Spiritual Awakening – 10 Signs You’re Transcending The Matrix

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In these modern times, it seems that more and more people are beginning to go through a spiritual awakening.

This is no coincidence.

In fact, we are living in an age where the process of waking up has amplified like never before.

Spiritual evolution is snowballing.

As far as humanity as a collective goes, this is fantastic news!

However, this path is not all rainbows and butterflies.


A spiritual awakening occurs when you begin to see the true nature of reality.

They call it an awakening because it truly is like waking up from a dream and realizing that everything you thought was real… was simply an illusion.

You realize that you’re not the person you thought you were…

And that reality is so much more than it appears to be from the limited viewpoint of the ego.

This can be difficult.

You’ve spent years building this identity based on your environmental, cultural, and societal upbringing.

Things like…

Style, hobbies, interests, political, and religious beliefs…

All the things you once identified with, become just another part of the illusion.

Another part of the ego.

At the same time, you’re also moving into a unity consciousness world view which enables you to have more compassion for other beings and to feel more connected to the universe as a whole…

Overwhelmed yet?

Take a deep breath…

If you’re going through a spiritual awakening right now, I first want you to know that you are not alone!

This article contains some of the most common signs and symptoms that many people experience when going through a spiritual awakening.

That’s not to say you will resonate with every point in the list…

Spiritual awakening is different for everyone.

And although I have attempted to write these signs in order, it’s also important to note that this journey is not linear.

As you go through the list you may feel that you have already moved through some of these symptoms…

Only to find yourself right back where you were in just a matter of months.

That’s okay. 

Awakening is a journey, not a race.

So, are you experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Let’s jump right in and find out…

Spiritual Awakening – 10 Signs You’re Transcending The Matrix

“The dreamer dreams, and the dreamer within the dream dreams.” – Jane Roberts

1.) Dreams Appear More Vivid:


One of the first signs that you’re beginning your spiritual awakening is that your dream life will start to take on a life of its own.

You may find that your dreams become very vivid and revealing.

You might even have precognitive and/or lucid dreams.

The reason for this change in your dream state is that a spiritual awakening elevates your awareness both in the physical reality and the non-physical realms (including the dream state).

This newfound awareness allows you to remember your dreams in much richer detail.

The dream state is a fantastic gateway for shadow work and deep self-reflection and this will aid you as you move through your spiritual awakening.

2.) Heightened Sensitivity:

During your spiritual awakening, it’s likely that you will experience some kind of heightened sensitivity.

It may be that you suddenly become more empathic and sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of those around you…


It might be that you move into a newfound era of deep compassion for individuals or community groups, feeling both their joys and their sorrows (global issues will likely have an even stronger impact on you).

Your psychic sensitivity may be heightened and you may find yourself picking up on intuition and psychic senses much easier than ever before.

You could also feel incredibly sensitive to your own physical body… Things that once didn’t bother you may begin to feel very uncomfortable.

It’s quite common that during a spiritual awakening people change their diet because they can no longer stomach dense and acidic foods. They might also find themselves physically distressed by processed foods and food additives.

Signs of food sensitivity include:

  • Feeling fatigued
  • Bloating
  • Stomach pain
  • Digestive issues
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Irritability
  • Feeling restless
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Tremors

The reason for all these sensitivities is that during a spiritual awakening you become more connected to your true self. 

Being unawakened is like living in a dream state. You choose to put a filter over who you really are and essentially live in autopilot, ignoring and dissociating from your deeper thoughts, emotions, senses, and ultimately your physical body too.

As your vibration is raised, your sensitivities begin to come to the surface.

This can also come about as a continuation of your shadow work and self-reflection.

As you dive deeper, healing the wounds within, you essentially open the gates for suppressed sensitivities to come through and be acknowledged.

If heightened sensitivity is getting too overwhelming be sure to get plenty of rest to recharge. Self-care is important and ensuring that you let your mind, body, and spirit be intuitive guides toward what best serves you.

3.) Feeling Like You’re Going Crazy:

Another one of the earlier signs when going through a spiritual awakening is the feeling that you’re losing the plot.


This feeling is often caused by the disillusionment that occurs when you begin to see past the ego and the distorted worldview that you were perhaps conditioned to believe in.

As the false-self begins to fall away, you may find yourself having a complete identity crisis.

You might feel confused and even depressed as you grieve the loss of who you were before your awakening.

This phase is commonly known as “the dark night of the soul”. 

Alternatively, you may end up taking the opposite road, finding yourself almost manically blissed-out, ungrounded, and somewhat detached from physical reality.

But most commonly, you will experience both sides of the scale in waves.

Going through a spiritual awakening can be a total roller coaster and can even leave you questioning your own sanity.

During this phase, it’s important to be kind to yourself and allow space and time to move through the waves as they come.

This is a process and there’s no need to rush through it.

Simply take every moment as it comes and welcome each “crazy” thought or feeling with love and acceptance.

4.) Seeing Your Friendships Change:

During a spiritual awakening, it’s not uncommon to see your friend circles falling away.

As your ego-self sheds its skin, you (or your friends) may feel that perhaps you are not relating in the same way that you did before. 

Often it’s not that there’s any “fall-out” in the friendship, rather that you find yourselves slowly growing apart and maybe not spending as much time together as you used to.

Although this can make your spiritual awakening feel lonely at times, trust the process.

In time you will naturally begin to attract new friendships that will feel more aligned to your path.

And you will still have your old friends too.

Remember, just because your loved ones don’t fully understand your journey doesn’t mean they love you any less.

Have faith that your journey is perfect for you…

And that theirs is perfect for them.

5.) Becoming Self Reflective:

A spiritual awakening tends to bring a lot to the surface, especially in terms of past trauma and personal shadows.


