8 Reasons Why You Are NOT Manifesting Your Dreams

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Struggling to see results with your manifestations?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone…

Although some people seem to easily receive blessing after blessing, many others take a little longer for this whole “Law of Attraction” thing to click into place.

The good news is that, once you reach that sweet spot known as alignment, your desires will begin to simply fall into place one after another like dominos.

You see, the Law of Attraction is always working!

Every day our subconscious thoughts piece themselves together in order to shape our experiences.

What this means is that in order to manifest more of what we truly desire, we must first learn how to imprint our desires on the sub-conscious mind.

What’s more, we must learn how to utilize our energy…

Everyone knows the phrase “thoughts become things.”

But manifestation is so much more than that!

At the same time, it’s also a heck of a lot easier than many people realize too.

As human beings, one of our favorite past times is to over complicate things.

This article aims to pull you out of the ‘struggle state’ and into alignment with your desires.

With all that being said, let’s take a look at the 8 reasons why you are not manifesting your dreams.

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1.) You Are Not Being Specific.

Lucy had a few vintage coats that she wanted to sell.

Why You Are Not Manifesting Your Dreams

Although she needed the money, Lucy’s vintage collection was very dear to her, therefore, she couldn’t bear to part with them for anything less than top dollar.

Lucy knew about the Law of Attraction and decided she wanted to use it to ensure she got the right price for her beloved coats.

After listing the coats on an online auction, Lucy began visualizing, watching the bids go up higher and higher.

On the morning of the auction, Lucy sat down at her laptop with a cup of coffee, eager to see if her manifestation efforts had been enough.

She watched as the bids gradually got higher and higher.

Slipping into a weird feeling of Deja Vu, Lucy suddenly realized that she was actually living her visualization.

The auction ended at $7200 (about 3 times more than the maximum amount Lucy had expected).

Needless to say, Lucy jumped for joy, completely gobsmacked at how easily the Law of Attraction had worked for her.

A few days later, however, Lucy received an e-mail that immediately turned her excitement into disappointment.

It was from the buyer saying they were sorry but they had accidentally set their account to auto-bid and did not intend to buy the coats for $7200.

Coincidentally, Lucy reached out to the second bidder whose story wasn’t much different.

In hindsight, Lucy realized that although she had visualized the bids going up, she had never actually focused her manifestation on receiving the money.

Lucy’s story shows the importance of being specific. The universe will give you what you want but it’s your job to determine exactly what that is.

2.) You Are Not Using The 10 Second Rule

The 10-second rule is about having the ability to recognize when self-doubt creeps in.

Here is how the 10-second rule works when you catch yourself having negative thoughts:

  • Take a moment to recognize the limiting belief.
  • Accept that you are only human and negative thoughts are normal.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Release the limiting belief as you exhale.
  • Mentally recite an encouraging affirmation in place of the negative thought.

Why You Are Not Manifesting your Dreams

This process should take no more than 10 seconds.

The trick to the 10-second rule is simply to start using it enough that it becomes a natural instinct for combating negativity.

If you are having a particularly dark moment, you may find it difficult to believe your replacement affirmation.

That’s OK, the point of affirmations is to influence belief in the subconscious mind, even if that belief is not quite present yet in your main point of consciousness.

3.) You Are Not Visualizing In Present-Day Form

Visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting, but only when it is done correctly.

The Law of Attraction is all about creating an energetic match with your desires.

If you visualize owning a Ferrari someday then the energetic charge you emit says “One day I will have a Ferrari”.

The problem with this is that “one day” is never today and the present is where our physical experiences play out, not the future.

Why You Are Not Manifesting Your Dreams

Another issue here is that having desires for the future can often create painful feelings of longing instead of the excitement of inevitable abundance.

If you are visualizing from feelings of lack and longing then you will manifest those exact same feelings back into your life.

Although you have positive intentions for an abundant future, your negative feelings could indeed be one of the key reasons why you are not manifesting your dreams.

How do you get around this?

Next time you visualize your dream life, make sure that you are feeling your desires happening in real-time.

When you feel yourself bubble up with excitement that you are already receiving your desires congratulations!

You are emitting just the right frequency to be an energetic match with the things you want the most.

Another way to get around this is to visualize while listening to subliminal affirmations.

Subliminal affirmation programs offer a distraction to the conscious, reasoning part of the brain which is often where the ego is sending its messages of self-doubt and lack.

As the saying goes “tomorrow never comes” so start visualizing the life you want to live as if it’s happening RIGHT NOW!

“Act as if what you intend to manifest in life is already a reality. Eliminate thoughts of conditions, limitations, or the possibility of it not manifesting. If left undisturbed in your mind and in the mind of intention simultaneously, It will germinate in the physical world. – Wayne Dyer”

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4.) You Are Not Connecting Emotionally With Your Visualizations.

