.

That being said…

It’s important to note that we all experience negative thoughts and emotions from time to time and it is OK to have those feelings.

The key is simply not to feed them.

Letting negative emotions pass without judgment is the best way to deal with them.

If you start beating yourself up for having negative thoughts then you are essentially feeding negativity with more negativity.
Whenever you catch yourself feeling low or doubtful, simply notice those emotions, take a deep breath and let them go.

Try to focus on positive emotions like joy, love, and excitement.

These emotions come from a place of “knowing” and “being”.

Think of it this way…

If you had already manifested your crush how would you feel?

Happy right?

When you focus on feeling positive before you attract your crush, your feelings will be an exact energetic match with your desired outcome.

This is essentially the secret recipe for a manifestation of any kind.

Negative emotions attract negative experiences and likewise positive emotions attract positive experiences.

Like attracts like!

One great way to manifest your crush is to incorporate positive emotion into your visualizations.

When creating a mental image of a scene between you and your crush, focus on how it feels.

Invoke those feeling of love and happiness within your body.

Your energetic frequency will always reflect the way you feel inside.

Step 4: Use Positive Affirmations & Speak It Into Existence

Reciting a list of “I am” statements, doesn’t usually require a lot of thought power.

That’s okay. The true magic behind positive affirmations is in the way they influence the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind stops developing at 7 years old, therefore, when you train it to accept a new thought process as truth you must do so by repeating yourself over and over again.

Think about how you would teach a new concept to a 7-year-old child.

Training the subconscious mind is no different.

After a while, the positive affirmations that you use become so ingrained in your mind that the subconscious begins to accept them as fact.

You begin to emit a frequency that vibrates as if you are already living out your desires and that change in frequency is what attracts your dreams into your reality.

Example Affirmations For Manifesting Your Crush:

  • My crush views me as everything they could ever want in a partner.
  • My crush values all of my strengths.
  • I radiate attraction in every sense of the word whenever my crush is around.
  • I am constantly attracting my crush.
  • My crush feels safe, secure and comfortable around me.

Side Note – These affirmations are much more powerful when you change the words “my crush” to the specific person’s name.

Learn more about affirmations here: 5 Magical Positive Affirmation Tips To Rewire Your Brain For Success

Step 5: Surrender Your Desire To The Universe

Holding Hands

Once you have spent some time on your manifestation routine, you will begin to feel your energy rising.

You may suddenly become more aware and receptive to the signs that you are aligning with your desire to manifest your crush.

Perhaps you start to see your lucky number everywhere or maybe you experience increased intuition.

Whether it is a meaningful song on the radio, a trigger phrase, or some kind of dream, once you become aligned you will be very aware of it.

When you start to notice these universal signs, it is a good indication that the time is right for you to ask your crush out on a date (that is if they haven’t already asked you first).

Trust in your manifestation power and take a leap of faith.

Step 6: Take action daily

When manifesting your crush, the action step is vital for influencing his or her free will.

The goal is to take action that creates a positive picture of who you are in the subconscious mind of your crush.

Start With A Smile.

Calm Water

The simple act of smiling at another person creates a positive vibration that bounces between the two of you.

A smile shows happiness and whether we like it or not, everyone is attracted to happiness.

Some other examples of action are as follows:

  • Say “Hi”
  • Strike up conversation
  • Offer to help him/her with something
  • Laugh as his/her jokes
  • Make subtle compliments

Slowly increase the positive action you make towards your crush but be careful not to smother them.

Remember, the Law of Attraction should not require hard work.

Making a few simple gestures here and there should be enough to start influencing free will but under no circumstance do you want to be pushy.

Your crush may back away if they feel like their right to choose is being compromised.

Step 7: Don't Give Up Too Quickly

When it comes to manifesting anything into your life you have to give the universe time to let it happen.

We are all a little prone of jumping into something 110% and then feeling dejected when the results don’t come quickly.

When it comes to manifesting a crush you need to maintain your positive mindset, keep your vibrations high and look for signs from the universe for weeks or even months.

An adventure

Try not to give yourself a timeline for finding your crush. Remember we said earlier that your mindset is perhaps the most important factor. When you introduce a time limit you start introducing anxiety and a frantic mindset into your subconscious which can slow the process even further.

When you’re having doubts just remember that a dream relationship is one of life’s biggest joys and finding the right person is definitely worth the wait.

How To Manifest Your Crush To Text You

There is no one strategy to manifest someone to text you (people have free will after all) but there are several things you can do it dramatically improve your chances.

