Manifestation Magic Review By Alexander J Wilson – (UPDATED)

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My Manifestation Magic Review Summary:

Manifestation Magic is clear, simple, and easy to use for anyone wanting to permanently raise their vibration and manifest a life of their dreams, whether that be for money, love, happiness, and more.

Overall, this program is well worth the price.


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During my late teens to early ’20s, I suffered from severe anxiety and clinical depression.

At the time, I had confined myself to my childhood bedroom in my parent’s home.

I couldn’t hold down a job or a social life…

To be honest I couldn’t even take care of myself.

Every day felt like physical torture and never-ending emotional pain.

I was a negative person.

The victim mentality had completely taken over and I was constantly in a state of blame.

I blamed my parents, the system, the government, the universe…

What I didn’t realize at the time was that the more I stewed on how horrible my life was…

The worse my reality became.

Without even knowing it, I had manifested myself into a hole.

And then I discovered the Law of Attraction.

Keep in mind that when I first started this journey I was literally at an all-time low…

So things like “positive thinking” and “keeping a high vibration” did not come naturally to me.

I needed help!

So, I did what anyone in my position would do…

I dug deep into personal development, mindset work, and manifestation training.

I knew that if I could cultivate my mindset, I too could manifest anything I’d ever wanted just like Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Conor McGregor and so many others who credit their success to the Law of Attraction.

In the search to raise my vibration and align with my desires, I found this program by Alexander Wilson.

This program is one that is near to my heart.

It offered great support to me during some of my darkest days and I truly feel that it helped me to cultivate a higher vibration and therefore manifest a lifestyle to match.

For this reason, I felt it was only fitting to write a full in-depth review.

My goal is to break down all there is to know about the program and what it contains so that you can decide whether or not it’s right for you.

So without further adieu…

What Is Manifestation Magic?



Manifestation Magic is an online Law of Attraction program that uses sound wave technology (also known as brainwave entrainment) in the for of an audio app that you listen to with a pair of headphones, this helps to rewire your mind and raise your vibration in order to help you manifest your desires quickly and easily.

How Does It Really Work? 

This program uses Energy Orbiting (I’ll go into more depth down below) that eliminates negativity, past trauma, or any limiting beliefs that hold you back from aligning with your desires on a vibrational level.

Basically, this program helps to automatically raise your vibration on a deep subconscious level to attract the desires you wish for the most.

What Results Can You Expect?


The creator of this program (I’ll get to him very soon) has some very bold promises when using his autopilot audio system…

His biggest one is that you will see some sort of result within 24 hours, or he will give you every dollar back that you invested!

Now that’s what I call a bold claim, and someone that’s willing to offer that kind of deal must be confident in the program they’ve created.

There are many people who have seen results in 24 hours too, which made me confident before purchasing it myself.

Not only that, but there are other results that you can expect to see as well…

  • Remove deep-seated fear, doubt, or worry around receiving large amounts of abundance.
  • Finding your life purpose, no matter how old you are.
  • Remove “Money Blocks” that cause resistance when manifesting money.
  • Help to reprogram your mind on a subconscious level and clear away negative programming.
  • Allow you to manifest anything that you truly desire.

The greatest thing is the tracks do all the work for you, more of an “automatic” approach to manifesting!

Which leads me to….

Is It Safe To Use? 

Throughout this article, you are going to hear terms such as brainwave entrainment, hypnotic guidance, NLP, and neuro-plasticity.

I know, when I first heard these terms to it kind of freaked me out a little.

But in all honesty, there is nothing to worry about.

These programs are completely safe to use, and there has never been a case of programs like Manifestation Magic doing any sort of “damage”.

These soundwaves are specially designed to create positive change, and will not change who you are, or imprint anything on you that will do any sort of harm.

I thought I’d clear the air because that’s something I get asked frequently with programs like this 🙂

Should You Buy?

Now before I go any further I need to state that this push play audio app is not for everyone…

If you a firm believer that the law of attraction or manifestation isn’t real, and that you don’t think you can create a better life for yourself, then I probably wouldn’t recommend this to you.

This is for people that want to create positive change in their lives, to live a life that’s completely different from their lives now.

If that’s not what you want, then you should probably stop reading this review…

What Makes This Different From Other Manifestation Programs?

There are so many different self-help and law of attraction programs out there that promise lifestyles full of money, love, happiness, and more.

