Spiritual alignment and manifestations

Spiritual Alignment And Manifestation

How well do you understand the Law of Attraction?

I mean sure, we have all heard the saying…

“Like attracts like!”


“Thoughts create things!”

But what good is that without the inside mechanics?


Without knowing how manifestation really works?

This article aims to dive deep so that you can better understand how to make the Law of Attraction a piece of cake.

The truth is that spiritual alignment is the most important factor for successful manifestation.

But what exactly is spiritual alignment?

How does it relate to manifestation?

And can you ensure that you are definitely on the path to transform your life?

The journey

What Is Spiritual Alignment?

In the most simple of terms…

Being in alignment means to be in line (or parallel) with something else.

Spiritual alignment in terms of manifestation relates to how our spiritual energy lines up with that of our desires.

Now let’s break this down further…

Everything in our universe is made up of energy…

And if we have learned anything from high school physics, it’s that everything is in constant motion.


Everything is vibrating on its own frequency.

Spiritual alignment and manifestation work together when we tune our own frequency to be an exact match with that of our desires.

Much like tuning a radio to find the station you desire, you must tune yourself into the vibrational energy of that which you want the most.

Keep high vibrations

Spiritual Alignment With Your Life Purpose

Many spiritual gurus will tell you that spiritual alignment is about being an energetic match with your life purpose…

Which is true…

But for many people, the term “life purpose” or “soul purpose” translates to not having choice, or that one’s life is determined by fate alone.

This leads to questions such as:

“What is my life purpose?”


“Why am I here?”

The truth is that fate and free-will co-exist together.

Being able to balance the two is all part of being in spiritual alignment.

Destiny and free-will go together like yin and yang.

Like opposite poles of the same line of frequency, they work together in perfect harmony.

Free-will is what you choose in life and destiny is the way in which you can best reach those desires.

Fate is broad and leaves a lot open for manifestation…

Don't close doors on yourself

For example:

If you are naturally gifted in the arts, you may have been born to fulfill your desires in a creative way…

That is not to say that you must be an artist in order to manifest, but perhaps being creative is the best channel for you to connect with your desires as well as source energy.

List your natural attributes… skills that seem to have emerged out of nowhere rather than have been taught.

Are you naturally expressive?

Do you possess a deep understanding of the mechanics of things?

Maybe you have a knack for caring for children or animals?

Or perhaps you just have a natural ability to pick up new concepts fast.

Your personal attributes can be channeled into your manifestations in order to reach spiritual alignment.

When the universe gives you a gift like that, it is saying

“This is a way we can connect.”

That’s why so many people find their natural abilities to be almost meditative…

Skateboarders who never feel as zen as when they are immersed in an epic trick…

Make-up artists who go into a world of there own as they relax into their craft.

Alignment Is The Ultimate Balance…

And not just a balance between the fate and free-will aspects of your being.

Spiritual alignment and manifestation in particular centers on the three fundamentals of the Law of Attraction…

Thought, emotion, and action

In other words…

Your thoughts invoke feelings which lead to certain actions.

Here are some examples of spiritual alignment vs misalignment using the three fundamentals of the Law of Attraction….


Jane wanted to manifest an amazing new job that would put her on the career path of her dreams.

Although she was smart, Jane was quite introverted and preferred to work alone…

She spent her days in a busy office where she was constantly being hounded with queries and phone calls from clients and other staff members alike.

One night, Jane went home and practiced a visualization technique to help her manifest the career of her dreams…


Jane imagined herself sitting in a private, luxury office.

She pictured herself being up high enough in the building that she could look down and see the busy city below.


On having this particular visualization, Jane felt a pain shoot through her heart.

The desperation and longing for not having her ultimate desire were subtle… but it was there.


The next day, Jane went back to her job where she continued to struggle outside of her zone of genius.

The queries and phone calls kept pouring in as did Janes disappointment with her life.

Eventually, she gave up on the Law of Attraction thinking it was just never going to work for her.

Now, let’s analyze just where Jane was misaligning herself.

Although she knew that her creativity and productivity was best channeled when she was alone, Jane chose to work in a bustling office.

Her high-vibe thoughts of a better life were countered by painful emotions and no action toward change.

You see, if you spend your time pining over better days and then wondering why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you…

Guess what?

The Law of Attraction is working!

In fact, it’s working perfectly….

Bringing you back the exact same feelings of lack that you are emitting out to the universe.

Again, spiritual alignment and manifestation go hand in hand.

Now, let’s rework our scenario….

After a long, hard day at work, Jane decided to go home and work on some visualization techniques to manifest a new job.