First and foremost make sure you keep your vibrations high and have a positive mindset. With this energy being released into the atmosphere your chances dramatically increase.

The easier you make it to for someone to contact you the higher your chances. Your crush can’t message you if they don’t have your number. If they don’t have your number and you’re nervous about giving it to them you can add them on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat so they have a way to reach you when the universe calls for it.

The first message can be hard so if you’re seeing signs from the universe and things are progressing well you could also send the first message. Start the ball rolling and conversation can flow from there.

Most of all just remember to be patient. These things can take time.

How To Manifest Your Crush To Ask You Out

The fastest way to get your crush to ask you out is to have an internal belief that people love spending time with you.

People are attracted to self confidence so if you believe this internally it will manifest itself into reality. If you’re self belief isn’t this positive yet keep practicing your daily self affirmations or try methods like the 55×5 manifestation formula.

Once your internal self belief is at this level all you have to do is wait. If people love spending time with you then it makes sense for your crush to ask you out.

If you’re feeling bold and your seeing signs from the universe you can always speed things up by asking them out.

How to Manifest a Relationship With Your Crush

Thumbs Up

Ok so you’ve manifested your crush into texting you and asking you out on dates. Now to manifest your crush into a relationship.

Similar to manifesting your crush to ask you about your main goal here is to build an internal mindset that you’re the perfect partner to be with.

One good way to do this is to write in your journal every day why you’re the perfect partner to be with. Write down what is great about you, what amazing things you bring to the relationship, why you’re the perfect partner for your crush.

Do this daily for a month or more and your own self confidence will be like a magnet for your crush. Confidence is sexy and when you’re putting this much positive energy into the atmosphere a relationship will follow.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest Your Crush & Can You Do It Quickly?

Like many things in life trying to manifest a crush (and relationship) quickly has the opposite effect.

The best way to speed up the process is to completely remove the timeline. When you add deadlines to finding a partner you add anxiety and desperation into your subconscious mind removing your positive energy which makes it harder to find love.

Would you want to date someone that was anxious and controlling? Likely not. So maintain a positive mindset and keep those thoughts out of your head.

Don’t stress a time frame, let the universe do it’s thing and enjoy the ride. Finding the perfect partner is worth the wait.

Manifest Your Crush While You Sleep

Another great technique to help manifest your crush is to use positive thoughts while you sleep.

While you sleep your subconscious brain takes control so affirmations as you’re falling asleep are extra powerful.

Seem easy steps to follow to manifest while you sleep are:

1. Set your intentions: Make it clear in your mind what you are planning on manifesting. Some people find writing this down helps.

2. Relax & visualize: As you lie down in bed relax all through your body and visualize meeting your crush.

3. Think positive thoughts: Focus on all the happiness and joy this relationship will bring. This process makes sure you have a positive mindset throughout the night.

4. Positive affirmations: As you are drifting off to sleep repeat positive affirmations in your mind. Repeating phrases like “I will find my perfect partner” and “I am open to finding true love” will help shape your unconscious mind.

Repeat this process daily and you’ll find yourself sleeping better, feeling more positive throughout the day and you’ll be in the correct headspace for manifesting your dream partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can manifest your crush. It takes self reflection, a positive mindset and high vibrations but when it all comes together you can manifest the partner you have been dreaming of.

When it comes to manifestation you can’t set a time on the universe. If you start setting deadlines you bring anxiety and desperation into your subconscious mind which slows the whole process down even further.

Focus on positive thoughts, do your daily affirmations and actions and wait for the universe to give you a sign.

Manifesting a crush you’ve never been in contact with is possible. If you focus on yourself and build a strong positive focus, practice visualizations and take daily actions towards improving yourself the universe can deliver in amazing ways.

If you’re doing everything you can and the universe is giving you positive signs you can also take the lead and send the first message.

If your dream partner is already in a relationship it is still possible to manifest them into your life.

Your focus here should be on the end goal of ending up together.

Don’t dwell on negative thoughts like jealousy or feeling lonely. Be your best self, be positive and wait for the universe to deliver.

Final Thoughts

Manifesting your dream partner is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in your life.

With something that can bring so much happiness it’s important to remember not to become frustrated with how long it’s taking. Remember to relax and let things happen at their natural pace.

A positive mindset is a big part of the process so if you’re looking for additional help check out our full 55×5 method or our top affirmations for inspiration.

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

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