So what makes this program different from the rest?

Well, it comes down to simplicity.

One of the things I love about this program is how simple it’s set up, all you need is a pair of headphones and a few minutes of your time, and everything else is done for you…

Other programs require a lot of time, effort, and even money to start seeing any sort of results.

If you’ve tried traditional manifestation techniques before, you probably understand how overwhelming the process can be.

Meditation, visualization, affirmations, and other methods require serious skills to master, in fact it can take years to get it right.

Where is this program only requires a small amount of time each day, and you don’t have to put in much effort at all…

What Can You Manifest With This Program?

Although I talked about people having great results with manifesting money, you can manifest many other things with this program as well, including…

  • A new or better job/business opportunity
  • Your soulmate, ex back, twin flame, or a more loving and fulfilling relationship.
  • Confidence, happiness, and fulfillment.
  • Your life’s purpose.

And much more!

Who Is Alexander Wilson?


The program was created by Alexander Wilson, a spiritual guide with a master’s degree in psychology who has been teaching the Law of Attraction for over 7 years now.

The thing that really caught my eye about this program was Alexander’s claim that the program could be used to permanently raise your vibration and help you to break free from the limiting beliefs and resistance holding you back from those bigger desires.

A high vibration with no resistance essentially means you could live in a state of complete flow.

In other words, your every desire whether it be health, wealth, love, abundance, or all this and more can flow freely into your reality.

The idea behind this program is to simply “push play” and let the “Brain Entrainment” audio tracks clear out any restrictive thought patterns through hypnotic guidance and NLP.

Each track uses soundwave technology developed with the help of a renowned audio engineer, musician, and ‘Energy Orbiting’ expert.

The tracks work much like guided hypnosis but have the added benefit of sound therapy to amplify the visualization process.

According to Alexander, there are two major reasons why you may have trouble manifesting.

The first is that you struggle to maintain a high vibration, or in other words staying energetically aligned for extended periods of time.

The second is that you get stuck in your own negative programming and limiting beliefs.

Alex believes that the key to manifestation success is to overcome both issues. He created this course to target both.

At first, I found myself wondering…

“Surely a program that makes such a claim is too good to be true right?”

But then I read some of the success stories and I figured that maybe he was onto something.

Here’s what others had to say about it…

Before I purchased Manifestation Magic, I did a lot of research into it but unfortunately, the only reviews I could find at the time were ads and articles that didn’t seem very genuine at all.

At first, it made me feel a little unsure about purchasing the program, but eventually, I found some legitimate testimonials!

Here are a few screenshots of what I found:





There are many people raving about this program, take a look at what others thought here. 

I did notice that a few people were claiming to have not received their download once they purchased the program, but it turned out they had just entered the incorrect e-mail address.

When I made my purchase, I made sure to double-check my email and the program was sent within 5 minutes to my inbox!


All I had to do was click ‘Download’ and it worked straight away!

So when you purchase I do suggest double-checking that you have used the right email address.

What’s Included in The Package?

You can now get the 2.0 version in 3 different packages, the standard edition with or without the bonuses and the platinum edition.



I’ll list what’s in each package and then after that, I will break down in detail what each program does and how it works!

Standard Edition for $27 (Without The Special Bonuses)

  1. Quick start Manifestation eBook guide.
  2. The complete Energy Orbiting audio system (including twilight transformation)
  3. The Corona Rescue package.

Standard Edition for $37 (With Special Bonuses)

  1. Quick start Manifestation eBook guide.
  2. The complete Energy Orbiting audio system (including twilight transformation energy orbiting track)
  3. Bonus #1 The Chakra Power System. (Worth $97.00)
  4. Bonus #2 The 360 Transformation System. (Worth $97.00)
  5. Bonus #3 Lifetime access to the Push-Play mobile app. ($120 yearly value)
  6. New Corona Rescue package.

Platinum Edition for $97 (Includes every bonus) 

  1. Quick start Manifestation guide.
  2. The complete Energy Orbiting audio system (including twilight transformation)
  3. Bonus #1 The Chakra Power System. (Worth $97.00)
  4. Bonus #2 The 360 Transformation System. (Worth $97.00)
  5. Bonus #3 Lifetime access to the Push-Play mobile app. ($120 yearly value)
  6. New Corona Rescue package.
  7. Manifestation Magic Custom Edition. ($240 value)
  8. Spirit Whispering. ($97.00 value)
  9. Instant Sleep Magic. ($39.00 value)

Manifestation Guide:

This 66-page ebook is a step by step program that compliments the Energy Orbiting soundtracks.