Jane imagined herself working in solitude in a private, luxury office.


While she visualized her desired scenario, Jane invoked feelings within.

She imagined how it would feel to have her dream job.

Suddenly a wave of relaxation washed over her entire body.

She felt nothing but peaceful tranquility while picturing herself in such a high vibe space.


The next day Jane arrived to work early so that she could get an hour of peace before the morning rush.

After getting a major head start with her work, Janes boss decided to let her leave an hour early.

This gave her time to go home and start applying for jobs better suited to her particular zone of genius.

Jane was in complete spiritual alignment with her manifestation…

She was using her natural abilities (fate) to work toward her choice (free-will) for a better life.

In no time at all, Jane had manifested her dream job but not before her boss offered a promotion complete with a private office overlooking the busy city below.

Now, of course, Janes story is only an example, but an example that is based completely in truth.

When thought, emotion, and action all work together on the same energetic frequency…

Alignment happens.

Also known as the secret sauce behind the Law of Attraction…

“How you feel is your indication of your alignment or misalignment with who you are.” – Abraham

How To Best Reach A State Of Spiritual Alignment

So now we know how spiritual alignment and manifestation work together, let’s break down a few techniques you can use to start reaching an aligned state today.

1.) Identify The Specifics

The first step toward aligning with your desire is always to get clear on what you really want.

It’s a good idea to write your goal down or make a contract with the universe in order to ensure your path is clear.

2.) Use Techniques To Best Align Your Thoughts And Emotions

It’s important to try a range of techniques to identify which one suits you best.

There are many ways to manifest.

The trick is to find a technique that resonates with you and your natural gifts.

You can use affirmations and visualization techniques or you may like to try quantum jumping or even the 2 cup method.

Whichever manifestation path you choose to take, always remember to inject your routine with emotion.

Or in other words, fake it till you make it!

3.) Make Time For Gratitude

When you feel grateful for something, you emit an energetic signature that says this particular thing is already yours.

Gratitude creates abundance which leads to more gratitude.

Like attracts like.

Whether you are feeling grateful for the blessings you already have or those yet to come, gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can emit.

The more gratitude you give, the more you get!

Be grateful

4.) Take Inspired Action

It’s important to make sure that your actions are not misaligned with your desires.

If you are trying to manifest something amazing like your dream car or the perfect vacation but you refuse to take any kind of action to reach those goals, then you are not reaching spiritual alignment.

Always be sure to act on your thoughts and emotions.

5.) Access Your Higher Purpose And Use It!

Use your natural gifts to help you create the life of your dreams.

Remember not to limit yourself to one skill.

For example:

Say you are wanting to manifest a dream career.

You might be musically gifted but hold no interest in becoming a musician

Think deeper into this gift…

It’s not just a musical talent you possess!

It’s creative expression!

Artistic communication!

Perhaps you end up channeling that creative expression into website design?

Maybe you use those skills in artistic communication to be a children’s story writer or public speaker.

Your destiny is broad and the fun part is being able to channel it in any direction that you choose.

6.) Meditate

Meditation will allow you to connect with your higher self and therefore reach deep spiritual alignment with your desires.

Often meditation can lead to inspired thoughts and ideas to bring your manifestations to life faster than ever before.

These connections are not always made during the meditation itself but often make an appearance days later, seemingly popping into your mind out of nowhere.

7.) Raise Your Vibration

Doing things that elevate your vibrational frequency is the best way to align yourself not only with your desires but with your higher self and source energy too.

Identify the kinds of things that make you feel good and add them to your manifestation routine…

Some examples of high vibe living are as follows:

  • Making time for exercise or yoga.
  • Creating order and flow within your home.
  • Using tools such as soft music and essential oils to create a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Spending time in nature.
  • Laughing and enjoying life with friends and family.
  • Enjoying a nutritious meal.

Anything that is going to lift you up and fill your day with more satisfaction and joy will raise your vibration tremendously.


Align yourself with your highest intention now.

Ask yourself…

Do my thoughts and feelings match my actions?

Am I using my natural gifts to reach my highest potential?

Do I feel balanced and on the same energetic frequency as my desires?

If not, what can I do to fine tune my vibration to match that of which I want the most?

“For a while, it was just a thought, and then it was a dream, and then it was a goal, and then it was something they focused upon, and then they achieved vibrational alignment with it, and then it happened. That’s the process no matter what it is – Abraham”

Signs Of Alignment

Now that you know all about spiritual alignment and how to reach an aligned state of being, you may be wondering…

“How will I know when I have reached spiritual alignment?”

“How can I tell if my manifested desires are really on their way?”

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