What Is Manifestation?

What Is Manifestation? 

Manifestation is a universal Law that has existed since the dawn of time.

The Law of Attraction is often seen as a "new age" idea but this perception is entirely false and misunderstood.

To put it simply...

Manifestation is the effect that our consciousness has on our reality.

In other words...

Like attracts like.

Positive outlook = Positive existence.

Negative outlook = Burning your breakfast, the car breaking down on the way to work and then having to walk... in the rain.

When you emit positive emotions, you attract positive experiences, that in-turn creates more positive emotions.

Likewise with the negative.

Manifestation is a loop.

It's your inherent ability to attract the lifestyle of your dreams into your waking life.

So How Can You Apply Manifestation In Your Everyday Life?

Some say that if you write out your desires and cut up magazines to make vision boards all day, then everything you want will magically appear before your very eyes.

These techniques may be helpful...

But they will never get you anywhere if you do not first learn to align yourself.


The golden ticket to the lifestyle of your dreams.

How you align with your desires....

How you align with the universe...

And the different energies that you use in order to reach that alignment.

Here you will find a range of articles to teach you the science and fundamentals behind this amazing universal law.

I trust that you will find value within these articles and look forward to hearing your own success stories.

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