With each shadow you work through, you will be called to dive deeper into self-reflection and inner healing.

Being self-reflective is all about moving away from a victim mentality and blame…

And instead, moving into a place where you can take personal responsibility and eventually be thankful for the blessings and growth that emerge from such trauma.

Being self-reflective is not about self-blame or gaslighting your own thoughts and feelings.

Rather it’s about self-empowerment, and being able to work through things honestly and with integrity to learn, heal, and move forward.

Self-reflection is what happens when you’re using methods such as meditation, journaling, or deep contemplation to work through your shadows.

During a spiritual awakening, you will likely come to the realization that you create your own reality.

This epiphany will be pivotal to your spiritual journey.

You will find yourself naturally becoming self-reflective simply because you understand your own power as a creator being.

This comes with a yearning for healing, growth, and ultimately taking control of your life.

6.) Breaking Ancestral Trauma Cycles:

A spiritual awakening often forces you to face your shadows.

One of these darker aspects could be ancestral trauma cycles…

I’m talking about self-destructive traits and behavioral patterns that seem to have run in your family for generations.

Although facing these truths can be painful to begin with, allowing yourself to see and accept ancestral trauma is the first step toward healing.

As a spiritually awakened being you will begin to transcend these behavior patterns and be the spoke in the wheel to let these cycles stop with you and not be continued into future generations.

7.) Being Less Judgemental:

One of the ways we are fooled by the ego is with the illusion of separation.


That we are separate from “the all” and separate from one another.

And with separation comes judgment.

It’s the ego who says…

“This is right and that is wrong…”


“This is good and that is bad…”

Now don’t get me wrong, judgment is not inherently “bad”, and to be fair, neither is ego.

The ego simply employs us to use judgment in order to keep us safe.

Because it’s important to be able to discern whether a situation or a person is safe for us to be around…

But the problem here is that as humanity has evolved, the ego (and therefore judgment) has gone into overdrive.

Instead of simply using judgment to protect us physically…

The ego now urges us to use judgment against the false narratives that the ego itself has identified with…

Concepts such as personal opinions, beliefs, lifestyle choices, and self-esteem are not only adopted by the ego, but they are also protected by it.

This means that an unawakened person will tend to judge others who threaten his or her false sense of self.

An example of this is someone who harshly judges another person who makes a lot of money in order to protect him or herself from feeling financially inadequate.


Someone who harshly judges another person’s lack of money in order to protect their belief that those who make less money are inferior citizens in terms of class and contribution.

Another example could be someone who harshly judges someone else’s political or religious views due to the fear of their own beliefs being incorrect.

These types of examples are direct threats to the false sense of self (ego).

Someone who is going through a spiritual awakening is beginning to step into unity consciousness where they can see past the polarization illusion.

They can hold acceptance for different situations and people and do not feel the need to be overly judgemental.

This is because they are beginning to transcend the false sense of self and therefore can see oneness between themselves and others where the only real separation is in the way egos have been shaped. 

8.) Finding Your Flow:

During a spiritual awakening, many people report finally finding their flow.


This occurs when you find purpose in the world and when you are able to be enthusiastic in both your work and your hobbies.

You may feel increasingly productive or like you’re achieving goals like never before.

This flow state stems from the letting go of inner resistance.

Resistance is cultivated by an unawakened society pumping its false narratives into the world under the guise of objective truth.

When you undergo a spiritual awakening, societal pressures of “doing things the right way” begin to fall away.

As a result, you find yourself living in more flow as you follow the paths that allow you to be authentically you.

You will find yourself enjoying your endeavors and losing yourself in creative pursuits just like a child at play.

9.) Embracing Authenticity:

Contrary to popular belief within the spiritual community, having a spiritual awakening is not necessarily about dissolving the ego completely.

The ego is not inherently “bad”, in fact, it’s function actually aids you in gaining newfound growth and expansion within the human experience.

Although it’s important to let go of your attachments to the false self, you can hold less attachment while still honoring the person you have become in this lifetime.

Environmental and social conditions may have led you to hold a certain set of interests or hobbies…

Detaching from your ego does not mean that you should give up on the things that you love.

Instead, embrace your authenticity.

Embrace the person you have become within this lifetime and be true to your human self.

Ego death or ego dissolution will come in waves. It cannot exist long term in a functioning lifestyle as conditioning is always occurring in some way.

You can’t avoid the ego altogether but you can be aware of it and live authentically without holding attachment to how you’ve been shaped.

10.) Discovering Your Bliss:

During a spiritual awakening, it’s not uncommon to find yourself experiencing peaks of joy and pure bliss like never before.


In modern-day times, we have become so accustomed to external stimulation in order to have that “much needed” rush of dopamine…

During a spiritual awakening however, it’s being able to be present during the most simple of moments that bring the most joy…

Things like…

  • The feeling of sun/rain/snow on your skin.
  • The way the air smells.
  • The sound of birds chirping.

It’s not uncommon during a spiritual awakening to access peak joy and happiness simply from sitting outside and watching a bee pollinate a flower.

You might find yourself enjoying the most simple of tasks even if you found them rather mundane pre-awakening. 

You could even pick up an old hobby or interest purely for the fact that you feel revived with childlike wonder and excitement.

During these periods of peak bliss, the world opens up to you like it did when you were younger and suddenly, everything becomes play.

Enjoy these moments of inner bliss and peace for they are truly a gift.

When you begin to see the beauty and unconditional love in all things, this is the ultimate sign that you have become spiritually awakened to your true nature.

“Stay present, alert, connected with the power of now and the power of awareness which is who you truly are.” – Eckhart Tolle


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