How to attract love

55 Reality Bending Affirmations For Attracting Love!

So you want to attract love into your life?

Whether that be a caring friendship, romantic partner, or perhaps you want to heal and grow your current relationship…

Positive affirmations are the perfect tool to help align you with your desires!

But, you don’t just want any affirmations…

You want to use the most potent, energetic, and intense love mantras that you can possibly find…

So that love will manifest into your reality quickly and easily…

So without further ado, let’s pick out the perfect love mantra for you! 

(Oh, and make sure to read until the end, I have some amazing techniques to amplify these affirmations even more!)

1.) “I am worthy of a healthy relationship”.

2.) “My soulmate and I live together in harmony”.

3.) “I am thankful for having such a loving and caring partner”.

4.) “I allow myself to be loved by someone special”.

5.) “My other half treats me with the highest respect”.

6.) “I am open to receiving unlimited amounts of infatuation”.

7.) “The universe blesses me with love every day”.

8.) “I am open and ready for my one true love to enter my life”.

9.) “Everyone around me cares for me unconditionally”.

10.) “Every day love comes to me in abundance”.

11.) “My other half is about to walk into my reality”.

12.) “My love life is like a fairy tale”.

13.) “Everything I attract is love”.

14.) “I am aligned to the highest frequency of affection”.

15.) “My friends support me endlessly”.

16.) “People only have positive things to say about me”.

17.) “My partner believes in everything I do”.

18.) “I love myself more than anything”.

19.) “I am always treated with respect by others”.

20.) “People enjoy doing kind things for me”.

21.) “Manifesting love is effortless”.

22.) “I have a loving relationship.

23.) “I embrace self-love”.

24.) “I ONLY attract others that care for me dearly”.

25.) “My marriage grows stronger each day”.

26.) “I accept the universe’s blessings of love”.

27.) “Love constantly flows into my life”.

28.) “I naturally attract loving relationships”.

29.) “I feel loved every day”.

30.) “All my relationships are positive and loving”.

31.) “I am worthy of being loved”.

32.) “Romance attracts into my life easily”.

33.) “I give and receive love back”.

34.) “My heart is open for love”.

35.) “My lover accepts and loves me for who I am”.

36.) “My partner only loves me”.

37.) “I am respected by my significant other”.

38.) “I get back just as much as I give in my relationships”.

39.) “Love follows me everywhere I go”.

40.) “I am safe in my relationship with others”.

41.) “I am grateful to be so loved”.

42.) “I am open to attracting my soul mate to grow spiritually together “.

43.) “I am always loved”.

44.) “My partner and I trust each other dearly”.

45.) “Everyone close to me has my back”.

46.) “My soulmate is affectionate to me every day”.

47.) “My lover and I are a power couple”.

48.) “I’m grateful to have found my forever partner”.

49.) “My spouse feels comfortable with me”.

50.) “My marriage is happy and healthy”.

51.) “I am confident that I will be loved forever”.

52.) “I surround myself with positive spirits who uplift me”.

53.) “My soul mate is my best friend”.

54.) “I am an irresistible love magnet!”

55.) “I have a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship”.

Love affirmations

How to Apply Your Love Affirmations?

So, you’ve picked your affirmation, now you’re probably wondering what to do next.

From here, you can speak, write or verbally internalize your chosen mantra every day…

Whether that be in the shower, while brushing your teeth, or even when taking a walk or driving to work…

Make sure to implement your mantra into your daily routine, it’s important that you do!

Oh, and you can also apply extra techniques that amplify and speed up the manifestation process even further!

These are fun little activities you can apply that don’t take up too much time or effort!

Plus, they bring you further into alignment with what you want to manifest….

Here they are:

You can use the above techniques as often as you need to.


You now have your own positive affirmations for attracting love!

Feel free to tweak and alter these mantras too…

For instance, if you were to use the statement: “My lover and I are a power couple”.

You can replace “My lover” with the person’s name.

This will evoke an emotional connection to the statement and therefore strengthen its vibration.

One last thing…

Let me know what affirmation you chose.

Start the alignment process by commenting it down below!

How To Feel Loved (even if you are single or in a fragile relationship)

Are you struggling in a relationship where you feel undervalued and under-appreciated?

Maybe you’re single but looking to feel more love from those around you…

Or perhaps you are craving self-love and self-acceptance…

Regardless of how you wish to experience it…

To feel truly loved is vitally important! 

I want you to know that your feelings are valid!!

That the desire to feel loved is ingrained in all humans!!

And most importantly I want to show you how to feel loved!

I’m talking about actionable steps that you can start taking today.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a strained relationship, or even if you are single!

Feeling love is always available to you!