It offers helpful and practical insight into how to get clear on what you truly want, as well as how to obtain it.

The book is fairly straightforward but does contain a 5 step planner to implement straight away.

This guide also contains printable bonus activities to get your manifestations started.

The bonuses include a cosmic order form, visualization worksheet, gratitude list, personal check from the universe, and more.

These steps include:

  1. ‘Getting clear on what you want’.
  2. ‘Visualizing it’.
  3. ‘Feel good now’.
  4. ‘Allow’.
  5. ‘Identifying obstacles and overcome’.

The ‘Energy Orbiting’ Audio Program:


What Is Energy Orbiting?

According to Alexander, his ‘Energy Orbiting autopilot audio system’ is a brand new technology that combines brainwave entrainment, hypnotic guidance, and NLP to help target your point of awareness.

This optimizes your brainwaves and enables neuro-plasticity to occur.

Neuro-Plasticity is a term used to define the electrical and chemical restructuring of the human mind.

Put it this way…

Everything you have ever experienced in life has created its own neural pathways within the brain.

When thoughts and experiences are repeated, these pathways become stronger.

Unfortunately, many of us are strengthening the wrong pathways.

This happens when you focus on the things you lack rather than the things you have been blessed with.

It also happens when you fear the unknown.

Worrying about how the bills will be paid…

Or whether or not your relationship will work out…

Things like that.

And what happens when these kinds of thoughts develop strong neural pathways within the brain?

Well, to put it bluntly, you manifest a reality that you do not want!

By using brainwave entrainment (soundwaves) the Energy Orbiting system pulls the mind into the optimum state for creating neural pathways…

It then feeds the mind with positive hypnotic guidance and NLP.

Before long your brain starts to rewire.

New connections are formed and you begin to realign with the things you really want…

Health, wealth, love, abundance, peace, and joy!

Your mind becomes hardwired for happiness and success and in turn, your reality makes a shift.

To discover ‘Energy Orbiting’ watch this free video!

According to Alexander, all you need to do is listen for 30 days in a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed or in bed at night as you drift off to sleep.

It uses a range of different types of sound wave frequencies in its Energy Orbiting system.

Remember, these soundwaves are used to pull your brain into various states of receptivity so that positive connections can form within the brain…

Here are some of the soundwaves used:

Delta Waves:

The brain goes into delta frequencies at the deepest states of meditation and dreamless sleep.

It’s considered the most mysterious natural wavelength there is and is often referred to as a connection to the infinite power.

In order to put you into a delta brainwave state, the sound frequency must low and relaxing.

When you reach this Delta State your body will also begin to heal and replenish itself.

Delta is known to be a place of deepest emotional feelings, relaxation, and spiritual connection to the universe and your subconscious mind.

Delta soundwaves are said to…

  • Heal your body from pain.
  • Release anti-aging hormones.
  • Help with bone density and cartilage.
  • Form spiritual connections with the universe.
  • Pull you into a meditative, trance-like state.

Theta Waves:

The brain begins operating in the theta frequencies right before we fall asleep and just before we wake up.

It is during this time when we dream and also where unconscious pathway connections are formed to process and retain information.

Theta soundwaves will access the part of your brain that deals with fear and limiting beliefs. The energy orbiting system then sends in hypnotic guidance and NLP to help rewrite any negative patterns.

The theta state is also known for being exceptional for learning, intuitive feeling, and clear visualization.

Theta soundwaves are said to…

  • Help with anxiety or stress.
  • Access subconscious thought patterns.
  • Restore the mind.
  • Enhance visualization abilities.
  • Improve creativity.

Beta Waves:

This brainwave frequency is where we operate from when accessing states of focused attention.

The beta sound wave technology is high, eminent, and can be used to influence the brain into a state that is perfect for problem-solving and making important decisions.

Beta soundwaves are said to…

  • Increase focus.
  • Enhance motivation.
  • Support reading and understanding.
  • Boost energy.
  • Assist with memory.

Chakra Power System Audios:



Each audio track in the Chakra Power System is ten minutes long and is designed to empower you while aligning the energy centers within the body.

1: The Root Base Clearing Session:

  • Focuses on the first energy center (the base).
  • Frees doubt around money.
  • Shifts a poverty mindset to a money mentality.

