Zen12 Review – My Personal Experience (Read This Before You…..)

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I remember the first time I actually considered trying meditation.

At the time, I was suffering from chronic anxiety and depression…

Meditation was recommended as a way to find some relief from it all.

Now I have to admit, in the beginning, I was pretty skeptical.

In my mind, meditation was a practice reserved only for hippies and monks.

But at the same time, I was desperate!

Willing to give anything a go just to gain some peace and mental clarity.

The first time I meditated was an interesting experience, to say the least…

I sat against my cushioned headboard, folded my legs, and closed my eyes…

“Breathe in… Breathe out” I recited slowly in my head…

My body became relaxed…

But not for long

30 seconds in, my typical overthinking mind kicked into overdrive…

Suddenly I was surrounded by hundreds of intrusive thoughts… (anxiety in a nutshell!)

“Am I doing this right?”

“What if someone walks in right now?”

“My back kind of hurts.”

“I need to itch.”

“This is taking too long”

“Honestly, nothing is happening.”

“I’m bored!”

If you have ever suffered from an anxious mind, you will know just how difficult it is to shut your thoughts off. 

Finally, I decided that if I was going to do this properly, I was going to need some help.

This brings me to the reason why I am writing this Zen12 review…


Over the years I have tried many meditation programs to help guide me into that “peaceful trance state”.

Some were good, others not so much…

But Zen12?

Zen12 is different, it’s unique.

In my opinion, there is nothing quite like it…

So this review is for the anxiety sufferers, the peace seekers, the fidgeters, and those who just can’t find enough time in the day for meditation.

If you want to know whether or not Zen12 is right for your specific needs, keep reading as we weigh up the pros and the cons of this interesting meditation program.

Quick disclaimer: Just to be 100% clear with you, this post does contain affiliate links!

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What Makes Zen12 So Unique?

Zen12 Homepage

Developed by Karl Moore, Zen12 is a program that fast tracks the benefits of meditation. To do that, Zen12 uses advanced neuroscience and Isochronic tones to guide the mind into a meditative state.

This brainwave technology is the reason why Zen12 can offer an hour’s worth of meditation in just 12 minutes.

You don’t need to spend hours trying to relax down into just the right brainwave pattern, Zen12 essentially does all of that for you.

All you need to do is relax.

How Does It Work…

Isochronic tones have a similar effect on the brain as binaural beats but the way they work is slightly different.

Isochronic tones work by pulsating a sound frequency. The mind uses the length of time between pulses to determine a brainwave pattern.

As you progress through the Zen12 program, the isochronic tones gradually become more and more intense.

Each level prepares you for the next.

This means that the more you use Zen12, the more benefits you will begin to see.

Choose Your Flavour.

Zen12 is made up of 12 levels and each level takes one month to complete.

Every time you move up a level, the intensity of the tones is slightly increased.

This allows you to move step-by-step from a beginner to an advanced meditator in a short space of 12 months.

Now, within each level, there are 4 different styles of audio referred to as “flavors”.

You can choose whichever audio is most relaxing for you!

Here are the different audio styles available within Zen12

Relaxation Music.

Soothing background music that pulls you into a deep sense of calm.

Sounds Of Nature.

This one is my favorite… birds chirping, waves crashing, I mean, it’s all in the name.

‘Sounds of nature’ is like a mini-vacation.

Whenever I use these tracks I feel like I am transported to a faraway land.

White Noise.

White noise is kind of like a static wooshing sound.

It’s not my “go-to” but at the same time, I don’t hate it.

It has been said that white noise is similar to what a baby would hear in the womb. For this reason, it’s supposed to be really relaxing and I guess somewhat nostalgic.

I know some people really love white noise but for me personally, I prefer the other Zen12 styles.

Guided Meditation

The guided meditation tracks feature Karl Moore himself who talks you down into a meditative visualization.

Personally, I find this flavor the best audio style for my anxiety.

Karls’ voice is super soothing and the commentary is a good distraction for overthinking.

That being said, for general meditation, I don’t usually use the guided meditation tracks as much as the others.

What Are The Benefits of Zen12?

Zen12 audios create soundwaves in what’s known as the Alpha frequency.


These soundwaves work by influencing the brain to sync into a matching vibrational pattern.

Alpha brainwaves occur naturally when someone enters a meditative state.

This is the optimal frequency for visualization and inspired creativity to take shape.

Which brings me to the number one benefit of using Zen12…

By using sound in this therapeutic way, Zen12 can give you the same benefits of an hours meditation in just 12 minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you are an overthinker (like me), a fidgeter or someone with very little time in the day to meditate…

With Zen12 you can still receive both the immediate and long term benefits of an extensive meditation routine.

Now when it comes to meditation itself, the benefits are numerous.

The cool thing about Zen12 is that the program makes these benefits available to everyone.

Here is a broad list of things meditation can help you with…

  • Stress.
  • Concentration.
  • Anxiety.
  • Physical and mental health.
  • Pain.
  • Depression.
  • Maintaining balanced moods.
  • Self-control.
  • Concentration.
  • Remaining in a state of flow.
  • Receiving inspired thought/ideas.
  • Memory.
  • Increased creativity.

