What Is Manifestation? (Your Full Beginners Guide!)

Manifestation is turning something you wish for into a reality by using thought, emotion, and action!

It works from the principle that “Like Attracts Like”, and that everything within your reality is made up of energy that vibrates on different frequencies.

By emitting the same vibrations from within yourself, you then match those same exterior energies (your desires) which then manifests into your reality.

Here’s a quick example;

Positive outlook on life (High Vibrations) = More positive experiences showing up into your life.

Negative outlook (Low Vibrations)= Burning your breakfast, the car breaking down on the way to work and then having to walk… in the rain!

You are manifesting whether you’re aware of it or not, but the key is to harness it’s full potential & use it to your advantage to create the reality you want!

In this article you will learn: 

  • How Manifestation Actually Works.
  • The Most Common Beginner Questions Answered.
  • How To Manifest (The Right Way).
  • Signs that It’s Working.
  • Bonus Tips To Amplify The Process Even More.

There’s a lot to cover so let’s get started, shall we?

How Does Manifestation Actually Work?

Simply put, manifestation works by being in the same vibrational state as another physical or non physical entity in your reality. 

Everything, and I mean literally everything is made of energy and vibrating on a different range of frequencies, some are lower and others are higher.

The goal of manifesting is to match your vibration with the exact same frequency of what you desire.

Your state of vibration is reflected from your feelings, thoughts and ideas that you focus on in your everyday life.

For instance, If you focus on a yellow car long enough, you will notice more yellow cars appearing in your reality.

This exact principle can be applied to anything you want!

It’s also important to note this universal law is just like gravity, and is always in motion whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

So essentially, you are always manifesting one way or another!

Is It Dangerous?

Day dreaming

There is a toxic belief in the spirituality community that you cannot have negative thoughts when manifesting, and this is completely untrue.

You are human, you are allowed to have negative thoughts from time to time, you just can’t allow them to dictate & control your life.

Remember, this spiritual practice states that what you focus on is what you attract into your reality…

Can focusing on negative thoughts cause negative energy to manifest?

Yes, potentially.

But this doesn’t mean you should suppress these emotions entirely because it will do more harm than good.

Allow these thoughts into your consciousness, be aware of them happening, feel the emotions, and allow them to pass by.

However if you notice an unhealthy balance of negative thoughts consuming your life, this may cause danger to the manifestation process, so here’s what you can do:

  • Practice meditation.
  • Try using subliminal affirmations.
  • Write a gratitude list.
  • Focus on your positive thoughts and emotions.

Be in control of your emotions but don’t panic if you experience negative ones from time to time.

You are only human and these momentary emotions will not dictate your future if you don’t allow them to!

What Can It Be Used For?

There are literally endless options when it comes to applying these spiritual powers for yourself!

Although I do believe the process of deciding for yourself is personal and comes from within, here are a few ideas that will spark divine inspiration!

  • Getting your ex back.
  • Finding your soulmate.
  • Attracting positive friends.
  • Manifesting your dream home.
  • Getting a new job, career, or any type of occupation.
  • Manifesting Money.
  • Self healing, confidence and contentment.
  • Inner peace.

The list goes on, but I think you get the idea!

Is Manifesting Real?

Yes, it’s 100% real!

But unfortunately this spiritual practice has been shrouded by a falsehood that’s giving many people the wrong idea.

The falsehood is that manifesting is a quick fix or a magic pill, and that when applied will instantly turn your wildest dreams into a reality, unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

Can you perform miracles using manifestation? You bet!

Can you manifest quickly? Yes you can!

But more often than not, bigger goals and desires take more effort than just a couple of positive thoughts to make it work.

In order to make it work for you, you need to understand the 3 Pillars Of Alignment.

These are the 3 main ingredients you need in order to see real results!

1.) Emotion:

Emotion is a feminine output of energy that holds incredible power when it comes to manifestation.

We can use emotion in conjunction with our visualizations and affirmations in order to charge our intention with joy, excitement, and gratitude.

The concept of like attracts like should always be applied to both thought and emotion in order for your manifestations to be successful.

The reason for this is that if you are visualizing money but feeling negative emotions (such as lack and worry), then the manifestation that will arise from your thought and emotion will be an exact match…

In other words…

More worry and lack around money.

The ideal emotional state for manifestation is joy.

Therefore, if you are in a bad mood it’s not a good idea to practice your manifestation routine.

Instead, turn your attention to something that will make you feel better and do that until you can return to your manifestation practice in a higher emotional state.