2: The Sacral Chakra Clearing Session:

  • Focuses on the 2nd energy center (the sacral).
  • Ingrains positive energies around money.
  • Centers around being happy and accumulating wealth.

3: The Solar Plexus Full Potential Session:

  • Focuses on the 3rd energy center (the solar plexus).
  • Helps you to tune into your full money-making potential.
  • Expands your creativity to harness wealth.

4: The Heart-Gratitude Abundance Session:

  • Focuses on the 4th energy center (the heart).
  • Accesses and opens up gratitude.
  • Welcomes love and the flow of money energy into your life.

5: The Throat Chakra True-Self Session:

  • Focuses on the 5th energy center (the throat).
  • Tunes your mindset into an authentic wealth magnet.
  • Brings abundance into your life to express your highest self.

6: The Pineal Gland Intuition Session:

  • Focuses on the 6th energy center (the pineal gland or third eye).
  • Promotes intuitive thinking.
  • Helps you to follow intuitive queues toward money.

7: The Crown Chakra Highest Purpose Session:

  • Focuses on the 7th energy center (the crown).
  • Promotes intellectual thinking toward creating abundance.
  • Clarifies your higher purposes in life.

The 360 Transformation System:



This bonus set is designed to guide you into your own natural state of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

The 360 transformation energy orbiting track gives you all the benefits of the brainwave entrainment system without the voice over.

Wealth Awakening:

You’re supposed to listen to this track first thing in the morning.

Wealth Awakening contains rich tones and frequencies to induce a state of calmness, helping to start your day on a positive note.

It’s said to stimulate the creative sector in the brain to help with reaching goals and solving everyday problems.

Mystical Chi Gung:

This track is designed to help you unwind after a busy and stressful day.

It is said to help you tap into your natural state of consciousness and rediscover your creative energies.

You’re encouraged to listen to this track whilst dancing or moving around to help guide your body toward self-expression.

Movement helps to release any visceral tension and restore energetic balance.

The Heartbeat:

Designed to help with your heart centers, this track stimulates deep thinking and intuitive decision making.

The Heartbeat is intended to help the listener to make choices from higher states of awareness.

Slow String Relaxation:

These frequencies are designed to uplift your emotional needs.

Slow String Relaxation contains subconscious rhythms that elevate your thinking and guide you toward higher vibrational states of being.


These space-like sounds and audible textures are intended to promote the alchemical and creative energies required when thinking of new ideas and bringing forward your ingenuity.

Divine Tranquility:

These tunes are a refreshing burst of nature combined with frequencies that shift your focus inward, helping you to find purpose and peace.

Divine Tranquility guides you towards your deeper truth in a balanced, healthy, and abundant way.

Whispering Waves:

Whispering Waves is a preparation track for all of the radical but positive changes that the program brings into your life.

If you want a closer look at the bonuses, then watch the full video about the program here.

Push Play Audio App For Mobile And Tablet Devices:

Access the entire program easily through your smartphone or tablet device!

Corona Rescue Package:

10 Minute Earth Healing Sound Bath:

Surround yourself with the healing and safe frequency of mother earth (7.8Hz). This helps to release fear, become a bright light for loved ones, and attract blessings from the universe.

Super Immunity Secrets:

Stay healthy by boosting your body’s immunity from viruses, flu, and colds.

Surviving and thriving after Corona:

Learn how to manifest 20 different income streams post the outbreak.

Manifestation Magic Custom Edition:

A custom made 45 minute private Energy Orbiting healing soundscape that is tailor-made for you. This helps to tap into your biggest challenges, your unique gifts, and your core motivators. This enables your Abundance of thought patterns to be encoded into your subconscious easier.

Spirit Whispering:

A 21-day course to uncover hidden meanings behind number synchronicities, repeating numbers, signs from the universe, animal sightings and other strange events.


And finally, the bonus deep sleep track:

It helps to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with this powerful audio app track.

The Main Features:

  • The energy orbiting system to promote a high vibration, and feelings of inner joy and happiness.
  • Brain Entrainment to access different brainwave states and support neural rewiring.
  • NLP and hypnosis to rewrite limiting beliefs.
  • Meditative tracks to guide the subconscious mind toward life success.
  • A step by step manifestation guide.
  • Practical activities to help you to gain health, wealth, and happiness.