It’s easy to see why having a quality meditation routine is one of the best things you can do for optimal health and happiness.

To find out more benefits from the Zen12 program, learn more here. 

What Does The Zen12 Course Come With?

Okay, so there are 3 versions of the Zen12 program.

Personally, I purchased the Premium course but to make it easy for you to decide which is best for you, I will now outline the features of each.

Beginner (for everyone)

  • The opening Zen12 course.

In the beginner version, you will get 24 MP3’s that cover the first 6 levels of the program.

This is handy if you want to try the course but don’t want to commit to the advanced levels.

The idea is to climb through each level on a month by month basis so technically the beginner version of the course gives you 6 months worth of meditation tracks.

  • Quick Start Guide.Zen12-logo
  • User Manual.
  • Lifetime Support.
  • 1-year-money-back guarantee.
  • Bonus Gifts.

The 18 Rules of Happiness (e-book and audiobook).

The Secret Art of Self Development (e-book and audiobook).

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Premium – For everyone (most popular)

  • The entire Zen12 course.

43 MP3’s covering all 12 levels from beginner to expert.

Each level takes one month to master before moving up to the next so this version of the course gives you 12+ months of meditation tracks.

  • Quick Start Guide.
  • User Manual.
  • Lifetime Support.
  • 1-year-money-back guarantee.
  • Bonus Gifts.

The 18 Rules of Happiness (e-book and audiobook).

The Secret Art of Self Development (e-book and audiobook).

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  • Audio guides to each level.
  • Access to an exclusive 1-hour training call with Karl Moore.

Advanced – For meditators with at least 6 months experience.

  • The advanced Zen12 course

24 MP3’s covering the last 6 levels.

This will give you access to 6 months worth of advanced meditation tracks. 

  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • Lifetime Support
  • 1-year-money-back guarantee
  • Bonus Gifts

The 18 Rules of Happiness (e-book and audiobook).

The Secret Art of Self Development (e-book and audiobook).

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How Do You Use Zen12?


Zen12 has no hard and fast rules.

In fact, one of the key things about Zen12 is that it’s built on the idea that meditation should be for everyone…

For this reason, the program aims to be as flexible as possible.

This means that you don’t need to sit with your legs crossed…

You don’t need a strict daily practice or a set time in the day to listen…

The program is open-ended, therefore, it can be slotted easily into your routine.

The only recommendation Karl Moore really has is that you find a comfortable sitting position to listen so that you don’t fall asleep.

The program can be listened to with or without headphones.

Unlike binaural beats, isochronic tones don’t need to be listened to through headphones, however, if you wish to intensify the soundwaves, headphones can help.

So basically, to use Zen12, all you need to do is find somewhere you can sit undisturbed for around 12 minutes and simply listen to the audio.

The science behind Zen12 means that you are put into a meditative state much faster than if you were to meditate on your own and this is why you get an hours worth of meditation benefits in such a short amount of time.

Note: As you move into the more advanced levels of the course the audio length does slightly increase but if you’re anything like me, by the time you get to this stage, you will be happy for a few extra minutes of tranquillity.


Since using Zen12, here are a few things I have noticed…

1.) I am enjoying meditation more than I have in the past and actually feel excited to get up in the morning and start my day with 12 minutes of deep relaxation.

2.) My anxiety is at an all-time low and I am feeling calmer and more balanced than ever before.

3.) Since starting the Zen12 course I have been more peaceful and optimistic even in stressful situations where I usually would have spiraled into a negative state of mind.

4.) My work ethic has been a lot better and I feel more focused. Without even trying I am experiencing more moments of “flow” (I think this is due to my mind being a lot clearer).

5.) The isochronic tones have made a huge difference in the way I meditate. It really has been so much faster and easier to shut my thoughts off and get into a meditative state.

6.) My intuition has strengthened and I am feeling more guidance and connection in my life.

I will definitely continue to use Zen12 and as time progresses I will be sure to update my findings. 

Who Should Use Zen12?

I would recommend Zen12 to anyone who wants the benefits of meditation but struggles to shut their mind off in order to enter a meditative state.

I also recommend the program to anyone who would like to meditate more often but can’t find enough time in the day.

12 minutes has been super easy to slot into my routine and as I said earlier, there are no hard and fast rules with Zen12 so you can basically just use it whenever you have a moment of quiet.

As a summary, I will now run through a quick list of pros and cons to help you determine whether or not Zen12 is right for you.


  • Easy to use and flexible.
  • Good value.
  • Uses isochronic tones to influence brainwaves.
  • Offers different audio styles.
  • 1 hour of meditation benefits in just 12 minutes.
  • 12-month money back guarantee.
  • The program comes with bonus gifts


  • The program only goes for 12 months (although I will continue to use the audios even when the course has finished.)
  • The entire course is digital which means you can’t get the books in hard copy.
  • You can’t use it while driving.

One last thing before I go…

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