Having an emotional connection with your visualization is a vital key to bringing your dreams into reality.

In the Law of Attraction, there are 3 vital components, thought, emotion and action.

To be aligned in your thoughts but not in your emotion is a common mistake that prevents people from manifesting their dreams.

why you are not manifesting your dreams

Don’t just visualize yourself driving a brand new sports car, invoke the feelings within!

How does it feel?

Simulate the excitement, the joy!

Feel the rushing sensation in your stomach as you speed down the highway.

Feel it… Experience it.

When you charge your manifestations with feeling, you reach new heights of faith.

That faith or knowing is a must have for drawing your dreams into your reality.

When you are in complete alignment you essentially create a bridge for everything you desire to cross over into your reality.

“The first manifestation of what you want coming to you is the emotion. When you feel confident, when you feel sure, when you feel expectant, then you are on your path to what you want. After the emotion, you will begin to receive thoughts and idea and visualizations and then you begin rendezvousing with people who will help you get what you want.” – Abraham

5.) Your Actions Are Not In Alignment With Your Desires

Nobody ever succeeded by sitting on the sofa thinking about success all day.

Now action does not mean “hard work” but it does mean taking steps toward your goals.

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Why You Are Not manifesting your dreams

What things can you do to create inspired action toward your dreams?

It’s all about playing your part and increasing your vibration in order to show the universe just how much you want it!

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6.) You Are Working Against The Manifestation Of Someone Else

Make a list of who might be affected when your dreams start manifesting.

How could their own manifestations (subconscious of intentional) be working against that of your own?

Say you have a crush on someone in your apartment complex and have been visualizing taking them out on a date, but they will barely even make eye contact with you in the stairwell.

It could be that this person is spending their days thinking about someone else.

Visualizing a life that does not involve you.

Yes, this person’s thoughts and feelings are creating their reality too.

They are manifesting and perhaps without even knowing it!

So whose manifestation wins out in this situation?

It’s like a scene out of Star Wars, isn’t it?

Two lightsabers sending out beams of light that match in strength…

Sure it is possible for you to win this duel but it will not be easy.

Whenever you are working against the manifestations of another person, be aware that your creative powers may be compromised. The Law of Attraction will never win against free will.

7.) You Are Not Building From The Ground Up

Rome wasn’t built in a day!

You need to build a foundation for your dream life.

why you are not manifesting your dreams

What this means is that it is important not to focus solely on the end result.

Start by manifesting all the minor details that will help you on your way to your dream life.

Write a list of your long-term desires followed by the smaller milestones you will need to hit in order to get there.

Perhaps it is your dream to become a rich surgeon who builds his fortune by changing the lives of others.

This is a great goal but how can you break it down in order to chip away at it piece by piece?

Perhaps a short-term visualization would be to graduate college with honors.

Having a list will enable you to tick things off as they manifest which in turn will prevent you from overlooking significant results just because they are on the smaller side.

Think of your manifestation power like a muscle…

The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

This is why it is so important to start small with your foundation desires.

As you begin to see things manifesting, your faith, as well as your manifestation muscle, will grow stronger than ever.

Picture your life as an unfinished brick path.

Visualizing where the path leads to is great but in order to get to that point, you will need to spend some time laying down the bricks directly before you.

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8.) You Are Ignoring The Signs Sent By The Universe To Put You In Alignment With Your Dreams

The universe supports you!

Universal signs help us to know when we are on the right track and often come in the form of synchronicities.

When you begin working with the Law of Attraction you may find yourself continuously seeing 11:11, or butterflies…

Perhaps you think of a song only to hear it on the radio a moment later.

Signs and synchronicity are unique to the individual but they will always invoke a feeling of divine presence when they appear before you.

You may find that the signs you pick up on are often accompanied hours or days later by fresh opportunities.

Whenever you are manifesting, always ensure your eyes are open and that you are ready to receive some divine guidance toward your dreams.

If you find yourself not manifesting your dreams, perhaps you need to think back on what doors have opened for you lately. Maybe you closed these doors yourself.


Perhaps divine synchronicity was beckoning you to give something up and therefore you ignored this sign not wanting to experience loss.

Have faith in the universe.

Sometimes we need to clear out some old cobwebs in order to make room for new miracles.

Notice the signs and synchronicities that the universe is sending you!

Don’t dismiss them as not important for they most certainly are.

It is in these moments of synchronicity that you are being told…

“your journey is supported and you are becoming aligned with your dreams”


The reasons why you are not manifesting your desires lay within you.

They are never huge struggles or terrible burdens.

The only limits in life are the ones we place on ourselves and sometimes it only takes a tiny tweak for abundance to start flooding down the gates.

“The only thing keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t have it”. – Anthony Robbins

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