How To Set Powerful Intentions In 3 Simple Steps [Free worksheet!]

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For the past 5 years or so I have found myself determined to live a more conscious lifestyle full of purpose…

Intention setting has been a huge part of that…

You see, so much of our waking lives are set on auto-pilot.

Wake up, drink coffee, go to work, come home, eat, sleep and do it all again…

Stick to this kind of routine for a few years and you will soon find yourself completely disempowered within your reality.

When you allow yourself to set regular intentions you take that power back!

You begin to put purpose back into your life…

To fully embrace what it is to be conscious.

And be presently contributing to the outcome of your reality.

Intention setting is the seed you must sow if you want the fruit.

It’s the beginning of all creation…

In this article, you will learn how to effectively set intent in 3 simple steps.

I’ll even give you my intention setting worksheet for free just to make this process even easier!

No e-mail address required.

Just print and go!

But before we get into that, let’s quickly cover the basics!

Why Intention Setting Is So Important? 

Our intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.”  — Jim Carrey.

Intention is thought with purpose.


Setting an intention is bringing forth a goal or desire from the mind and conspiring for that goal to manifest in its physical form…

Whether that goal or desire is geared toward money, love, peace, happiness or something else entirely.

The reason why it’s important to set intentions is that you came into existence to experience being a conscious creator.

Now, it’s important to note that you are always creating your own reality…

Be it through your thoughts, emotions, life experiences or even the people around you…

What goes in will always be reflected back through the way your life unfolds.

But unfortunately, it is very easy to get stuck on autopilot.

Where you are living unconsciously.

Not really taking control of anything that manifests just kind of rolling with the punches…

Which might work out great for some…

And terrible for others…

It’s as unpredictable as rolling dice.

You see, in life, we often find ourselves in loops.

Repeating cycles and manifesting the same set of circumstances over and over again.

This is what living unconsciously can do to you…

As an example, take people who get stuck in toxic relationships…

They experience horrible circumstances…

And allow their thoughts and feelings about this to fester…

which attracts more relationship toxicity…

And therefore breeds more negativity…

and so the cycle continues…

Around and around in a loop that never seems to end…

Unless the person experiencing that reality finally decides to regain consciousness in order to make the decision to create something else…

This is essentially why intention setting is so important!

Everyone manifests but it is a choice to consciously create…

It’s all about sowing the seed to get the fruit.

With that being said let’s get started with my 3 simple steps for setting powerful intentions.

Follow this guide and you can’t go wrong!

1.) Get Clear With Yourself:

When it comes to setting your intentions, clarity is key!

Humans are naturally very indecisive…

On one day you might dream of a loving relationship…

And the next, you’re filled with gratitude for the freedom your single life allows you…

You might want to live in a mansion…

But dread the thought of large open spaces…

And those are only examples.

The truth is that we contradict ourselves and what we desire all the time.

Each seed that we sow has a period of unseen growth before sprouting into something tangible.

When you are indecisive with your intentions you essentially pluck that seed back out while it’s still in the ground…

Just to replant another…

The key to getting clear with yourself is to first break down your “why”.

Why do you want this thing?

What does it mean to you?

Where does this desire stem from?

When you know your why, you form an emotional connection with your desire and your intention becomes much easier to stick with.

2.) Solidify Your Intentions:

Okay so now that you have really thought about the kinds of intentions you wish to set, it’s time to solidify.

This is the action you take to ensure that your intention is set in stone.

Now, you can set your intention through either the spoken word, the written word or if you’re in a situation where you are pressed for time of privacy you may like to simply set your intention in thought-form.

Here’s how to know how to set your intention…

Written Intentions:

Writing your intentions is the best way to truly solidify them with the universe as well as the subconscious mind.

When your intentions are on paper it’s impossible to waver from them.

The written word is clear and exact.

Writing out your intentions is especially important if your desires are larger or if you feel they will need time to fully manifest…

You could write out for your intentions for the day, week, month, year… or keep the time frame open. It’s really up to you.

There are a few different ways to write your intentions including:

If you are struggling, you can use your intention setting worksheet as a template.

Spoken Intentions:

Speaking your intentions is a great way to solidify very short-term desires.

The more you can speak your intentions throughout the day, the more you fill it with conscious participation.

Now, if you are going to speak your intention you will usually do so in affirmation format…

And your words will be based on the outcome you expect to receive from your day to day activities…

For example:

You wake up in the morning and make a cup of tea or coffee and say…

“This hot drink awakens my highest self to have a productive and positive day.”

Then you might turn on the shower and say…

“This water is charged with positivity and light and leaves me feeling cleansed throughout the day.”

You might exercise and say…

“This workout makes my body healthy and strong.”

Now obviously it would be way too time-consuming to write these intentions throughout the day and the outcomes will all manifest pretty quickly so there is no need to hold them to paper.

Also, I know setting your intentions throughout the day might seem like a lot of work especially if you are used to being on autopilot but my advice is to start small.

Set your intentions into one or two things and slowly build up the habit of being consciously present to the desired outcomes of your waking life.

Thought Intentions:

Use thought intentions when you’re pressed for time or whenever you don’t feel it would be appropriate to speak your desires aloud.

Thought intentions are the easiest to waver from so I don’t recommend using them for larger intentions or things that may take longer to manifest.

To use thought to set an intention simply think your affirmation instead of speaking it.

3.) Let Go!


So you now have clarity and emotion behind your intention and you have sent it out to the universe…

You might be thinking “what now?”

Well, one of the most important components of the Law of Attraction is to know when and how to let go.

Once you have set your intention, let go in complete faith that you are now on the correct path that aligns with your desires.

By letting go in faith you ensure a speedy manifestation.

Now it’s important to note that when I say “let go” I don’t mean “give up”.

Let go of the attachment, the obsession, the need to control when your desire will manifest and how.

Simply have faith in the universe and carry on with having a high vibrational day.

You might like to continue your daily manifestation routine and use things like visualization or subliminals to maintain the strength behind your manifestation.

But keep your routine in line with what you know.

That the universe is always conspiring to bring forth what you most desire.

Because energy flows where attention goes.

There You Go!

You are now ready to go forth and set your intentions like a manifestation master!

3 simple steps done and dusted!

And it was easy right?

But there’s one last thing…

Once you have set your intentions you will notice your reality beginning to shift pretty quickly.

It will start with signs and synchronicities… things like repeating number patterns or knowing things before they happen.

If this happens to you, don’t be afraid.

The universe is simply readjusting your reality to match your intentions.

Soon those synchronicities will begin to “point” to different things.

You will feel intuitively drawn to new people or new situations…

And you will also notice new windows of opportunity opening up all around you.

It’s your job to recognize this divine guidance and to follow it.

For this is the universe gently guiding you along the path that leads to whatever it was you set your intentions for.

Your dreams, goals, and desires.

Trust in the universe and the way it pulls you into alignment.

You can’t go wrong!

Oh and don’t forget to download your intention setting worksheet!

“As you become the power of intention, you’ll see your dreams being fulfilled almost magically, and you’ll see yourself creating huge ripples in the energy fields of others by your own presence and nothing more.” – Wayne Dyer

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