“The rule of thumb is, you never take action when there is negative emotion within you because it will always be counterproductive. Always talk to yourself until you feel better and then follow the inspired action that comes from that open valve.” – Abraham Hicks

2.) Thought:

Thought energy is a masculine energy output that you emit almost constantly.

It’s an energy that in many ways is overworked and can be hard to control due to its direct link with the ego.

The reason it’s important for the attraction process is because your thoughts dictate what you manifest.

Visualization, Divine inspiration, and positive thinking are all crucial steps in the alignment process.

“Every thought we think about is creating our future”– Louise Hay

3.) Action:

When your thoughts and emotions become aligned with one another, they produce inspired ideas for action.

In other words…

The steps you just know you need to take in order to manifest whatever it is that you want.

Actionable steps may be obvious to you from the get-go or they may just spring up in your mind seemingly out of nowhere.

Trust your inner guidance system and take these physical steps in order to become fully aligned with the path toward your desires.

“Action that is inspired from aligned thought is joyful action. Action that is offered from a place of contradicted thought is hard work that is not satisfying and does not yield good results.” – Abraham Hicks

How do you practice manifestation?

So now you know the ins and outs of manifesting, it’s time to now apply it for yourself!

This will be a step by step guide on how to use it in your everyday life to achieve positive results!
Let’s get started, shall we?

1.) Choose Your Desire/Goal:

Declaring to the universe a desire or goal you wish to have is the first stage in the manifestation process.

You’ve probably got a thousand ideas by now, but my best advice for a beginner is to choose just one.

The reason being is you don’t want to confuse the universe and cause energetic mismatches.

You see, if you’re jumping from one idea to another then you’re shifting the energetic focus from your previous desires & spreading your energy too thin.

Once you start seeing positive results with the first idea, then I suggest moving on to the next!

If you are having difficulty picking one desire you wish to manifest, try writing them all down in front of you and see which one you magnetize to the most.

This will be the one you pick for this exercise!

2.) Send It Out To The Universe:

The most powerful way to directly communicate to the universe is by using positive mantras!

Positive mantras are affirmative type statements that cause a powerful energetic bond between you and your desires.

You can repeat them aloud, speak them within your mind, or even write them down using techniques like scripting!

Mantras represent your intentions, and the way to make them work is by backing them with positive emotions.

Here are a few tips to make affirmations work for you;

  • Choose a simple mantra (Between 3-7 words) that you won’t easily forget.
  • Speak affirmations in the present tense as if you have it already.
  • Apply your affirmation consistently in your life to see the best results.
  • Only use positive phrases, nothing negative as it may cause resistance.
  • Try and stick to 1-3 different affirmations at a time.

If you need ideas or inspiration, take a look at my most powerful examples here.

Hot Tip: Write your desire on a piece of paper and keep it under your pillow, this will set a powerful intention before you fall asleep! 

3.) Create the scenarios within your mind:

Creating images of what you wish to manifest is called visualization.

Visualization is a spiritual exercise that allows you to foresee your desires already happening in your reality, and is often compared to daydreaming.

By invoking an emotional experience through imagery, you are preparing your conscious mind to accept these ideas as truth, which then manifests within your physical reality.

Here’s what Bianca Andreescu (US Open Winning Tennis Player) had to say about it;

“I’ve been visualizing ever since I was 12 or 13 when my amazing mother introduced me to it. I find it very helpful. I believe we create our reality within our mind. For it to actually become a reality is crazy. I guess these visualizations really, really work.” 

Visualization is a simple exercise, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Shift into a high vibrational state; Watch inspirational videos on YouTube, listen to high vibe music, make a bubble bath, or do anything to set the mood!
  2. Find a peaceful & comfortable spot: Find a spot where you can take a minute and won’t be disturbed.
  3. Close your eyes & start daydreaming: What does your desire look like in your hands? How does it feel when you touch it? What emotions are you feeling? Create life scenarios of it happening! 

The more vivid and realistic you can create these scenarios about your desires, the better!

However if you have trouble visualizing here are helpful tips I suggest you try!

Remember, visualization takes time and a lot of practice to master so don’t be discouraged if you can’t get it perfect immediately. 

The most important part is that you have fun and enjoy the exercise!

If you want to learn more of my magical tips, have a look here! 

4.) Release From Limiting Beliefs;

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

If you are new to manifestation, you may have limiting beliefs that will create resistance.

These need to be addressed in order to align with your goals. 

Limiting beliefs are falsehoods developed during childhood that make us think that we are incapable of success.

Some examples of limiting beliefs are as follows.

“I do not deserve happiness.”

“I am not intelligent enough to be successful.”

“I didn’t go to college so I will never have a good job.”