After using Manifestation Magic for a while, here are some of my favorite things about the program:

  • The energy orbiting system is really powerful and I like the way that Alexander combined a range of personal development tools to create it.
  • The quickstart ebook is simplified and easy to read.
  • You get fun exercises for manifesting money.
  • It’s a digital product so you get instant access via an audio app and can easily download to any device.
  • You get a huge amount of free bonus material.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee!


  • The e-book was a little too simplified which might be okay for most beginners but I was hoping for a little more.
  • The effect of the program varies depending on the person.
  • You can’t use it while driving or operating machinery.
  • There is a level of commitment required.
  • Sound waves are not for everyone as they are intense and can cause fatigue.

This Program Is Recommended For Anyone Who Is…

  • Not living the life they want.
  • Needing meditation or visualization support.
  • Wanting to see their goals and desires manifest.
  • Suffering from deep-seated limiting beliefs and wanting to reprogram their mindset toward success.
  • Wanting to improve relationships both romantic and otherwise.
  • Looking to maintain a higher base vibration.


At the beginning of this review, I mentioned my struggle with anxiety and clinical depression.

Living by the Law of Attraction has been a journey for me especially considering when I started, I wasn’t the most optimistic person in the world.

And is one of the first Law of Attraction programs I ever purchased.

At the time, I knew I had a low vibration and that there were some negative beliefs that needed clearing in order for me to truly create the life of my dreams.

This program supported me at a really pivotal point in my life.

Of course, there were some things that could have been done better but overall, It’s well worth the price.

You get a lot more than what you pay for and the added features are of a high standard.

I did feel that the e-book was a little too basic but at the same time it’s a good introduction for beginners and you can’t be too picky considering it’s a free bonus and not the backbone of the product.

Some of the soundwaves were a little intense to begin with but over time I got more comfortable with them and they have worked really well.

I understand why they call it “brainwave entrainment” because it really is training for the mind and sometimes (especially in the beginning) I found myself very fatigued after using the tracks.

Since using Manifestation Magic I have actually manifested a lot more than I expected to BUT it didn’t happen overnight that’s for sure!

Although Alexandar claims that you can get results right away, for me, it took a few months to start seeing changes.

Also, this program is not a miracle cure.

I have manifested a better paying job, a beautiful apartment, and more confidence in myself but I didn’t just sit on the couch listening to brainwave entrainment to get there…

With that being said, I never did any strenuous hard work either.

Basically, Alexanders program enabled me to cultivate a positive mindset and to find joy and fun in the action I have taken.

Also, having a higher vibration enabled me to really connect with the universe and be guided toward new opportunities.

I have been able to better recognize signs and synchronicity and I have better understood my true potential in this lifetime.

I have recommended this program to a number of my friends and they have all experienced similar results.

Plus, with the discount code, it’s definitely a well worth it investment!

So, if you’re looking to completely change your life and you’re open to taking action and following your intuition along the path toward successful alignment…


If you’re looking to clear limiting beliefs and raise your vibration, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Thank you for reading my review!

To get a discount code on your Manifestation Magic program, click the “Add To Cart” button below!




36 thoughts on “Manifestation Magic Review By Alexander J Wilson – (UPDATED)”

  1. You mentioned the book wasn’t that good but does it affect the overall experience of the program? Is it even necessary?

    • Hi George,

      The book is still very helpful but isn’t the most important part of the program, it’s just an added bonus really.

      Although it is poorly written the content is still helpful and gives helpful insight, maybe I was just being a little fussy!

      It’s all about the hypnosis tracks, and I believe they are really good for anyone that needs some guidance with their manifestations.


    • well I was going to try it for the 60 days etc but it wont let me buy as it says you must enter country.
      The window opens but will not let you insert your country.

      • Hi Greg,

        Is this on the checkout page?

        I had a look on my computer and it worked fine for me.

        It could be the browser you are using or the device you’re trying to purchase from.

        So, if you can perhaps you try something one of those two options.

        Let me know how it goes,


  2. I have been failing with my manifests for a while now and I feel like crying because nothing seems to work for me, do you really think this will help me manifest?

    My head feels like it’s exploding and I feel like I need guidance with this whole manifesting thing, I really want to create a good life for me and my child.

    Please help me, I’m willing to pay for this program only if it really works.

    • Hi Diane, I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this.

      Just remember that everything you’re going through is temporary, it will pass.

