5 Spiritual Tips For Predicting Your Future (Intuition Development 101)

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How much easier would life be if you could predict the future?

To get a sense of the outcome before making any big decisions?

Whether it be your love life, career, financial matters, or something else entirely…

Being able to tune in and predict your own future is a huge game-changer in any area of life success!

So what if I told you that psychic intuition is not an ability purely reserved for the spiritually gifted?

In fact, there’s one person who can read you better than anyone…

And that person is you!

You see, psychic intuition is a sense that we all have access to…

And sure, like any skill, some take to it like a duck to water…

But for others, it takes a little more practice.

In this article, I’m going to take you through 5 spiritual tips for predicting the future and developing your intuition.

Ready to dive in?

Here we go…

1.) Develop a Solid Meditation Routine:

Meditation and spiritual development go hand in hand but if you’re wanting to develop your psychic abilities, making time to sit and breathe is especially important…

You see as humans our lives are often made up of outward projections…

We take outward action to support our physical lives and we express both thought and emotion outwardly too…

So if you’re constantly projecting out into the universe, when will you ever get a chance to listen?…

To take divine knowledge into your heart center and receive the insight required to see the future?


Abraham Hicks refers to the meditative state as the ‘receiving mode’ and this term couldn’t be more accurate.

During meditation, you become psychically open to universal guidance.

It’s these moments of silence where you are no longer expressing…

You are simply listening…

Pulling forth from the divine.

A daily meditation routine is truly powerful for developing psychic intuition!

Try it out for yourself!

For just 20 minutes per day commit to 30 days of meditation.

It’s as easy as taking some time to sit, breathe, and simply be.

Not only will daily meditation offer intuitive insight during moments of stillness, but it will also help you to remain tuned-in, even when you’re not meditating.

This means you will feel more supported by spirit and you will also have better clarity when making everyday decisions.

2.) Feel Into Your Body:

You might be surprised to learn that one of the most powerful intuitive tools you can find is, in fact, your own body…

Have you ever experienced that uneasy feeling in your stomach indicating that something just wasn’t quite right?

Or maybe you have felt the tingles that run through your entire being when you hear something that truly resonates…

These feelings are side effects of the intuition.


When attempting to tap into your inner guidance system, ask yourself, “how does my body feel?”

It’s easy to disregard psychic knowing but it’s much harder to ignore the symptoms that take place within your physical being.

These physical sensations are the intuitions way of communicating with you.

In other words…

Always trust your gut.

3.) Use Tools:

When it comes to predicting your future, tools are a topic all on their own.

There are so many permission slips you can take to aid you in your psychic development.

The key to using tools is to make sure to build a connection with them…

To spend time with them and allow an energy exchange to take place.

Whether it be tarot cards, astrology, runes, tea leaves, or even a crystal ball!

Using intuitive tools can be a huge help when it comes to connecting with your psychic intuition.

One tool I am loving at the moment is biorhythms.

So basically the way it works is that everyone is born with their own, unique, energetic rhythm.

And no I am not just talking about your heartbeat (although that’s certainly part of it)

By following your unique biorhythm, you can predict your best and worst days for love, career, finance, and life in general.

I have been checking my biorhythm every morning and I have found that in combination with my intuition, I have been able to predict events in my future with ease.

The Biorhythm Review

To find out more about the biorhythm system, click here.

4.) Journaling:

Another excellent way to tap into what’s coming up for you in the future is to use journaling. Now, there are two ways you can do this…

Pattern Recognition:

By keeping a daily journal, you will soon be able to see some key patterns emerging within your life.

Maybe you find yourself having the urge to start something new around new moon time each month…

Maybe a pattern emerges in your relationships… or in the way you feel about yourself.

Perhaps you find yourself having more energy when the sun is shining…

And less when the day is grey and dreary…

Being able to recognize patterns in your life is a practical way to connect to your intuition and this will also help you to better predict what’s coming up next in the near future.

Automatic writing:


The other way to use journaling to predict your future is to use automatic writing.

Automatic writing is a meditative practice where you channel messages from your higher self and/or spirit guides using just a pen and paper.

The idea is to spend some time in meditation and then simply write from a place of pure flow.

Try not to think about what you’re writing, simply let the pen move automatically as you tune into the divine within…

For guidance on something more particular, try meditating on a question and then letting your guides speak through your pen to give you the answer. 

5.) Reflect on Your Dreams:

Almost everyone experiences precognitive dreams at least once in their life.

This proves that the dream state is incredibly powerful for psychic and spiritual connection…

But how do you encourage your dreams to be more revealing and less of a random mishmash?

The answer is reflection.


When working with psychic intuition, you can’t simply allow it to wash over you and expect to gain development.

No, like any skill you must work at it.

By reflecting on your dreams you can start to recognize patterns…

Spirit guides won’t always speak using language as we know it. They often communicate telepathically through imagery and symbolism.

When you reflect on your dreams and compare them to your current life circumstances, you will begin to crack the code and understand the messages that are coming through for you.

Reflecting on the dream state will also allow you to acknowledge the insight you’re receiving and therefore communicate back to your spirit guides and helpers.

Acknowledgment and taking action are always important no matter which methods you are using to improve your ability to predict the future.

Because when you acknowledge and take action on the guidance you receive, you strengthen your connection with the divine and therefore allow your natural abilities to continue to flow.

My advice is to keep a dream journal and write down every dream you have (even if it was short or didn’t make sense).

By using a dream journal to recall and reflect upon your dreams, you will soon notice the dream state becoming more and more powerful for you in terms of channeling guidance for the future.

One last thing…

Predicting the future is not something exclusively available to mystics and mediums…

The truth is that the 6th sense is available to us all, it’s simply a matter of developing it.

With that being said…

As worthwhile as it is to develop your psychic intuition, it’s also important to know your power as a creator being.

One thing spirit teaches us is that in this reality you always have free will.

If you don’t like what you see in your future, you are always able to change it.

Life is not something that is set in stone and you are a powerful co-creator of your own experience here on earth.

With that being said, go forth and develop your inherent psychic abilities but don’t forget the number one rule…

Your ultimate destiny is always dependant on the way you shape your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Love and Light


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