“I am not good looking enough to find love”

“I can only be wealthy if I work very hard.”

Having to release from these blocks in order to fine-tune your frequency for manifestation (also known as destiny tuning) is something we all face from time to time.

Often all it takes is a small mindset tweak to get back on track with your manifestations.

For more on limiting beliefs and how to release from negative thoughts click here.

5.) Use Manifestation Techniques To Amplify The Process:

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This step is all about setting an intention and putting what you want out to the universe.

The key is to find manifestation techniques that resonate and create a routine that works for you!

Here are a few awesome manifestation techniques to get you started.

6.) Invoke Emotion:

“If you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right path.” – Abraham Hicks

Good vibes only!

The sixth step is to charge your intent with high vibration emotion.

This can be done in conjunction with your chosen manifestation techniques as well as in general.

The goal is to find more reasons to be joyful.

The more joy, gratitude, and excitement you send out to the universe, the more experiences you will attract that invoke those same emotions.

Gratitude is a biggie!

Get yourself stuck in a gratitude loop daily!

The more you feel grateful, the more abundance you will attract in order to provide even more reasons to be grateful.

7.) Follow Your Inner Guidance System Toward Inspired Action:

“By banishing doubt and trusting your intuitive feelings, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through.” – Wayne Dyer

Recognize that in this physical world, we can’t rely on non-physical energies (thought and emotion) to do all the work.

Now, that’s not to say that you need to work hard in order to attract abundance.

But we didn’t come here to sit around snapping our fingers at everything we wanted.

I mean, how boring would that be?

We came here to use all of our energies (both physical and non-physical) to create.

If there are things you could be doing to help your desires manifest more quickly, do it!

It’s all part of the process.

8.) Release From The Outcome:

Releasing (A.K.A Letting go) is the practice of cutting emotional ties with what you want to attract.

This may sound a little counterintuitive but hear me out…

When you’re trying to manifest it’s easy to become heavily invested in the process to the point where you become obsessed.

Passion and desire is a must, but when positive habits turn into unhealthy ones it can cause resistance in the alignment process altogether.

Unsure that you’re causing resistance or not? Here are signs you need to let go immediately;

  • Constantly fretting when your desires will arrive.
  • Losing focus on everyday tasks.
  • Worrying about what will happen in the future.
  • Losing sleep because you can’t stop thinking about what you want.
  • Feeling stressed, worried, or even depressed.

“You wouldn’t plant a seed and then dig it up every few hours to see if it has grown.”

Stop overthinking, have patience, and keep watering your seeds!

If you’re looking to detach and allow your goals to attract, here are some exercises I recommend you try:

  1. Create a manifestation box.
  2. Do a burning ritual with your affirmation.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Practice mindset work.
  5. Have fun!

If you need guidance on letting go, please check out my post here.

9.) Allow For Signs & Synchronicities:

Signs & synchronicities are the universe’s way of saying;

“You are on the right path”.

These signs often appear in your reality as small gestures, feelings, events and synchronicities throughout your everyday life.

Signs can be more apparent than others and will appear naturally without having to seek or create them.

Here are signs that your manifestations are close: 

  1. You’re emitting a radiant aura so contagious that people can’t stop complimenting you for it.
  2. Seeing synchronized numbers such as 11:11 or 777.
  3. Constantly reaching a flow state of consciousness.
  4. Your desires appear in your dreams.
  5. You feel content with how your life is going.

Remember don’t look for the signs, they will come to you!

If you want to learn more about these messages from the universe, check out my post here!

Final Tips:

That’s a wrap!

I’ve covered everything you need to know about manifesting as a total beginner!

This universal power is in all of us, and a skill that is completely obtainable to learn and apply for anything that you want!

Before I conclude this article, I want to give a you a summary to take away and remember:

  • Don’t be afraid to try different manifestation techniques, what works for some may not work for you, get creative.
  • Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are the most important steps to manifesting anything.
  • Be clear with what you want.
  • Attraction skills take time to master, don’t be discouraged if you can’t get it right away.
  • Speak as if you’ve already achieved your goals and dreams.
  • The stronger you can create the imagery in your head the better.
  • Emitting positive vibrations is a must.
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed then practice letting go.
  • Always listen to your intuition.

Woohoo! With this guidance I’m sure you will see results within no time, enjoy the journey it truly is a blast!

If you need anything, please feel free to leave a comment down below!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Charlotte Rogers
Charlotte Rogers

Charlie is a spiritual manifestation coach/teacher that has helped thousands of people around the world manifest their goals and desires. She’s been featured on Elephant Journal, Addicted 2 Success & More!

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