      To answer your question if it will work depends on your commitment, unfortunately, I cannot guarantee anything because it differs with each person.

      There have been success stories with this program though, which you can read here;

      Again, it comes down to your commitment and willingness to want to create a better life for yourself.


  3. Hi there is there some sort of discount with this program? If so can you please let me know as I’m ready to buy just at the lowest price possible, tah.


      • Is this extra discount still available? I clicked on the link and waited but nothing popped up. I’m paying in AUD so it’s a lot extra once converted so would love this discount.

        • Hi Irene,

          If you go to the checkout page, wait a few minutes then hover your mouse over the back button the extra discount will pop up.

          This gives you the option to purchase for $27USD which is the lowest price you can get this program.



    • Hi Jeremy, yes you should wear headphones.

      The reason being is because there are two different sound waves being emitted on each side, which create a different frequency within your mind, also known a binaural soundwave.

      For example;

      The right headphone emits 400HZ and the left emits 403hz, your mind will actually register with 3hz.

      3hz is what creates Delta state in your mind, which helps you manifest.

  4. Are there other stories of people seeing real results with this product? I so badly want this program but I just need to know it’s helped other people, anyway your review is great I’d like to hear what others thought too.

  5. Hi there Charlie, as a long time reader of your blog I just want to say thanks for this review, it’s the only one I can find that’s legit!

    Anyhoo was wondering what the guided hypnosis sounds like, I noticed that you didn’t like some of them because it was hard for you to visualize, but I seem to really enjoy guided hypnosis as I’ve used other programs before.

    Are the sound waves really sore on the ears, don’t want to listen to something that feels uncomfortable.

    Thanks for your time, Sam.

    • Hi Sam,

      You’re welcome and thank you for reading my blog.

      I didn’t enjoy the tracks that had a voice over, although the voice over was soothing and calm it just wasn’t for me.

      If you have tried guided hypnosis before then you will definitely enjoy it.

      The sound waves can sometimes feel overbearing, but I believe that makes them more powerful to help rewire your mind.

      I suggest you take it easy and see how you go, just listen to them at a good volume and they will be okay.

      Hopes this helps Sam,


  6. So this is crazy!

    I started Manifestation Magic last week and just got a call from another company wanting to hire me!

    They also want to give me a business car, a new office and of course a pay rise!

    I said YES!!!

    Wow, I’m beyond amazed how this program has helped!!!!!!!!!!



  7. Hi there, this is a really great review, thanks for taking the time to go over it.

    I have a question I was hoping you could please clarify for me?

    Over the past couple of months, I have been fascinated with the science behind sound wave entrainment and subliminal audios.

    I do believe that you really can reprogram your mind using this method that’s in this program.

    But the only thing is, is this the only thing I need to help me manifest?

    It sounds too good to be true, so I am a little hesitant.

    Not trying to say this doesn’t work but is it the only thing I need to see success?



    • Hi Peter,

      Yes, soundwave technology is powerful stuff but we must remember it’s a tool, not a full solution.

      You using this tool is a great step and it is going to aid you along your journey and make things easier. Over time you may find yourself naturally being more positive and gearing toward your goals at a faster rate…

      However, say if you were doing other things during the day to counteract this process like doubting yourself or using negative self-talk for example then you may have to put a little more work in to manifest.

      Mindset is everything.

    • Hi Stephane I just had a quick look at BrainSync and it looked very similar to Manifestation Magic.

      At a glance, the only real difference I could tell was Manifestation Magic caters for those looking to become better at manifesting as a whole.

      Where is BrainSync caters toward more specific types of problems.

      If you’ve been trying BrainSync but aren’t seeing the results you wished for, you could try something different.

      But in saying that, if Kelly Howell’s program does promise results I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working for you.

      It could be anything from the type of wavelengths used to the production of the audio program itself.

      My best advice would be to contact them and ask, if not try something new!

      Hope that helped!

    • Hi Justin,

      There is an option for monthly content that you can pay for, but it’s completely optional.

      Make sure to uncheck it upon purchasing,



  8. I have been trying to purchase the energy orbiting download off you Facebook ad and have not been able to. Can you please send me a link where the can purchase it with the FB ad prices and offers?

  9. I can vouch for this system. I’ve been using it daily and it has vastly improved my life. It’s an eye opener. I have also blogged about it. But I won’t steal your thunder 🙂


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