Here are 7 tips to help you feel loved.

1.) Jump On The Hypnosis Bandwagon!

Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years!

In the past, it was really difficult to see a hypnotherapist.

Not only were local practices hard to come by, but they were also incredibly exclusive to high paying clients only.

Thanks to modern-day technology we no longer have that issue.

Hypnotherapy has become more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Because of its reputation for rewriting subconscious thoughts and feelings, self-hypnosis has quickly become a popular trend for personal growth and mindset work.

2.) Open Up


Opening up about your feelings can be really tough!

If you are in a relationship where you don’t feel loved, the first step should always be to let your partner know how you are feeling.

They can’t help you if they don’t know!

If you are single this is just as important!

If you meet someone who takes your fancy, don’t shy away from your feelings.

Be honest, be open with who you are and let others into your world.

Being heard is the first step to feeling truly loved!

3.) Take People Off The Pedestal

If you are reading this article because you are wanting to feel more love from a specific person, here’s a tip…

Take that person off that damn pedestal!!

You should never hold anybody else’s worth higher than your own.

You are worthy of feeling loved!!

If you are giving love but not receiving it then it’s time to reassess the situation you’re in.

Because we are all human.

Nobody is above any other…

And if this person is not meeting you halfway, it might be time to realign yourself with those who share your views and standards on love.

Trust me, there are so many great people out there who will shower you with all the love and appreciation you deserve.

Remember, the only person who is worthy of your love is the person who can appreciate just how incredible you are!

4.) Love Yourself

When you generate the feeling of being in love with yourself, you will find loving friendships and relationships will fall into place naturally.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say “how would I show this person before me that I love them?”

And then start to take those positive actions…

The things you might do for someone else in a loving relationship…

Do those things for yourself.

Things like…

  • Pampering yourself with relaxation treatments.
  • Speaking to yourself with kindness.
  • Taking action on things that make you feel good.
  • Being patient with yourself and accepting without judgment.
  • Letting go of anything (and anyone) that makes you feel invaluable.
  • Creating positive habits that will improve your quality of life.
  • Celebrating your growth (no matter how big or small the achievement).
  • Making your own happiness a priority.

I know it can be annoying to hear the term ‘self-love’ thrown around and never really knowing how to love yourself.

But when you start to see yourself in the same light that you would a loved one, you can begin to restructure the way that you treat yourself.

In time you will naturally begin to generate feelings of self-love and this feeling will, in turn, attract more of itself into your reality.

Before long you will find loving friendships, relationships, and situations will simply flow into your life with ease.

5.) Love Others

According to the Law of Attraction, when we emit the thoughts and emotions of love out into the universe, we attract that same feeling back into our lives!

The phenomenon is also known as Homophily in psychology circles.

Basically, it’s been proven that human beings attract people who share similar thoughts and feelings…

So if you are a loving person, you will attract loving people into your reality.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Emit the vibration of love out into the world whenever there is an opportunity to do so.

Show love in your relationships with friends and family or even pets and animals.

In return, you will naturally manifest a life full of love, warmth and nurturing.

6.) Be Accepting Of The Standards Of Others

The only thing that can ever hurt you is your own expectations.

If somebody doesn’t share the same standards as you, don’t waste your time on being angry or hurt…

Simply accept that they are entitled to their own standards and if that isn’t in alignment with your own feelings, let them go.

You can’t change people and it’s unfair to try and do so.

For example:

Say you have a crush on someone who is really bad at texting back… and texting back quickly is something that is important to you…

Is it really worth your time, energy and happiness trying to pursue someone who doesn’t meet the same standards as you?

You might blame then for not meeting your expectations but in reality…

Their standards are just as valuable as your own.

Neither of you are right or wrong in your own expectations…

But you are different…

And if a compromise cannot be made then the best action is to let go in full acceptance that your standards are just not matching up.

If you keep trying to force your own expectations on someone else you will end up feeling unloved.

Recognize when something is not working and prioritize your own happiness.

There are plenty of people out there who do share your views and expectations

7.) Visualize

If you want to feel more loved, one of the most powerful ways to do so is to use the art of visualization.

Experience the situation you desire through the mind’s eye.

Envision yourself being loved.

Imagine a scenario where you are happy in an incredible relationship that fulfills your every desire…

And as you daydream, let that emotion build up inside you.

Focus on the feelings you generate from this practice.

How does it feel to be loved?

Let your heart be filled with warmth and connection.

Remember, like attracts like so whenever you can generate a feeling on your own, that feeling sends a signal out into the universe that draws a matching outcome into your reality.

If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand.

Let the act of visualization help you to feel loved and in turn attract more love into your life.

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