45 No-Nonsense Affirmations To Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

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Within a matter of seconds, stress and anxiety can turn any good day into your worst nightmare…

There’s no other feeling quite like it…

Uncontrollable jitters…

Stomach twisting tighter than a sailors knot…

Feeling like you can hardly even breathe freely…

If you’ve been having trouble managing these negative and unwanted emotions, I get it!

The good news is, there are quick and easy ways to evoke clarity, peace, and tranquility just when you need it most.

As someone who’s suffered from stress and anxiety in the past, I have found positive affirmations to be one of the most powerful ways to regain a sense of calm.

Either during times of peak stress…

Or as a daily practice to get a better quality of life overall.

With that being said, here are 45 of the most powerful affirmations to bring peace and clarity into your life!

1.) “I am calm”.

2.) “I am confident”.

3.) “I only allow feelings of harmony into my life”.

4.) “Every breath I take fills my soul with ease and comfort”.

5.) “My body feels relaxed and comfortable”.

6.) “I am courageous and fierce”.

7.) “I choose to feel peaceful”.

8.) “My mind is free of all thought”.

9.) “I am confident in all decisions I make”.

10.) “This too shall pass”.

11.) “I am grateful to be so level-headed in any situation”.

12.) “My mind is strong”.

13.) “Everything will work out in my favor”.

14.) “I allow peace into my reality”.

15.) “My mind only allows feelings of tranquility”.

16.) “I am the ruler of all thoughts”.

17.) “I treat myself with kindness”.

18.) “I can handle any situation with ease”.

19.) “My heart is only open to positivity”.

20.) “I am composed in any situation that arises”.

21.) “Every choice I make is the best one”.

22.) “I am at peace with my body, mind, and soul”.

23.) “I love myself”.

24.) “The universe blesses me with courage”.

25.) “I cope in any situation”.

26.) “Serenity is my birthright”.

27.) “I greet every day with strength”. 

28.) “My mind is free”.

29.)  “My heart is calm and relaxed”. 

30.) “I do my best”.

31.) “Only the present moment is important to me”.

32.) “Everything that happens helps me to grow stronger”.

33.) “Courage pulsates through my body”.

34.) “I value myself over everything”.

35.) “I mentally choose to relax and my body obeys”.

36.) “I’m able to look for positive vibes in any scenario”.

37.) “Tranquility is all I feel”.

38.) “I am in charge of my breathing”.

39.) “I trust my inner guidance”.

40.) “I keep calm and carry on”.

41.) “I will get through this”.

42.) “I’m unstoppable”.

43.) “All thoughts I create make me a stronger person”.

44.) “I trust myself completely.”

45.) “I’m always surrounded by divine light and protection.”

Affirmations for anxiety, stress and worry

There are you have it!

These are the most powerful affirmations to reduce feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety!

Comment down below the exact mantra that connects with you the most!

This will send out the positive vibes to the universe right away!

Oh, and make sure to read more about how to properly tackle negative thinking, stress and so on in my posts below!

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